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  1. I'm currently in a new save with the winter transfer update and it has been a lot more difficult this time around. That being said, this amazing win has sent us into seventh place, with the team being unbeaten in five league games so far:
  2. I don't know what they were like before the update, but random determination aside, these two players look absolutely amazing now; Woodburn especially looks like he could become a world class player, and possibly someone to build the future around.
  3. I am currently in my second season with Crewe and this has just happened.. So I might joining you guys soon.
  4. I have had no issues so far. Despite the narrowness of the formation, it appears that the team still roam enough to create space effectively.
  5. I went a bit crazy all around with the transfers. I had some great offers for the likes of Schurrle and especially Auba. I have essentially just sold players who don't fit the formation that I'm intending to play with. I coughed up on Emre Can because he always turns into a tremendously gifted player in recent versions and he is only on £120k/week. Timo Horn will be my new #1 keeper with Weidenfeller calling it a day and Burki quite honestly not being up to scratch for me. The other transfers are mainly just improving squad depth and I might make a few more depending on if I can get good offers for anyone. This is very much what I'm going for at the moment. I don't know too much about team instructions at the moment so I've left them very basic but they will change throughout the season. I absolutely love playing strikerless formations and Dortmund has given me a great opportunity to maximise the potential of the tactic.
  6. Keeping up with traditions.. I now have £147 million to play with. It's going to be a very fun save.
  7. Although I have a very good Sunderland save at the moment, I can't help thinking that Dortmund is the right save for me for some reason. Their squad is near-perfect with a few minor touches. I'll be holidaying until June 2017 as well, as it is my preference. I honestly feel that if you can get a great fee, selling Aubameyang is ideal because he's vastly underrated in some areas (ie. the most important areas; dribbling, finishing, first touch) and could improve on him with a much better player.
  8. 2016/17 season review League Table|League Results after January| Cup Results What a bloody season! I thoroughly enjoyed that. We seemed very much invincible at times, with some of our players punching way, way above their weight with their performances, especially Borini who is now being subjected to a few £40 million+ bids from Inter and Monaco. I am also happy that we managed to at least win a cup also, but I do wish we could have won the FA Cup, but I risked a full strength side who were very much knackered at that point. I wish that Arsenal gave us more of a fight in the end but they seemed more interested in the Champions League, which they got knocked out in the semi finals but they fell apart in the end, losing their last four games, but it still wouldn't have been enough to win the league, but at least have gone down to the wire. During my next season, I am going to post monthly updates instead of what I have been doing because I honestly don't play enough of the save and it may be a little more interesting. I guess. Anyway I will be back soon with the pre-season review with hopefully all of my transfers sorted out. But before that, I will leave with a picture of my massive shortlist.
  9. Before I discovered that I could sell Djilobodji for £20 million straight away, I played half a season in a test save and he was really good for me, but the money was far too good to turn down. The team needs serious work from the get go. I was very lucky with squad fitness with only McNair out on long term injuries, but approaching the end of the season, I had a few players out due to "wear and tear". Drogba retired straight after the MLS season in my save which is expected but I would have loved to have seen what he could do. I really like the idea of a 5 at the back formation, and I believe every single team I have lost against this season played that formation. I actually have already set up a possible 5 at the back formation for the champions league, which has a similar vein to my current tactic, but with the extra CB which looks like this: I'm absolutely loving Inverted Wingbacks in this version. They seemed to have been fixed and play the way that I envisioned to. My goals for the squad next season is to turn the team into a true champions league team. Out with the old, in with the new, raise a fair bit of funds and bring in quality players. A few English players wouldn't be too bad either and my main targets include Will Hughes, Michael Keane and Danny Ings. Although I do agree with you about Pickford, I'm going to stick with him because he is a very good sweeper keeper and rather vitally, home grown. I also have this monstrosity coming into the club from Hamilton, who will be my new Under 23s keeper, as I have Lovre Kalinic coming in for a free to provide competition and rotation. Another player of note is this wee player who I found in the depths of Africa, with a beautiful Afro and French as a second nationality. Anyway, I'm going to type up my seasonal review now. Thanks for the discussion, carlmiles1879.
  10. Saturday 6th May 2017 - Sunderland vs. Arsenal, the title decider. So, this is it.. this could possibly be the game that seals it all. As in my previous post, I mentioned that Arsenal completely and utterly fell apart whilst we have.. stuttered a little bit with a couple of draws but honestly nothing too big of a deal. These are the line ups: Bizarrely, despite not having any injury problems in the position, Arsenal are playing Mustafi as a right back.. But else than that, they have an extremely strong side. I have arguably my strongest side out, apart from Borini who is being rested because his form has dropped a little in the past couple games, but Defoe should be up for the task, especially as captain. 09:06: Booking! Aaron Ramsey absolutely clattered Lynden Gooch around 25 yards out the box and has been booked for it. We wasted the free kick though, playing it short and losing possession. 10:47: Chance! I ridiculed Arsenal's decision to play Mustafi as right back but he made use of the space and passed ahead to Chamberlain who made a very nice cross in the box but Welbeck completely scuffed it! It's out for a throw in for Sunderland! 13:03: Chance! Lynden Gooch made a great effort to catch Cech off his line and shot from way outside the box at a tight angle, but Cech caught it! But it was out of play! And a corner.. and we wasted that as well.. 16:02: Booking! Mustafi brought Defoe down on the half way line as we were about to charge forward and gets a booking for it. Nothing has happened whatsoever, and even with key highlights, all play has been stopped for is offsides and fouls.. So it's half time and it's 0-0. This means we can still win the league if we keep this result up. I have Fabinho off and replaced him with Ikaunieks and Defoe is coming off for Borini as they haven't been performing at all. 47:14: Booking! Mertersacker upends Ikaunieks in a very dangerous position around 20 yards outside the box. Lynden Gooch is going to take the free kick.. 47:42: GOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! WHAT A FREE KICK FROM GOOCH! STRAIGHT INTO THE TOP CORNER AND IT'S 1-0 TO SUNDERLAND! 49:02: CHANCE! Cazorla whipped in an incredible corner straight onto the head of Welbeck and he hit the crossbar! Kone clears it out for another corner and Ozil takes that, straight to Cazorla's head, but it's wide. 61:56: GOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! THE SUPER SUB IKAUNIEKS HAS WON THE TITLE FOR SUNDERLAND! A wonderful play from the goal kick to the finish as a slow build up play rapidly turned into an all out attack ending in a nice one-two with Gooch straight into the path of Ikaunieks! He may not be the best player in the world, but he's going to be forever in the heart of every Sunderland player! SUNDERLAND 2 ARSENAL 0 69:00: I have substituted Zeca who seems to have a knock, and on goes van Aanholt. 69:29: CHANCE! Straight from the throw-in, we could have easily made it 3-0 with an amazing chance from Borini from outside the box! Cech saves it very well and clears it out of danger. This is almost too good to be true! 74:00: Booking! Joao Pedro slides into Coquelin in a very unnecessary challenge and gets booked. 78:13: GOAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL...... Lucas Perez takes advantage of a missed header by Kone from an over the top through ball by Ozil to slot it home and give Arsenal hope. SUNDERLAND 2 ARSENAL 1 91:01: Booking! Cazorla brings down Ikaunieks in the dying minutes with a pointless, if maybe out of frustration tackle. I just noticed that the referee has given 4 minutes of added time! FULL TIME! SUNDERLAND HAVE WON THE LEAGUE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 79 YEARS! I can't describe how exciting and rather impressed I am with this result. We played like we truly wanted this and absolutely battered them in the end. This has thrown my save into a completely new direction and I'm very excited. To win the league in the first season.. with Sunderland! I can't believe it. I think I need a lie down now..
  11. Title Run up Special! It is now May 1st and this is the current league table: Pretty amazing, aye? It basically we means unless we completely screw up in the next three games, then the title is ours after gaining 1 point. And just to think I was aiming for a top table finish.. Arsenal kept up with us all the way to match day 30 then they just fell apart.. I mean, how on earth can you screw up winning the league against the favourites to get relegated? Oh wait.. What makes this run-up very special is that WE ARE PLAYING ARSENAL AT HOME NEXT! So my next post is going to be a play by play of that game.
  12. January 2017 update League Table|League Results|Cup Results|Squad I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. The team I currently have are quite amazing. We can't stop winning! A title race with Arsenal is not what I saw myself getting into in the first season on the job, but it's honestly really exciting. Some of the players, especially at the back, have been particularly amazing. Now comes to the point where I need to start to plan for the future and find replacements for the old guard (O'Shea, Defoe, Pienaar), who, especially O'Shea have performed to a really good standard. I have highlighted Danny Ings as my replacement for Defoe. It looks like he could be very expensive, but is English and still has a good few seasons left in him. I have Michael Keane as a potential target and replacement for O'Shea if Burnley get relegated. He is by far their stand out performer despite being a centre back and conceding a lot of goals, but 4 player of the matches really gives an idea on his ability. If Burnley don't get relegated, I have Karim Rekik as a cheaper option. Pienaar's replacement has got to be the brilliant looking Morgan Sanson who is absolutely perfect for the team. This all depends on the board though. They are very stingy (like in real life) and despite our position, have absolutely no interest in giving me more transfer money or improving the club's facilities.
  13. Although that sounds like a really good idea and looks like the case in the games I'm watching, it was definitely not intended.
  14. The two trequartistas have roaming from positions but I'm pretty sure this is an oversight and not me being a tactical genius.
  15. I apologise because I didn't see your reply before, but that gives me a lot of hope. The squad itself is quite alright, but there's a lot of work to be done. I am pretty much aiming to ship out any players who have high wages but have an overall low average rating at the end of the season. I won't completely gut the team like I did in 2016 though.. I don't think there was a single player left by the end of the third season.
  16. So up until the transfer deadline day, a lot has happened at Sunderland. I decided to cash in on a £6 million deal for an ageing Billy Jones and in return, brought in 25 year old Keiran Trippier who looks the business for £6.25 million. and unless I get some serious injury problems in January, these are my final transfer dealings for the season. I allowed my assistant take care of the pre-season friendlies, and he did a very job. We have started the league extremely well. Jermaine Defoe being the obvious highlight so far. I believe he's going to be a massive miss when he starts to decline because he's rather fantastic. Fabinho has also contributed a lot to the team, looking like he could be great bargain. This means that we are top of the league.. and if real life statistics come into play, this is the first time we have gone top of the Premier League. Ever. Quite the achievement, aye? We also played Exeter city in the EFL cup and gave the rotation players a good run out, and they didn't disappoint with a very decent 4-1 win. We have Spurs at home next. We managed to sweep the monthly awards, Defoe being player of the month, Fabinho being young player of the month and myself being manager of the month. It's so far so good, but since when does anything good last when it comes to Sunderland?
  17. I sure am. He's perfect for the type of football I've been playing and has been doing very, very well so far.
  18. Meet the Team! So it appears that I may have went a bit overboard with the transfers, but all for a good reason. Sunderland have a very, very small squad by premier league standards. Only one left back, three players who can play in the attacking midfield position and quite honestly, not a lot of creativity in the team. There are two players who you might recognise are missing (or probably not, because who else really cares?), those being Papy Djilobodji, who despite being at the club for a mere week, was able to transfer to Southampton for a staggering £20 million.. £12 million profit! Fools.. I have also sold Sebastian Larsson (well not yet, but he's going to Montpellier as I'm typing this) for £2.6 million because he really doesn't fit my playing style whatsoever. So without further ado, here are my transfers: Zeca - Left Back, £7.5 million from SAN(tos) - My new starting left back is the most expensive signing of the transfer window. He fits absolutely perfect in the team, as he's an inverted wing back (more on that later), and is already far better than PvA, who I still love and will still be getting games. Frederico Venacio - Centre back, £2.5 million from Vit. Setúbal - A straight up replacement for Djilobodji, who is on less wages, cost way, way less and can do the job just as well in my personal opinion. Diogo Dalot - Right Back, £650k compensation from Porto - Rotation option cover for the right back position is needed, as Billy Jones is the only full timer in that position who is good enough. Manquillo won't be bought for the 13 odd million that the clause has on him, unless he does something absolutely spectacular, so Dalot seems like an ideal, cheap option. Joao Pedro - Defensive Midfielder, £7.25 million from Vit. Gumaraes - Oh dear.. what have I done? Why have I spent so much on this chap? Well, he may not look as good as other options out there, but I managed to develop him into a monstrosity in the last version of Football Manager and he looks very much the same, with similar potential. Taking a huge gamble on this one, but I think I should at least be able to profit on him. Nuno Valente - Attacking Midielder, £1 million from Arouca - I went into the bargain basement for this guy. He is very much a pet project, as I want to develop him into a trequartista, He has superb creative ability and is an exact fit for the squad. Fabinho - Attacking Midfielder, £1.5 million from Feirense - Another old favourite of mine from last year and he looks just as good. Added to provide more cover in the creative department. Janis Ikaunieks - Attacking Midfielder, £1.1 million from Metz - What's this? A non-Portuguese player? Why of course! I signed Ikaunieks for Reims last year and I liked him a lot. Very cheap, and a very interesting nationality. Alexy Bosetti - Striker, £3.1 million from Nice - Same as Ikaunieks, I signed him last year for Reims and he became a club legend. For now, he's going to be back up, but I don't plan on keeping Defoe for too long as he's a bit old ( ), and hopefully by then, he will be able to step up as a great rotational option. I think that's it.. A lot of transfers, especially from Portugal, but I honestly do think I have done a good job with improving the squad without overloading it too much. The tactical side of this team, I have prepared a lot for. As of right now, I have 57 hours already on this game, most of it not idle time for once.. I have extensively been testing out tactics with other teams, and I think I finally have something that can work for the team. Formation - Instructions I'm very unsure about some of the roles still, (especially the AMC trio) but one thing I have learned so far in this version is that Inverted Wing Backs are AMAZING. They work so well in this narrow formation and now I have Zeca, who is a right footed left back in the team, he's going to quite possibly be the key player in the team. I have a false 9 at the moment because the main focus of the attack is the AMC trio. I might change that to another Trequartista (yes, that means three of them ). The team instructions are probably going to be changed around a lot, depending on the opposition so they're honestly not too important. I honestly apologise for the lack of detail at the moment, but I haven't played any league games yet but I will provide a lot more detail in my next post. My next post will highlight the progress I have made in the pre-season and up until after the transfer deadline day. So, see you there!
  19. My love for Sunderland AFC goes way back to the days of the last time we were actually any good.. the year we were able to produce a player who could score 30 goals in a premier league season in the great Kevin Phillips.. Long have those days gone now, as Sunderland in real life, are a pretty mediocre team who somehow many to stay afloat every season. Just. And when we do manage to get a great footballer, or a great manager, they get unsettled. and then they leave. and then it's back to square one. Anyway, my name is Niall and welcome to a career save that is most certainly my first to be posted on this sub-forum, but we all have to start sometime. As a life long Sunderland fan, I do love playing as them in any football games, but lately they have been extremely lacking in the Football Manager department.. crap transfer budgets, unsellable players.. it's honestly been frustrating and I end up going elsewhere. This season, despite what it may seem like in real life, the club have a fantastic set up; A great transfer budget when terminating the loans of Denayer and Januzaj (couldn't terminate Manquillo's for whatever reason) gives me quite a bit of room in the transfer market. Sunderland's facilities are also pretty fantastic, among the best in the country in fact.. My goals for this save are a little ambitious, especially for a first save of a new game, but they are as following; Top table finish within the first season. This means tenth or above, which I believe with the right transfers can be easily done. European football either from a cup win or a league position within the next three years. I mean, if West Ham can do it, why can't we? To qualify for the Champions league within the next four years. I mean, if Leicester City can do it, why can't we? Win the league within the next six years. I mean.. oh you get my drift. After that, it all goes from there. I would love to eventually win the Premier League with an all English side, or develop a world golden ball player from the youth ranks, but those are in the back of my mind for now. Since this is my introductory post, I won't post much more.. A lot of it will be in my next post, including my transfer policy, tactics and maybe a further outlook of what I want to do with this save.
  20. How about Zeca for a wing back? I absolutely love the look of him. A little bit steep at £8 million, but I'm pretty sure patient negotiaters can get less for him.
  21. The squad this year has seriously filled itself out, mind you. I have only bought Willems for the first team. Sessegnon was bought on a pre-contract, and I promoted Alexander-Arnold, Kevin Stewart and Brannagan from the Under 23s for added depth and to play in the cup games. What do you guys think about Milner, by the way? I think he's very underrated and for his wage, should honestly be sold. I can sell him for £13 million to PSG, but since it's PSG, I kinda think I should hold out because if a club like them want to buy him, then he must still have quite the ability.
  22. Marcus Rashford Anthony Martial Kingsley Coman Renato Sanches Breel Embolo Dele Alli Leroy Sane Youri Tielemans
  23. Sir. I will do these as links, since there's an image limit I believe: Zielinski Donnarumma Oliver Burke Vincent Janssen Manuel Locatelli Kasper Dolberg Mathew Leckie Joshua Kimmich Franck Kessié Hildeberto Pereira Tammy Abraham Jackson Irvine
  24. I'm more than willing to contribute to this thread for anyone else, by the way. Gabriel (Appelt) Pol Lirola Domenico Berardi Aaron Mooy Tom Rogic Massimo Luongo
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