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  1. This is a bug that I have noticed for sometime in FM19, players often complain about the individual focus and how it is not producing any results despite the fact that it seems to be doing just that.
  2. This is a bug that I have noticed throughout this year's version of the game. Whenever I offer out a player and lock in a "Percentage of next sale" clause, teams will make an offer and the clause will very rarely still be locked in. Not sure how I can provide proof, as I imagine it should be fairly easy to replicate.
  3. Was the clause for 20% of profit of the players sold, or was it 20% regardless of sale? If you sold the player for 350k (as an example), and the clause was for "Percentage of profit from next sale" then you wouldn't receive anything. If it was "Percentage of next sale" then you should obviously get some.
  4. I would like to suggest that player interactions and conversations receive a little reworking. At this stage, we have 4 options (that I have seen) when praising or criticising players on their training performances. Praising are: Good job Good job over past few months Pleased with learning position (if training new position) Pleased for learning new role (if training new role) Criticising are: Disappointed Disappointed over recent months Disappointed in development on new position (if training new position) Disappointed in development in a new role (if training new position) What I would like to see: (If good training) Promise a chance in first-team as a starter - would count as a short term promise (could be up to 15 days depending on when the next match is) (If good training) Promise a chance in first-team off the bench (more geared towards younger players) - would count as a short term promise (could be up to 15 days depending on when the next match is) (If poor training) Option to threaten place in first-team (if poor training) Option to threaten transfer listing if the players are constantly not putting an effort on the training field (3/4 reports where the player is below 6.5) *There could be a wide range of others that could be added, but these are some I'd like to see.
  5. Big fan of this idea! However, I wouldn't necessarily make it that players will reach said potential, but rather that they are more likely to reach that minimum potential if they continue to play regularly an receive the best possible training and coaching. Then obviously they have the potential to grow further. I would then also add the skills a player can grow to are linked to certain ages, as in-game already, players tend to slow down their development when they reach 24. Certain skills can continue to be developed (Set-pieces skills e.g. pens, corners) but the players ability to dribble, their first touch, etc. may not develop that much further depending.
  6. Generally, scouts will improve over time during a game. You can't actually help them improve other than hiring them.
  7. @Dan Ormsby Any news with regards to this matter? I'm tired of encouraging players and seeing them "frustrated"...
  8. Seriously hope this can get sorted... Nothing worse than encouraging your players only for them to become frustrated, same as when you ask them to concentrate.
  9. This part of the game needs massive improvements (in my opinion). Apart from needing to be redone (almost completely) I had an incident where a player approached me and said they were becoming homesick, could they please leave the club to return home. Naturally I tried the take some time off, but he wanted to leave. So at the nearest opportunity I let him go. A player then came in complaining that I let him go, and nowhere in the responses was the option to say "Player X wanted to leave to return to his Country". Thankfully I got lucky and didn't annoy the other player. So my suggestion (as Miles puts it) is that there needs to be a few more options explaining to the player(s) why a certain individual has been sold. Link to the Tweet I sent to Miles and SIGames (mainly for the purpose of the image)
  10. I do know the South African researcher usual releases the lower leagues in RSA, so if you interested you could keep an eye out for those.
  11. Is the game not in your steam library? I purchased the game a while ago, and it's sitting in my library waiting to be installed (when the beta day arrives).
  12. Something that could possibly combat the "poor" mental attributes is how they improve. They do improve over time, but should a youth player be part of the Senior squad (so actually in the First team Squad), training with the first team and being around the experienced players should see their attributes improve a lot quicker than those who are in the u18/19/20 (in their respective leagues). If players start to play for the u23/Reserve squads then they should get a boost based on the players they play with. Again, this could be in the game. I have mostly only played a Gibraltar game and so my u19's and Reserve squads aren't great. I haven't had many players coming through either. Most players are bought at a young age and so are already established.
  13. I see that, I can understand why it's created like that... but it's annoying knowing that you have to start a game know what range those attributes will be.
  14. haha, I haven't looked at the database at all this year... going to have to go take a look now
  15. (Definitely) Beta - Newcastle (Maybe) Journeyman game - Start in lower leagues of South Africa and go on from there. This would include heavy rules, basically, you cannot use the Scouting page (current FM) for players. You have to use the scout reports, which will be very nice in FM18. (Hopefully) A long-term game, Pick a small Nation and try to turn them into a powerhouse, and by small nation, I mean small footballing nations. E.g. FM17 saw me play a Gibraltar save. Started on the 7th of November 2016, still playing at the moment. The initial goal was to get the Gibraltar National Team to the World Cup and to win the CL (made the final for the first time in 2048 and lost despite dominating), I have since stopped managing the National Team despite getting them to the Euro's for the first time. Ideally, I'd like a country in Europe, although I've had the idea of managing in India as well. Due to there being such a high population I'm curious to see how many good regens come out when there are amazing facilities, and a good youth set-up. (Maybe) Challange, sign only players who have 14+ Work Rate and Determination (If possible I'd like to get Teamwork in there as well). Again more curious than anything, I want to see how a team who Works hard, is Determined and has a high Teamwork do. Particularly in the lower leagues where skill isn't of the highest calibre.
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