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  1. Ask arsene Wenger after this weekend. But seriously - football is all about teams getting results they dont deserve, otherwise you wouldnt bother playing the match, just decide in advance who is better and give them the points.
  2. Maidel

    Freezing 3D screen

    Dear me, you dont get the answer you want and immediately indicate that said person doesnt know what they are talking about.. Sigh. I challenge you to find ANY computer manufacturer who hasnt won an award for X, Y or Z - they all have, it means utterly nothing. My wife has owned a dell before it proved to be nothing but trouble from start to finish. Its anecdotal I realise, but you asked the question, you got your answer. If you have updated your graphics drivers have you tried the following: 1) Change the sound settings from smart to All - sounds counter intiuative, but for many years this solved all maner of graphical glitches as the game was searching for a sound file before it could display the graphics and thus there was a stutter. 2) Have you tried one by one disabling the 'option' boxes (eg stadiums) and seeing if any of them make a difference. I know you might think you have some super dooper computer, but games and hardware dont always work as seemlessly as they should.
  3. because you have either gone on holiday or told him to manage the games, thus he does what he thinks best. Option might be to pick the team, start the match, then exit and go on holiday for 1 day.
  4. Maidel

    Freezing 3D screen

    I have absolutely no idea. I have heard over the years many bad things about Dells and im sure thats what you said your computer was in another thread. Update graphics card drivers is a must, even if the pc is brand new as they always ship with old drivers.
  5. Maidel

    Freezing 3D screen

    My computer scores slightly lower in the ratings than yours (only just) and I only experiance this issue when my laptop is on battery power, rather than plugged in (thus not running to its full capacity). Suggests there is an error with your computer as apposed to the game.
  6. ERm... have you considered that this is an artifact of your graphics cards? Mine is only like this if I play on battery power, rather than plugged in.
  7. Stick the players you dont want to play into the under 18 team - that should work.
  8. Maidel

    Even he wouldn't be that stupid...

    Maybe the first one was a dive and the second one was the refs mistake?
  9. Maidel

    2 bugs that bug me!!!!

    Well the reverse could also be true - if you have a whole team of nobodies, when someone is asked who they think the most dangerous player is then there isnt one outstanding one to pick, hence the wide choice.
  10. I can think of at least 3 threads just like that...
  11. Ill be honest, I had always thought that natural meant it was locked in, but evidentally not.
  12. Maidel

    2 bugs that bug me!!!!

    Those are the worst bugs you can find? Well the first one isnt a bug - managers do go the entire season being 'under pressure' (avram grant?), but if you are actually getting the message every day, then thats a bug. Ive gotten a message about wenger at man city about once a week. The second one, well, personal opinion really. If you have a team of super stars then its realistic to have managers worried about different players.
  13. Maidel

    Tactics too hard SI

    The only one I have touched AT ALL is the crossing slider - ive adjusted my wing backs to low crossing, rather than the default because all my forwards suck in the air and my entire team works better working the ball into the box rather than crossing. Other than that, not touched a damn thing.