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  1. Used so much that it used to be censored on here for a while
  2. I like a sturdy shelf. They have gotten better (or we have stopped buying the cheap ones) but i always hated floating shelves. Especially on a bad wall
  3. So many people jumped into that topic from here and other places. Pretty sure all of the funny comments were deleted but iirc gills had an account in there for a while undetected Still a valid answer KHITC was my fave OTF abbreviation
  4. Jacobs. Every time he wrote jacobs instead of jacob i wanted to scream
  5. I absolutely love tesco onion rings. We get loads of the massive bags around Christmas time along with hot and spicy pringles.
  6. Quite often have a cheese sandwich or roll with a pack of cheese and onion crisps. Used to love golden wonder sausage and tomato crisps in a sandwich as well. Pro tip - vienna rolls are great for a crisp roll. The shape minimises wastage as long as you don't cut all the way througg
  7. There was a theory that he is/was a poster in here. He posted FM screenshots on hit twitter when it was in beta stage iirc. The mingleville thread was great fun at the time. A lot of funny wind up posts. Gills used to do the occasional post in GD claiming one of the SI peeps gave him a free copy of the latest game and to DM them
  8. Ive just finished s7. Watched 1-5 on demand. Waited a while to watch s6 and wasn't enjoying it as much. Had s7 on the planner since it came out bit only started at the weekend. Its still ok to watch and i wouldn't say that it's bad but i felt like i was watching it because i watched all of it so far
  9. The 4400 was really good but the ending ruined it. I tried rewatching it but knowing the finish put me off carrying on
  10. Its something i asked in my old job but is it wise having a fire extinguisher if you aren't trained to use it? As a driver i used to have to keep a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in the van. No training for either. I asked the question once and didnt get an answer.
  11. Supermarket herbs never do well for me either. Normally get them from the local garden centre instead. Buy them in small pots and move them to a bigger one
  12. I think a few of us have had this conversation a couple of times over the years but i do always wonder how both films would be regarded if Casino came out first. Goodfellas is probably my favourite of all time and I've watched it hundreds of times but i also love Casino. Maybe if i had seen that first and binged that multiple times before goodfellas came out I'd have a different view on favourite films
  13. Had a pain in my bladder for 2 and a bit days now. First day there was barely anything there. Yesterday there was a numb pain throughout the day, worse when bladder was full and needed a wee. Pretty similar today. Symptoms look like a UTI (and cysts and cancer but i am going to make the decision not to panic at what is on google). Realised that since Christmas time i had probably only had 2 glasses of water. Plenty of tea, plenty of alcohol and coke. It did say that caffeine and alcohol could contribute so ive been drinking more water, less tea and only had 1 brandy and coke yes
  14. Without looking it up i was pretty sure that he was one of these people who had been writing for others and fancied a crack himself. Think the guy from one republic was the same
  15. I havent even turned it on in around 3-4 weeks now. Not loving it this year at all
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