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  1. Thanks for the reference to my previous thread, Duroliponte - that was an epic save, and can't quite believe I managed nearly 40 seasons. I have nowhere near enough time for FM (or the forums) these days, which makes me sad. I do have an FM 17 Eastern European save running, where I'm currently managing in Belarus, after being sacked (!) in Israel previously. Maybe I'll do another career thread one day. I wish you the best of luck with this. And hello to everyone else on the FMCU forum
  2. Haven't posted in here for a while, but many congratulations DB. I very much endorse this decision Career updates coming soon (real life permitting), I hope...
  3. Shame this died. Started off very well. We await your next adventure!!
  4. Blimey! Only two points off the Champions League! What a season! You're quite right; it's going to take something special to top it!
  5. Blitz your final season in Turin Good luck restoring Bayern!
  6. Will be interesting to see how you get on with the Hungarian approach. I appreciate how time consuming a double-manager career could be, though
  7. Doing very well There is a pattern developing, though...
  8. I hope you get out of Segunda B quicker than I did!
  9. Me too. Germany is always fun Thanks! First step complete Not yet But the team's disciplinary record is pretty poor (51 yellows, 2 red). Happy New Year to you too Thanks John! Survival in the second tier has to be the aim next season. Anything else will be a huge bonus. You never know, I may return to Malaysia again in the future (I'll have to add the leagues first, though)! It's quite a long shot, though
  10. Season 8 - Halle 2020/21 (3. Fußball-Liga) Manager Summary: Promotion, and job done. But it's hardly been straightforward. Firstly, after previously being relegated from 2. Bundesliga, all the players worth keeping wanted to instantly jump ship. Cue refused transfer requests, and dressing room disharmony; hardly, what's needed for a promotion challenge. Additionally, I decided to implement a brand new system on the team, a high pressing narrow diamond; unfortunately, I shortly realised that we lacked the technicality to play the intricate short passing game I desired, and quickly changed to a more direct style, while still keeping the same basic formation. A major positive, though, has been the link with Bundesliga club, Mainz, who loaned us three keys players in Michael Hefele (DC), Marvin Bakalorz (DM) and Daniel Brosinski (DR), who all contributed significantly throughout the season, and added valuable experience to the team. After a relatively mixed first half of the season, and despite the unrest at the club, we slowly started to get our act together after Christmas, and joined the hunt for promotion, nestling in behind Aachen and Heidenheim in the top three. However, a horrible run of five games without a victory in March/April put a huge spanner in the works, and saw us slip behind a resurgent Sandhausen into fourth place. We recovered magnificently, though, when the pressure was on, beating Sandhausen on their own patch, in our penultimate fixture, retaking our position in the top three, and making us favourites for the promotion playoff place. Ultimately, after Aachen's dodgy run in, we actually secured second spot and automatic promotion to the second tier! Position Graph | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Transfer History | Finances Player of the Season: Albert Guðmundsson (18 goals, 10 assists) Signing of the Season: Daniel Brosinski (Loan) Youth Prospect of the Season: Tobias Schorch (DC) Match of the Season: Sandhausen 0-3 Halle Goal of the Season: (vs Fortuna Köln)What's Next: There's likely to be significant changes over the summer, with the majority of the squad unlikely to fair well at the higher level; there's more than enough deadwood here to keep a crematorium burning for months, and I anticipating enough financial backing to bring in some fresh faces. I'd also like to get rid of the troublemakers, who's constant demands have become quite tiresome and led to a complete breakdown in relationships; I'll certainly need a harmonious dressing room if we're to avoid coming straight back down. We'll also have to return our loanees back to Mainz, and, with them being relegated, will probably have to find another affiliate too. A busy few weeks ahead. Oh, and after completing my 'National A Licence', studying is now underway for my Continental C badge.
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