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Just installed. Won't play matches.

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I recently brought FM 2010 to play on my MAC.

The game installs fine, however when I went to play my first match, I go to start but the game will not play.

Once I hit 'play game' the pop up window 'setting up match' appears, however it does not go away. I think the game starts behind the window as I can hear match sounds.

I restarted and tried again, but this time with the game in 'traditional' mode, with the old school text screens. The game starts then, but soon stops. I assume once it tries to go into the graphics of the match.

The last FM game I played was 08, and I assumed everything would be okay. I run on a dual core 2Ghz processor which is fine. 1GB 667 Mhz DDr2 SDRAM which should be fine. The only thing I can think might be the graphics card, which is a Intel GMA 950, 64MB of a shared memory system.

Hope someone can help.

Much appreciated.


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Yea - I can see your problem. As you said - you only have 64mb of dedicated graphics memory - the game needs a minimum of 128mb.

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i do not think is the graphic card problem... i having a GMA 945, but i'm at least able to run the game 2D match.

Try disabling every graphic related options... dunno it will helps

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