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  1. Overall impression good after half season. But a bit tweaking is needed, i just got injury and got two choices, other one was to send specialist with medical cost of 2k or something and out for 2-3 weeks or leave it to club physio which was free and out only for 8-12 days. I have pretty good physios..
  2. If i`ll start my final save, would these work ok together and with last update? Both Dynamic World and Hardcore pack. And is there something needed to remove or add in your opinion? I just try to minimize risk that i game gets broken or i just loose my mind with something after a couple seasons.. Also is there a big difference in Realistic injuries versions? Just wondering which one to pick.. I have no problem running a lot of leagues and a lot of them in full detail because really top PC so injuries will be similar for most main leagues. And i really appreciate yo
  3. Hi, is there any update coming for this one? Or do you think it would work with new update? Thank you for great work!!
  4. Somebody has done Steam Workshop add-on in two versions, one with keeping current system and other one with removing work permits all together.. Have to se will they work without crash or something..
  5. But it is possible theoretically if you outplay those big other clubs in next 20-30 years and get higher reputation? So what i was really asking is, that is there some pre-coded fanbase value in every club that you just cant overcome no matter what you do, and if there is can i see it in pre or in-game editor?
  6. Can you please answer is it possible, that if you choose small club in small town, like Forest Green, that it will ever get big stadium even you play it longterm save to premier league? So is there somekind of limit of maximum attendance depending where club is located or is it depending just reputation or what? Mainly if your club is in a town of like 20.000 but there is close by big cities, or is it just town itself what counts and clubs reputation?
  7. For me editor came available when i went offline and back online. Shutting and logout didnt help..
  8. Has this latest Beowulf442 MR L Tested? It seems to work really well.. Now 2nd season and fighting playoff places with Sunderland in Championship...
  9. That 4-3-3 with 3 strikers is very easy squat management wise. You dont have to worry with subs and backups so much, hopefully it works ok this year. im not expect it to be superior like it has been in some years, just that it would work good enough.
  10. Im starting a new save now with winter update, and just wondering has anyone tried how well is BLUEMATTER433 doing after 19,3 ? I just like that formation cos its very easy manage with sub, rotation.. ect
  11. I hope this works ok, cos its very easy for team management, subs. Also transfers, especially with tight budget.. It was brilliant in FM18!!
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