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  1. That's a real player, I'm sure mentioned in this thread a few times before. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2001/09/11/eurosport_com_scores_headline_profanity/
  2. Funnily enough this issue was recently reported in the bugs forum, they already have one save but if you have another that shows this issue it might help them out if you upload it. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/266496-Pre-match-meeting Here is the thread.
  3. It's Gay Dawn, I've watched that team play when I was younger.
  4. Regens are definitely overpowered. If you look at the players posted up all over the forum they are consistently notably better for their age than any player in the starting database. From what I have seen, they are too often far too well-rounded and are either generated with too high a starting CA or develop too quickly. I would really like someone to run some long term tests focused on positional effectiveness according to attributes vs age. Such as the number of strikers <22 with >15 Acc, pace, dribbling, finishing, off the ball, composure (I believe there are only 1 or two starting
  5. Fair enough. I don't usually play with clubs that get taken over but it just seems to me like I noticed several happening at similar times on different games. But I guess it's the coincidences I notice, and when they don't happen on one or two occasions, I don't notice. It would be interesting to see what affects the chances and what causes chairman happiness to decay.
  6. Also, takeovers do tend to happen to a fairly similar timetable for the first few years of the game - that's something I think SI could consider chucking a bit more 'random' into.
  7. Pique is about as 'higher class' as you can get. Granted, he doesn't play up front on a regular basis, but he can.
  8. Pique can play up front if required... Also Azar Karadas
  9. They could've got some cash out of Nandos for that one.
  10. I had Philippe Brunel playing for my Ipswich side, which resulted in the unforgettable commentary line "Brunel the architect"...
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