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    I'm allan, that's about as exciting as it gets. drive a van all day

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    Twitter: @allantrotter SEN/PSN: trottay


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    football, computer games, music

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  1. underwater sunlight

    The BBC asks "why is rock music less popular now?"

    Nu metal was the last big rock experiment for a lot of people. Some of it was good and a lot of it was really bad. Unfortunately a lot of the bad was also the popular. Bands like limp bizkit who had released a lot of good material, also realeased some utter tripe
  2. underwater sunlight

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Ive had a couple of games this weekend on SB that just simply shouldnt have happened. A mainly bronze team tiki-taka'd the **** out of my team, i couldn't string more than 3 passes without losing the ball and being countered and just to really screw with me, bakayoko came on as a sub and i scored twice. Won most games but the gameplay seems a bit harder. On a positive note, 2 squads away from KDB. Ill have enough coins from tomorrows rewards or i might be able to quicksell some deadwood
  3. underwater sunlight

    Sugar tax

    Still buying it. Tried the new irn-bru and although it was better than going from coke to coke zero, the aftertaste from the sweetener is still there to put me off. I buy squash with no added sugar and the effects of the sweeteners arent as bad for me but day to day I'll drink more tea. Even with 2 sugars its a lot less than a can of coke etc...
  4. underwater sunlight

    Day thread

    384 plus vat.
  5. underwater sunlight

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I need 3 wins tonight for de ligt.got 2 yesterday after using all my attempts. Got one on monday but stopped playing and didn't play on Tuesday. Need coins atm and there doesn't seem to be an easy way currently. Ive quicksold everything in my transfer list and gotten rid of my tradeable kits and badges.
  6. underwater sunlight

    Marvel Cinematic Universe - *Warning may contain spoilers*

    It's Pocahontas with blue space people
  7. underwater sunlight

    The Official "Oh God, what has Morrissey said now?" Thread

    Bacon hating fud. Like some of the music though
  8. underwater sunlight

    Click to choose files> camera> take a picture aka SNAPOFT

    Last nights picture but i got distracted by the other one bringing in a mouse
  9. underwater sunlight

    Bills Seeker - He's not dead, just getting RIPed off

    My mum has kept hold of her old coin gas meter until this year as it was a great little savings account. She hates the new shape pound coins. We pay 210 a month for gas and electricity but that includes the in-laws annexe and a hot tub
  10. underwater sunlight

    Day thread

    The authorities are watching you
  11. underwater sunlight

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Packed hummels ffs. Trying to do the Rijkaard 87 SBC with bugger all coin
  12. underwater sunlight

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I'm not sure who i would want from the ultimate TOTS SBC. Kane would be the only striker and he would take the place of Larsson who is amazing for me and gives poty sessegnon chem links. KDB would be good but a bit of a kick in the teeth as im 5 squads away from the POTY SBC. Salah would be the best option as a swap for IF willian but i doubt im that lucky. Maicon and higuain are both on the bench due to chem so i can trade them.
  13. underwater sunlight

    Day thread

    Such a tough position to be in. My view would be that i wouldn't choose to say anything but if i was asked a direct question i wouldn't lie or cover anything up.
  14. underwater sunlight


    I struggled with johnny vaughan at first but once you accept that he is a bit mental, it gets better
  15. underwater sunlight

    Click to choose files> camera> take a picture aka SNAPOFT

    Best kebab i had was a gyros in Rhodes. So good i had another an hour after