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  1. As far as I'm aware, the only way to improve consistency is to give the player game time and it will just improve with time. That being said, don't expect radical changes, it's not like other attributes where a 4 can become a 20 with lots of attention. Players who are cited by coaches as being inconsistent at a young age are never going to be your Javier Zanetti's of the World. But hopefully with game time are good runs of form, they might get to the stage where it's no longer a weakness and their consistency is middle of the road.
  2. The thing with the cases (the and/or business) means one or both may be true, but neither can be proven. The idea is that the cases might found through the personality might be proven with the media-handling style values and vice-versa. With your player Hernan, unfortunately both his personality type and media-handling style don't shed much light on his personality overall. Obviously being Driven means his Determination attribute is 20, but Determination isn't hidden to start with. All that can be proven is that his Ambition is 10 or higher, his Temperament is 7 or higher, and his controversy
  3. That just means that either one of those conditions could be true. It could be that his professionalism is above 12 or his sportsmanship is above 11. It could be both, but at least one of them is true, and because there's no way to know which one, neither of those limits have been applied to the overall ranges. It's also worth noting I did make a few mistakes when making this thread a couple of years ago, but I believe I have everything right for the spreadsheet the way it is currently. There's just a couple more things I want to check before I post it up.
  4. This is as good a chance as ever to show off the spreadsheet I've been working on. Here's a snapshot of it with the two players in question. I've not quite finished the thing just yet, and I know other people have made some of their own, but I have it so there's a big page of 24 of individual card things that you can fill the personality, media handling and determination, and the stats are calculated for you. Then you can print off the entire thing in one page.
  5. Wow, someone made a spreadsheet for this. I actually made a little one myself that I'll see if I can dig up, but it didn't end up how I wanted. EDIT - Holy hell, I used to have so much free time. It's almost depressing looking back on this thread
  6. I know someone from Mauritius with a similarly long and confusing name.
  7. ****, I forgot to put in all the Leader personality types, my bad. Devoted is the same as Very Loyal too which is why I didn't put it in, but I'll edit them in.
  8. Okay, here's an example of how you use this guide well. I'll use the example of a player I had in FM 10. He was a regen whose Personality was Light-Hearted, his Media-Handling Style was Level-Headed, and his Determination was 12. So using the definite value ranges from the Personality Guide, we have: Pre 15-20, Spo 15-20, Tem 10-20, Pro 1-17 And the definite value ranges from the Media-Handling Guide gives us: Con 1-14, Tem 7-20, Loy 11-20 So combining these together (like a Venn Diagram) will give us: Pre 15-20, Spo 15-20, Tem 10-20, Pro 1-17, Con 1-14, Loy 11-20 The Determination Case
  9. Hey guys. I know you already have Lyssien's Personality Guide, but I don't believe it's perfectly accurate. I also found it slightly hard to understand given his explanation of what personality takes precedence is a bit hazy. So when I made mine, I made sure the numerical ranges for each attribute took the precedence into account, and where they couldn't be, I added in what I've called cases, which are a set of rules as to why the personality is what it is and not one further up on the list. I made this some time ago, but it takes some understanding (and also reveals how much of a geek I am),
  10. Although it would seem the increase of ****faces is certainly on the rise.
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