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  1. I agree with this. They'd be whole lot of whataboutery. If you can make the reason for teachers to be prioritised, then you could also make the reason for all types of critical workers, and then you just end up complicating a system that is working very well at the moment. For example, you could easily argue that all workers in supermarkets should have it before teachers, as they are in the proximity, and mixing, with more members of the general public.
  2. Tough draw for Quavers. Even with home advantage.
  3. Don’t really like either but tactically voting against all Salt & Vinegar products.
  4. This is my patch. And I can vouch that the traffic in/out of M&S Hedge End is an absolute nightmare now due to all the recent developments.
  5. Sir Patrick seems to have a poorly finger or whitlow.
  6. Do shop around though when it’s time remortgage. Rates are very low atm so you should get a good deal. I’m on great 5 year fix with Nationwide that I started last year. Plus, from my experience so far, Nationwide are really good to deal with too.
  7. Also, if you’re keen to lose some weight, meal tracking on something like MyFitnessPal will really help to keep you accountable. I’m not advocating that you do this forever, but it will help to build a picture in your mind of what your calorie intake is. As @mark1985has said above, there’s still room in your diet for a weekly takeaway, but the meal tracking will help you balance it out. So, for example, you have your McDonalds on a Friday, you might consider having a little less on the days either side. Additionally, you’ll probably find that some foods that are marketed as ‘healt
  8. Yeah I'm the same - could easily do 10000 steps a day when I was in the office and with a walk to/from the station. Now I barely get past 8000, even with a concerted effort to go out for an hour at lunchtime or after work and/or a home workout. Pre-Covid I was on 3000 cals a day, now I'm down to 2500. Just about ticking over until the gyms reopen. I miss those 500 calories
  9. As ghastly as this is, this was always the schtick she put on for the programme. Queen of Mean and all that. It’s more than possible that she’ll adopt a different persona for Countdown and will fit right in.
  10. Kettle Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream if I'm feeling fancy. Walkers Cheese & Onion for day-to-day consumption. Both great in sandwiches.
  11. I find pancakes really crepe
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