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  1. I get at least 10 offsides per game from my left back after simple combination passes. This is an old problem also present in fm 18 I think or even earlier
  2. No crosses but players play foreward immediately in lots of situations despite being told not to( support role, balanced Mentality, short passing, low Tempo, options available). Player do play more through balls but also in situations they should not
  3. My post has gained a lot of traction , I didnt really read all the answers because I was busy fiddling with the game. Also the new patch changed a lot of things, some for the better some are much worse, some are all the same. I will try to catch up on the responses
  4. Patch has improved forward passing but its way too much now. Players hoof it forward despite balanced mentality and short passing setting . I created chances at a ridiculous rate but this is offset by poor finishing, it needs to be reigned in again, the games are erratic and out of control
  5. I have no problems keeping the ball but create chances from it because players don't seem to pass to the right players, speed up passing when they should or move or the right spaces. Passing is slow and ponderous, options are not seen despite having ages of time and space. Decision making seems off, players don't seem to know when to dribble, when to pass and when to shoot and when to cross. Like I said there are various opinions on the match engine with people claiming different things. I just want to see the tactics from players who are satisfied or can get their systems to work, espsically passing possession approaches.
  6. Ok thanks . Your tactic should not make sense when trying to keep the ball but maybe this is the way to go in fm20 when you want to control the game
  7. thats not really a possession style tactic, its high pressing play forward as fast as possible . Ifs on attack makes them basically exempt from defending and tracking the fullback. Do you dominate possession with that tactic?
  8. I am ingeniously interested, especially possession style tactics. Please post them here
  9. Obviously you can't create space in fm like in rl, but that's not the reason many people are not satisfied with the me. I would be satisfied if the wide players make them selves available for the ball correctly and if they moved correctly in the final third, also if the midfielders would actually play the correct passes.
  10. Yes then post your tactics and stats from your attacking players
  11. Do you really think I just plug and play? I am playing this game for a very long time and spend the most time adjusting tactics You probably play a counter attacking style, if not post your tactics
  12. It's one thing to create overloads, it's another when no other player has attacking relevance. In fm you can play a bum as aml, amr as they barely influence the game as long as you have great fullbacks I don't think it works that way in rl I am winning the majority of my games but the me is so boring, always the same pattern regardless if it's my team or the ai or which tactics, so I stopped playing.
  13. When your fbs are the most relevant players for every attack, more dangerous than any top winger or striker or attacker something is not right
  14. I agree completely the me is so dull and predicable, wide to the fullbacks 95% of the time.
  15. The main point is that players dont even play a ball through the center when there is space, its not like there is never space to play . When the middle is packed its very hard to play through the center also in real football, but in fm this is not the case, there are often many passing options even in transitions for through ball which are just not played. Instead the ball is played wide 90% of the time. This is just a frustrating experience
  16. Why do mods not get involved when people are put by certain members because they have a negative opinion on the game ? Should moderators not treat everyone equally ?
  17. this is just a massive generalization which has absolutely nothing to do with this thread, please point to examples The vast majority of users post well documented posts which clearly elaborate the problems with the current match engine, there is absolutely no negative agenda whatsoever If you cant stand when people post negative stuff about the game you dont have to read their opinions, i can't understand when people are offended by "negativity" without any relation if its justified or not . People in this thread have been objective and rational with their criticism in the vast majority of posts, the others have been moderated away anyway.
  18. Are you serious? There is no need for people being fine with the game to put other people down just because they are less satisfied. There are obvious issues with the match engine, just because you don't care does not mean you can attack others who do
  19. How exactly is this feedback? That's just a attacking other people because they don't share his opinion
  20. Most of the problems of the match engine which have been posted here have nothing to do with people just being ignorant about football, this is just disingenuous.
  21. If you are fine with the game, good for you and enjoy it. Why put other people down who provide feedback on the match engine?
  22. Soccer manager isn't really comparable in scope, it's a free mobile like game. No one says its Si s fault
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