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FM 10 Wont Work on Mac OSX Lion but FM 12 Demo does

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Does anyone still use FM 10? I just got a new MAC and it wont run on it getting an error number 111826 or something like that and it

asks me to open it again but same error pops up then I downloaded the FM 12 and it works with the demo so im assuming that

FM10 is not compatible with OSX Lion.. anyone have this issue? is there a patch to fix it?


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As far as I'm aware FM 10 was not made to run with OSX Lion, and there is no compatibility patch like there was for FM 2011 . If you really want to play FM 10 then you can set up boot camp and install windows on a partition of your Mac hard drive.

If it was me I'd just stick to FM 12, best version in years IMO.

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