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  1. if you see the hidden values, you also see the development potential and the forecast of development. in any case it does not seem to me that hidden values can grow so much. _______ yes, I forgot about injuries. I also reject anyone who has inappropriate values in that entry. this is clear. in any case, therefore, is it right to discard a Messi who, however, has low values in consistency and important games? Will he never have monstrous seasons? I usually, as I said, reject these players and between a Maradona with 8 in consistency and important games and a S
  2. how important are hidden attributes in your opinion? and which are the most important? I have always tried to choose players with at least 12 in consistency and important games. am I right to discard excellent players (even phenomena) who have less than 12 in these two values? how do you behave instead if a player has a good value in consistency and a low value in important games? and if he, on the other hand, has a high value in important games and a low value in consistency? I think professionalism is also important for young people (to develop the full potential). if I have
  3. this is what you can do with the best combo in history: FM18 + FM18.3.3KnapPILGRIMAGE343LPOOLP104.fmf never cheated but i guess having only uploaded African leagues (and later Asian league and south africa only) made it even easier. the European teams reach the final in very bad form. edit: i don't know why but the image disappears. however in 5 years, with a South African team, in the club world cup I did: -2 ° - I didn't win the champions -1 ° -1 ° -1 °
  4. Damn this tactic (¬FM18.3.3KnapPILGRIMAGE343LPOOLP104.fmf) is amazing, maybe also better than Argus. I can't lose a Championship. I should have used argus but it's easy for a team to already have a mezzala or a more technical midfielder. despite the difficulty of finding a complete forward and having often played with players unsuitable for the role (I have also often adapted wings to the role of full backs and even if they weren't already confident they were doing great) I always use pilgrimage instead of Argus and I won everywhere: united states, brazil, norway, tunisia, south afri
  5. can i have a blank database for FM18? thanks
  6. I was looking for a 4-4-2 (or 4-2-4) that I had used. maybe it was yours. I remember he had the inverted wing back
  7. what is your goal record in a single league? (top tier or not?) and a single player's goal record? in which edition of FM? with what tactic?
  8. Do the 7 people who downloaded the tactic today know the characteristics role by role?
  9. I can answer myself. i found the avd mod on fmkorea. no, the step before the avd mod is not the classic version. so now we have the classic version (in the rar) and the avd mod (in this link). if you follow the instructions of mrhough on the contrary you can get its final version and then decide whether to use the classic version, the final version of mrhough or the avd mod. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ohwmmbmi0ewragp/avd_mod_-_mr_hough_4-1-2-3_unbeaten_final_version._%28crdoba%2C_oct_2018%29.tac/file edit: as far as I understand. i think i will give the same
  10. do you know in what year they started creating those "power regen" files to help create regen in game? would it be possible to have / find a "power regens" file for FM 10?
  11. I don't know if you are still looking for. I'm playing FM10 right now. i created this rar file which contains: - the classic version 4-1-2-3 - tugs training (youth, senior) - the corner cheat - Wolfsong's teamtalk guide http://www.mediafire.com/file/cwj2pwrisi3ehs9/FM10.rar/file but i don't know if the classic version is the best. it's the only one I've found. which is the best version of this tactic? I won everything with Aston Villa (Premier, league cup, FA cup, Euro Cup) but in the second half of the season I won practically only thanks to the corners. (mo
  12. hello, i find this discussion about FM18 Anyone Have An FM18 Empty DB? - Editors Hideaway - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) but i don't understand how to use blank database for getting the true fake player experience rather than players just being renamed. i try to follow this indication but at most i managed to have clubs with 80% of real players. (other 20% deleted) ("An empty DB, then ticking fill playable squads and getting the true fake player experience rather than players just being renamed.") how should I use it? can it be a problem to ha
  13. hello how should i use it to have all random fake players? i tried with different settings and it doesn't work, i checked the rome and at most i managed to have a rome with 80% of real players. thank you
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