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  1. This is a great tale so far! An eclectic mix of agony and ecstasy in very proportionate measures. Will be interesting to see whether your youth intakes improve at a bigger club. KUTGW!
  2. Ideal for that five winger formation you're playing That is a shame, although one of the wingers may turn out to be the new Kevin Mirallas.
  3. Started my FM19 save at Liege (thread would have been called Liege of Gentlemen, if it had made it on to here...). Had a lot of fun with some superb youth intakes, so will look forward to seeing these with interest. The four sub rule is a bit of a ball-ache, unfortunately, as are some of the intricacies of Belgian football, which you will no doubt uncover soon enough
  4. Just the nine conceded. Worthy of a payrise
  5. Please can the title of my thread (link below) be changed to 'The Berwick Beauties' http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/247941-So...-This-Is-Scotland-...-Well-Near-Enough! Thanks!
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