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  1. I have been considering using him there but I don't tend to use an Attacking Midfielder. I would have to change my formation to fit him in which I'm not overly keen on doing.
  2. Hereford FC - Premier League - 2029/30 A very up and down season for us this year. We started well enough being around mid table and then had a massive slump and fell just 1 point before the relegation zone. Thankfully we picked up and had a good run of form towards the end of the season, although we drew a lot of those games we should have won them so I saw a lot of positives. Hopefully we can finally crack the top half soon. League Table Past Positions Cups - I wanted to reach a cup final so I went for it in the Carabao Cup however Man United knocked us out in the semi final.
  3. Hereford FC - Premier League - 2028/29 So season 3 in the Premier League didn't quite go as smoothly as I would have liked. I started with my 4231 formation and was hopeful we would do well. We started off OK reaching a high point of 8th before we hit a slump and dropped right down the table to 17th. At this point I feared the worst and with 7 games to go I abandoned the 4231 experiment and I decided to go back to the narrow 433 which got us here in the first place. We then won 4 of our next 7 games and finished in 14th just 4 points behind 9th. The last 2 seasons I have gone backwards sinc
  4. My first good youth player. Could be the "player of his generation" I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes!
  5. @XaW Wow. I presume that was the majority of your budget. Putting a lot of trust in a single player. I struggled to justify a £26m purchase just in case he flops!
  6. Had my first international job offer and its a big one. Had to decline it for the time being. I would like a crack at it once/if I finish the challenge!
  7. Hereford FC - Premier League - 2027/28 Our second season in the Premier League was upon us and handed with a £100m transfer kitty I had planned to revamp the squad, change the tactics and improve on last season. I had a nightmare for the most part. Originally I wanted to go with a 433 formation with wingers instead of 3 out and out strikers to play a better style of football. That failed miserably early on and I spent the rest of the season struggling with tactics going back to my original tactic for a while and then in the end I began experimenting with a deep 4231/4411 hybrid formation wh
  8. Managed to persuade this guy to join me. Looks insane for 17 years old and will be joining me on January 1st. £14.75m is a steal!
  9. Great work @XaW - Enjoy the Premier League money, its insane!
  10. Hereford FC - Premier League - 2026/27 After back to back promotions from League One to the Premier League I was worried that our squad wasn't strong enough to survive. The board gave me £23m to spend on new recruits of which I only spent £11.75m as I really struggled to find new players of sufficient quality. We amazingly won our first game 5-1 against West Brom but then we had consecutive 6-1 defeats to Man United and Arsenal which brought the mood crashing back down. We didn't manage to put together a good run this season and we only won consecutive games 3 times this season and our bes
  11. My best result of the season! I am now over the magical 40 point mark in the Premier League and with 6 games to go I am virtually assured survival!
  12. I have only just began work on improving my youth. I should have probably began earlier like you and then I may have had a few gems come through!
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