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  1. I would like to suggest that player interactions and conversations receive a little reworking. At this stage, we have 4 options (that I have seen) when praising or criticising players on their training performances. Praising are: Good job Good job over past few months Pleased with learning position (if training new position) Pleased for learning new role (if training new role) Criticising are: Disappointed Disappointed over recent months Disappointed in development on new position (if training new position) Disappointed in development in a
  2. Big fan of this idea! However, I wouldn't necessarily make it that players will reach said potential, but rather that they are more likely to reach that minimum potential if they continue to play regularly an receive the best possible training and coaching. Then obviously they have the potential to grow further. I would then also add the skills a player can grow to are linked to certain ages, as in-game already, players tend to slow down their development when they reach 24. Certain skills can continue to be developed (Set-pieces skills e.g. pens, corners) but the players ability to
  3. Generally, scouts will improve over time during a game. You can't actually help them improve other than hiring them.
  4. This part of the game needs massive improvements (in my opinion). Apart from needing to be redone (almost completely) I had an incident where a player approached me and said they were becoming homesick, could they please leave the club to return home. Naturally I tried the take some time off, but he wanted to leave. So at the nearest opportunity I let him go. A player then came in complaining that I let him go, and nowhere in the responses was the option to say "Player X wanted to leave to return to his Country". Thankfully I got lucky and didn't annoy the other player. So my suggest
  5. Ah okay, didn't know that. Thanks, will look for it when I next get the option. Thanks!
  6. I assume you are talking about them asking for a number when squad numbering has to be decided, the OP goes deeper than them just "liking" a number. The current system has absolutely no effect on the players whatsoever.
  7. Along with this suggestion, I'd suggest that once a shirt number is assigned it is locked to that player until they leave the club permanently (I believe players who leave on loan retain their shirt numbers). There could be several ways of changing a player's number, two possible suggestions to that are: 1) Player asks to change his number, 2) A new signing was promised a number, ask the player (who is currently wearing it) if they would be willing to change. Would like to see the above suggestion included either way!
  8. Schmidy

    Extend Trial

    Never thought about this before until I saw the title. Brilliant suggestion!
  9. Glad I am not the only one who thinks this is how it should be done. The players skills shouldn't automatically be known, and like scouting or taking a player on a trail it should take time before you know the player's full report card.
  10. Agree, especially if you want to retrain a player (I know there is an option to ask the club to play him in a certain position, but that's not always enough). On player instructions, I'd like to be able to talk to players more about why I'd like them to join a certain club. Sometimes it's not always about just getting playing time.
  11. I'd love this to be available for clubs. For example I am playing as Cannons in Gibraltar, been at the club for 20 seasons and have 108mil in the bank. I've got a point where I can do nothing with that money, at least not yet. Facilities are being upgraded, Senior is about to be Exceptional, Youth is being upgraded but not costing lots. Hell, I'm even upgrading the Victoria Stadium, which is used by most the teams in the league. Now what I'd like to be able to do, or more accurately in FM terms, I'd like my owner (who is Danial Levy, he took over early on in the save) to use some of that
  12. Player interaction has been a thorn in my side throughout my Gib save. We are doing well enough (20 seasons in, reached knockout stages of the CL twice and been in the group stages 4 times), and my players are getting to the point where clubs from bigger leagues are taking notice of them. I've had a number of players with high release clauses (often between 7mil and 15mil). So when clubs are interested in them, they start telling me how they want to join those clubs. I state that they have a release clause in their contracts, to which they reply that they don't want to let this oppor
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