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  1. Universidad César Vallejo - Liga 1 Movistar - End of Season - 2058 Transfers - Released - Youth Two players left on free transfers,Carrillo left once his contract was up while Aleman chose to leave after he missed out on a Copa Libertadore spot.One player left on loan for developmental reasons while three other left permanently.We made £525k in sales and I'm not really bothered by either sale as Arias was a 4th choice DC while Samame was in the last year of his contract so I cashed in.Seven players came in for a combined fee of £950k so we had a net spend of £425k which isn't too bad
  2. November/December 2058 Fixtures Table Overall Table Well that is Peru completed and I did it without even winning the league.We lost to Corinthians in the second leg but our first leg victory was enough to see us through,the final itself was a bit of a surprise as Botafogo who are in 10th place in Serie A knocked out Sao Paulo in the other semi-final but there can't be any complaints about the final as we were the better side so it was a fully deserved win.I will forever curse this league,we won our final league game against Atletico Grau which saw us fini
  3. Copa Libertadores Final The stats don't lie and it shows that we deserved to win the final as we were the better side overall even if our shots to shot on target ratio was pretty poor,Ramirez netted his 36th goal of the season in this match but there isn't really much else to say. I've technically completed Peru without actually winning the league
  4. October 2058 Fixtures Table Overall Table What a month that was for us as we picked up nine points from twelve and that was enough to see us take top spot in both the Clausura stage as well as the overall table.We have been helped massively from other teams as UdD dropped five points and Alianza Lima dropped six in October,it is unfortunate that UdD have a game in hand on us and could take top spot unless they fail to win so that loss against Sporting Cristal will be haunting me for a while yet.On the plus side,we did win some silverware as we retained the
  5. It's been a roller coaster ride this season I have actually done October but I prioritized eating before updating!We are in first place in the race for the league title despite losing one of the games in October but we have played a game more so it is out of our hands again!
  6. September 2058 Fixtures Table Overall Table Well the league matches turned out to be a bit of a disaster as we picked up four points from nine which saw us drop to fourth in the Clausura stage and drop to third in the overall table.No problems with the Alianza match as we smashed them,rotated sides in the other two games cost us as I had my priorities elsewhere but it shows that our strength in depth isn't that great but we do have a game in hand which is against Union Huaral,we win that and we go to the top of the overall tabe.The Copa Bicentenario saw us
  7. Thanks It got even better as we beat Corinthians 4-1 in the first leg of the semi-final!
  8. Youth Intake 2058 Ángel Nogueira Ernesto Aliaga Jhair Lazo Well this certainly didn't live up to the hype of being tagged an excellent group of players,in reality there were only three players who stood out and they are the ones I have taken a screenshot of as they are by far the better players in this intake.All three of them have the potential to be in the first team while I have singled out Nogueira as Ramirez's long term replacement as my current number one striker has just turned 30.The only other thing I need to do outside of developing them is to train Lazo up
  9. August 2058 Fixtures Table Overall Table That was a very impressive month as we only failed to win once in August.The league saw us win every match and that has moved us up to first place in the Clausura Stage and we have now overtaken Alianza Lima thanks to goal difference,we are only one point behind UdD so we are definitely in this title race,we did have some luck in the league games as late goals from Miranda and Cordova saw us clinch maximum points against Sport Boys and USMdP.We made progress in the Copa Bicentenario as we beat Union Comercio but we
  10. I think the best way I could some this up is by this Corinthians are currently 3rd in Serie A so they are doing extremely well but the thing is they are the biggest team left in the competition.The other two teams left in the competition are Sao Paulo and Botafogo so it really is a case of me against Brazil
  11. Copa Libertadores The Fairy tale continues Having lost the home leg 2-1,I really wasn't expecting much from the second leg but by some miracle we actually did it,we beat the Brazilian side away from home to clinch an amazing 7-6 aggregate win.Think I need to lie down after this match Next up in the semi-finals,yet more Brazilian opposition as we will be facing off against Corinthians,they have faced off against a Peruvian side this season as they knocked out Alianza Lima in the second round.
  12. July 2058 Fixtures Table Overall Table First up some job news,I rejected two jobs at international level during July,these were for Chile and Portugal.I was half tempted with the Chile job due to managing in South America but I am still bitter with international management after getting the sack on FM20 with France! We went unbeaten to start the Clausura off as we picked up five points from nine which isn't too bad as we rotated the side due to our participation in the Copa Libertadores,even with playing a rotated side,we gained a very credible draw a
  13. Just two more months to go till the intake lands,not that I'm counting down I've invested in slightly younger players so I can develop them further and we should be able to win the title soon,if we get lucky then it could be this season but I am aiming for next season for the title as that is slightly more realistic.Better intakes would be amazing as it could generate a lot of money for the club which could mean even better upgrades
  14. June 2058 Fixtures Table It was the perfect month as we won every game while conceding zero goals in the process so no complaints from me.We did what we had to do againss Athletico Grau but we fell short in the end as results didn't go our was as both UdD and Alianza Lima won their last league game,they then had to face each other in a playoff which UdD won.Overall we have played better than we did last season but we have been unfortunate that we finished on the same points after the Apertura stage as last season.The Copa Bicentenario went as expected as we easily be
  15. Youth Intake Preview 2058 I think that has to be one of the longest previews I have seen in this save.It looks like it could be a good intake as it is an "excellent group" of players.We have five players to keep an eye on from this intake,one goalkeeper,three centre-backs,a wide midfielder and a forward.I am very excited to see what this brings but I am also hoping this is my last intake preview at this level as I want to start investing in the Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment at the end of this season and if I am lucky I will also be asking for a youth facility upgrade.
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