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  1. Commercial Summary As it's the first season,I don't have much to say,The only thing I can talk about is the increase in sponsorship which is from an increase of the Club Membership.All of this will improve next season as we will be in a more reputable league.The weird thing from this is actually Duwe's lack of a shirt number,he played 35 times so there is no way he didn't have a shirt number!
  2. SC Preussen Münster - 3.Liga - End of Season - 2036/37 General - Vision - Facilities - Finances Season Review Transfers - Released - Youth We bought in nineteen players for a grand total of £0 so I think I did really well as I looked to inject youth into what remained of a ageing first team.I wasn't expecting much coming into the new season as I just wanted to exceed expectations.For the players released,two players retired and five were released,all of these were before I took over at the club so I can't comment on any of them,I also had no interest in attempting to sign any of them back as they were not in my 19 and under category for signings Schedule 1 - Schedule 2 Competitions 3.Liga - Winners That was one of the hardest fought leagues I have ever been in,even when going into the final month of the season there was no guarantee we were going to get a top three spot.Luckily for us we put some solid performances towards the end of the season and ended up winning the title in the penultimate game of the season.Coming up with us is Heidenheim who were last in the second tier in the 33/34 season,Duisburg would miss out on promotion after losing to St.Paul in the playoff. Players,Stats and Awards Overall Best XI Stats - Awards - Best XI The Team Joakim Tanasijevic Michael Zech Guido Weis Felix Düring José Manuel Manager's Thoughts What a race to the end that was as it took till match day 37 to wrap the title up,we have our form in the second half of the season to thank as we turned a lot of the draws in the first half of the season into victories in the second half.I am even more relieved as my unintentional gamble paid off as I screwed up by not reading the rules of the division which meant I didn't have enough u23 German players in the match day squad so I had to give up a space on the sub bench which meant only having six subs,if we didn't get promoted then I would of have to sell a lot of the players and invest in German players.The finances are terrible as we are £2 million in debt despite being £13k under the wage budget so there isn't much I can do other than pray for a better additional sponsor as that is up in June.I am also hoping we can more from Club Membership as that could help with the finances but we should be in much better shape financially this time next year as there is actual prize money for league positions! Next season we will be in the second tier and this will begin our long road to the top of German football.With my philosophy of only signing players 19 and under,I am not expecting fireworks straight away but instead I will be developing them so we could potentially challenge the top of the second tier in three to four seasons.You get £7,24 million for coming bottom of the 2.Bundesliga which will wipe my debt out and possibly allow us to start doing up grades and invest more into the first team by actually being allowed to sign players!My only aim is to attempt to survive next season but I won't have to worry about the limitations caused by u23 German players as there doesn't seem to be a limit so I will be able to field my strongest team right from the off.We also have four players coming in who will be able to add to our first team so I am looking forward to next season. Münster Career Münster Player Stats
  3. May 2037 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Seven points from our three games saw us clinch the title by four points,we put in a solid performance against Hallescher FC but we under performed against SSV Jahn Regensburg and despite the result,I wasn't very happy with the way we played.We played the role of the bad guy as Borussia M'Gadbach II had their relegation confirmed on the last day of the season,they missed survival on goal difference.I called it back in April when I said Duisburg could miss out on automatic promotion and they did so as they messed things up on the last day of the season against Holstein Kiel. End of season update to follow then onto the second tier!
  4. April 2036 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts What a month that was as we won every game as we moved to the top of the table on goal difference,I am over the moon with the thumpings of Heidenheim and Duisburg as I wasn't expecting either scoreline.The Vfr Aalen made me nearly tear the rest of my hair out as we blew a 4-1 lead,thankfully Weis completed his hat-trick in the dying minutes of the game.The Zwickau game was a boring affair settled by a goal from a set piece.Downside of this month is that I can't even celebrate clinching a playoff spot as we haven't even done that and there is the outside chance that Holstein Kiel could cause problems for everyone. We're into May and we play three more games.Our games are against Hallescher FC,SSV Jahn Regensburg and Borussia M'Gladbach II.I think we will need to get four points for a playoff spot,six points from second place and win all three for the title.We definitely have the easier run in of the three teams and it could be Dusiburg who miss out on automatic promotion as they have to face to tough teams in Holstein Kiel and Chemnitzer FC.If we do mess it up ourselves and end up in the playoffs then we will face 16th place in 2,Bundesliga which will more than likely be one of St.Pauli or Braunschweig.
  5. I've signed everyone down to Çaglar,It's not that I don't rate them,I just think it's harder to judge on where we are going to be in two seasons when they are able to play.If we are at this level in two season then could make a good backup player.If we are in the second tier then we may have higher quality players which push the other star ratings down.
  6. Youth Intake 2037 The Intake Top Prospect Manager's Thoughts Not a lot to say about the intake,it's still early days at the club so I cannot put any comment about Jost.At this level he could become a third choice keeper as we have better options at the moment but I don't plan on staying at this level for long so he could find himself being left behind in a couple of years. I did laugh a bit due to him being a goalkeeper,at Stade Francais we had a lot of keepers coming through so it's nice to see that things don't change too much despite being at a different club!
  7. March 2037 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We picked up seven points from twelve as we dropped to third place,we only have a one point lead over Holstein Kiel and a four point lead Arminia Bielefeld but we're not that far behind Duisburg and Heidenheim so it's too close to call with seven games to go.During the month we obtained bragging rights over Arminia Bielefeld as we beat them but I was disappointed at how we finished the month off as we conceded two late goals against Köln II while we were missing quite a few players against Uerdingen through a combination of suspension,injuries and international call ups so I was pleased with that point. April is our biggest month to date as we have two must win games during the month,During the month we are facing both Heidenheim and Duisburg,winning these two games could completely change everything and there is a lot to play for so both games will be a fascinating encounter.We also play Zwickau and Vfr Aalen,both of these games are winnable but I am more eager for the game against Vfr Aalen as we owe them a beating after losing to them in November.I want to get eight points as that should keep us in the fight for a top three spot.If we can get a win against one of Heidenheim or Duisburg then that will be a welcomed bonus as that could give us momentum going into May.
  8. February 2037 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts I am both over the moon and annoyed with what happened on the pitch this month.I am over the moon with picking up ten points but I am annoyed as the ref did us over in the game against Weiche as we had a goal disallowed for offside when it wasn't and Weiche would score the equaliser in an offside position.The second half of the month has seen me worship the ground Habrun walks on as he scored five in two games,he was only playing due to a five week injury to Tanasijevic which occurred before the Chemnitzer FC,we also lost our goalkeeper Beltran to flu but he will be back early in March.We're just one point behind Heidenheim but it is still too close to call as one point separates the top three. We play four times in March and the biggest of these four comes in our first fixture of the month as we have a derby game against Arminia Bielefeld.We also face Meppen,Köln II and Uerdingen.I would love us to pick up eight points from these four games as it will keep us in contention for a top three spot and let us continue our challenge for promotion.Ideally we need to pick up as many points as possible in March as we have a really tough run in which includes both Heidenheim and Duisburg.
  9. January 2037 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We picked up three points in January which isn't a bad return but we have dropped to second place and the race at the top is even closer as one point separates the top four,Duisburg do have a game in hand and I am expecting them to win it so that would move us down to third place three points behind Duisburg.We tried our best against Bayern II but fell short but we did thump Erzgebirge Aue 4-1 in which we scored all five goals so that was a very pleasing reaction after a loss.I mentioned looking at seven players to sign as their contracts were expiring in the summer,four of these have agreed to join us,two want to wait a bit longer to negotiate and I doubt I will sign the other one as his alternative has agreed to join us. We play four times in February and we will be locking horns against Weiche,Werder Bremen II,Chemnitzer and Holstein Kiel.I don't have to say how big a match the game against Holstein Kiel is as we have the same record as each other and we are above them by three goals,our last meeting was a draw but I am hoping that having home advantage will play to our favour as this is a must win match.For February,I would be over the moon with eight points as that should keep us in the title fight.
  10. December 2036 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We won all three games which was fantastic as we moved into first place thanks to our superior goal difference.It is still ridiculously close as three points separate the top four teams so there is still plenty to play for,I am hoping we see one of the teams start to fall away in the second half of the season.On the pitch,this month was our best for performances as the cohesion is now at a good level and you can tell as the positioning of players has improved massively,if we can carry this on then it could be a successful season. Three games in January,one friendly and two league games.The friendly is the first match and that is against Altona 93,they are a lower league side and I will be using this game for fitness reasons.The two league games we are playing are against Bayern II and Erzgebirge Aue,if we are in the top three that will be brilliant but I know Bayern II will be the most difficult of the two fixtures as they have some the best German youngsters in their team but they are under performing so anything can happen.If we can pick up four points then I will be over the moon.With January now here,I will be looking at players who's contract is expiring at the end of the season,I've already identified seven players who can add something to the team and all fall into the catergory of 16-19 so I am hoping we can get some of them in.
  11. I've got plenty of time to train them as well as I can't play them till they are 17
  12. November 2036 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Well that was a completely weird month as we picked up seven points from twelve as we finished the month in third place which is still great for us but I'm not happy with how things went down.We won the two harder matches which included ending Duisburg unbeaten run with a 4-2 win which I have to thank our defence as they played a massive part in that victory,The points dropped were against the two of the worst teams in the league,the Vfr Aalen match went wrong from the get go as we had a player sent off in the 2nd minute and after that we struggled to get into the game properly.The match against SSV Jahn Regensburg infuriated me the most as we blew a 2-0 lead with the equalising goal being scored in injury time at the end of the match,we could not have picked a worse time to switch off. Three games in December and we will be facing Borussia M'Gladbach II,Offenbach and Borussia Dortmund II.If we can stay among the top spots that will be brilliant as it means we are still challenging while being in the second half of the season which is more than I originally hoped for.December will also bring us our first youth intake preview,I'm not expecting much as it takes two seasons to be able to play the intake so a lot of things can happen,we could get a top prospect now but he may not be much in the future if we sign better players so it is quite hard to judge as we don't know what will happen.
  13. Congrats on retaining the title I love seeing a 4-2-3-1 formation
  14. October 2036 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Out unbeaten run carried on as we won all three matches as we finished the month in third place which is a playoff spot but we do have a game in hand on our rivals Arminia Bielefeld who played on the 31/10 whereas we play our fixture on the 1/11.The games against Heidenheim and Zwickau were both really close matches but it was our finishing that gave us the win much to my relief as we no longer outright top for the most draws this season!I think it is going to be too close to call on the remainder of the season as it looks like anyone can take points off another team. Four games in November and we will be facing Vfr Aalen,Duisburg,Hallescher FC and SSV Jahn Regensburg.An easier month on paper as we are playing the two teams at the bottom so expect me to drop points against one of them as dropping points against a lower placed team seems to be a speciality.The highlight fixture is definitely against Duisburg and it could be streak vs streak if we both get through our next match without losing.The partnerships between players have started forming and I can tell the cohesion in the team as improved so we could start to open up a gap on those chasing ourselves.
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