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  1. North America - New Nation - Bonaire Bonaire is an island in the Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Its capital is Kralendijk, located near the ocean on the lee side of the island. Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao form the ABC islands located 80 km (50 miles) off the coast of Venezuela.Unlike much of the Caribbean region, the ABC islands lie outside Hurricane Alley. The islands have an arid climate that attracts visitors seeking warm, sunny weather year round. Bonaire is a popular snorkeling and scuba diving destination because of its multiple shore diving sites and easy access to the island's fringing reefs. Football in Bonaire Internationally,they are one of eight North America teams who do not have a ranking despite have a league ranked higher than most of the world ranked teams.With Bonaire being part of the Dutch A-B-C islands (Aruba,Bonaire,Curaçao),a lot of the players have a secondary nationality have Dutch as a second nationality.The only other thing to note is that all players with the exception to one (Edsel Piar plays for Robin Hood in Bermuda),play in Bonaire. On the domestic side,Bonaire has been pretty much dominated by Real Rincon in the league as they have won eight of the last nine as they do have the advantage of attracting players as they are a semi-pro side while a lot of the league are at a amateur status.The Kopa MCB has been won by more teams but that is more down to the fact Real Rincon tend to put out a weaker team in the cup,there has been four different winners in the last eight seasons.For a 1* league,it seems pretty easy to hit second as it's been quite tight but the difficulty seems to be upped due to the dominance of Real Rincon.
  2. Bermuda is now finished and I resigned as Robin Hood manager,I only had a month left on my deal anyway so it's nothing too worry about.With Bermuda now finished,they are removed and Dominica comes in,they are one of only two nations in North America so the letter D maybe done pretty quickly when we get around to it.
  3. Robin Hood - Cingular Wireless Premier Division - End of Season - 2053/54 Season Review Transfers - Released Ten players released,six of these found new clubs while the other four retired.We let one player go on loan as Lambert could be of future use,I wasn't expecting Bacome to leave but he wanted to leave for a new challenge and I wasn't going to say no as his contract was coming to an end and he had been at the club since 2038.We bought in eight players,five of these came from the Welsh League which means my DoF need to get his ass back to Bermuda!All of these players would play a part as they are massively better than what we had. Schedule 1 - Schedule 2 Competitions Cingular Wireless Premier Division - Winners Don't think I will ever have a more one sided season than this as we won the league by forty points over our nearest competitors.The only time we dropped points was against BAA Wanderers (five points) and Dandy Town Hornets (two points).Pretty sure the points and goals record I set here will never be broken barring a complete freak season. Bermudan FA Cup - Winners We knocked out NVCC Rams (8-1 on aggregate),Devonshire Cougars (4-0 on aggregate) and YMSC Bluebirds (8-0 on aggregate) on the way to the finals.We met Somerset Trojans and my aim was to thrash them as there manager was mouthing off before had,we won the first leg 6-2 but it didn't come without a price and that price was going into the second leg missing eight players (seven injured and one suspended).As for the second leg itself,it was a much closer match than the first leg so to win 3-0 was a surprise but it showed how clinical we could be as we clinched the cup with a 9-2 aggregate win! Players,Stats and Awards Overall Best XI Stats - Awards - Best XI Xie Han Alejandro Webb Matthew Deitz Jahquil Dill Manager's Thoughts That was probably the easiest double I think I will ever do as we were not challenged in the league or in the cup as we took domination to a new level as we won the cup with ease as well as the league which came with a forty point advantage.This club has the beast facilities in the league and they seem to produce the best youngsters so I am glad to have been given a shot with a team of this stature compared to the rest of the league.I think the two biggest surprises for me have come at the end of the season,the club are having a ground expansion which takes them from 4,940 to 6,253 which has cost them £1.5 million,this has been covered by a £1.1 million grant and the rest by a bank loan.The other surprise is despite my success,I haven't even been offered a new contract as it actually expires end of June,obviously I won't be accepting but it's still a surprise that I haven't been offered one. Bermuda is now finished and we will moving to Bonaire,I have no expectations for this one as the league is Real Rincon and eight other teams so it should be a challenge as someone else is signing the players. Career Overview
  4. May 2054 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We won the cup in style with a 9-2 aggregate win over Somerset Trojans despite the fact we were missing eight players for the second leg (7 injured and 1 suspended) so I am over the moon with how the remainder of my team played as the second leg was close fought despite the scoreline.We finished our league campaign off in style as we beat Devonshire Cougars 5-0 which also featured five different scorers,in a weird twist,both of my DC's technically scored in the 46th minute but in different halves! End of Season update to follow before we move onto Bonaire!
  5. Another player injury update after we played the first leg of the cup final,Matthew Deitz and Lamont Hendrickson are both out for up to five weeks as both were injured during the game.This now takes my injuries up to 1 DM,5 MC's and a ST.So it looks like I will be playing a DM in the MC position for the second leg!
  6. April 2054 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We had the perfect month as we won all five games as we finished the month an astonishing forty one points ahead of North Village Rams who are in second place.Not really much else to mention other then some of the injuries that have been previously mentioned.The DoF did bring a full back in from Cardiff Met Uni,his name is Glenn Wildey and he made his debut in the 3-0 win against YMSC Bluebirds,think my DoF needs to return from Wales as that was his forth signing from the Welsh League! Three games in May as we enter the final month of the season.We play two cup games against Somerset Trojans in the Bermudan FA Cup final while we finish our league campaign with a home tie against Devonshire Cougars.I want to win the cup to give Bermuda the best finish possible as we will be moving to Bonaire from next season.Not overly bothered by the league game but I will give it all to finish it with a win in my final home game.
  7. The injury crisis continues,we already knew we would missing Han,Mardianto and Dill from the cup final in May.We can now add Butterfield (DM) and Montoya (MC) to that list both with twisted ankles.Butterfield suffered his injury in his second game back after injury as well!The bad news is we still have one more game to play before we get to the finals so fingers crossed we make it without anyone else getting injured!
  8. March 2053 Fixtures League Table Fixtures We got the title wrapped up as we actually won the title without kicking a ball this month as North Village Rams lost to PHC Zebras before they lost their second match to Somerset Eagles.As for ourselves,we picked up seven points which was an impressive return and I can overlook the points dropped to Dandy Town Hornets as they put on a absolutely sensational defensive display.Game of the month was the Devonshire Colts match as we came back from 3-1 down to win the game.The downside of this month was losing two backup players to long term injury,both Ari Mardianto (MC) and Lamont Dill (MC/AMC) are out for the rest of the season,luckily I have a fifth and sixth choice MC in the team!We will also be without Zeus Agustien and Tamauri Butterfield (both DMs!) till mid April due to injuries. We have five league games in April which sees us face Somerset Eagles,PHC Zebras,North Village Rams,BAA Wanderers and YMSC Bluebirds,I would like to get through these games without too many injuries as we have the cup final in May and we are already missing three players.No real aims with regards to results as we have already won the title,would be great to see if we can finish more than forty points ahead of second but that is highly unlikely.
  9. February 2054 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts There went my hopes of an unbeaten season as we somehow lost to BAA Wanderers and they have been the biggest thorn in my side as they are the team who have ended the winning run and unbeaten run.We're currently sixteen points ahead of North Village Rams with nine games to go so I think the title is pretty much in the bag.As for the cup,both games were straight forward as we beat YMSC Bluebirds 8-0 on aggregate as we move onto the final. Three league games in March as we face Devonshire Colts,Dandy Town Hornets and St.David's Warriors.Three wins here could be enough for the title but it will be dependant on the results for North Village Rams,if they lose one game and we win all three then the title is our so of course my aim will be to win all three.
  10. The team who ended my winning run have just ended my unbeaten run and they sit in 9th in the league.God damn it!!!
  11. January 2054 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Well the good news is we won every game but to be fair both Dandy Town Hornets and Somerset Eagles gave us a challenge as we had to come from behind in both games to win the match.The bad news was the conclusion of the PHC Zebras game,Xie Han who scored a hat-trick was stretchered off and will now miss the rest of the season due to cruciate ligament damage and will not be back till August at the earliest.We are twenty one points clear at the top of the table so we should have the league wrapped up pretty soon. Six games in February and during the month we will play five league games and one cup game.In the league we will face BAA Wanderers,North Village Rams,YMSC Bluebirds (twice) and Devonshire Cougars,my aim is to carry on our current form although losing Han could be a blow so I am expecting our goals to dry up a bit but we do have a very good backup striker.In the first leg of the Bermudan Cup semi-final,we will face YMSC Bluebirds,I want us to win that to give us a better position going into the second leg,YMSC Bluebirds are also the reason we are not facing our B team in the semi-finals as they beat them 3-2 on aggregate in the quarter-finals.
  12. December 2053 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We dropped our first points of the seasons but it was surprisingly against BAA Wanderers but we finished the month sixteen points clear of North Village Rams.We are in a really good position which has been helped massively due to the defence being brilliant,both Reece and Potter have been absolutely superb and the mistakes they make are minimal so my DoF gets an A for bringing them in.In the cup,we knocked out Devonshire Cougars 4-0 on aggregate but both legs were dirty affairs which has resulted in suspensions for both teams. We kick the new year off with five league games which sees us face Dandy Town Hornets,Devonshire Colts,Somerset Eagles,St David's Warriors and PHC Zebras.Even if we somehow lose every game,we will still be top of the table due to the current gap so there won't be too many problems this month.My aim is to go unbeaten as I feel this is my best chance to go a season unbeaten.
  13. November 2053 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Our impressive run continues and it was November that very nearly saw us lose our winning streak as both Somerset Eagles and NVCC Rams have come the closest to ending our winning run.In the cup,it was a lot close than I originally thought it would be as North Village Rams put a lot of their first team players into this squad and it took an injury time winner to win the match.In the league,we won every game as we moved twelve points clear at the top of the table,this form has been one of the best at any club I've been at (Ba in Fiji is the only one I can think of being better). Six games in December as we play four league games and two cup games.In the league we play North Village Rams,BAA Wanderers,YMSC Bluebirds and Devonshire Cougars,if we are going to drop points then this and January are the most likely for it to happen due to an increased amount of games.In the cup we will face Devonshire Cougars in a two legged affair,we should be able to beat them but I may have to rotate the squad to keep things fresh as the period between 13/12 and 20/12 is quite bust as we have three games in that period.My aim is to go unbeaten in the league and progress in the cup.
  14. October 2053 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts The perfect run carries on as we won all four games.We have now opened up a six point gap over Somerset Eagles courtesy of North Village Rams beating them 3-0.The 8-0 win over Dandy Town Hornets is the stand out result of the month but we were helped when they went down to ten men after 18 minutes.There has been a little bit of rescheduling as we only played one leg of the second round against NVCC Rams due to international call ups,doesn't really matter though as I stuck by guns and put out a strong team against them and it paid off with a 6-0 win which has left us pretty much through. Five games in November,one in the cup and four in the league.We kick off the month with the second leg of the Bermudan FA Cup 2nd round,we go in with a 6-0 lead against NVCC Rams,I will give it a professional performance as I will put out a strong side as I take everything seriously.In the league we will play Devonshire Colts,St.David's Warriors,Sommerset Eagles and PHC Zebras,I am getting more confident that we can go the season unbeaten but I think it wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility that we can win every game as we have a really strong team with a strong group for backup.Even with losing Raymond Agustien for up to six weeks,I don't think we will feel too much of a loss from him missing.
  15. September 2053 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Another perfect month as we won all three games which moves us to twenty one points for the season,we still only have a three point lead at the top of the table as Somerset Eagles are still on our tail.Performance wise,the North Village Rams game gave our best performance whereas the BAA Wanderers game saw us lucky to come out with the win as they had a goal disallowed and a penalty appeal turned down.Only transfer by my DoF was a right back who comes in as a key player as he is much better than our other options. Five games in October,three of these are in the league whereas the other two are in the Bermudan FA Cup.In the league we will face Devonshire Cougars,YMSC Bluebirds and Dandy Town Hornets,my aim is to carry on unbeaten in the league as I think this is our best chance to do so.In the Bermudan FA Cup,we kick our defence with a two legged tie against NVCC Rams,for anyone not familiar with them,they are North Village Rams' B Team,my aim is to beat them and progress as I will not take them lightly.
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