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  1. Financial State of a Country and Game Importance: Obviously football manager can’t predict how a country’s economy is going to improve, so the financial state of a country should improve if a country hosts an international tournament (such as an African or Asian country hosting a World Cup) and this would also improve the game importance.
  2. Here are some improvements that I think should be made to international management Responsibilities: I think that there should be the option in the responsibilities tab to designate the responsibility of hiring and firing staff to a member of the FA (maybe a technical director). This would put them in charge of hiring staff for youth sides and also an option to do so for the first team. Dynamic Youth Rating & Game Importance: While the youth rating would not change drastically unless over a very long period of time, the performance of domestic teams and their spending
  3. Agree with all of this. Also think there should be an option to assign the FA the responsibility of hiring other staff members the same as with club management. Let them hire/fire the managers of the youth teams etc
  4. When managing an international side, there should be an option to delegate staff recruitment to someone else for example a sporting director in the country’s FA.
  5. I see where you’re coming from, but my idea of a minimum potential is that the players PA would be set quite low. For example an 18 year old player with a CA of 100 would have a PA of 110. If he was to only play a few games each season he’d reach that potential but wouldn’t be able to get much better than that. However if he was playing week in week out he’d be able to outgrow that potential.
  6. Would also make the game a lot more realistic because currently there are young player is the game that are already at their full potential and they won’t grow past that whereas in real life they’d continue getting better under the right coaching.
  7. My suggestion is that the way that potential ability works is changed. The way that it currently is means that all players and staff have a maximum potential ability, but I think that this should be changed to a minimum potential. This means that all players will have a potential that they will reach no matter what happens in their career, but they’d be able to outgrow this under the right coaching and if they are in good form. This would make each save unique as it wouldn’t always have the same players that become world class and could make way for players with a similar career path to Jamie
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