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  1. If I recall correctly, Martial reeled in Dummett exceptionally quickly. Dummett was just lucky he was closer to the ball, and so had that head start. Can't find a clip of it, so unfortunately can't see whether that was indeed the case.
  2. Hey Michael, Teams looking good, have a few concerns (as we all do )... some being the new signings, when will you take "control" for editing them? I do realise they were from their previous clubs researchers. Only one thing I want to bring up at this stage, and that is Orlando Aarons, do you not think his work rate should be somewhat higher than 10. I can't pretend to say I've watched him all that often, but when I have seen him play he does seem to do his defensive duties quite well, so possibly bumping it up by 2 or 3 points would be a more fairer reflection. Anyway, will give the squad another look over and post again when I have some more time.