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  1. This is quite honestly one of the coolest databases I have ever seen!
  2. In the second season of my save, Juventus decided to splash out £16.75 million on championship player Matt Grimes. Lucas Leiva went to Real Marid in the first season on my save as well.
  3. I don't know about hidden gems, but this guy has incredible ability for the transfer fee he'll command. Available for £3 million and has Spanish nationality for those who are in the premier league.
  4. So this has just happened.. Very possible to get into the final as we have Fulham in the semi finals. January is right around the corner and I already have a few pre-arranged transfers in and outgoing
  5. And in real life. I have a side save with PSG and they're currently in their third in-game season in League One. I guess that's what I'm expecting in reality.
  6. Currently playing as my beloved Sunderland and I'm doing rather well League has been an absolute cakewalk so far. Have been playing a high pressing, possession based tactic. Had some fantastic wins including a 2-1 home win against a near-full strength Chelsea side in the cup. I managed to offload Wyke, Flanagan, Watmore and Ozturk and brought in quality cheap players including Ricardo Ferreira who is an insane player at this level; Max Power is also absolutely mental for League One, I play him in the Mezzala/Attack role and he dominates everything;
  7. Keep in mind that I'm playing as Sunderland in League One; Transfer Listed for £550k at the start of the season. Versatile with great technicals in the right places. :)
  8. Such an amazing post. I do wish a lot of these countries were default without having to unlock in editor
  9. Despite simming the last 10 games due to not being bothered about the Championship, this is how it turned out. Although he was never going to be as good as Tarashaj, Sigurðarson was absolutely phenomenal even with rotating occasionally with James Wilson. Tactically, I went with something that pretty much goes against what Sunderland have always played with; possession football. It's worked absolute wonders, This game against Sheffield Wednesday is a prime example of utter dominance with some ridiculous passing stats; I only brought in Daniel Bentley for £9.5 mi
  10. Here we go... Promotion is about to get a whole lot more exciting.
  11. I'm starting up a new save now with the full version of the game, hopefully Don't let the new £2 million transfer budget fool anyone, there's still tonnes of sellable assets. Kone (if you hate him like me), Cattermole, Rodwell and Jones all a fair whack of money. I also cancelled all of the loans because none of them had future fees.. so not much point paying inflated prices at the end of the season if they play well. I have been extremely busy however and have a squad that is unbelievably strong for the division, in my opinion. Konradsen in my opinion is
  12. Yeah, in the beta he was transfer listed for £4.6 million. Bargain of the century! He's still available on loan I believe.
  13. Spennymoor is quite literally down the road from me and it serves as a source of pride for the area considering Sunderland are a load of toss. Best of luck, definitely following and might play as them myself at some point. The demise of United stemmed from an arson attack at the local social club which was the main source of income for the team. So without much income, they ended up being unable to fulfill fixtures and were removed from the league and forced to fold. During the year that they had folded, they were working with another local side - the other merger, Evenwood Town who
  14. Yeah, Wilson looks absolutely ridiculous in this version and it's seemingly come from nowhere. After a glitch screwed over my Sunderland save, I'm really wanting to revisit Liverpool but they might be a bit too easy this year.
  15. Sadly, since I got a glitch that was featured in the Beta saves, I can no longer play my game, so I'll have to start over, but I really can't be arsed. Basically, I won the FA Cup last season which gives me an automatic place into the Europa League. Problem is, however, I have come to the point where the group stage draw is and it hasn't been drawn... so no Europa League at all.
  16. Transfer listed for cheap at the beginning include Tarashaj, Brad Smith, Florin Gardos, Georges Nkoudou, Andrea Rispoli (I think) and Jean-Daniel Akpa Akrpo is available on a free. All are within the transfer budget. My first season transfers for reference.
  17. We are truly in great position in the game. Huge transfer budget, sellable assets and relatively low expectations in comparison to the squad's ability. I managed to get £5 million for Rodwell, £4.1 million for Billy Jones, £11.75 million for Cattermole and £17 million for Kone. I highly recommend buying the transfer listed Shani Tarashaj from Everton for £4.6 millon. He did.. rather well for me.
  18. Since a majority of the posters in the Liverpool threads are actually Liverpool fans, we tend to post about Liverpool IRL as well.
  19. Just who the hell do you think you are?
  20. Another huge talent I noticed was a wonderfully named Giovanni Troupée. Another full back, I know. Or how about Guus Til from AZ? Dumfries was a favourite of mine in FM 17, it seems he's fallen a bit in this version. I always prefer trying to get squads that have little or no loanee players who make a huge difference to the team. Especially when you can't buy them.
  21. I have already posted him in the Dutch football thread, but how about Sherel Floranus of Sparta Rotterdam? Here he is at the beginning of the season in one of my saves and below is him a year later in another. Random determination aside, he looks like a superb prospect.
  22. Another really good player I have noticed in the league is Sherel Floranus. Bags of potential and already at a decent Eredivisie level. I'm playing as Sparta and he is certainly my priority to keep at the club.
  23. He's amazing for the championship and is transfer listed right at the beginning of the season. He's already rated a good premier league player, and I bet at 22, he has a huge amount of room to improve. It's starting to look like it.. we can't be beaten at the moment and although I highly doubt the season will finish unbeaten, I bet we'll break the points tally record. I have the best youth scouting package and all 14 of my scouts are out around the world scouting for youth players. Some absolute gems tend to pop up throughout the season. Germany seems to be a goldmin
  24. January Update So as we get just over half of the season, things at the club are pretty... incredible. We're absolutely unbeatable and nobody has come even close to threatening us in the league. Some huge stand out performances so far in the season, including a 5-2 win against a near full strength Manchester United side, the already mentioned 7-0 win against Forest and overall, our excellent cup run so far. We have Fulham in the Carabao Cup semi final, with Arsenal or Reading waiting in the final. The main focus of the next half of the season will be developing the you
  25. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm starting to think that he is well worth the £4.6 million fee already.. Storming the league at the moment. We have scored 43 goals in 12 games and are still in the league cup.
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