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  1. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    john1 - If I had five of the thirteen missing,I honestly think I could have won!Thanks mate deltablue - Cheers fella
  2. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Gernika Club - Liga BBVA - August 2019 Liga BBVA The perfect start to the league season as we won two out of two and finally recorded a win against Barcelona!We easily beat Osasuna 3-0 in the first game,the only disappointment was that we didn't score more than three.The Barcelona game saw us completely take them apart in the first half and we deserved the 2-0 lead,however we couldn't get things together in the second half and we just about hung on after Neymar pulled one back. For September we face off against Sevilla,Celta,Deportivo,Almeria and Cordoba.The Sevilla game is by far the toughest of the five matches and it is away from home as well so we will need to be at our best.The other teams do not have the same quality as Sevilla so they should be easier but we still need to be careful,I will be looking at a minimum of nine points from September. Euro Super Cup Well I really did mess this up,I forgot to withdraw the players for the Spain u21 team so I ended up playing this game while missing thirteen players and I had to give debuts to six players and three of those came up from last seasons youth intake!The fact we only lost 2-1 was brilliant and we could have easily conceded more if Man City could finish their chances!
  3. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Think I got lucky with the Champions League group!
  4. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Gernika Club - Liga BBVA - Pre-Season 2019/20 Club Information - Facilties - Boardroom Overview - Confidence - Finances Pre-Season Transfers No one in as I decided to tough it out despite the board putting pressure on me to succeed!Two players out on loan so far while twenty one players left on a free as they were not good enough to be here but would be able to play at other clubs. Pre-Season Fixtures Well we went pre-season unbeaten but it means nothing in the long run as I was trying out some of the youngsters who have potential to succeed but I will admit the Galatasaray performance was great. The Team Team Report Tactic A - Tactic B - Tactic C Key Players Sergio Yanguas - DRC Andoni Alonso - MC - MC/AMC Luis Artola - MC/AMC Mikel Talledo - AMC,ST These four are by far the best players in the team,Yanguas and a phenomenal season last season and was eventually capped by Spain.Alonso may not look the best technically but his determination and his team play make him essential.Artola had his best season ever and I will continue him in the shadow striker role,he will probably be one of the next players to receive a call up to the full team.Talledo will be leading from the front like he did last season,he was another player who got called up to the full Spain team and I hope he can have another successful season.We will need these four to be at their very best if we are to challenge for the title. Manager's Thoughts Well the one thought I had over pre-season was whether I should start to sign players who are 23 or under to help challenge for the title but I decided to tough it out and only rely on the players who come through my youth system,this will be really tough as the board have decided to up the expectations and they decided on challenging for the title which was the minimum expectation I could pick!Financially things have picked up with regard to sponsorship deals as we now pick up £2.96 million per annum compared to the £932k we picked up last season which is good news.With the players getting better,I think we should be able to get third place but the ting which matters most will be the difference between ourselves and the two giants of Barcelona and Real Madrid. The junior coaching and youth recruitment has been upped which is good news,the training facilities will be completed in October while the small expansion will be finished in September while we have to wait till October 2020 for the youth facilities to be complete.Like last season,we will be playing at the San Mames for European football which will be very useful as it seats 53332 so that should bring more money in at the club.We kick off the season with the Super Cup tie against Man City which will be really tough while we play Osasuna and Barcelona in the league so I know one out of two will be winnable in the league.This will be our hardest season yet due to the board but I am looking forward to the challenge,bring it on!!!
  5. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Gernika Club - Liga BBVA - End of Season 2018/19 2018/19 Transfers Zero transfers in but due to pressure off the board that could change in the future.Fourteen players out on loan,none of these will be considered as first team players so they basically went out to perform and put themselves in the shop window.Six players left on frees at the start of the season and fourteen left at the end of the season on free transfers,none were good enough for the club so it was a case of let them go as they are young and do deserve some game time! Competitions Liga BBVA League Table Well it was another impressive performance in the league as we managed to improve and finish fourth as well as gaining another seven points of what we did the season before,we actually scored two less goals than the season before but our defence had improved and we conceded ten less goals so that was helpful in us moving up the table,if we could finish our chances off then we would easily be third but that is something to work on.We've had fifth,now we have finished fourth so my next objective is third as the top two are still some way off and Real Madrid are even further away from Barcelona based on this season!We still have a young squad but they should get better with age so we should be able to challenge in the future. Copa del Rey Runners-Up Our best performance in the competition to date and we fell just short in the end.Zaragoza stood no chance in the 4th round as we ran out 6-0 aggregate winners.The 5th round saw us famously knock Real Madrid out as we won 5-3 on aggregate winners,we then faced Basque opposition in Real Sociedad and even that saw us put seven past them in total as we cruised through with a 7-3 aggregate win.The semi-final saw us face surprise package Cadiz,we were held to a 0-0 draw in the first leg before we put them to the sword as we won 4-0 to send us through to the final.The final saw us face against Barcelona and our run without a win against them continues but we are getting closer and I feel we will beat them in the next couple of seasons,this will probably be the first of the major domestic trophies we will win! Europa League Winners A remarkable first attempt in Europe as we ran out winners.We topped a group containing Celtic,Inter Milan and Viktoria Plzen with a perfect record which was a brilliant effort off the team.The first knockout round saw us face Lyon,we were better in the first leg but they were better in the second but still won and we ran out 3-0 aggregate winners.The second knockout round against Fenerbahce was much tougher and two really close games were edged by us as we won 4-2 on aggregate.The quarter finals against Stuttgart saw two completely different ties as we barely edged the first leg before destroying them in the second leg as we ran out 9-4 aggregate winners.The semi-finals saw us face Atletico and what happened saw us claim our second and third win against them as we won 2-1 and 2-0 to give us a 4-1 aggregate winners.The final was rather one sided as Roma barely challenged us and it was a well deserved win as we ran out 4-0 winners. Players,Stats and Awards Best Xi - Overall Best XI We claimed Equipo Revelacion del ano for the second season running. A quick look at Player's Stats for the season. Key Players Mikel Talledo Golden Boy - Jugador joven del ano - Maximo Goleador Espanol - Fans Player of the Year 60 Appearances,59 Goals,18 Assists,7.63 Avg.Rating Andoni Alonso - MC 58 Appearances,16 Goals,21 Assists,7.63 Avg.Rating Luis Artola 60 Appearances,13 Goals,21 Assists,7.42 Avg.Rating Sergio Yanguas 59 Appearances,8 Goals,0 Assists,7.34 Avg.Rating Sergio Torres 62 Appearances,10 Goals,15 Assists,7.28 Avg.Rating Manager's Thoughts Well it was a successful season as we broke the top four and won a European competition at our first attempt,on the other hand,we can't really do anything domestically due to Real Madrid and Barcelona being themselves and dominating domestically.I say it has been successful but Talledo was the stand out player by far as he showed his quality this season and was eventually capped by Spain during the close season.Looking really good financially as the players are not on too higher wages and we should have several new sponsorship deals due to the current ones running out,we are also regarded as a continental club now so our reputation as shot up in the recent seasons which is a good thing. All facilities are being upgraded but the biggest problem is the stadium,despite it being upgraded,the capacity will still only be 7500 when we move back in which is not a lot and we will easily fill it.My other concern is what the board expects me to achieve next season,the board have already stated that they want us to challenge for the title which is still far off but the gap was only 12 points so I am actually thinking of changing my philosophy of using youth players only and would go into signing players who are under 23 as that would give us a better chance of challenging for the title but I have not really decided yet.All I know is next season will be our toughest yet. Season Division League Cup Continental Avg.Att Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/15 Trecera Division 1st N/A N/A 2098 Promotion! 2015/16 Segunda Division 2nd 5th Rnd N/A 2411 Promotion via Playoff! 2016/17 Liga Adelante 1st 4th Rnd N/A 2910 Champions! 2017/18 Liga BBVA 5th Semi Final N/A 5983 Europa League qualifers! 2018/19 Liga BBVA 4th Runners-Up WINNERS 10204 EL Winners!
  6. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    safchrys - Thanks mate To be fair,I do have a lot of success even on previous FM's! deltablue - Also yay for no playoffs john1 - Cheers fella! deisler26 - Thank you Dexter_Morgan - Cheers mate It is really helpful but it's getting to the point where they are taking longer and longer as my youth facilities won't be ready till October 2020!
  7. Excellent start so far,hopefully you can pull an upset off in the Champions League!
  8. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Three bits of good news,in five to seven years time we should have top rating in everything.It has been easy to get upgrades due to the give youth a chance vision so the board never seem to turn a request down!
  9. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Some good news regarding facilities as the training facilities are being upgraded but the rest of them can be asked for in July. Another small stadium expansion in which we will be gaining another 1500 seats which will take Urbieta's capacity to 7500 which is not a lot for a Liga BBVA side,roll on 2025!
  10. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Gernika Club - Liga BBVA - May 2019 Liga BBVA Best way to finish off the season with three wins out of three as we clinched 4th place and a place in the Champions League,all three games were very comfortable in which we were never really threatened,we wended the season with a thirteen game unbeaten streak and just for that I think we deserved to clinch fourth place.Still quite a way off a top two finish,let alone winning the title as the big two are far better than the rest of us,hopefully we will be able to close the gap from next season onwards. Copa del Rey Not often I will say this but we were actually slightly better than Barcelona so I feel annoyed that we lost the game on penalties,this was another failure to win against Barcelona so maybe next season. Europa League The first leg against Atletico saw a very tight affair but the turning point was when Wanyama was sent off in the first half,after that we really didn't have any problems in defence.The second leg was completely different as we were far outclassed and out shot,we managed six shots with three of those on target and scored twice while Atletico managed twenty five shots and failed to put the ball in the net so I am really pleased with the defence and the finishing of the team.That was a very impressive way to win the final as we were by far the most dominant team in the final and Roma really did struggle to cope with us,a fully deserved win which meant a third trophy for me! With winning the Europa League,we apparently qualify for the Champions League group stage according to the news I got in the inbox.Also we will compete for the European Super Cup and we will face Man City who beat Real Madrid in the Champions League final.
  11. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Well we lost in the Copa del Rey final against Barcelona but this more then makes up for it
  12. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    We have a three point advantage over Atletico with one game to go but they have a better head to head so we need to avoid defeat in our last league game which is against Mallorca.
  13. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Gernika Club - Liga BBVA - April 2019 Liga BBVA Advantage Gernika!We picked up thirteen points from fifteen as we moved ourselves into fourth spot with three games to go and we are not that far off Valencia!With players being quite tired,we have had to keep things a lot more tight hence why the games are pretty close,not really have had any injuries but suspensions have been a pain to deal with.No real stand out performances of the month as we beat the teams struggling and it was a tough game against Granada but a point was against Granada was a brilliant gain for us as that is the difference between us and Atletico. May sees the final three games of the season as we face off against Murica,Levante and Mallorca.The Murica and Mallorca games are at home so we should have advabtage but Mallorca are battling against relegation and they will give us a very tough match.Levante are in a similar position to Murica as they are in mid-table and are safe but not challenging for a European spot so hopefully they have already gone on holiday. Europa League What a match the first leg was and a very late winner Yanguas from a set piece saw us win 4-3 in the first leg but it was a epic game to watch despite the close scoreline.The second leg saw us completely pick apart Stuttgart as we won 5-1 to give us a 9-4 aggregate win.Talledo netted in both games to take his Europa League tally to 19 goals which is a new record beating the previous record of 17 which was set by Falcao! For the semi-final,we face off against Liga BBVA rivals Atletico Madrid,the winners of that match will face HSV or Roma in the final.Don't think we really have a chance but our one win against Atletico did come in a cup game but a semi-final place is a brilliant achievement considering it's our first time in Europe!
  14. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Gernika Club - Liga BBVA - March 2019 Liga BBVA Not the best of months for the most part as we dropped six points from winning positions.We were off to a flyer against Athletic but lapses in concentration meant we went 2-1 down but a late Alonso (MC) equalizer meant we actually got a point.In the games against Valencia and Sevilla,they were both pretty much the same as both we re even games,both saw us take the lead and both saw us throw away the lead as we got two points from those games.The game against Cordobab was a relief as we managed to win three points,we could have had more but finishing let us down.No complaints about the Barcelona game as we were outclassed,the fact we got a draw from the game is more than we deserved but I was pleased with the result. April sees us face off against Elche,Real Sociedad,Granada,Villarreal and Deportivo.The Granada game is the most difficult of the five games as the other four teams are struggling in the battle against relegation,Elche are bottom and Deportivo,Villarreal and Real Sociedad all placed between 14th and 17th.We need as many points as possible as we are really close to Atletico Madrid in the chase for fourth. Europa League This was an a really intense tie,the first leg was a very close game and we have Talledo to thank as we edged the first leg 3-2.Again the second leg was a close game but we edged it 1-0 as poor finishing from both sides saw this a low scoring match but even so we went through 4-2 aggregate winners. The Quarter finals sees us face Stuttgart which is probably the easier of the teams left to face so I do believe we can get through,if we can get an away goal then we will have the advantage.
  15. One Day We'll Basque in Glory II

    Gernika Club - Liga BBVA - Youth Intake 2019 The Intake The Hot Prospects Ibai Sanchez - Report Xabier Garate - Report Miguel Jimenez - Report Manager's Thoughts Not a bad intake at all but didn't really need defenders that badly but Jimenez and Sanchez will be backups in about two seasons but Sanchez will be in the first team as he is the better of the two defenders.Garate is a very useful youth player as his best role is AMC and his preferred role is shadow striker which means he will be ideal backup for Artola as I use a shadow striker role for the AMC position.Jose Luis Perez and Oier Mateo will be never be the best of wingers but they will be good for backup for now as we get some better wingers in the future.Our defence and central midfield should have enough players for the future so all we need is a third goalkeeper,a third striker and better wingers and we should be set for the next 13 years at least!