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  1. May 2027 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts I was only in charge for one game and we beat SuperSport United 4-0.The team was already familiar with the 4-2-3-1 so I used that and we played really well.As for the table,we started in 11th and we finished in 11th so no change despite the win. We are already at the end of the season but I don't really see the point of an end of season update as I managed just one game in this season .
  2. League Changes Canada is now done and will be leaving.The next highest country was India and that has been added in.
  3. Right hemisphere for the country I was saving Asian Champions League for the third one to win as the Asian Champions League is bigger than the African Champions League!
  4. Cape Town City FC - DSTV Premier Ship - Club Takeover 2026/27 The Team Manager's Thoughts This job immediately grabbed my attention as they have a lot of younger players with high potential.It is a rather weirdly built squad as it is very attack heavy so the defence and goalkeeper positions need a lot of work.To make this job even more interesting,we are currently below our rivals Cape Town Spurs so there is a city rivalry to play as well so I have even more reason to try and succeed in the future. This challenge will be extremely difficult as Mamelo
  5. May 2027 The final games in North America! Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts The big news of the month is that we beat Atlanta Utd 2-1 on the night to win the Champions League with a 4-2 aggregate win,I can also say that we didn't deserve to win but my keeper decided to play out of his skin!In the league we won all five games as we sit at the top of the table with a perfect record,I do have to give credit to HFX Wanderers as they have managed to keep up with us in regards to goal scoring so it will be interesting to see if they can carry on doing tha
  6. Champions League Final 2nd Leg Underdog survive onslaught! Your probably wondering why I played a 4-2-4...we lost Wesley in the build up I have no idea how we survived that onslaught,my goalkeeper even got Man of the Match! Champions of North America!!!
  7. April 2027 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts What a month all around for us that was.The highlight would of course be the performance in the Champions League as we knocked out Cruz Azul and beat Atlanta Utd in the first leg of the final which has left us on the verge of glory.We also kicked off our league campaign and we did so in spectacular style as we beat Edmonton 6-0 in the Al-Classico,I'm not paying attention to the table as HFX Wanderers played on the 30/4 whereas we play on the 1/5.The only worrying news concerns our AMC Wesley,Nashville came in w
  8. 90 Minutes away from history! What a win in the first leg and to make it sweeter for us,Atlanta will be missing their first choice left back in the next leg!
  9. April 2027 Champions League Semi-Final Biggest win in Cavalry FC's history,we won the home leg 2-1 and we were leading 2-1 in the second leg till they equalised in injury time,to make this even sweeter is that we did this without jordan Perruzza who was injured for both games!We can see the other result and it pits us against my other old club... Dear FM Gods, **** You!
  10. March 2027 Champions League Quarter Finals No surprises in the other three games so that was predictable.We got through against New York City although we should of won the first leg but two disallowed goals for us left the first leg at 1-1 before we came back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 in the second leg to give us a 4-3 aggregate win. The semi-final draw looks like this... Both of my old clubs are in the semi-final and I get the harder of the two.Think I would have preferred to face Seattle Sounders in the semi-final than Cruz Azul!
  11. February 2027 Champions League 1st Round There were no surprises anywhere in the competition although seeing Marathon actually win a game against New England is a surprise even if they did fall short in the ned. The quarter final draw looks like this... I actually like this draw as we get rid of one of Seattle Sounders or Cruz Azul in this Round,I think we have a good chance to progress as New York City are not the strongest team here and are probably the second weakest MLS side here with New England Revolution being the weakest MLS side.
  12. Cavalry FC - Canadian Premier League - Pre-Season - 2027 General - Vision - Facilities Season Preview - Expectations Transfers - Released - Youth Not a lot of transfer activity,I did release a lot of players but for some reason they did not show up but we did release twenty two players on a free.On the outgoing side Bandera has gone to Australia on loan and hopefully he will get first team action to develop as he could become a big player while I let Schweitzer go as he wanted a new challenge so I wasn't going to stand in his way.Four players joined the club,the first three
  13. Champions League 1st Round Draw It looks to be pretty straight forward for most teams,the biggest potential for upsets would be Herediano against Tigres UANL and Santos Laguna against Atlanta Utd but I doubt either will happen.As for ourselves,it should be a straight forward match up and I fully expect ourselves to be in the quarter finals at the end of it. As for the overall competition draw,we have the really nasty side which contains Seattle Sounders and Cruz Azul!
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