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  1. I think it's because people get emotional and therfore voice their criticism emotionally, this does not mean its spam or should be a bannabel offense. Fm is an emotonal game, you work hard on what are essentially spreadsheets in order to be rewarded when you finally get your team to play like you want, at least it is for me.
  2. It's much more than just a defender. There are multiple issues which are interrelated and are not easily broken down in a simple bug threat. Also what is a bug? Everything which does not represent a real football game? Bugs like interface issues are simple and easier to report. I don't think the same can be said about how the match engine behaves
  3. I am not sure what this exactly means in the context. I don't know how to make a better football manager game, does this now mean all critisim I voice is non constructive?
  4. No because people get banned here for many reasons, I am not even sure how I should voice negative feedback without a ban.
  5. Players dont seem to run with the ball at all despite having the run at defense option on. They rather make a 40 m cross court pass than to run with the ball. Very strange match engine
  6. I have 50 crosses average per game even though a have all crossing instructions set to not cross. It seems to me the ai always defends deep and narrow and the offensive movement is not good enough which leaves only the flanks open. But if crosses were defended better the average number of goals per game would be way too low. But if crosses were more effective it would be to high. The average number of goals per game is somewhat realistic but how they are scored not at all in fm 19
  7. I really only care about the match engine. It was the main reason why fm19 was the least enjoyable fm ever for me. I do hope fm20 will massively improve player movement and decision making in the offensive phase
  8. My experience is similar to yours, 500+ hours in every fm up until fm19 where I have below 100. And its not real life that kept me from playing but the match e engine. Also it's not about winning, I have never been less exited to win the league then in fm19. Won the league in the first season with Leipzig, by only scoring scrappy goals and from crosses. Boring.
  9. problem is almost all goals are scored in the same way regardless of tactics and players, definitely the most boring fm in 15 years
  10. yes also there is a high entry barrier. The strength of fm is in its database which depends on the volunteer network which took years to build up. a new company cant just create a convincing management simulation because it does not have this kind of database
  11. This is hard when it's bascially a monopoly. If I want to play a football manager simulation I can't buy anything else. So there is no real choice
  12. Does anyone have an idea when the beta is going to come out? It's normally two weeks before release, right?
  13. I dedicated enough time to the game trying to make the football I want to play work. Its impossible. Every team defends like Atlético, extremely narrow and deep but the attacking players don't move off the ball well enough and don't use the space we'll enough to balance it out.
  14. It is, is it attacking movement improves because striker movement improves which results in a variety of goals? Or is it general improvement on how players move when attacking, not just the strikers. Both the now hidden post and the new update suggest the same thing in different words. Attacking improvement because of striker movement improvement, not general movement improvement of all players
  15. As far as I understood the post only striker movement will be improved, the problems with offensive movement go beyond just the strikers . So it is correct, attacking movement will be improved in general in the next fm version
  16. Really disappointing, cebtainly lost me as a long term customer. Well least my fm addiction has been cured
  17. So the dialogue being good recently does not change what happened in the past. According to this rule all positive non constructive posts should be removed as well, which is clearly not the case. Also there were cases where posters who posted negative oponions were abused by other posters without punishment. So it you want to be strict according to the rules, the same rules should apply to everyone regardless of what opinions they have on the game. Also I fail to see how this is me lying or that this has anything to do with how the forum works, rather its about how it is moderated.
  18. I guess it will reflect in sales, I certainly won't buy fm next year even though I always bought it for 10 years. Also this forum does not really reflect the opinions of users in the forum as a gazillion negative posts got deleted and users banned for being 'non constructive'. So voicing negative opinions is only allowed under very specific circumstances in this forum.
  19. More like defensive movements got better but attacking one's did not
  20. I think that's related to the attacking movement problems and new way of defending. The new way of defending instructions make it possible to really defend deep and compact, more like a real team. But this resulted in making problems for chance creation because attack players don't really move like they do in real life. Still goal numbers have to somwhat reflect reality and that's probably why set piece goals and long shots have a higher probablity to go in, in order to compensate for not being able to create space against the new way of defending
  21. I am in the same boat, the greatest thing about fm19 is that it cured me of my fm addiction.
  22. Exactly, I don't expect to play 90s footbal. The point is the new defensive shapes have killed attacking movement , maybe it was never great in the first place and combinations were only possible because of the bad defensive shapes. But in fm 19 the lack of movement of attacking players is fully exposed, together with the new defensive shapes makes it a cross and set piece fest. If that is intended what is the point of the tactics creator with different styles like tiki taka which is not possible in the match engine? Or why is ai Guardiola playing nothing like real life and is almost always sacked in my saves? The issue is also acknowledged here by si staff:
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