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Football Manager 2010 - Useful Links

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Welcome to the PC/Mac General Discussion forum, the following thread should (hopefully) become an extensive list of useful links for FM10. This thread will be updated regularly, especially with links to new threads relating to FM10.

Be sure to check the Football Manager 2010 FAQ Thread before posting.

You should also familiarise yourself with our Forum Rules.

This thread aims to be upto date for FM2010, so links shouldn't be for older games - unless the same knowledge/information can be applied to FM2010. If you have any questions or links you feel should be on the lists, please let me know so they can be edited into the top posts.

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Football Manager 2010 Pre-Release Information

Football Manager 2010 Announcement - Miles supplies us with some information on SI and FM2010. You can also find SI's/SEGA's official FM2010 announcement in here.

Football Manager 2010 Feature Blogs - Contains links to the FM2010 feature blogs, as Miles writes about some of the best features in the upcoming FM.

Football Manager 2010 Installation and DRM decision - Miles and Ben give us the run down on SEGA's decision on this years DRM decision.

Football Manager 2010 System Specs - After weeks (months) of speculation and quesitons such as 'can my laptop run FM?', we finally have our answer. Be sure to check out this thread before posting about required specs.

Football Manager Podcast - Season 3 - Not strictly about FM2010, but enough info on it to go in this section anyway. The thread is for discussion about the FM Podcast, which you can download through iTunes.

Football Manager - Where to Get Technical Support

Football Manager 2010 FAQ Thread - This should be your first stop, do a search in the thread to see if your answer has already been answered before posting.

Football Manager 2010 Gold Demo FAQ - Neil Brock has posted a great FAQ if you need help with the FM2010 Gold Demo - be sure to check it out before posting for help.

Football Manager 2010 Technical Issues Forum - This should be your first port of call for technical issues surrounding Fm2010.

Steam Help - Aim_Less has kindly posted a Steam FAQ. So If you're in need of help with Steam, this is the place to go.

Football Manager - Helpful Links/Where to Post

Football Manager 2010 - Digital Download Options - Matt lists your options for downloading FM2010.

Football Manager Wiki - The FM Wiki acts as a useful guide to most areas of the game. It has been constructed by our loyal and knowledgeable regular users, so there are a whole bunch of useful tips and information. If you want to discuss or help out on the wiki, be sure to visit the FM Wiki thread.

The Editors Hideaway - If you're using an editor, creating a custom database or simply have questions about the editing process, then please use the Editors forum.

Skinning Hideout - If you have an interest in creating skins or customising your FM experience, then the Skinning Hideout is where you need to be.

Tactics and Training Tips - For help with tactics or training, you should be in this forum. You will find already made tactics sets for download and a wealth of knowledge to help you create your own.

Good Player and Team Guide - You should be asking in here if you need help finding the right players and staff for your team.

FM Online - If you're in need of help setting up FM to play online, then you need the FMO forum.

The MEGA Football Manager 2009 F.A.Q - You will find the FM2010 FAQ below, but here is a link to the FM09 version, just in case.

Football Manager 2010 Discussions

The Official FM10 Achievements Thread - A brand new feature for Fm2010, achievements! CrashOverride has setup a discussion about them (includes a list of achievements).

GD - Tactics & Training Discussion Thread - This is a thread for those moments where something clicks, and you've just realised why.

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