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  1. March 2043 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Near perfection as we won both games and we now sit top of the table with a five point gap courtesy of Old Road actually beating Grenades which was surprising as Grenades were by far the better team.The only thing which ruined the month was the one goal conceded,I think I'm being picky now! April sees the start of the final part of the season and in that month we will play six times.We face off against Hoppers,SAP FC,Empire F.C,Tryum,Potter's Tigers and Old Road.It is a pretty difficult month but I feel we have a very good depth in regards to players we have available as we have two or three players in every position I use.Empire F.C is the toughest of the six matches as we escaped with a draw the last time we played but I think we could easily get twelve points which would sees us still in title contention.
  2. February 2043 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We finished the month off with eleven points from fifteen as we currently sit in second place with a game in hand over Grenades.We were extremely lucky as late goals in the games against Grenades (we were 3-0 down) and Empires ensure we got a point instead of losing the matches.A downside to this month was that we lost both our first choice and third choice strikers so in came Lenny Bower-Watkins who scored on his debut against Potter's Tigers,the funny thing is that I already have a player with the same name on a different position! Just the two games in March as we face Swetes FC and Old Road (ATG).My aim is to win both these games to stay in the title race with Grenades.If we can win both then I feel confident that we could actually win the title.
  3. January 2043 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Four wins from four means we have surpassed my targeted forty points which is what I wanted at the start of the season.We now sit in second place,we're still behind Grenades but considering they have only lost once all season and they have been drawing quite a bit recently,we are only five points behind with two games in hand so this could end up being similar to Man City and Liverpool from the season just gone! Five games in February which sees us face Tryum,All Saints Utd,Grenades,Potter's Tigers and Empire F.C.As you can see,the big game of the month is against Grenades and if we do beat them then that can give us an advantage due to having played less games,we cannot rule our Empire FC as they are only nine points behind but they do have a game in hand on Grenades so if they win that then they'd be six points behind while we still have quite a few games left to play.My aim for the month is to turn up the pressure on Grenades.
  4. December 2042 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts A very good month as we picked up nine points from twelve as we finished the month off in second place and only five points behind Grenades so I feel we are in the title picture now as we are one game from the half way mark.The Grenades game was just one of those matches where nothing went right but it was an extremely good run we went on and we responded well after the defeat. Four games in January as we lock horns with Swetes FC and SAP FC,Tryum and Hoppers.We've done brilliantly so far and we could meet my original target of forty points this month if we carry on our form this season.Although as we have played brilliantly but the other teams in the Premier League are starting to get interested in our players,the problem with this is that the other teams can offer proper wages whereas we can only do non-contracts.Aim for the month is to keep in the title race as we can be seen as the dark horses this season.
  5. November 2042 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Seven points from nine was a good return as we closed the gap down to three points between ourselves and Empire F.C even if we did drop down to third due to grenades recent form.We were quite lucky as a late show against SAP FC made sure we stayed right behind the leaders,this match was also my 900th in management.I think we are pretty much safe from relegation now as Hoppers and All Saints Utd are both really bad. December will bring the end of 2042 and with it comes four games.We face Grenades,All Saints Utd,Old Road and Swetes.My only aim is to keep plugging away to reach forty points,if we are still in touch with the top teams then when we hit that mark then I will consider us in the title race.
  6. October 2042 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts All I can say is wow as I wasn't expecting us to win all three games like we did.To think I only played Henry because Warner is away with Antigua & Barbuda u20's!We sit second at the moment so I will enjoy this while it lasts but at least we have quite a significant gap over the relegation places. Three games in November which sees us face Hoppers,SAP FC and Potter's Tigers.No matter what happens in November,I have been really pleased with how we have done so far,as long as we keep moving to our 40 point target then I will be pleased.
  7. Thanks I had a custom database setup,if I remember correctly,I used small database then added top four options when adding each continent.These are current international players,players based in nation,players of nationality and players from top division clubs. Although I do recommend start with key staff as I forgot to tick the box to add them
  8. September 2042 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Seven points from nine saw us finish the month in third which is incredible.The only real talking points of the month was the Tryum game where it was even until Tryum were reduced to ten men in the eleventh minute which completely swung things in our favour.Also shout out to the boys as they came back from 2-0 down to get a point against Old Road. Three games in October,we will face Grenades,Empire FC and Potter's Tigers.Honestly we've been overachieving so far but October is a terrible looking month as they are amongst the toughest teams in the league.As long as I'm still out of the relegation zone by the end of the month then that will be good enough for me.
  9. August 2042 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts It's been a tough month but we picked up four points from four in our first month in top flight.We were unlucky in the games against Empire FC and Hoppers as we conceded late goals .The win against SAP FC was brilliant as it was a top class performance but it is extremely tight in the early stages. Three games in September which sees us face All Saints Utd,Tryum and Old Road.We need to beat both All Saints Utd and Tryum as they are teams who are similar to ourselves so we need to get as many points as possible.Old Road are a better side than what they are currently showing so they cannot be underestimated,my aim is to be out of the relegation zone come the end of September.
  10. Point West Ham - Digicel/Red Stripe Premier Division - End of Season - 2041/42 Season Preview - Expectations Transfers - Released Four players bought in as they will be in the first XI,not finished with the signings as I still need a goalkeeper (currently in talks for a new first choice keeper),a DC and a MC.One player left the club,he was our third choice striker so I'm not too bothered by that.Only one player on the released list and it was a player retiring so nothing to say about that. Pre-Season Fixtures Not the greatest of pre-seasons performance wise but with new players coming in,it will take a bit of time for them to get familiar with the tactics I use.It was good to get a few wins to keep morale higher as it could be a long season. The Team and Key Players Team Player Key Players Manager's Thoughts Well if we go by media predictions and board expectations then we could be in for a long season as it seems that only All Saints Utd are the only worse team than us in the league!We still need three more players till I'm satisfied with the team and if we can get them,I don't see why we can't survive as I don't think there is much difference in quality between ourselves and the rest of the teams in the league.It's a straight up 36 game season so if we can get 40 points then I think we will survive as by looking at past seasons,40 points has been enough to survive. We've had to do some backroom shuffling has staff members have left which we've had to replace and we've been able to recruit more staff so we got in a good scout for this level,a new general coach and we've been able to sign a goalkeeper coach as well.We're in a good position for coaching and scouting but we are lacking in the medical department as I've not been able to find anyone suitable.I'm hoping by some miracle we get a takeover in the near future and the new chairman has money to give us as we are behind the other teams when comparing facilities and coaching levels.Time to see what top flight has in store for us.
  11. Point West Ham - USL Professional Division - End of Season - 2041/42 Season Review Transfers - Released Nine players came in,eleven players moved to other clubs and five were released.The last two incoming players which consist of Govia and Roberts are for next season to give us more quality.All the incoming and outgoing players was disruptive but that is to be expected due to only being able to offer non-contracts to players. Schedule 1 - Schedule 2 Competitions USL Professional Division - Winners We made this look easier than it actually was,as you can see the defence was one of the best and at a similar level to a lot of teams in the league but it was our attack where we excelled as we scored 136 goals which is a new record for the division.We also set a new points record and a clean sheet record so it was an impressive performance.Hopefully top flight will be a bit more of a challenge than what we have had in the last couple of seasons. Players,Stats and Awards Overall Best XI Stats - Awards - Best XI The Team Calaum Richards Ken Dublin Hakeem Joseph Lenny Bowers-Watkins Manager's Thoughts Back to back promotions for West Ham as we won the USL Professional Division by quite the distance.My first impression of what will happen in top flight is that the players at my club think I'm being too optimistic when I said I think we can survive next season!This means I will have to do a lot of scouting to get the best players possible as I need a new GK,DC,AMR and MC for definite.Other areas I will look to strengthen are up front and the full back positions so we will have good strength in depth as we attempt to survive.I will be looking forward to it as this could possibly be my biggest challenge yet until I get in one of the bigger nations. Finances are still terrible but we will be getting a new sponsorship deal in the near future but we still can't offer proper wages to players so we will be playing the top flight with a team of players on non-contracts which will be quite annoying as this leads to a higher turnover of players which does disrupt things when you finally get things sorted.Facilities are once again a no go as we will never have the financial backing to improves those areas of the club.The chairman's status has dropped so a takeover could be on the horizon at some point but I won't expect it next season. Season Team Nation Division League Cup Continental Avg.Att Notes 2038/39 Kicks Utd Anguilla Senior Male League 1st Semis N.A 534 Won Title! 2039/40 Kicks Utd Anguilla Senior Male League 1st Winners N.A 594 Won Treble 2040/41 West Ham (ATG) Antigua + Barbuda Second Division 1st N.A N.A 308 Won Title! 2041/42 West Ham (ATG) Antigua + Barbuda USL Professional Div. 1st N.A N.A 326 Won Title!
  12. May 2042 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Won one out of the two games as we finished off our campaign,we should of gone this month unbeaten but a stupid challenge from my defender gave Liberta the win in the 92nd minute from the penalty spot.A very impressive performance this season,I now need to rely on scouts and trials to give the top flight a real go. End of Season update to follow then on to the top flight!
  13. April 2042 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Six wins from Eight,twenty points out of twenty four,promotion and title won so that is job done for us.Over the moon with the way things have gone and we have been very domiant this season.I've already started building for next season,two players have joined the club,one was Peter Roberts who made his debut during the month and another is a DC who isn't eligible till next season.A third player will be joining us in July and he is a DM who currently plays for Aston Villa (not the English one!). Two games left to play in May as we finish the season against Liberta and Five Islands.Nothing too concerning as we have the title wrapped up but I do want us to play well.
  14. I think this is one of the more surprising tactics I've seen playing this save,can't say I'm surprised to see they are bottom of the table with over 100 goals conceded!
  15. March 2042 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Four wins from five was a good return from the team although losing the first game of the month meant we 'd lost two games in a row.We now sit nineteen points clear at the top of the table and we are twenty one points a head of third place so barring a massive downturn in form,we should win the title.However,March wasn't all positive as I lost both my first choice central defence partnership,Crump went to SAP FC and Burton went to Tryum.I won't be signing anyone at this moment in time as when we hit a new division we should receive a boost in reputation which should in theory allow us to attract better players. April is a busy month as we play eight games.....no seriously,we have eight league games! So at least we know where we will catch up with the other teams in regards to games played.My aim is to get promotion and the title secured,even with a weakened defence we should have more than enough to finish things off.
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