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  1. Time for the 2nd attempt. Basingstoke are the team I will be using this time. Hopefully it goes much better.
  2. Unfortunately I have had a shocking season 2. Won my first 2 games convincingly and thought we were in with a chance after our end of last season. We then lost 12 of out next 14 games in the league. I have decided its time to restart as I didn't have a clue what I was trying to do tactically and I want to try it again with a clear idea of the football I am trying to play. I will post my new profile once I pick a team.
  3. I am currently at -£172k. The board randomly provide cash injections throughout the season however we are still losing money despite being under the wage budget. Unfortunately we have a small stadium and low average attendances. All adds up to losing a shed load of money.
  4. Its pretty standard in the lower leagues to haemorrhage money. Your best hope is to get a cup run but usually you will lose money regardless.
  5. Enfield Town FC - Vanarama South - 2017/18 The first season is always a struggle for me to nail down some tactical consistency. I was playing a diamond 442 for the majority of the season with a mixed bag of results. We started off alternating with wins and losses until we had a run of 4 wins in a row in October. The wheels then fell off as we didn't win again until January in the league and I was fearing the worst. At the beginning of February I finally decided to change to a flat 442 which I had been considering all season and our form picked up significantly. We won 9 of our remaning 13 matches with this new shape only losing twice as we found ourselves chasing the playoff positions. Unfortunately we left it a little late and missed out by just 4 points. However plenty to be positive about as we had the best attack in the league. League Table Past Positions Cups - We lost to Dulwich Hamlet in the 3rd Qual round of the FA Cup whilst I was still messing about with tactics. We did go a little bit further in the FA Trophy as we made the 3rd round before Halifax knocked us out. Squad I bought a lot of players but didnt really improve the quality of the side. I've tied down the better players to new deals and will offload some deadwood. Hopefully I can strengthen in a few areas ready for next season. Finances - In debt, as usual. Key Player Profiles: Jack Nardiello - Top scorer with 29 goals in 45 games. Same again next season please. Andre Da Costa - Signed in December. Took a while to settle in but did really well. Scott Shulton - Was originally playing at the top of the diamond but moved back into centre midfield. 14 goals and 12 assists. Next Season Next season I want to stick with my current tactic with no tinkering and make a push for the playoffs. Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017/18 Vanarama South 8th
  6. Approaching the business end of the season and my star centre back has just broken his leg in a match and will be out for 11 months. Only recently signed him. Devastated!
  7. Sorry! I usually keep a master save but in my excitement I completely forgot. Although now the weekend is upon us I can put in a lot of time to Football Manager finally!
  8. I usually fail once or twice before I manage to get going. Hopefully I don't fail first time around as I didn't have a backup save as Enfield and I don't think they get promoted that often!
  9. Congrats! that was fairly straight forward!
  10. Had a solid opening 6 games so far. 3 wins a draw and 2 defeats scoring 15 goals in the process. I'm finding wingers and attacking midfielders to be particularly effective so far.
  11. Wow you are smashing through! I've just completed my 2nd game of the season! Hopefully the forums curse doesn't strike you!
  12. I didn't see Methyr Town and I reloaded for approx an hour and a half last night. The rarest team I came across were Enfield Town. Ideally I wanted Kings Langley but I think they will be extremely rare.
  13. I went on holiday until June 24th 2017 then saved. Holiday one more day and then see who gets promoted. If I didnt like those teams I reload the save to the previous day and repeat.
  14. Been reloading for the best part of an hour now. Haven't seen too many teams that have caught my eye however I have just stumbled across the team I will look to take forward this year. So introducing the new manager of Enfield Town. Lets go!
  15. I have reached reset day. Time to hopefully find some rare teams.