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  1. The Karma thingy that is used over on 2 would work for those +1 posts
  2. I always had Predators and loved the blue ones in the early to mid 2000's but the different coloured ones are a step too far for me
  3. I'd usually find that playing them regularly when they return from injury will see them get back to their former selves
  4. Twitter can be a great advertising tool tbf. For a company like SI (Miles, etc...) who are going to have a shedload of followers, a competition that becomes a trending topic could open up an awful lot of potential new customers as well as potential advertising opportunities and it's free.
  5. I always have a first team squad of around 25, which gives me a big enough squad to rotate players throughout the season. I don't need to dip into my reserve or youth team either. I like to have most of my reserves out on loan (especially in Scotland which doesn't have a proper reserve league now which means less games) and anyone under 18 will play for the youth team unless they are ready to go on loan and play regularly
  6. I found that having a decent feeder club works in boosting player value. In my last save game I was in the EPL with an edited club and I managed to get Dunfermline as a feeder club whilst they were in SD1. I sent them a load of players which helped them get promoted. The following few seasons seen them grow into a bigger club than Rangers and Celtic and become regulars in the champions league. The players I loaned them began to reach their potential and their values skyrocketed. I had one striker who with hindsight I should have kept as he became the best in the game imo but I had strong pla
  7. Generally have players that cover every position. I tend to find my midfielders get tired earlier than defenders so i ensure there are 3 midfielders on the bench, but usually they can also play a different role. Goalie, 2 defenders who can play LRC between the two of them, 2 dedicated midfielders, 2 strikers, with at least one of them being able to play a midfield, or winger role
  8. Not quite obscurity but Magne Hoseth was epic in CM01/02, don't think that http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magne_Hoseth comes close to his CM ability
  9. I had a wicked 2-3-2-1-2 on older CMs which tore teams apart but it never worked as great in later FMs due to the gaps at the back. -----DC--- DC----- WBL-- DM-- WBR -----CM--- CM----- -------AMC--------- -----ST--- ST-----
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