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  1. AFA Senior Male League - End of Season - 2038 Transfers - Released I wasn't really left with much choice when it came to releasing players as we are an amateur side so making money from the players was impossible for us,in the end I released 71 players as we had far too many in the team to even be managable,of these 71 players there are only 27 of them who are still playing football!On the incoming side,I bought in seven players as I looked to strengthen the team enough to challenge for everything. Fixtures 1 - 2 Competitions Senior Male League - Winners All we needed to do was finish in the top four to ensure we moved to the next stage of the league and we did so with relative ease as we won eight out of nine games to finish top,the only team who took points off us were Kicks Utd who beat us 2-0.The Champions Playoff was easier than it seemed,it shows a close match with Lymers but we were already 3-1 up when they pulled one back in injury time and we crushed UPRISING in the final to win the league title. Champions League - Winners It was the perfect campaign as we won all four games to cinch the title,for the most part we played brilliantly but the only game where I was less impressed was in the match against Diamond as we narrowly won the game but we were sloppy at times.We now join Attackers (AIA) in being the only teams in this save to in all four games in the Champions League. Knock-out Cup - Winners We beat Lymers 2-0 in the quarter finals in which we put on an impressive show.The semi-final saw us way below par as we had to overturn a deficit to beat Roaring Lions,I was less than impressed with this performance and spent a lot of time in the second half shouting at the team.The final against Diamond saw another impressive display away from home,two goals in three minutes from 17 year old striker Gumbs-Lewis was enough to ensure we lifted the Knock-out Cup. Players,Stats and Awards Overall Best XI Stats - Awards - Best XI Javain Ayala Girdon Tittle L.Rogers-Hodge Kevahn Jeffers Manager's Thoughts Well that was a quick and successful spell as we finished Anguilla in one season and I have to thank our midfield which contained Ayala,Tittle and Rogers-Hodge for doing the majority of the heavy lifting,my striking options with exception to 17 year old D.Gumbs-Lewis didn't really impress me and if I was staying then I would be looking to find a better option up front.I am really glad to have won all three competitions as being in Anguilla was annoying due to the massive teams and being amateur means we can't do anything from players leaving if they want in which we were lucky none did leave.There isn't any money in the country either so it would take many many years for us to even be able to upgrade anything so I can't even leave them in a better position than when I got here. With Angulla done,we will be moving onto the next country which Antigua & Barbuda,this nation has four leagues across three tiers and no cups so it will be a case of winning the top two tiers and one of the third tiers.There is a job going in the third tier at the moment at a club called Young Warriors so it is just a case of waiting to see if I can get the job before moving on. Career Link - (For entire career)
  2. September 2038 Fixtures Knock-out Cup Tree Just like the Champions League,we performed better away from home then we did at home but despite this we still came out the winners of the competition which means Anguilla is now completed.We performed brilliantly in the wins over Lymers and Diamond but we wouldn't have made the final if it weren't for our second half turnaround against Roaring Lions,I generally though it was going to be one of those games where we just squandered chance after chance but eventually we got the ball back in the net twice to spare our blushes.I am however upset that I didn't get to face Kicks Utd as they are the only team to beat me in Anguilla and I don't like that! End of Season update to follow then onto Antigua & Barbuda we go and it could be sooner than later as there is a job going in the third tier!
  3. August 2038 Fixtures Table Two games and two wins made it the perfect Champions League campaign,this is actually only the second time this has happened with the first being Attackers (AIA) in 2035.Out of the two games,the match I think we performed better in was against UPRISING as we were dominant throughout the match and we were very unlucky not to score in the second half.We were sloppy in the game against Diamond and this was shown to be even more the case as we conceded literally a minute after going 2-0 up but we clinched it in the end after some shouting from the touchline. September sees the Knockout Cup start and we will be facing Lymers at the quarter final stage,this is the only competition I have left to win so I will be going all out as per usual as I would love to get Anguilla done in one season.Hopefully we will get to face Kicks Utd at some point in the competition as I still want revenge over them for the league defeat.
  4. July 2038 Fixtures Table July went as well as I could have hoped as we won the Champions Playoff to clinch the Senior Male League title.we won the game late on thanks to Rogers-Hodge but Lymers didn't actually score their second till injury time when it was already settled,the final saw us thrash UPRISING 3-0 and we controlled the entire match and I can say that it was a fair result.We have started the Champions League well as we pick up two wins from two,the game against Lymers was a bore fest which was settled early on as not a lot happened after we scored and we easily beat Roaring Lions in the second match. Just the two games in August as we will be facing UPRISING and DIamond,four points from these two games will be enough to secure us the Champions League title.I am pretty confident we can beat both of these teams but we will still need to be careful and take it one game at a time.
  5. I love playing in the smaller nations with names like this just due to the names! I'm pretty sure in my next country they have their own Aston Villa and West Ham so they aren't afraid to rip other teams off! I usually have four tactics that I choose from, throughout this save I have used 4-3-2-1,4-2-3-1,4-3-3 and 4-2-4,I have at times used other tactics but I don't really like changing things too much as it causes loss of familiarity.
  6. June 2038 Fixture League Table What a pathetic performance that was as no one deserves any credit from that game and to make me feel even worse,I only needed to win that game to set a new record for league wins!We need to improve a lot after that game if we are to win the Champions Playoff. July will sees us play one or two games but that is dependant on progress.In the Champions Playoff Semi-final we will be playing Lymers and whoever wins that will face the winners of the UPRISING-Roaring Lions match.I am confident we can beat any of these teams but I will need the players to kick it up a gear after our recent defeat.
  7. May 2038 Fixture Table No issues in the match against UPRISING as we easily beat them 3-1,we were dominant throughout the entire match although we did go into half-time at 1-1 which was a bit annoying as the goal was against the run of play. Just one more game to play in June and that will be the end of the league section,for the final game of the league section we will actually be facing last years league champions Kicks Utd,I am pretty confident we can win this game as they have one of the worse defences in the league but I am also pretty confident that it will be a high scoring game so hopefully we will come out on top if that is to be the case.
  8. April 2038 Fixtures Table Two games,two wins and it's a case of job done as we qualified for the Champions Playoff.Both games were completely different as we had a real battle against Attackers and I am extremely lucky that our attacking force was at it's best as both defences were terrible.The match against ALHCS Spartans saw them take an early lead but after that it was all one way traffic as we ended up destroying them. Just the one game in May and we will be facing UPRISING,the result doesn't really matter now but I would love to keep a clean sheet as our defence hasn't been that great at times and have conceded stupid goals.
  9. Youth Intake Preview Overall it doesn't look like the upcoming intake will be any good but there should be three players to keep an eye out for and they are one centre-back and two wide midfielders. Hopefully the wide midfielders have the potential to be good as finding decent ones in Angulla is very frustrating.
  10. March 2038 Fixtures Table Just the one game was played during March and we have a quick start to thank for our victory over Lymers,it was actually a pretty close match but being 2-0 up after 14 minutes left us with a massive advantage and we used that as we managed to shut them out for the majority of the match. Two more games in April and we will be facing Attackers and ALHCS Spartans,I think we are pretty much guaranteed a top four spot which is what I need but I'd rather keep our good form up as I don't want morale crashing down before we get into the Champions playoff stage.
  11. February 2038 Fixtures Table Results wise it looks really good on paper but performance wise it was a bit below par.We struggled to beat Doc's Utd and had to come from behind to beat Diamond's.The match against Roaring Lions was our best performance of the month and we really should of scored more but we squandered quite a few chances.Five games left to play and we are looking really good for a top four spot. Just the one game in March and we will be facing Lymers,no matter what happens we will still be in the top four which is what I want but I would like to win the game just so it opens up a bigger gap at the top of the table.
  12. January 2038 Fixture Table We had no issues in the first game of the season as we easily dispatched of Development (AIA) in our first game of the season,Ayala was the star of the show as he netted a hat-trick on his debut! February brings us three league games and we will be facing Doc's Utd,Diamond (AIA) and Roaring Lions (AIA),the only thing I can hope for is that we can carry on from where left off but as long as we are in the top four positions then I will be more then happy as that is where we need to be once the nine games have been played.
  13. It's bit of weird league but I like it as it makes things a bit more tricky and competitive. Also we are actually a police team as the real name of the team is Police Enforcers FC
  14. AFA Senior Male League - Pre-Season - 2038 Season Preview - Expectations Transfers - Released Well that was certainly a pre-season I am unlikely to forget as I have never seen so many players leave a single club in one pre-season.In total I released 71 players from the club who didn't really have a future and I think that will be the biggest culling of a squad I will ever have in this save,of these 71 players,26 of them have actually already retired from the game!We managed to keep the rest of the team together as no one left us which is a plus as we had some very good players in the team,to add to these players I bought in seven players who I think will help us challenge for the title this season. Pre-Season Fixtures Pre-season wasn't anything too major as it was a case of get match sharpness up and get the players more familiar with my tactics as we head into the new season.The only thing I did which was unusual is that I arranged friendlies with teams from other countries as I didn't want to face anyone from our league. The Team Girdon Tittle Cleo Gumbs G.Roach-Gumbs Cleo Kentish A.Pilar-Derrick Manager's Thoughts Well that was certainly something as I have never released that many players in one go before,to make this even more funny is that the league has a registration limit of 35 players and we had 93 at the club so what was the point in the rest of those players!In terms of my team in general,it is very attack heavy but that is more down to the fact that there are very few quality defenders in Anguilla so I am expecting some high scoring games this season.I also have a really interesting player in the team,G.Roach-Gumbs has an English flag next to his name in the team screenshot but he actually has a cap for Anguilla.I am happy with the business we have done over pre-season so now the challenge will be to try and keep them together as we could lose them pretty easily due to being an amateur club. My ultimate aim for this seasons is to make it a one and done as I generally believe we have enough strength in depth to get a domestic clean sweep done,we are favourites to come top of the table which means we will go into the Champions Playoff and that will determine who wins the league so I don't even have to top the table and I can still win the league.The Knockout Cup and the Champions League come after the league section of the season is over and if we can keep all of our team together then I don't see why we can dominate this season.
  15. AFA Senior Male League - New Club - 2037 The Offer It's an amateur football club so this was to be expected! Club Background The Team No seriously,I had to highlight and right click to see how many players I had in the first team,this doesn't even take into account the other 34 players I have in the under 21 squad! Last Season's Position Manager's Thoughts Well this is going to be an interesting spell at the club,at least at this club I am happy with the backstaff I have so there won't be any changes needed in that part.The team is where I need to sort things out as there are 93 players in the first team and 12 of those are goalkeepers!We do have some really good players which are easy to miss in the squad list due to all the trash in the first team so there will be a lot of players released but with being in a country of amateur teams,there is no possibility of selling them.The only reason this job has come up is down to the fact they underperformed this season,they were predicted to finish in second and came in eighth which was quite surprising but I think this will be an easy job (and country) to complete due to not having any budgets to worry about. Angulla has three competitions to win,the Senior Male League,the Knockout Cup and the Champions League.The league is a bit of a weird one,all teams player each other once and the top four go into a playoff to decide the league champions while the Champions League is a mini-league consisting of the top five teams and the winners get crowned the Champions League winners.
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