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  1. I've never liked International management too much on FM, but I did lead Denmark to World Cup glory on FM10 once many moons ago.
  2. I agree with the attributes that need a buff for Iwobi. I guess you'd want a bit first team football from him before committing to huge increases, but certainly his composure is the stand-out quality of his game by my reckoning. He's as cool as ice in a way that completely belies his youth and inexperience. Has great instincts in the final third and almost never makes rash decisions.
  3. First Name: Eddie Second Name: Blackmore Nationality: Australian Age: 18 Position: DM Side: C Role: Anchor Man Current ability (1-5 stars): 2 Potential ability (1-5 stars): 4
  4. You should delete your save game as it's permanently tainted.
  5. On FM, if a player is good enough, being one footed really isn't a weakness. They'll just find a way to work the ball onto their stronger foot. Maybe a few times a season they might fluff a great chance because it falls to their weaker foot, but the bonuses on physical and technical attributes at the expense of a weak non-preferred foot will do more for you in the long run. Also you'll also be lucky if your able to improve his weaker foot at all, but that's beside the point.
  6. As far as I'm aware, the only way to improve consistency is to give the player game time and it will just improve with time. That being said, don't expect radical changes, it's not like other attributes where a 4 can become a 20 with lots of attention. Players who are cited by coaches as being inconsistent at a young age are never going to be your Javier Zanetti's of the World. But hopefully with game time are good runs of form, they might get to the stage where it's no longer a weakness and their consistency is middle of the road.
  7. Two hidden attributes, Sportsmanship and Dirtiness that general cover how a player will conduct themselves on the pitch. Obviously it's limited in scope compared to how a player might go about cheating in reality, but generally less sporting players will dive more and dirty players will cause more injuries and get more cards.
  8. That actually would be pretty funny if done well, but resources are probably best spent elsewhere unfortunately.
  9. I think it's fair enough he's not considered an icon. He might be very popular among Man Utd's global fanbase, but to match-going fans, he's been a good player over the years, excellent when motivated, average when not. But he's not a local lad and he's shown that his own paycheque is his main priority over the club a few times now. It's not like United have been starved for great players over the years, so just because Rooney's scored a bunch of goals, it doesn't put him on the level of other great players they've had who have actually conducted themselves in a more dignified way. If I were a United fan, players like Ferdinand, Evra, Van Der Sar are bigger club legends than Rooney.
  10. Should at least give you the option to put him on the bench in case you get a last minute free-kick.
  11. I'm guessing it's a bug but holy cow, 22 yellow cards in a single season? That's impressive.
  12. Only in very specific circumstances will I forgo having a keeper on a 5 man bench, and that's usually when managing a very poor club with limited non-versatile players and where money is so tight that I don't bother with an actual back-up keeper and use the youth keeper in cases of emergency. It seems like keepers getting injured in a match or red carded is seriously rare in FM, maybe like 1 in every 5 seasons on average (maybe even less, I feel like I've had long saves where it never happened), but still when it happens it's best to be prepared as the hit to morale due to getting battered due to an outfield player in goal can have a bad knock-on effect too.
  13. There's probably a more eloquent way of phrasing this, but my favourite moments are when spontaneous mid-match tactical changes actually work. Sometimes I feel like FM over-encourages a consistency of approach, and sometimes it's very easy just to play on auto-pilot at times, but those moments when you're two goals down with 10 minutes to go and just say '**** the passing game, time to overload' and it actually pays off, those moments are glorious. Those type of moments are my favourite in actual football too. Barcelona breathtaking as they are with the wonderful one touch football, the one moment I'll never forget from them is Iniesta's goal at Stamford Bridge. That goal wasn't forged by the philosophy of La Masia but by the frenetic desperation for a goal by any means necessary.
  14. If you can show me FM correctly emulating Van Gaal's Ajax 3-4-3 (if you can even call it that) circa 95 I'll be very very very impressed. FM handles basic tactical shapes very well, but it doesn't handle movement and positioning between different phases very well. Maybe the fact that traditional English systems are more basic make things easier in that respect.
  15. Pretty much this. Also I think the fact the game is created by Englishmen has plays a part in biasing the game towards England. I'm not even saying that to have a go, it's just human nature. When testing out the match engine I'm sure English formations and tactics will be heavily tested to ensure they work well whereas Bielsa's Chile's 3-3-1-3 or various Dutch back 3 formations just don't work and never have worked. For ages on the old CM games zonal marking just didn't work and using a sweepers just made you more vulnerable. I guess you can argue how viable it is in today's game, but Catenaccio has never worked too well in FM. Trust me, I'm not having a go, I know how hard it is to create a complex match engine designed to simulate the infinite complexity of an actual football match and how much effort goes into making it as good as possible each year. But in as much as SI are constantly tweaking and improving the game and learning and researching as much as they can, but being English, sourcing from other English people, the game is always going to have a slight English bias. That's fine, the biggest market for the game is in England after all, so it makes sense. Just don't bother denying it. Let how well the game simulates English football be a standard that you can aspire to for the rest of the game world.
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