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  1. Pretty much an improvement in every part with exception to Broadcast revenues where we made £19k less than the season before.Think we made that up in new sponsorship deals which is a positive although I don't think our prize money will be as high next season.
  2. Qena SC - Premier League - End of Season - 2023/24 Season Review Transfers - Released As it turns out,I have come across Cermica Cleopatra before as it turns out I sold a player to them!Two players sold for an initial fee of £60.5k with a future possibility of £24k from clauses in the Mostafa transfer.Two out on loan for development purposes as I think first team action will give them a bit of a boost but we'll see when they come back.Three released,two found clubs and one ended up retiring. Schedule 1 - Schedule 2 Competitions Egyptian Premier League - 3rd Place Improved finish of 3rd placed compared to last seasons 4th place,scored two more goals than last season but we conceded ten more than last season.I'm slightly happy with the improvement with the attack,my defence on the other hand was infuriating as they would do well then do appalling in other bits (go see November and March for appalling!).All I can do is wait for the players to develop which will probably coincide with the facility upgrades before I can challenge Al-Ahly properly,I'd say it will probably take 2-3 seasons before we will challenging properly for the title. Egyptian Cup - Winners We had a very easy run en-route to the final,we beat Shabab Maghagha,Masr El-Makasa,Tersana,El Dakhleya,Qanah and Olympic Alexandria.(None of these teams exactly scream challenge!)As for the final itself,it was a game for the neutrals as it was a thrilling affair which was topped off with a injury time penalty miss from Zamalek as we edged past them to claim our first Egyptian Cup. Players,Stats and Awards Overall Best XI Stats - Awards - Best XI Squad 1 - Squad 2 Ibrahim Ibrahim Alaa Aly Ahmed Sobhy Ibrahim Younes Manager's Thoughts A mixed season overall with regards to player performance but competition performance was brilliant as we improved on last season and we qualified for the African Confederation Cup.The attack was brilliant as we had the second best in the league (mainly thanks to Al-Ahly's 11-0 win!) but defensively,we were in the bottom half for goals conceded which needs to improve if we are to challenge for the title in future.We have the players to do this but they still need to develop as they are very young so this will improve in the future.I am looking forward to competitions next year as with having more games due to the Confederation Cup,we will then get to see how the players do with more games being played. On the financial side of things,things are looking great as we currently have £2.8 million in the bank,we are also guaranteed to have a new sponsorship deal as the main kit deal runs out in June.Training and Youth facilities are currently being upgraded and will be ready in October 2024,the training facility should be at an adequate level when upgraded while the youth facility should be Below Average when upgraded.I will be asking for another junior coaching and youth recruitment upgrade in July which we'll probably get as the board doesn't mind giving them out.No need to worry about the stadium yet as we averaged at 2,118 so it's just a little over 21% capacity used for the stadium so it will be a long while before we are filling it regularly.Things are looking up so roll on next season! Season League Position Cup Continental TF YF JC YR Avg.Att 2018/19 Third Division 1st 3rd Round N/A Poor Poor Minimal Limited 268 2019/20 Second Division 2nd 4th Round N/A Poor Poor Minimal Limited 462 2020/21 Second Division 2nd Quarters N/A Poor Poor Minimal Limited 492 2021/22 Second Division 1st 5th Round N/A Poor Poor Minimal Limited 541 2022/23 Premier League 4th Quarters N/A Basic Poor F.Basic Basic 1601 2023/24 Premier League 3rd Winners N/A B.Average Basic Average F.Basic 2118
  3. May 2024 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Another perfect month as we won all four games which took us to 9 wins in a row so that was a brilliant achievement.The cup final was a nail biter but brilliant for the neutrals,it ended with Zamalek missing a penalty in injury time much to my relief.In the league we had had a mini achievement as the team who put the final nail in Masr El Makasa's coffin as we beat them in the final game of the season to send them down.Can't believe Al-Ahly stole the crown for top goal scorers right from under my nose as they scored sixteen in the last two games!This month saw my status hit iconic levels thanks to the cup win,I then got granted a training facility upgrade. End of season review to follow then onto to season 7.
  4. The game which saw Al-Ahly clinch a 5th successive league title,bet their fans enjoyed that!
  5. “Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.” You're probably thinking,why has he done this post.Well the cup is over and in the Cup review their was a team called Ceramica Cleopatra FC so I was curious to how a team I've never come across managed to make it as the competitions biggest under achievers. When I took a look at them,I found out I could have a very big problem in the future. They are a second division team,to put it into comparison, these are mine. To make it worse when I was looking into why they have so much money,I checked their landmarks to see if there had been a takeover,only to find they have never had a takeover.If they ever get out of the second division then they could be a massive thorn in my side.
  6. Thanks Coca Cola FC aren't doing too well,they were relegated from the second division in 21/22.Finished 2nd in their first season in Division 3 but won't be able to finish higher than 7th this season.
  7. April 2024 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts An absolutely fantastic month as we won all five games and all of them in convincing fashion,even in the 2-1 win over Zamalek,we could have had more goals as we had twice as many shots they did.After the defensive disaster class which was March,I made some changes to player roles,the wing-backs are gone and I'm using inverted wing-backs,in central midfield,I was using BBM-DLP,that is now BBM-BBM.I've made some changes in attack,the inside forward role is now a winger role and up front is two AF's instead one of advanced forward and a poacher.Overall I'm very happy,picked up maximum points,progressed to the cup final,scored 19 goals and conceded 4. Into the last month of the season and we play four games,the Egyptian Cup final and three league games.In the cup final,we will face Zamalek in the final which means third and fourth will qualify for the Confederation Cup as 5th place can't catch us so we will be go on a African adventure next season.In the league we will face Al-Gaish,Pyramids and Masr El-Masaka.Pyramids will be the trickier of the three but they have been under performing this season so I don't see why we can't finish off the season on a high.I would like to win the cup but even if I don't then there is always next season.
  8. March 2024 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Don't get me wrong,I am over the moon that we are still in third place in the league as that is the Automatic Spot for the confederation Cup but boy oh boy have my defence made me want to tear the rest of my hair out,we've already conceded more goals than we did for the entire of last season and we still have games to play.To put into perspective at how bad my defence as been,we made eight mistakes against Tersana,seven against Ismaily,two against Arab Contractors and seven against Al-Masr and we have been punished for them.Still we picked up six points but we are only three points ahead of 5th now. Five games in April,one in the Egyptian Cup and four in the league.We kick the month off with the Egyptian Cup game,this was supposed to be in March but got rearranged due to internationals.The league games sees us play El Gouna,Telephonat Beni Suef,Zamalek and ENNPI.Other than the Zamalek game,these are all very winnable games and we should be picking up nine points minimum.My aim is to progress in the cup,pick up nine points and perform better defensively.
  9. February 2024 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts The perfect month with two wins from two.We easily beat Qanah 5-1 to move on to the Egyptian Cup semi-finals for the first time in my reign.We survived a late scare in the El-Hodoud match as we ran out 3-2 winners but we were clinging on at the end of the match.Not much has changed,we're still seven points behind the top two but they weren't my aim anyway,we are in third and that will be amazing as that is an automatic Confederation Cup spot.We're not completely in the clear yet as we still have to face a number of teams near us so it will be pretty close till the end of the season. March sees us play five games,four in the league and one in the cup.In the league we will face Tersana,Ismaily,Arab Contractors and Al-Masry.Two of these teams have actually beat us this season in Ismaily and Arab Contractors while we beat the other two so it will be quite a tough run for us.In the cup,we struck lucky again as we were drawn against Olympic Alexandria,they are the worse team left in the competition and have not beat us in seven attempts,the winners will face Zamalek or Wadi Degla in the final.My aim is eight points in the league and progression in the cup.
  10. Qena SC - Premier League - Youth Intake - 2023/24 The Intake The Hot Prospects Manager's Thoughts Not a bad intake as there are some players who will prove useful to us with a few years development.Fawzy,Galal and Abdel Ghany could make for good backup players in the future while El Sayedd will be joining up with the first team from next season as he is the third best striker in the entire team.I bought in a new Head of Youth Development at the beginning of the season who has a determined personality,we still have a lot of different personalities so it will be interesting to see if this will change in the coming seasons.
  11. January 2024 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Plenty of good news this month as we kept up our unbeaten run which keeps us in a qualification place for a continental spot,we also made progress in the cup with an excellent 4-0 win over El Dakhleya.There was also a bit of bad news as I lost our first choice striker Ahmed Sohby for up to six weeks with a sports hernia after the Smouha game.We're going to need to keep this form up as one slip up will put us right back into the fight for third place.I don't think we have the quality yet to challenge for the title,I will be pushing for the title from 2025/26 as that will give the players some time to develop further as at the moment,the backup are not really up to scratch yet as the majority of them are at 1.5* CA. Two games in February as we face Qanah in the Egyptian Cup and Haras El-Hodoud in the league.We have struck lucky in the cup as Qanah are the second weakest team left in the competition,we now have a really good chance of winning the competition as the two biggest,Zamalek and Al-Ahly have drawn each other.Haras El-Hodoud will be a tricky game as they are a annoying team and can surprise pretty much anyone on their day.My aim is progress in the cup and at least a point in the league game.
  12. December 2023 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts The roller coaster season continues as we picked up fifteen points from eighteen and made progress in the cup which is excellent as I don't think we have enough to win the league.We've moved up to third place but it's still ridiculously close at the top of the table.The only time we dropped points was against a very good Al-Ahly side so no complaints there.My favourite match was the 1-0 victory over Pyramids,after the match,the manager got the sack (that's for May you ********!)Alaa Aly deserves so much credit that I can't give him enough,even though he isn't the best in regard to ability,he is the most consistent performer in the team,I originally thought he would be second choice at best but he has proven me completely wrong. We kick off 2024 the same way we ended 2023,with a game against El Dakhleya.The only difference is that this is a cup game and I will be going all out for it as it's our best shot for silverware and we will be losing two of Zamalek,Pyramids and Haras El-Hodoud so that has increased our chances of winning the competition.In the league,we have games against Wadi Degla and Smouha,Wadi Degla will be a very difficult game as they are one of the teams right near us in the league,I'm also confident we will pick up maximum points against Smouha as we are stronger than them.My aim is progress in the cup and four points in the league as that will keep us in contention for an (unlikely) Champions League spot as well as in a Conferation Cup spot.
  13. November 2023 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts A mixed month with two wins and two losses,even when losing 7 players due to an international tournament,I feel that we should have had more but we were unfortunate.The two losses were both undeserved as we were actually the better team in both games,the ENPPI as you can see was more in our favour but we ended up losing 4-0 due to our attack being poor,the two wins saw a late goal against El Gouna to net us the win while 48,803 people saw us beat Zamalek 5-4 in a very thrilling game.As you can see it's a very open league so it could be any team in the top seven that could go on a massive winning run who will win the title. December is a very busy month with seven games to play,we have one cup game and six league games.In the cup we face Tersana,this is a very winnable tie and I will be treating it seriously as this could be our best chance of silverware.In the league we face Al-Gaish,Al-Ahly,Masr El Makasa,Petrojet,Pyrmaids and El Dakhleya.We should be able to pick up maximum points against Al-Gaish,Masr El Makasa,and El Dakhleya.The games against Pyramids,Al-Ahly and Petrojet will be tricky but if we can play to our best then we should be able to get results against them,I also want revenge against Pyramids due to the end of last season!My aim is progress in the cup and a minimum of twelve points in the league.
  14. October 2023 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Met my aim of winning both games which was a relief as it moved us back into the top four.We had a bit of a crisis with our attack before the Al-Masry game as I had one striker out of six available for it (1 suspended,4 injured),thankfully my midfield provided the goals with my box to box midfielder netting two from distance.The game against Masr El-Masaka was close till injury time hit as it ended up flattering us,4-1 was a bit harsh on them as winning by two goals would have been more than enough as the scoreline doesn't reflect the game. Four games in November which sees us play all four in the league.We will face El Gouna,ENPPI,Telephonant Beni Suef and Zamalek.Normally I'd be aiming for 9 points from those four games but due to circumstances,I am not convinced we can pick up nine points.This is because I will be missing seven players for the games against El Gouna and ENPI due to Egypt u23's calling them up for the African u23 Cup of Nations.However if Egypt do progress quite far then the seven players could miss the Telephonant game as well which is extremely annoying,hopefully we won't do too badly despite that.
  15. September 2023 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Started off really well and ended it really poorly as we picked up seven points from fifteen in the league but we did progress in the cup.Started the month of with convincing wins against Smouha and Shabab Maghagha.I can honestly say we didn't deserve a point against Haras El-Hodoud as they were the better team,Tersana ended up being a tough game in attack for us as we struggled to break them down,took an injury time goal to put them away.We made a slow start in the Arab Contactors game,don't let the times I scored in fool you as we were 4-2 down after 14 minutes!We were really disappointing against Ismaily and to make it worse,we conceded in the 95th minute as we ended up losing.We really need to step it up as some of the performances were embarrassing. Just the two games in October,we face Al-Masry in the league and Masr El-Masaka in the Egyptian Cup.Anything less than two wins is unacceptable as we cannot afford to fall to behind this early.I will not be treating Masr El-Masaka as an afterthought so I will be putting the strongest team possible out as I want to try and get past the quarter finals for the first time.
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