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  1. November 2032 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Three comfortable wins and a bottle job of a match in the other game.With the three wins,we have now gone nine points clear at the top of the table.As for the Malaita Kingz game,we were 3-1 up and ended up losing 4-3 in which the late sending off screwed us up in getting an equalizer as I had used up all three subs.Arraiz was on fire with nine goals during the month as he looks to have settled in very quickly.The 7-2 win over Guadalcanal was a new record for highest goal scoring match in the league so the fans were given a good show. Six games in December in which four will be in the league and two will be in the Knockout Championship.We face off against Real Kakamora,KOSSA,Western Utd and Henderson Eels in the league,we should beat Real Kakamora and Henderson Eels as they are two of the weaker teams but KOSSA and Western Utd will be tough games,both teams are on sixteen points so they will be highly competitive.I still have a big enough gap to drop points but I'd rather not as the latter stages of the season and can be quite busy.In the Knockout Championship we will face Western Utd,these two games are the most important of the month as we need to progress in the cup as we are expected to win it.My main aim is progress in the cup with picking up at least six points in the league.
  2. October 2032 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Progress made in the cup and both games won in the league as we sit top top of the table by six points.Fairly comfortable victory over Henderson Eels in the Knockout Championship as we progressed 9-4 on aggregate.As for the league,we nearly chocked against KOSSA but we held off and injury time goals in both halves proved to be decisive against Henderson Eelsl,this past month has shown us some defensive frailties but not a lot I can do as we have lost three defenders to injury so that has been disruptive. Four league games in November as we face Western Utd,Malaita Kingz,Guadalcanal and Marist Fire.We're still missing some defenders which could be fatal but we do have a six point lead at the top so that will be vital.We should have enough fire power to finish the teams off but I am expecting high scoring games.I've given myself a new aim and that is to go unbeaten in the league which would be the first time in the save.
  3. September 2032 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts A perfect month with three wins from three as we sit at the top of the table with a three point advantage as well as a game in hand.We're looking good so far and the performances reflect that,the only controversial moment came in the Marist Fire game as the opposition was reduced to ten men after eight minutes which we took advantage of,was it a red card,definitely not but I'm sure it'll even out soon. Four games in October,we'll kick off our Knockout Championship campaign with a two legged affair against Henderson Eels.In the league we will face KOSSA and Henderson Eels,I expect us to bat Henderson Eels all three times as they are in a massive slump at the moment.As for KOSSA,this is our first real test so it will be interesting to see how we do but I am confident we can win but I won't be too bothered by a draw.
  4. August 2032 Fixture League Table Manager's Thoughts Just the one competitive game for the month and it came against my old team.We were completely dominant from start to finish and we haven't even got any partnerships yet,the early signs are brilliant so lets hope we can continue this start. Three games in September,we will face off against Marist Fire,Real Kakamora and Guadalcanal.We should win the latter two with ease but the Marist Fire game could be tricky as they are a side that shouldn't be underestimated.My aim is three wins.
  5. Solomon Warriors - Telekom S-League - Pre-Season - 2032/33 Season Preview - Competition Expectations Transfers Eleven players came in for £105k in which we have strengthened massively as I want to challenge on all fronts.Also being professional,the number of players from abroad being offered was astounding.In came five non-Oceania talents,four from Solomon Islands and two from Tahiti. Pre-Season Fixtures Just played smaller teams to keep the fitness up,morale up and get the players used to the way I play.No real complaints from the fixtures as we looked fairly comfortable in all of them. The Team Key Players Harouna Compaoré - DR Signed on a free transfer which was probably due to lack of game time at his previous club.He is a current Burkina Faso u20 international. Stéphane Reymond - MC Signed on a free transfer after he left AS Tefana in which he left after refusing a new contract.A Tahiti international with 12 caps.Was recommend by Pillaud after we signed him. Romain Pillaud - ST Signed for £40k from AS Tefana which is still cheaper than £57k which would have been the compensation fee if we didn't offer the club money.He is regarded as Tahiti's key player in which he already has 3 goals in 8 caps at 18 years old.Would not be surprised to see him end up at Central Utd or Auckland City. Manager's Thoughts We're ready as we can be for the new season as it is either win or fired.Being a professional club has really helped matters as it has given us better training as well as helping us in the transfer market as more players are willing to join us.I've got the squad here to dominate domestically so I will be aiming for the double (I have to anyway!) as well as trying to win the OFC Champions League,if I managed to do it with Malaita Kingz then I can definitely do it with Solomon Warriors as this team is much better and I signed Malaita Kingz's two of their best three players.Time to rock and roll!
  6. Solomon Warriors - Telekom S-League - Job Takeover - 2032/33 The Offer Club Background The Team Manager's Thoughts Imagine my surprise when Solomon Warriors offered me an interview for the vacant manager's position when the interim manager took a step back.Even though I won the Champions League with Malaita Kingz,I decided to join as Solomon Warriors is a much better team with a better future.I already know of the players as most of them were rated at 3* and higher when I previously scouted them.All I need to do is add depth to the team and we will be set for next season,I wouldn't be surprised to see us make it to the latter stages of the Champions League.I just need to add some staff to the backroom and then sign the players I want.
  7. Malaita Kingz - Telekom S-League - End of Season - 2031/32 Transfers Every transfer from Mike Tura down was mine as I looked to strengthen the squad which was underachieving when I took over.I ended up bringing in seven players which helped increase the strength of the first XI as well as the team overall. End of Season Review Schedule 1 - Schedule 2 Competitions Telekom S-League - Finished 3rd We made a terrific start from when I took over as we only lost twice up until March under my Management.From the last game in March,we won one in five league games as we slipped down to third place.This was annoying but it gives me something to work with next season as I will be looking to win the title.KOSSA's amazing form at the end of the season saw them pip Solomon Warriors to the title. OFC Champions League - Winners This is without a doubt,my biggest achievement on this save as it is up there with coming runner up in the Club World Cup when I was at Central Utd.We qualified through the group of Canterbury Utd,PS Utd and Tafea with a record of 2-0-1.The quarter finals saw a solid performance from ourselves as we beat AS Central Sport 3-1.The semi-final against Labasa saw a poor refereeing performance as we drew 3-3 in the first leg,I had a player sent off and Labasa should have been reduced to ten as well.The second leg was amazing as we ran out 6-2 winners which gave us a 9-5 aggregate winners.The final saw us get battered in the first leg but an own goal kept us in the game,the second leg was nervy but a penalty in the 92nd minute gave us the victory in the tie with a 3-2 aggregate won over Central Utd. Knockout Championship - 2nd Round The previous manager was useless,he beat non-playable side Rendova Devon 5-1 on aggregate before losing 3-0 aggregate to Henderson Eels of all teams.Will be aiming for this next season as we need to win it. Players,Stats and Awards Stats - Awards - Best XI The Team Manager's Thoughts Absolutely brilliant on the continental front as we won the OFC Champions League which gives us a go in the Club World Cup next season which in turn should bring us more money into the club to help us go pro.Domestically,we made a good start with regards to signings but I need to increase the strength of the team overall so we can challenge on all fronts.I have already got a shortlist for next season,hopefully winning the Champions League will give us a boost in reputation to help attract players. My aim next season is the domestic double as that will let us finish the Solomon Islands off but we need to add depth to the team as we need better players on the wings,up front and on the left hand side of defence (my goalkeeper and right back are two of the best players in the team.).I want to go pro as that will increase rep,we have £1.4 million in the bank so facility upgrades will be useful in the future.The only way I will leave this club next season is if the Solomon Warrior job comes up as they have the best squad so 2nd place for the, is a underachievement for them.Roll on next season! Season Team Nation Division League Cup Continental Avg.Att Notes 2018/19 Vaitogi Utd American Samoa Senior League 2 1st Winners N/A 417 Promotion 2019/20 Vaitogi Utd American Samoa Senior League 1 1st Winners Group Stage 405 Won Double 2020/21 PuaiKura Cook Islands Cook Islands Round Cup 1st Winners Quarters 194 Won Double 2021/22 Ba Fiji National League 1st Winners Runners-Up 495 Quintuple! 2022/23 Tamana Kiribati National Championship 1st N/A N/A 351 Won Title! 2023/24 Weloy Strikers Micronesia Pohnpei Premier League 1st N/A N/A 121 Promotuion 2024/25 Weloy STrikers Micronesia YFA Island Wide League 1st N/A N/A 177 Won Title! 2025/26 AS Wetr New Caledonia Division Honneur 1st Winners Semis 433 Won Double 2026/27 Central Utd New Zealand ASB Premiership 2nd Winners Winners 1,057 Won Double 2027/28 Central Utd New Zealand ASB Premiership 1st Winners Winners 1,101 Quadruple! 2028/29 Morobe Utd P.N.G National Soccer League 2nd N/A N/A 289 Runner-Up 2029/30 Morobe Utd P.N.G National Soccer League 1st N/A Semis 440 Won Title! 2030/31 Lupe Samoa Samoa National League 1st Winners Runners-Up 515 Won Double 2031/32 Malaita Kingz Solomon Islands Telekom S-League 3rd 2nd Round Winners 1,420 Won CL!
  8. May 2032 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Let's ignore the fact I have now only won one in five games in the S-League as we dropped down to third which is my worst finish in a domestic league.The big news is we only went and won the OFC Champions League!!Central were the far better team in the first leg but an own goal kept us in the game.As for the second leg,a penalty in the 92 minute won us the tie in what was a nervy affair as we won the OFC Champions League 3-2 on aggregate! End of season update is to follow before we start pre-season.
  9. April 2032 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Was a mixed month as we were successful in the OFC Champions League while we have suffered in the league due to a poor run as we won one out of three in the league.We easily disposed of AS Central Sport in the OFC Champions League quarter final before a impressive second leg against Labasa saw us run out 9-5 aggregate winners.We were the better team against Solomon Warriors but poor finishing cost us,we beat Henderson Eels in what was a disappointing display,the Western Utd game was a game of few chances but our strikers showed they were not up for it. Three games in May,we face New Zealand side Central United in the OFC Champions League,I am expecting two legs of misery off them.In the league we face off against Guadalcanal in our final game,to win the title,we have to win while Solomon Warriors must draw or lose in which they will face KOSSA who are the most inform team.My aim is to not get humiliated too badly by Central Utd.
  10. Made it to the OFC Champions League final,hopefully I'll do better than lose 9-2 on aggregate like last season
  11. March 2032 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Well that didn't go according to plan,we nearly blew a 3-0 lead against Real Kakamora but we managed to hold off.As for the KOSSA game,it was a defensive disaster class,needless to say my entire defence and keeper got a warning after that poor display,credit to my attackers though as they tried to keep us in it.We're still first for now but Solomon Warriors do have a game in hand and could go top.They have a better team and better training so they are probably favourites for the title in my eyes. Four games in April but that could increase if we win the OFC Champions League quarter final against Tahiti side AS Central Sport,looking at the squads,we do have the better team so we should be able to win,if we do win then we will face either Labasa or Hekari Utd in the semi-final so we definitely have the easier side of the draw.We have three league games as we face Solomon Warriors,Henderson Eels and Western Utd,if we lose to Solomon Warriors then the title race is pretty much out of our hands.We should beat Henderson Eels but Western Utd will be another tough game so we will need to be at our best.Don't really have an aim as I met mine which was a top five position from when I took over.
  12. February 2032 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Perfect in the league as we won all three games (just about) which has led us to going top of the table with a game in hand which is really good for us,we were rather fortunate in the game against Westen Utd as it looked like it was on the edge of the area.Ourselves and Marist Fire in another cracked of a game while we dismantled Henderson Eels.In the OFC Champions League,we qualified easily due to the results against PS Utd and Tafea.The defeat against Canterbury Utd was the only blip but even then we could have beat them if it were not for the individual errors which happened as we did have a good number of shots. Just the two games in March as we face Real kakamora and KOSSA.My only aim is to win them both to try and keep us top,no matter what happens during the rest of the season,I will be here next season due to the previous manager going out of the cup really early.
  13. January 2032 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Bit of a mixed month really,we started off really well with three wins but it then petered out as we lost to Marist Fire in what was a close game as we lost 4-3 due to a late rally from Marist Fire. Really poor finishing cost us a win against Guadalcanal in which we out shot them 23-3!We got Jack Gagame on a free which was a massive coup for the cub as he is by far the best player at the club,we were forced into the transfer market against when we signed Bata Mara for the left back position as my then first choice left back suffered a damaged achilles tendon which ruled him out up to six months! Six games in February as we face Western Utd,Marist Fire and Henderson Eels in the league and Canterbury Utd,PS Utd and Tafea in the OFC Champions League group stage.Got to be careful against Western Utd as they have beaten us in the league this season,Marist Fire could be another classic (13 goals in two games!) while we should beat Henderson Eels.As for the OFC Champions League,I expect us to qualify through the group with Canterbury Utd.
  14. December 2031 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts I am impressed we won fifteen points from six games which surpassed my target of twelve,we beat the two lower teams in Henderson Eels and Guadalcanal twice each which were deserved as we were the better team.With the win against Marist Fire,we won due to our better finishing which is a relief as our new striker got a brace in his second game for the club,no complaints about the defeat to Western Utd as they were the better team.We got three key players in for the next two and a half season,we signed Paul Ini,Michael Misitana and Lucian Naka.Got to make an admission here,I may have made a bit of a boo boo with the signing of Naka,due to the ruling of not being able to play for more the two clubs in the Solomon Islands,he is now ineligible for the rest of the season...oops. Five games in January,we face off against KOSSA,Real Kakamora,Solomon Warriors,Marist Fire and Guadalcanal.I am expecting to get six points with beating Real Kakamora and Guadalcanal,I am not holding my breath against KOSSA and Solomon Warriors as they have much better squads then I have at my disposal at the moment.The Marist Fire game could be decided by who makes the least amount of mistakes as both teams were even when we met in December.I wanted top five when I took over and we will be fifth no matter what happens so no real concerns off me.In January,I am hoping I can finalise a deal for Jack Gagame,he's a current Solomon Island international and he is much better than my current right back,he would be a massive signing for us.
  15. November 2031 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts I was only in charge for the games against KOSSA and Solomon Warriors.The KOSSA scoreline flattered us as we scored a penalty,got an own goal then scored from an offside position,don't think I'll be any position to complain about referee decisions after this game.I don't know whether to be pleased or not in the Solomon Warriors game as we went down to 9 men at 1-1 but we managed to go 3-1 up but failed to hold on as we conceded twice in the last eleven minutes,the players gave it everything but just fell short. Staff recruitment for the backroom has gone well,all we need is a coach,a physio and a head physio (have offered a contract for someone to be a head physio.).Player recruitment wise has been a disaster as no real stand out players want to join and there are very few backup options for up front which is where we are struggling so it is something to work on. Next month we have six games,we play Henderson Eels twice,Guadalcanal twice,Marist Fire and Western Utd.I think we need to win all the games against Henderson Eels and Guadalcanal.Westen Utd are unbeaten at the moment and I don't know what to make of Marist Fire as they have only played six games due to postponements,I was supposed to play Marist Fire in November but was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.My aim is twelve points as I want to get a position of at least top five by the end of the season.
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