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  1. Never mind i got it to work
  2. looks like those links do not work anymore... do you happen to have the file for fm17 fix that you could send me? or as another possibility will the one with FM21 work on FM17 by any chance? in case you have it to send me my email address is bagman428@twc.com
  3. Wow thanks. Will this work on FM17 or is there a similar file for FM17?
  4. I am baffled as to why some of my kits are not showing up. Everything seems to be correct in my config file.... In some both the road and home jerseys are not showing up for some teams and in others just 1 of the 3 jerseys are not showing up. In this example I am going by Flamengo in Brazil. As you can see the road kit is just pulling the default from the game. I have checked everything I can think of .... here is the config file below as well as the screen shot of jerseys... as you can see the secondary road jersey is not pulling from my kits... <record from="flame
  5. OK after playing around with trying to get editor data files, graphics etc to work from the D Drive I have figured out why it is not working No matter what I do it keeps creating a new sports interactive folder in the C drive even though I have the path set up for D what in the world is going on?
  6. Will there be a facepack soon for this? and if so will it only work on 17.3 or would it work on 17.1 as well?
  7. even before i put that hair pack in there they were all bald
  8. all players that are newgens are bald every single one and i have debski's hair pack installed in the proper folder... i dont get it
  9. Tried to download Debski's hair pack and still all players are bald. Its not on the pitch its when i go to the profile of each player. All the folders are there that i need to on the C drive as far as the different folders for hair .... dont know whats going on.. .i cleared and referified the cache and all that... i havent not seen any regens or newgens with hair since i bought the game
  10. only thing i can think of is that its my graphics card cuz i cant use skins my game crashes... and i cannot play in 3d mode.... could that be it? I honestly dont think it since logos,facepack and kits work with no issues
  11. nope as far as knowing where to put stuff im familar with i got all my kits and logos in the graphics folder yes... and its in the documents part of my computer yes
  12. all of them and i did not install any hair pack at all
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