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  1. I'm as big a fan of the novelty of the custom update as any, but there's better ways to provide this feedback than getting angry at Neil/Mods. If they don't want to endorse it, it's not really our case to push them to like it, just play it. All we can do is push for a better experience through the official channels mentioned by Neil. (P.S Please bring back Team Shape setting )
  2. Not sure why there's such a big effort on your part to discredit this in multiple threads. If you read this thread in particular it's full of great feedback about the current and previous ME/Tactics that hasn't received any recognition from Mods or SI until now funnily, so if people disenfranchised in this thread enjoy this alternative then great, if not no harm done, regardless of if actually does anything. The last thing I want to do is get Ozil's amazing contributions locked so I'll leave it there. I just hope that we can at least entertain discussion on it.
  3. I do think there's been a bit of an overreaction here. The modder is clearly not fluent in English, so some of the language he uses is indeed a bit sensationalist (REALISM!!! EXACTLY LIKE FIFA!!!!) which doesn't help his case for trustworthiness, not exactly the best "snake oil" technique ironically. If people are enjoying it, let it go and see how it can develop. So far, feedback seems to be on the positive side for it to blow up like it has. Certainly from my own experiences, seeing things such as through balls, more 1vs1 finishing, realistic crossing, curve and my wingers actually beat
  4. Anyone try out this community ME patch for FM20 yet? Not going to link it here in case the mods don't exactly approve, but it's easily found using a popular search engine. Against my better judgement, I downloaded it and installed it in my game. WOW is all I have to say. It's like real football. In my Kaiserlautern 4-4-2, my supporting strikers were useless and never dropped deep or got involved in the game. The next game after installing this, my supporting striker is causing havoc and got 2 assists with actual through balls to the front man, it was like watching older FMs. For the
  5. In an ideal world it would be great to "pick and mix" various feature you want from a game. My ideal game would have no team talks, a press "strategy" under the hood that RNGs your interactions rather than duplicate answers every time, youth development (FM Touch misses this for me to ever pick it up) and being able to actually have a large database on FMT (rather than the hacky solution here I booted up FM18 recently after a while on FM20 it just felt like a relief on my mind looking at the clean, minimalist UI. The Football was somewhat realistic (I'm aware FM18 had some pretty glarin
  6. Let's update. In the spirit of this thread I've been playing this save but haven't been bothered to update. We are now 2-in-a-row champions of Germany. Last season we were involved in a Treble race with Dortmund, whom true to life have build a crazy good young team. We won the league against them on the final day in emphatic fashion, however they knocked us out of the CL and beat us in the Cup final. I made the first change to the tactic of the save last season. DLF -> AF because he did diddlysquat and was a passenger thr
  7. First, a reality check. You say you want possession football, but in reality you want winning football. You've made a tactic that performs to expectations. That's achieving. If you did that season over season whilst recruiting well, you'll have a league title within 5 years. Something that might help if your struggles with tactics are prolonged: Turn off all TIs / PIs Use generic roles only (i.e, no half back / mezzala / fancy sounding roles). Then watch how your team plays in comparison to how they are at the moment. What needs to change? Is it better? Then
  8. No we don't threaten from set pieces really either. During that season we scored only 3 corners and less again from indirect free kicks. We did not really have the height or off the ball to challenge here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A great season. We really should have been much more comfortable than the table suggests, we stumbled over the line. Bayern reclaim their perch. Dor
  9. Good point. We scored 39 goals, which seems to be about par for the teams around us. 39 goals from 108 chances equals a conversion % of 36%. In comparison to the league champions Dortmund who's ratio was 81 chances to 60 goals, a rate of 74%. Definitely seems like my team's finishing was off. Our higher tempo style of play could mean that these were half chances though, unsure of FM's exact calculation of this metric. No problem! I've actually never seen that thread from Herne and it looks amazing. There's another afternoon gone reading FM for me!
  10. Simplistic, a man after my own heart. That Lille team has almost been forgotten about these days, a great side indeed. Cool that you picked up the real Cabaye! I found that the simplistic method works best after you give the players some time to gel. Results won't always be min-max but it does take some of the stress away from the tactical side of this game!
  11. Look at how Bizarre this is Dead bottom of the league for 3/4 of the season, couldn't buy a win, and we created more goal scoring chances than everyone bar Frankfurt and more than Dortmund who won the league. Either my players' finishing is broken or what FM defines as a "Chance" is. A wild conspiracy theory I've had over the years is that there's a certain level of scripting of the ME based on the average attributes of the division you're playing in. For example, if I have a 12/12/12 finishing/composure/decisions striker playing in the Conference North, chanc
  12. Most intense FM season I've ever played. Here was the table during March: We looked as good as done. This season was dreadful to watch. We weren't bad, but incredibly wasteful in front of goal. We lost 9 games by a single goal. I'm also making the assumption that morale means more than tactics. As soon we managed to get a result we began to snowball, we were like a different team. We began to finish our chances: Won 6 out of the last 7 in the league, with 2 6 pointers against Gladbach and Bremen thrown in. An odd
  13. To be honest, it's quite easy to look at this England team and replicate a Liverpool-type setup. DLF/S (Kane) IF/A (Sterling) IF/A (Greenwood) BWMsu (Hendo) MEZ/S(Maddison) DLP/D (Rice) WB/A (Chilwell) CD/D (Maguire) CD/C (Gomez) WB/A (TAA) SK/D (Pickford) Have Kane as the drop off man and allow Sterling and Greenwood to cut inside and roam. Greenwood is competent with both feet which is an incredible attribute to have at the top level which gets him the nod over Sancho. There's not need to pack the midfield
  14. So. We ended up pulling it off, rather comfortably in the end against 16th placed Bundesliga team Frieburg to progress through the play offs. Still the same If we manage to stay up this tactic is the new diablo. I'll give this save another season or so before I move on to a top club. Turns out my lads are actually peak bottlers and should have ran away with this league. No more goals from corners since the winter break and only 3 from both direct and indirect free kicks interested me for a
  15. AF out in front as expected followed by DLF. Then a general spread between the wingers, center backs and subs.
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