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  1. B is for British Virgin Islands Woules FC - BVI First Division - Pre-Season - 2056/57 Season Preview - Expectations Transfers - Released Three players were released which was not by my choice but they had no interest in signing an amateur contract with the club.Eight players came into the club so it was a busy season for the chairman then the Director of Football,as you can see they raided East End Eagles who have just recently been relegated from the top flight.I did make one signing myself,that signing was Damiel Cain from Haitian Stars,due to no staff wanting to join us,I went through older players and Cain had the ability to become a assistant manager so I signed him as a player/assistant manager although he will retire from playing in May 2057. Pre-Season Fixtures Nothing too major during pre-season as my intentions were to get the team some match fitness for the new season.It was also very encouraging as Rebels and Old Madrid are both top flight sides while we will be playing East End a lot this season as we are in the same division.I know pre-season usually means nothing but it could be a good season for us. The Team Tactic GK - Sweeper Keeper - Support DR -Wing Back - Attack DL - Wing Back - Attack DC - Ball Playing Defender - Defend MR - Inverted Winger - Attack ML - Inverted Winger - Attack MC - Deep Lying Playmaker - Support MC - Mezzala - Support ST - Pressing Forward - Support ST - Advanced Forward - Attack Manager's Thoughts Well this could be an interesting season as the board are expecting us to finish bottom of the league while the media are predicting us to finish at the top which will net us the title and promotion.It may take us some time to gel properly but I think we should be pushing for first.As for the Wendol Williams Cup,the board want us to reach the first round which is where we enter at so I am guessing that the ambition of the chairman is quite low.Staffing is still a problem as we have no medical department and the coaching side has myself and the player/assistant manager but that is down to the first division being ranked at 78th out of 90 so it is one of the lowest of the low. For an amateur side,we do have quite a bit of money as we have £880k in the bank and I do believe that should be enough to get upgrades for training and youth facilities which both will be a big boost for the team as that would give us the best facilities in the British Virgin Islands.First off though is that we have to escape this division,with it being the smallest season (16 league games and additional cup games),I will only be doing a mid-season update and a end of season update as it will be a very quick season!Time to get the season underway!
  2. B is for British Virgin Islands Woules FC - BVI First Division - Club Takeover - 2056/57 The Offer Club Background The Squad Manager's Thoughts First off I like the badge so that is a bonus! As for the team itself,they seem to be a bit mediocre,they finished 5th five times on the run before getting relegated in the 54/55 season and they ensured a dismal time in the first division as they finished bottom of the table in the 55/56 season.We seem to have a decent team for being able to play a 4-4-2 but we will need at least one right back and one central midfielder bought in to help with numbers at the very least.On the plus side if the anyone is interested in joining then it will be easy to sign them as we are an amateur team like a lot of the teams in the country so I will be expecting quite a high turnover in the players in the future.First off though I will need to bring some staff in as it's just me,the chairman and a chief scout!
  3. B is for British Virgin Islands State of Play British Virgin Islands has eleven teams in total split into two divisions which are the Premier League and First Division,there is also a cup competition which goes by the name of Wendol Williams Cup.Rebels (VGB) are the biggest team in the British Virigin Islands as they have won three of the last four league titles and five of the last six Wendol Williams Cup.There are four interesting teams in the British Virigin Islands,there are Islanders FC,Rebels (VGB) and Sugar Boys who have all turned semi-professional since the league was added,the other interesting team is Haitian Stars (VGB) who produce Haitian regens which is rather unique but they have just been promoted so managing them is out of the question for now.
  4. Job done in Bonaire and incomes the Dominican Republic to replace it.North American has a lot of one league nations so it could be quicker than anticipated.
  5. B is for Bonaire S.V.Uruguay - Bonaire Kampionato - End of Season - 2055/56 Season Review Transfers - Released Two players were released and neither one managed to carry on with a career in football.Vlijt left to join SV Vespo in February which was annoying as I did offer him much improved terms as he was one of my main two strikers and he left after about half a season so he is now blacklisted with no chance of removal.Four other players came in and helped improve the defence so it was a job well done by the chairman with these signings,especially with Edsel Piar as I managed him at Robin Hood! Schedule 1 - Schedule 2 Competitions Kampionato - Winners We walked the league as we won the title with a 24 point margin,we only dropped points in four games with Real Rincon being the team to ruin my unbeaten streak in the league.With the performances this season we set new records for points and goals.Lammers was absolutely brilliant during the season as he netted 44 goals in the league!Not a bad way to clinch a first title since 2034 for the club. Kopa MCB - Winners We beat SV Vitesse (3-0 on aggregate) and Flamingo (6-3 on aggregate to reach the final).As for the final itself,all I can is that both legs were very one sided as we ran out 10-1 aggregate winners against Real Rincon,I will say we did receive a lucky break as a Rincon player was wrongly sent off and that did affect the second leg by quite a bit. Players,Stats and Awards Overall Best XI Stats - Awards - Best XI The Squad Leon Lammers Edelbert Cecilia Terrence Janga Edsel Piar Harry de Graaf Manager's Thoughts What a way to finish Bonaire off as we completely dominated the domestic competitions this season.Lammers was one of the main reasons why we did so well as hit another level and finished the season off with 52 goals and 12 assists in all competitions.I have absolutely no complaints from how the season went,I was disappointed that we didn't get the unbeaten season but yet again we were thwarted by one team,maybe one day I will gain the tag of "invincibles".I was pleased with the signings the chairman made and it showed that when the level of ability is pretty close between all teams,all it takes is one player to stand out to make an absolute difference but I get the feeling that this won't be the same in the remaining countries in North America. With Bonaire now done,we will be moving onto the British Virgin Islands which is the last of the B's so we should be in Canada by the end of the 2050's!
  6. May 2056 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We picked up seven points as we finished off our campaign off in style,the only thing that stopped us winning all four matches was a 94th minute equalizer from SV Estrellas.As for the second leg of the Kopa MCB final,we finished them off with a 5-0 win although we did have a helping hand off the referee as he sent off a Real Rincon player off wrongly but it means I had an easy time of completing the double and that means Bonaire is now finished. End of Season update to follow then onto a new country!
  7. April 2055 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We wrapped the title up as we won both league games but it did take us till we actually played a match because Real Rincon won three of their games in hand so we had to wait a bit to clinch it.As for the first leg of the Kopa MCB,I would have been happy with a slight advantage going into the second leg against Real Rincon but Lammers had other ideas as he netted four times in a 5-1 win which means we have one hand on the trophy going into the second leg. May is the final month of the season and it brings us four more games to play,three are in the league and one in the cup.In the league we face Arriba Peru,SV Estrellas and Real Rincon,no real aims for these games as we already have the title wrapped up.In the Kopa MCB,we play our second leg of the final against Real Rincon,we have a 5-1 lead which is good but my only aim is to finish the job to ensure we come home with the cup.
  8. March 2055 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Another four wins to our name as we finish the month not quite having won the title but it's pretty inevitable that we will do so next month.We have already set a new record for points but I can put that down to Leon Lammers being phenomenal throughout the season,he currently sits on 42 goals (40 league,2 cup) in 31 games (27 League,4 Cup),he hasn't failed to score for us since the start of February.Great month overall and it looks like it will be one trophy off the list to win in Bonaire. Three games in April,two in the league and one in the Kopa MCB.In the league we face SV Vitesse and Atletiko,we are now at the point that a win in either game will win us the title unless Real Rincon drop points before we play a game as they play three times before we play a game in April.The Kopa MCB game is the first leg of the final and it comes against Real Rincon,they are the only team to have beaten me this season so it will be a very tough match,we have home advantage first so hopefully that can help us gain a small advantage.
  9. Youth Intake 2056 Intake Hot Prospect Manager's Thoughts There was one major stand out player in Heidekamp who will be going straight into the first team as we have a couple of injury worries up front.Despite the stand out player,it's not actually a bad intake,it's just that Heidekamp is that good it makes the others look worse than they actually are so they will all be getting signed to help give more depth to the team and give more options for players in general as I've noticed the other teams outside of Real Rincon don't tend to keep many of their youngsters when they come through.The potential is there for quite a few players but their development is out of my hands.
  10. February 2056 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts There goes my unbeaten run in the league and it just had to be Real Rincon who took the unbeaten streak,to make it worse we gained a long term injury to our 34 year old striker who is now out for the rest of the season so that could be it for him.Other than that one game,we won the rest of the matches in the league as we finish the month off with a eighteen point gap with nine games to go so we have one hand on the title.We also finished off Flamingo in the Kopa MCB as we won 6-3 on aggregate. Four games in March and all of them come in the league,we will face SV Juventus,Atletiko,Flamingo and SV Vespo.If we can carry on our form of this season then we should have the title wrapped up by the end of the month,SV Vespo are still a dangerous side so they are probably the one who could take points off us like they did last time if we do not play to our best.My aim is to get the title wrapped up.
  11. January 2056 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts The run continues as we picked up ten points from twelve with the only points being dropped coming in the draw against SV Vespo,the month of league games has seen us sit at the top with a fourteen point advantage and with thirteen games to go,we should win it and possibly go unbeaten in the league for the first time ever in my career.We also won our Kopa MCB game against Flamingo,we won 3-1 so we still have to be careful but we really should have put this game beyond their reach as we were playing against ten men for 25 minutes. Five games in February,four come in the Kampionato and one in the Kopa MCB.In the Kampionato we will be facing SV Estrellas,Arriba Peru,Real Rincon and Atletiko,we are that far ahead that we will still be top if we do somehow lose every game but I want us to go the month unbeaten as I want an unbeaten season in my careers as I'm 0 for 36 so far.In the Kopa MCB,we have our second leg of the semi-final against Flamingo,we hold a 3-1 advantage but we will still need to do a professional job as it is still pretty close and I think we should have more than enough to win the competition if we can carry on playing like we have.
  12. December 2055 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Two more wins in the league including a 4-1 win over Real Rincon in what was a fantastic month.As you can see the point lead has dropped to eight points but we do have two games in hand so if we win both of them then we will be fourteen points ahead at the mid-stage point. Five games in January,four of these are in the Kampionato and one in the Kopa MCB.In the Kampionato we will face SV Juventus,Flamingo,SV Vitesse and SV Vespo,my only aim is to keep going in the league as we have a healthy gap at the top and with games in hand,we could increase our lead at the top.In the Kopa MCB,we will face Flammngo away from home in the first leg of the semi-final,this is the easier of the two ties so hopefully we can get a win to give us a good advantage going into the second leg.
  13. November 2055 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Three league games and three wins which saw us finish the month eleven points ahead of Real Rincon albeit we have played a game more than out nearest rivals but as it looks,we should win the league with very few problems.The Kopa MCB saw us be much more clinical than SV Vitesse as we won the second leg 3-0,the draw for the semi-final was also kind for us as we will face Flamingo in the semi-final while the other semi-final is Real Rincon vs SV Vespo. Just the two games in the league as we face SV Estrellas and Real Rincon.If we win both of these then it is pretty much game over for the rest of the teams as the gap at the top will increase.I am expecting problems in the Rincon game as they are a very tough team and the only one to have taken something off us this season.Not overly bothered with what will happen during the month as will be top going into the new year.
  14. October 2055 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Both of the games were won easily as we finished the month off with our five point advantage of Real Rincon in tact.From our form so far,it will take a massive effort from the chasing teams to dislodge us as we are easily able to deal with the teams outside of Real Rincon.In the Kopa MCB we fluffed our chances as the first leg finished 0-0,we did more than enough to win the game but our attackers had a rare off day which means we have it all to play for in the second leg. Four games in November,three of these are in the Kampionato while the other is in the Kopa MCB.In the Kampionato we will be facing SV Vitesse,SV Vespo and Arriba Peru,we need to pick up positive results in each of the games to ensure we are still top going into December as it is only a 32 games season and with Real Rincon being as strong as ever,every point will be vital.In the Kopa MCB we will be facing SV Vitesse in the second leg of the quarter final,we need a much better showing up front after drawing 0-0 in the first leg,we have to win as the board want us to reach the semi-finals.
  15. September 2055 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We picked up seven points from nine as we finished the month at the top with a five point lead over Real Rincon but we do have a game in hand so that has the potential to be eight points if we win the game in hand.In my honest opinion,we were luck to escape with a draw against Real Rincon as they battered us and it was even worse when we went down to ten men,the funny thing is Lammers' strike partner for Bonaire also got two for Real Rincon.Lammer's impressive goal scoring run and is now up to 16 goals in 8 games,if we win any silverware then you can bet he is the reason why. Three games in October,two in the Kampionato and one in the Kopa MCB.In the Kampionato we face Flamingo and SV Juventus,my aim is to keep our run going but even one would do us here as that would see us stay top of the league for another month.In the Kopa MCB,we kick off our campaign with a home fixture against SV Vitesse,this is the first leg of the quarter final and I will be treating it seriously as it is a very good chance of silverware.
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