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  1. If I recall correctly, Martial reeled in Dummett exceptionally quickly. Dummett was just lucky he was closer to the ball, and so had that head start. Can't find a clip of it, so unfortunately can't see whether that was indeed the case.
  2. Hey Michael, Teams looking good, have a few concerns (as we all do )... some being the new signings, when will you take "control" for editing them? I do realise they were from their previous clubs researchers. Only one thing I want to bring up at this stage, and that is Orlando Aarons, do you not think his work rate should be somewhat higher than 10. I can't pretend to say I've watched him all that often, but when I have seen him play he does seem to do his defensive duties quite well, so possibly bumping it up by 2 or 3 points would be a more fairer reflection. Anyway, will give the squad another look over and post again when I have some more time.
  3. I realise playing the Beta is early access, but my point is that why change the game so much from the beta to the final version particularly with the "main" part of the whole game, the ME. They claim minor changes are made, but really it's typical of game developers. You can't really believe them. I blame SI for sticking to the usual, releasing a bugger version on the ME which then changes quite a lot when the final version is release 2 weeks later. Yes we have a Beta release to get rid of bugs, but then what's teh point of releasing the game to countless professionals who are unlikely (if they do then good on them) critique the game in a beneficial manner. The fact that for the last couple of versions I have taken Newcastle in the first season and finished in the top 6 without buying players (at least at the start as I start without transfer budgets). They have an entire year to work on getting the ME into a stable enough condition for release, they might want to take a look at how they go about it... In the end, people will keep throwing money at what is, and will be for a long time, an awesome simulation game. So it's unlikely they will change the way they do anything, ever. Thus, it will remain a game with a poor ME.
  4. Why does the ME feel completely different to that of the BETA, yes I expect changes but not a complete nerfing of your team. This has happened the last two FMs, completely destroying tactics and ultimately ruining current games. Honestly, why I'm surprised is beyong me. It's the kind of stunt Miles and his team would pull.
  5. Forgive me if this has been spoken about, but 29 pages worth of suggestions is a little too much to go through. I posted this in a thread that can be found here Basically, I think SI need to consider changing the way this works. My thinking is this. On squad selection day, there is also a drop down menu to select who will captain the squad during the friendlies or competition. Now, if the current squad captain is not in the squad, for whatever reason, there should be an additional box indicating that he is the normal captain. If you change that you change the permanent captain, or you could add a new captain for the up coming games. It would really save us the players the problems of dealing with players who become happy without reason. It would also, in theory, stop the main captain from commenting on events that he is not involved in. Hope to see some sort of change. Schmidy
  6. Hey All, One of my pet hates about FM is the team talks, winning a game 5-2 is normally seen as a good thing. However, when your defence decide to play like absolute idiots you should be able to take the team talk further than what you can. For example, I'd like to have stages in team talks rather than just 1 final team talk. "Well done on the win lads" - everyone get's happy "However, we need to tighten up. We should not have conceded those 2 goals" Basically all I'm given is an option to praise the players that I don't particularly want to praise, and the option to annoy them by given talks to each positional play. Hope we can see this implemented sooner rather than later, and that I'm not told to go make my own game again...
  7. Sorted my problem, GreenMan Gaming didn't send me my second activation code so I had to go and get it myself
  8. Having a problem getting the editor... I've tried pretty much all I know (apart from uninstalling), checked game cache and restarted... I want to avoid uninstalling as my internet connection is slower than Rivaldo in FM14
  9. Is that the entire list? Disappointed at not seeing South Africa on there. Still, there are some top leagues on there. Great work!
  10. Go onto the Steam website and have a look to see if you can change your e-mail
  11. I'll play as Newcastle as I support them. That will last no more than 2 seasons and then I'll start my mandatory Journeyman Game which starts in South Africa (because that's where I'm from )
  12. While I am slowly becoming more excited about FM14 due to all the features that have been announced. I am also still a little skeptical as I feel the 3D animations are still not good enough. Once I see the Animations improve I'll be happy to throw my money at SI
  13. Hi misterdabra, If you want to add an unofficial data update you need to place the files which are often .dbc or .bak (and in the case of LFCMarshall a XML file). Place them in your FM folder which normally can be located Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data Hope that helps
  14. I'd love to be able to do this, there is only a continent between us though :| Pity there isn't a way to be able to be apart of this from a distance.
  15. That clearly takes that out of the equation. Unfortunately I'm not to sure, haven't played a long enough game for a couple months to be able to help further than that!