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  1. @HUNT3R I did this during the Beta but didn't even get a response . Do you not experience this issue?
  2. This is something I raised in the Bug Forum. I heard nothing from anyone at SI or the community, Its driving me mad! Your only the 2nd person I've seen raise this issue.
  3. Being only 23 Miles from the front door Frome Town it had to be. We're Predicted to finish in last place...lets do this!!
  4. dafuge. what settings do you use with regards to extra players/regions etc? I think I remember you posting a screen shot a few years, saying it helped with making the European competitions more competitive and helping with the longevity of the save.
  5. I've been having problems lately too (FM 14). When I cloud save on my windows PC it syncs fine and the cloud save is available and playable when I play FM on my Macbook. My problem is that it doesn't save when I cloud save from my macbook. It shows the syncing status for about a second and thats it and the save is not available when I try to load it on my PC. It all used to work fine.
  6. Great read as ever Dafuge. I was wondering how do you keep so many foreign players on your squad and still meet the player rules for your domestic competition and for the champions league?. Also when you want to get rid of a player who is maybe coming to the end of his peak how do you deal with letting them go?. Do they get all angry when they go from being a key player to transfer listed and not needed? - do the club and the fans get angry? or do they just trust your judgement after the excellent work you've done for their team.
  7. Have this problem also. I find if you click any link on that page and then hit the back arrow, the players will then appear.
  8. Has anyone had a the problem of cup fixtures not being generated when adding a new league. I've Added the Russian league and took over Spartack Moscow for the 2014/15 season and no cup fixtures were played, currently the game is telling me that the cup draw wont happen until 2016?
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