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  1. Just read through all this career over the last few days and really enjoyed it! Great to see you in the Football League and hopefully the only way is up from here!
  2. Is there anything I can do to try and prevent my side conceding on a fairly regular basis from corners? I've tried numerous tweaks to the corner defending instructions but nothing seems to work - either someone will sneak in at the near/far post after his marker loses him, or the keeper will save a header only for the rebound to be slammed home. I get that teams do concede from corners and this isn't something I can alleviate, but I've conceded 5 goals in my last 6 games from corners which is frustrating. My defenders aren't short or lack jumping/heading. Not sure if I'm doing something plainly wrong - is there any general advice for setting up corners defensively? Cheers
  3. Ah apologies, I slightly misread the thread. I shall avoid formation talk from now on I agree that Play Narrower might mute some attacking threat - I'm thinking of trying to only use it against stronger teams, but without there's a noticeable gap between my CDs that is easily breached, and I'm not entirely sure why.
  4. I actually started trying to model something similar recently on my Newcastle save, although I've not got it quite right yet it's yielding pretty good results so far. I'm playing a 4-1-4-1 of: GK FB(s) - CD(d) - CD(d) - FB(a) AM(d) W(a) - CM(s) - AP(a) - WM(s) CF(a) I start on an attacking mentality and use the shouts: - Push Higher Up - Higher Tempo - Hassle Opponents - Stay On Feet - Play Narrower (this seems to make me much more defensively secure and less vulnerable to through balls down the middle) I did try having the ML and MR in the AM slots but I found they don't help out as much defensively. My main problem with this tactic at the moment is that the AP, CM and AM often end up very close to each other in the same positions. I'm pondering pushing the AP up to the AM slot for games against easier opponents. The two wingers are heavily involved too - the MR in particular has been on fire for me, 7 goals & 5 assists in 10 games. Strikers scoring well too, one is on 10 goals in 9 games and the other 8 goals in 10. I've not tried to model any other of his strategies yet but this one has been pretty good at just battering opponents relentlessly and being pretty solid defensively (he says after a 3-3 draw with Southampton). This is definitely an interesting topic to discuss and I'll try to report back as I tweak more I also plan to start work on the more patient, slower probing style.
  5. Hey, So I used the editor to make myself unsackable temporarily to avoid a post-takeover sacking, and now I've survived that I would like to avoid using the editor again. Just to resist temptation is it possible to uninstall it or remove the spanner icon? Thanks.
  6. My understanding of a BWM is that even in the defensive role they will roam from their position a bit to try and close down and win the ball. He won't be sitting in front of your back 4 and staying in there, which is probably closer to what you want? I'd propose a DM or even an Anchorman.
  7. Basically this. Don't own a Vita but do enough travelling and train trips to definitely make it worthwhile for the right price. Does anyone know where will be stocking it too when it comes out (the bundle that is)? I'm presuming all the usual game stores?
  8. Following on from my post, I was still having the issue of my MCs just taking lots of long shots. In the past I would have raged and blamed it on FM but then I did some tweaking. What was happening was my 3 central MCs would work their way up to the box, closer to the striker, closing the space between them. This meant if the opponents just sat back and let us come (as most seem to do), we would have no room and in some games although we had 20 shots most would be from long range. What I realise was the running of the MCs was far too linear, and the fullbacks were not providing enough width. This is my formation & roles: GK Fullback (A) - Central Def (D) - Central Def (D) - Fullback (A) Def Mid (D) Adv Play (S) - DLP (S) - Adv Play (S) DLF (S) - P (A) I made some changes: 1) Give both the APs the wide play of "move into channels". This makes them all move a bit more unpredictably and also more freely into space. 2) Give both the FBs the wide play of "hug touchline" to get them wider. 3) Bring the mentality slider of the DM down. He was advancing too far up the pitch and I wanted him to sit a bit deeper, so I manually got his mentality down so he sits deeper. Our first game with the above changes, and we won 5-1. The poacher picked up 3 and the DLF the other 2, and it was a much improved performance. It was against a side I would expect to comfortably beat, but the way we did it and the movement and through balls played was very promising.
  9. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks! I've not struggled in the past with FM tactics, but this year i've been struggling until I read this and threads mentioned within. For a bit of context, here's how I've been getting on - I started with Nottingham Forest. 2012/13: 12th in Championship. Very inconsistent, tried many tactics, couldn't find anything that was good for more than 2-3 games. 2013/14: 7th in Championship. Bit better, but still long periods of ups and downs. At one point we had won just twice in 15 games. Missed out on the playoffs by a solitary point. 2014/15: 5th in Championship. Much better! We started superbly, and were in the top 2. Then we went into freefall, dropping to 10th as we entered New Year. It was then that I read this thread. I used the team comparison feature - something I'd shamefully not used before - and came up with a 4-1-3-2 formation (back 4, DM, 3MCs, 2STs) which saw us lose one of our last 17, and keep a lot of clean sheets. We made it into 5th but lost in the playoff final 0-1 to Cardiff I was boosted by that so set about improving in the 4th season and getting into the automatics. I decided, partly inspired by something I read, to properly analyse my players and the best position and role they could play. I found I had 2 very good DLPs and 3 very good APs, along with some good DMs. That lead me to sticking with my formation from last season, but changing the roles: GK Fullback (A) - Central Def (D) - Central Def (D) - Fullback (A) Def Mid (D) Adv Play (S) - DLP (S) - Adv Play (S) DLF (S) - P (A) Of course, setting each player to their natural role wouldn't always work, but I figured it seemed balanced enough, with the DM and DLP proving support and staying back a little, allowing the APs a bit more freedom. So far, although I'm only two games in, it looks really promising. The first game we drew 2-2, but had 25 shots, 15 on target, to the opponent's 3. Both their goals were from the wings, mainly due I think to my Right Back and one of the CDs having a terrible day, plus our strikers missing a couple of sitters. I stuck with it, and the next game was a tough trip to Leeds. We absolutely dominated, our new striker scoring twice, once set up by one of the MCs, and the other set up by a through ball from the DLF. Defensively I was so impressed, we kept them at arm's length for the entire match...they had 10 shots but 8 were long shots and the other two were easy saves. I was also able to more effectively use shouts - from keeping my starting tactic more simple I'm finding shouts easier to apply and also more effective. TL;DR: - playing your players in their best position & roles generally makes them play better! - keeping the initial tactic much simpler allows shouts to be more affective (at least from my experience). Again, thanks to everyone who has commented on this thread. I'll try to update it as I continue through the season - hopefully I can crack promotion this time!
  10. I really hope custom roles makes it into the game sometime soon. Would be great.
  11. I had no idea you could click the dots on the Analysis to watch them back! Thanks for mentioning it Cleon - so useful
  12. I haven't found them to be that cheap on mine at all, perhaps I didn't find them early enough. The best RB in the world is one I bought for just under £4m when he was 17 though, very pleased with that Have been working on using a 4-4-1-1 formation but still applying the approach I outlined in Chapter 1...not having the inverted triangle of the MC and 2 DMs is a bit different but that triangle is still there as AMC-MC, MC so I'm working on trying to get it rigid enough without the ball but still able to hurt teams on the counter. Unfortunately real life stuff is keeping me busy for most of today but hopefully I'll get some time this evening.
  13. Wow, you were pretty dominated! However you did only limit Utd to 2 CCCs...when playing in such a way (I think you went a bit more defensive than I typically would!) you need to ride your luck at times and over 90 minutes you're always going to let the other team have a couple of chances, but great that the result went your way! In terms of how I'm getting on with this approach, I've just moved clubs to Lille in 2026, who have just been promoted to Ligue 1 following a spell in Ligue 2, they are just above the drop zone in March and I should be able to keep them up. Still trying to play a rigid, tight system but allow a bit more freedom as I have some good players going forward, more so than when I initially created this thread and was with Lazio. I set up in a flat 4-4-1-1 formation for my first game, with the 2MCs playing with zonal marking (I find that key to any system that aims to be defensive) and being more defensive than the rest of my team. It didn't go quite to plan at first as we went 0-2 down, but a goal from my AM got us back into it and my ST hit two in the second half to give us a 3-2 victory. Will post up in more detail about that tomorrow!
  14. I've also found this - I'm in 2024 on my save and really there's about 2-3 "world class" fullbacks in the world.
  15. Yeah I think that's the best solution...we're very much in a relegation dog-fight so hopefully the guy I have in mind can do the job. I've been a little exposed down the flanks, have been thinking of pulling AML/AMR back but I think that makes us too defensive. I love FM when there's so many tactical challenges and you're scrapping for points at the bottom
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