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  1. If in doubt,kick them off the park My 3rd red card in five games as well as yellow cards 14 to 18.This was also Abramovic's fifth goal in five games so definitely not to bad for someone I spent £250k on.
  2. @Bartrcm The best two San Marino prospects I have are these two, Both of these do have the potential but I feel until we upgraded all facilities,their development may be slightly hampered here. @smp20 Thanks,they were the best four as I went for more developing in the long term as we do have a lot with potential although there were two targets rejected us as we don't have a big enough stature despite the fact they play in Croatia and Peru!
  3. San Marino Calcio - Serie A Pre-Season - 2021/22 Season Preview Transfers - Released I've done what I can,I've built for the future who can participate now in some regard.Ten Players in,with Dossena and Krapikas being the oldest at 22.Two loans out who in my eyes are playing so I am able to sell them in future.Fourteen players have been released in which they had no future at the club so it was for the best to get rid of them. Pre-Season Fixtures Nothing too major over pre-season as the fixtures were to get the fitness of the players back.The only real major game was the Italian Cup qualifying match against Giana Erminio in which we were comfortable 3-0 victors which saw two debut goals for central defender Alberto Dossena.The 4th qualifying round will see us face Sampdoria or Crotone in December. The Squads and Key Players Senior Squad Squad 1 - Squad 2 Under 20's Squad Under 18's Squad 1 - Squad 2 Key Players Tunahan Fidan New signing and our best player in the team with regards to ability.Our record signing at £1.9 million,he will be key in the MC position.Was impressive in the cup game,hopefully he will carry on improving as we could have him for a while. Cece Pepe Probably the best free signing I will probably make.Should be able to compete at this level but will need to tone down his card collecting as he received 16 yellow cards and 1 red card last season. Jacopo Serge Another free transfer from last season,he has actually previously played in Serie A with Torino so I know he can compete at this level.Was a key player last season and that won't be any different this season. Titas Krapikas New first choice keeper due to the issues of Brancolini wanting to leave in which Krapikas was bought in as he has a better ability rating.I am hoping he can be one of the main reasons if we stay up. Manager's Thoughts Looking at the season preview,my aim is 16th as we are all at the same odds at 1000-1 so it will be tight at the bottom.I have absolutely no chance in challenging at the top due to the gulf in class.If we survive then I can start building up from next season as we will have a much better bank balance and the rep should be better as well which means I should be able to attract better players.With the better finances,I will also be looking to improve training and youth facilities as well as junior coaching.Let the real challenge begin now!
  4. Shame about the relegation,hopefully you can come straight back up.Although spending one season in Serie A has done wonders for your finances.
  5. Thanks,I hope so as well but this transfer window is proving to be difficult as I'm still having problems due to the clubs rep!
  6. San Marino Calcio - Serie B End of Season - 2020/21 Transfers - Released Twelve bought in and five leaving.I needed to bring in a lot of players to be able to compete in Serie B.One of the five leaving was actually bought in on a free so to make a £200k profit for a player who unerperformed for us was a good deal in my eyes. Competitions Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Serie B Ended up being surprisingly easier than anticipated as Genoa went into complete bottle-job mode.We finished quite comfortable at the top as we lost once in the second half of the season which was to Venezia.My tactic of kick the opposition off the park worked a treat as we finished with the worst disciplinary record with 143 yellow cards and 7 red cards so it was surprising to see us at the top.The downside of this season was actually seeing Parma getting a second successive relegation,hopefully they will come straight back up as they were a decent team who had two underperforming managers. Italian Cup - 1st Round We beat Fano 4-1,Serie A side Bologna 3-2 and Verona 2-0 en-route to the first round.As for the first round,we were massively outclassed and probably should have lost in 90 minutes instead of extra time.The gulf in class was ridiculous which shows I have a lot of work to do in the future.(Napoli lost the title to Juventus on goal difference!) Players,Stats and Awards Overall Best XI Stats - Awards - Best XI Manager's Thoughts Well that was a successful albeit dirty season as we won the title and set a record which is unlikely to be beaten in this save.I probably could have done better but as I predicted in pre-season,my attackers let me down.The wingers and Zemelo,I was fine with,the other striker role is one I need filling desperately.I think during pre-season,I will have to bring in quite a few players.I already have a new Keeper,a backup central defender and a striker coming in.All I need now are a left back,a right back,two central midfielders,two left wingers,a right winger and another striker (or two).My aim next season is just to survive as I've seen the gulf between the top teams and the lower first hand from the cup. As for the financial side,doing well in the competitions actually helped us to improve something as our Junior Coaching actually went up to adequate,it may be a small step but it's the first step to making San Marino a team known throughout the world.As for reputation,we are now at 2.5* and have a national rep but we are still below teams in Serie C!I think a couple of seasons in Serie A will change that but for now we have a whole lot of work to do for the foreseeable future. Season Division League Italian Cup Serie C/D Cup Continental Avg.Att Notes 2018/19 Serie D/D 1st N/A Winners N/A 356 Promotion! 2019/20 Serie C/B 1st N/A Winners N/A 802 Treble Winners! 2020/21 Serie B 1st 1st Round N/A N/A 1,633 Promotion! Season Stadium Capacity Corporate Data Analysis Training Youth J.Coaching Y.Recruitement 2018/19 5,500 Adequate N/A Average B.Average Average Fairly Basic 2019/20 5,500 Adequate N/A Average B.Average Average Fairly Basic 2020/21 5,500 Adequate N/A Average B.Average Adequate Fairly Basic
  7. @smp20 Best of luck in Serie A San Marino Calcio - Serie B Youth Candidates - 2020/21 The Candidates The Hot Prospects I spent loads on wages last summer to strengthen my defence and then this one pops up in my very next youth candidate batch.He is already regarded as our third best centre back by every coach and the assistant manager.Needs to improve his determination and change his personality but I know this can happen as I have seen it with Valli. The only other one worthy of mentioning,has the potential to do something in his career but does need a lot of improving which can be done if I ever get better facilities.He is regarded as our seventh best striker but he is already better than last season best youth striker,will be 6th choice at the end of the season when the clear out begins.
  8. @smp20 Keep up the good work,hopefully you can get promotion automatically or via the playoffs. @Deisler26 Congrats on staying up,hopefully your youth players carry on developing so you can move up the table next season. Made my first sale at San Marino,he was worth £25.5k so I don't think I did too bad to get £200k on deadline day. We signed him on a free, he mad six appearances while averaging at 6.6.Least my debt has gone down even further
  9. San Marino Calcio - Serie B Mid-Season - 2020/21 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Due to the circumstances I find myself in due to finances,surviving is no longer good enough,I have to get promoted due to my financial instability.We are currently -£740k and that is after having a board injection of £525k.We are in a good position so far as we sit top of the table which would net us over £2 million in prize money,we are also guaranteed £449k for reaching the Italian Cup 1st Round so that is a bit of relief as well.We would be flying at the top if we could actually finish our chances off as there hasn't been a team who have been outright better than us.My aim for the second half of the season is to carry on this form as that should see us go up.
  10. @Bartrcm Best of luck at Mezzolara @Deisler26 Good luck for your second half of the season,although I am jealous you get a transfer budget San Marino Calcio - Serie B Pre-Season - 2020/21 Season Preview - Transfers Favourites to go down which is no surprise really,we did strengthen quite a bit but when you have a transfer budget of £0 it got quite difficult so I targeted young players being released from the big clubs.I am happy with how my defence is now but my attacking is really lacking as I am changing my tactics for this season.The bottom three are all strikers with potential but they are lacking in the current ability as due to my rep,getting a good striker in was next to impossible. Pre-Season Fixtures Used these games to get use to the new tactic which seems to be working,the friendly against Atalanta was encouraging as they came 11th in Serie A last season.We also started our Italian Cup campaign,we easily beat Fano 4-1 which was quite surprising as I did struggle against them last season in Serie C/B,the next round was a surprised as we knocked out Bologna.Okay they did have ten men but I am still counting it as a Cup upset as they finished 10th in Serie A last season! The Squad's Senior Team Squad 1 - Squad 2 Under 20's Squad Under 18's Squad 1 - Squad 2 Key Players Jacopo Serge - Lorenzo Di Livio - Nicola Valli (YP1C) - Cece Pepe I am going to be absolutely honest,my teams are far too big so expect to see a massive culling from the end of this season.Anybody not good enough will be released or sold (the latter is unlikely!) as we are going to need any available wage budget to attract better quality players in the near future. Manager's Thoughts My first thought is I need a miracle with regards to finances as we are (as of doing this) -£547,928.Had no transfer budget so had to rely on free transfers,I am pretty confident we will survive and that is because our defence is the strongest area of the team by far.The attack will probably let us down as we have one quality striker so will need the midfield to chip in with goals.My rep is another problem as we are still regional and even though we offered more wages to players who were available,they joined the bigger clubs.As for improving facilities,all I am going to say is that I doubt it will happen with this chairman as he doesn't really help us now even when we struggle. Time is running out for some players as there will be a culling at the end of the season where possible as I will be getting rid of about twenty players.My goal is survival and try to build my clubs rep up but this could be the brick wall for the time being until I can improve things so I am expecting at least two seasons in Serie B before I can challenge the top teams of the division.Time to get this show on the road.
  11. San Marino Calcio - Serie C/B End of Season - 2019/20 Transfers Six in,two out as I prepared for life in Serie C/B with the aim of Survival. Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Competitions Serie C/B This ended up on being a competition involving a near bottling of the team who came top and a team who completely bottled their end of the season.It was down to us and Cesena for the title,we won and drawn one of our last six while Cesena won two and drew one of their last six.Cesena would then go on to bottle the playoffs where they lost to Monopoli.Serie B here we come!!!! Serie C Cup - Winners Final - First Leg - Final - Second Leg Easily knocked out Vis Pesaro in the group.We then knocked out Alessandria,Bari and Arezzo thanks to very late goals before a early goal against Giana Erminio sent us through to the semi-finals.We faced Fano in the semi's where I'm not sure how we won the first leg as we were out played by quite a bit,the second leg was a even affair so a draw was fine as we went through 3-2 on aggregate. As for the finals,I really can't say the best performing team won,this was more of the best finishing team won as we were outplayed in both legs. Serie C Super Cup - Winners Slight tweak of the tactic I was using from the end of the regular season,worked wonders as we didn't really struggle here.Third trophy this season for our treble. Players Stats and Awards Season Review - Overall Best XI Player's Stats - Player's Awards - Team of the Season Manager's Thoughts Genuinely surprised with how the season went as my original intent was survive and then I changed that to playoffs but to win the league at the first attempt is astounding considering how bad our form was in the latter part of the season in the league but we wen't the biggest bottlers.Can't say I deserved to win the Serie C Cup but we did deserve the Serie C Super Cup.I've already made some major changes for our season in Serie B as I've bought a entire new defence,a centre midfield and a winger but we are really going to need to strengthen all positions as I think there are only two or three players who I can really count on next season in my current team. On the financial side of things,we are boned even with new sponsorship deals.Average attendance as gone up but it's not covering the costs as we are currentt sat at -£446k in the red.The owner loves the clubs so I don't see a takeover in the near future so I will be struggling for the foreseeable future.As for facilities,there is no way in hell they will be getting improved.Hopefully a season in Serie B will help us financially but I doubt it unless we go on a amazing cup run or sell out every game.Going to need a lot of luck next season! Season Division League Italian Cup Serie C/D Cup Continental Avg.Att Notes 2018/19 Serie D/D 1st N/A Winners N/A 356 Promotion! 2019/20 Serie C/B 1st N/A Winners N/A 802 Treble Winners! Season Stadium Capacity Corporate Data Analysis Training Youth J.Coaching Y.Recruitement 2018/19 5,500 Adequate N/A Average B.Average Average Fairly Basic 2019/20 5,500 Adequate N/A Average B.Average Average Fairly Basic
  12. Right down to the wire,I've definitely got the tougher run in so I will need to win the game against Triestina to put all the pressure on Cesena.
  13. San Marino Calcio - Serie D/D Youth Intake - 2019/20 The Prospects The Future Stars Daniele Urbinati Probably the sort of player I've wanted for a while as he has no problem with playing the poacher role.He is supposedly the sixth best striker in the team but that's not really true as one of those options is my first choice winger while another striker is leaving at the end of the season. Will spend quite a bit of time developing the stats I need so he will be the perfect poacher for us. Daniele Rossi Another useful player as our AMC is pretty weak at the moment and he is immediately fourth choice.Will need quite a bit of work in training as I use a attacking midfielder in the attack role so he isn't fully trained for that role yet but I feel he can make some contribution in the future.Only downside is his personality and determination but I know they can change as this happened to Nicola Valli from last years intake. Matteo Bonifazo Last of the better players from the intake,definitely not the best but could become a good enough player for Serie C or possibly the bottom end of Serie B.My biggest concern is that his determination stat is really low.He is going to need a lot of work but I have enough time to develop him as he is currently sixth choice right winger,I also need to train him to be more accomplished as an inside forward. Manager's Thought Not the best intake but this is going to be standard for quite a while as the club as no money and we are currently in the red.This means I can't improve Junior coaching,youth recruitment or improving the youth facilities.Maybe this will be improved in about five years time.
  14. San Marino Calcio - Serie D/D Mid-Season - 2019/20 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts This has been so much better than I thought it would have gone.Amazing run in the league in which I now want a playoff spot at minimum and we are having a good cup run in the Serie C Cup.Still close at the top between us and Cesena but we did beat them in the league with a 4-2 victory.My biggest concern has been our finishing hasn't been good enough as of late so will look at getting a new striker during the transfer window.As for the Serie C Cup we have a two legged affair against Fano in the semi-final.I hope we can finish off in style but no matter what happens,it has been a excellent season with regards to the boards expectation of fight bravely against relegation.