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  1. Brexit will happen in real life. Why should it not be in the game?
  2. Danke für die nachvollziehbare Antwort! So etwas habe ich befürchtet. Für die Zukunft wäre es toll, wenn sich das differenzieren ließe. Für mich persönlich ist es nämlich so irritierend, dass ich das Spiel wohl wieder auf Englisch spielen werde.
  3. Wäre es nicht realistischer, wenn man als Manager mit seinen Spielern per "du" ist? Die "Sie"-Ansprache irritiert mich.
  4. I rarely use PI or TI. It can work perfectly good. Good luck!
  5. Same problem here, it was raised in the beta bugs forum so I hope that it will be solved. As it is it is annoying.
  6. The PL is crazy! My board gave me 800k for new players after winning the league with Austria Wien....
  7. Ok... I won the title in the first season with Austria Wien and was able to qualify for the Champions League Group stage. Now we lead the league table with 3 points before the next two teams. We knocked out Rapid and Red Bull Salzburg out of the Cup. But we had hard games in the Champions League. We startet away against Napoli, were 3:0 in front and got 3 goals in the last four minutes plus overtime. We draw 1:1 against Basel at home with two penalties given to Basel. And we got a 1:2 against PSG at home with their winner shot in the 93rd minute. It could have been an unbelievable Champions League Season, now i hope we can have an Europa League spring.
  8. Can youth recruitment only be enhanced by a higher club reputation?
  9. I play with FK Austria Wien in the Austrian Bundesliga. I have a 4-2-3-1 as a main starting tactic. My 4-1-4-1 is for counter. I use it when my team is in the lead and I see the opponents try to risk more. And in the rare occasions when I need to score a goal, we play an attacking 4-4-2. This is our first season, so there are no international games yet. Winter break has just ended and we are at the top of the league. For the first 8 games I had the approach to find THE tactic and stick to it. It taught me the lesson that my team needs to be able to adapt to the situation.
  10. Thanks for this thread. I find so much writing about tactics and only little about training. This one helps.
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