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  1. Totally agree as well, one of the main reasons for me to play fm was always to try and recreate my vision of football, or to try to replicate how teams play in real life. There just aren't enough tactical or training options to do that right now, so I was hoping for something new in that regard. Sadly nothing like this was mentioned, just visual improvements i couldn't care less about. I mean lets be real, the graphics of this game were and will never be the main point of attraction, even with improvements the graphics look very much out of place in a game from 2012. But that's alright because fascination and addictiveness of this game comes from somewhere else.
  2. I did watch it an Ronaldo scored the goal, dominating a gave is something else in my opinion
  3. But it shouldn't be normal, this is an individual award, so it should be about the best player throughout the year. I'm not denying that Rolando didn't have a great season, but Messis season was historic, something that probably will never happen again. This is also pretty interesting : http://king-football.com/bb/?p=431
  4. They would be a great team, but the question is, would they ever have developed such players if they didn,'t split up?
  5. Does he deserve to win it if he is the player of the tournament? If you judge performances objectively, Messis season was just too good, especially in the year 2012, broke the all time scoring record of all time in any league+ alot of assists, absolutely unreal! So why should Ronaldo deserve it more for his performances in 3! games, assuming Portugal reaches the final? Absolutely ridiculous if you think about it. But if he continues to play like this , he has a very good chance to win it, because football is a game where performances are very much judged by subjective feelings.
  6. Alot, I mean in big important games, not just to be the last player to put the ball into the net, but to dominate a game an be the difference during the game.
  7. This was the first time if seen him really decide a game, was a constant danger, played really well not just because of his goal.
  8. I'd argue maybe Iniestas technique is slightly better, but Messi is on a different level, he decides games literally on his own regularly, but lets not get into that
  9. Messi? I agree though Iniesta has been magical
  10. Yes definitively Croatia, very unlucky to go out, they were very impressive against spain
  11. I this step back to a more controlled football related to the lack of top talent? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong , but the last talent who received international recognition was sneijder.
  12. I know you play like this since the worldcup, im not really surprised , it was just a general question.
  13. I mean no offence, but what happened to the dutch way of playing football, i mean it was basically the blueprint for how barcelona is playing now. They looked more "german" than the germans
  14. I think its because English speakers dont really have to bother with foreign languages, because everybody basically speaks english anyway
  15. I think some people here are too harsh to the commentators, some names are really difficult to pronounce, especially for an English speaker. My last name is Hungarian, but I'm born in Austria, so my name is constantly mispronounced and even misspelled, so I've kind of gotten used to it.
  16. we used to play that when we were kids, but without the bareass part
  17. Jagielka is actually from polish origin , is he not?
  18. I always thought it was cayhill, but im not a native english speaker so im not 100% sure. Maybe the difference in the pronunciation is due to the different regions from where the speakers are from? Just a guess. The spanish german italian french russian ones are definitively native speakers.
  19. How can they be wrong if they are pronounced by native speakers`?
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