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  1. England 30 Year Special Update As I've now gone through 30 seasons,I thought I'd give a brief update on what has been happening in England and more specifically the Premier League,who has been it and if they have won anything else. There has only been four winners of the Premier League in 30 years which is disappointing but the number of teams who have been in the Premier League has been quite impressive with 31 teams having competed in the Premier League.As you can see Leeds have managed to finish in 2nd place and that happened twice in successive seasons,it's just a shame tha
  2. Hong Kong Rangers - Hong Kong First Division League - End of Season - 2049/50 Season Review Transfers - Released - Youth These screenshots don't show everything due to cut off dates.We released seven players who were not up to the standards I would like in the team so off they went.One player left on a free while two others went out on loan,Kounasso went out on loan to free up a foreign spot while Lai Wing Chin went out on loan for developmental reasons.We bought in six players for a grand total of £0 so I think we have done well in the transfer window,all of these players who w
  3. I foresee ourselves and Kitchee going at it for many seasons it will become an epic rivalry in Hong Kong! I'm afraid we didn't make it through in the Champions League,WSW beat Persita in their last game of the group which meant they leaped frogged us. Chaun Chun Pong is far too good for the standard of football in Hong Kong,he is brilliant and still has a bit of room for further growth
  4. May 2050 Fixtures League Table Well that was certainly interesting end to the season,we beat TSW Pegasus 4-0 but Kitchee won their match which meant it went to the last game of the season,we fell behind twice against Kitchee in the last game of the season and when they went 2-1 up in the 77th minute I thought we were done,up step Tam Wing Hang who is our third choice right back to score the equalizer who won us the title!The Champions League saw us lose to Urawa Red Diamonds,the 1-0 score line actually flatters us as we were battered which shows we are currently out
  5. April 2050 Fixtures Tables Another solid performance in the league saw us beat Southern District 2-0,unfortunately the gap has remained at two points due to Kitchee beating HKFC 4-2 so this is going to go to the last game of the season!The Champions League saw us do a double over Persita Tangerang as we beat them 4-2 away from home which is a great result for us considering we are one of (if not) the smallest team in the competition,unfortuantely WSW did beat us 2-1 and it could of been much worse than that as they dominated us but we are currently in second wi
  6. Youth Intake 2050 Pang Chun Wai Wong Chun Hei Wu Tsz Lung It was another solid intake this season as we had several players come through who could feature in the first team at some point in their careers.The best three players of the intake are easily distinguishable from the rest,Tsz Lung needs some retraining in the AMR position as I don't really use the MR role but he should be able to get feature in the first team by the time he is around 19-20.The two best players are Chun Wai and Chun Hei,both players will be in the first team next season and should easily get s
  7. March 2050 Fixtures Tables We responded brilliantly in the league after our loss to Eastern AA as we beat Eastern District 5-0,I really couldn't of asked for a better performance from the team although I would of like to see some goals in the second half as we had everything done by the 39th minute,we are currently top by two points but with only three games left to play it will be a really tight finish to the season.In the Champions League we beat Persita Tangerang 5-0 and it was as easy as it looked as we were in control the entire time,the match against Uraw
  8. It was one of those games which leaves you exhausted after it even if you weren't playing it As annoying as it was,we responded really well in the league but it just means our final game of the season against Kitchee could mean a whole lot more. We didn't just beat Persita,we thrashed them as we ran out 5-0 winners
  9. February 2050 Fixtures Tables The league match against Eastern AA was really annoying,two rash and stupid tackles from John Connor saw us reduced to ten men in the first half,it was an uphill battle after which we did eventually lose but this loss has meant Kitchee have closed the gap to two points with four games left to play so I am a bit nervous now.No problems in the FA Cup as we easily dispatched of TSW Pegasus in the quarter finals with a 6-0 victory as we moved on.The big surprise of the month came in the Champions League as we beat Western Sydney Wander
  10. The Past Catches up to you! Champions League Draw Well that was certainly unexpected,not one but two of my past teams in the same group,we could of had three past teams but Urawa Red Diamonds ruined that.It's going to be a very tough group,Western Sydney Wanderers are still among the top teams in Australia,Urawa Red Diamonds will be a pain to deal with as their grey players are quite high in standards.Persita Tangerang on paper would be on a paper a team to beat but they still have five of my players in their team from when I won the Champions League with back in 2038! Als
  11. January 2050 Fixtures League Table I guess Happy Valley are happy that this month is over after we faced each other three times.The first game of importance was in the league where we won 2-0,this game also marked the return of the players who were with Hong Kong u23's so I was really happy to have a near full strength team available,the win kept us five points clear at the top and with five games left we have one hand on the title.The second most important match was the final of the Senior Challenge Shield,we fully destroyed them with Chun Pong netting a hat-trick w
  12. Thanks Only thing to note from January is that we failed to win a game but it didn't really matter anyway. I'm currently on 1/2 so I've got about 2.5 months to wait before we get it but I am excited for it.
  13. Youth Intake Preview 2050 I like the fact that it has the potential for a real golden generation for the club,the weird bit for me is that the intake preview is mainly yellow.I am glad to see we have a full back has plenty of promise,fingers crossed it's a DL as that role has been problematic for me.You can never have enough DC's so I am happy to see at least two look promising and a Striker just makes things better for me as I don't actually have a striker who is just one role so I am hoping that is the case here.
  14. December 2049 Fixtures These two fixtures certainly turned out to be interesting as we were missing eight players due to international call ups for the u23 Asian Cup.Even with a weakened team we easily beat HKFC in the Sapling Cup which has left us with two wins from two with one game left.The Kitchee match was quite hilarious,a Hong Kong rangers side missing eight players vs a Kitchee side missing eleven players,so a battle of the two fringe teams ended up with us winning 4-1 which showed we have a better squad depth than the biggest team in Hong Kong.Onto the final we go!
  15. Ngovember 2049 Fixtures League Table We picked up maximum points in November which saw us maintain our five point lead at the top of the table over Kitchee.We were slow to start in the match against TSW Pegasus as they actually took the lead and we responded brilliantly as we easily won the match 4-1.The HKFC match was tight in the first half as it went in at 1-1 then floodgates opened in the second half as we ran out 5-1 winners.I'd give this month an A rating as it was great but we conceded stupid goals which is why it doesn't get an A+. Two games in December,
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