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  1. when i exit the game and restart it doesnt save all the info i gave about myself for instance my appearance
  2. i agree patience people the editor only appeared for me just this second
  3. ^ this post should be saved so everybody can laugh at it
  4. I have just experienced this sitaution: I'm AC Milan (2nd in league with champions league football) I attempt to sign an Italian player from another club (a non italian football team) offering a key role in the team with wages of £72,000 per week and nice bonuses. He rejects me and goes to Tottenham (4th in their league) but with a wage of only £31,500 per week and less bonuses. oh yeah and he's only a squad rotation too with them too! I offered key status Edit: After loading and reloading several times I discover he will only join my team when I offer him £110,000 per week. Anything less and he thinks in his delusional head that earning £31k as a squad rotation at Spurs is the better option
  5. Neil while you're around is the screen supposed to look like this? Or is is it supposed to have a white background? Because I'm also seeing it this way which looks unusual. I tried gpu and software mode and full screen and windowed mode and its still like this. even reloading the cache doesnt fix it...
  6. yep it started out that way but now some of the dark lines got a bit lighter. which is confusing because i've seen someone else post a screenshot in this thread who had this and someone else who doesnt
  7. aha i see now, i was confused because it didnt do that on my other pc that has win xp but i only have 1 user account on that
  8. is it normal that fm13 installs 2 separate "Sports Interactive" folders in my documents folder? my previous fm games did this as well
  9. there's no reason why fm'12 couldnt have worked properly and well on a machine with 4gb ram. well there is one reason and that there was something wrong with your ram/pc incompatibility. therefore you getting new ram fixed the problem. its logical isnt it? its nothing to do with you getting 8gb of ram instead of 4gb because fm'12 works perfectly well on 99% of pc's with 4gb ram meaning a specific problem related just to your pc
  10. i think thats a specific problem related just to your pc, and maybe a very few others perhaps. i run fm'12 on a 4gb ram win xp machine with many leagues and never once had that error message, or any other. basically if your pc was working properly in the beginning adding the 4gb extra ram you got wouldnt have improved anything. you probably just had faulty ram or something and could have used a program to test them out and if faulty got a better pair of 4gm ram modules.
  11. I think shinji kagawa should be on a wage of more than £14,000 a week
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