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  1. FM18.2.2KnapARGUS343P102.fmf illegal, i win premier and carabao cup with Bournemouth (database update to season 18/19). 80something point, almost 100 goal but whit a very bad squad. lost charity shield in the next season. i score very few from corners (not like in FM19...), is there a bug tactic for corners or isn't work like FM19? or maybe my kickers are too bad
  2. yeah, in the meanwhile i install fm 18 and see it. thanks. so this "FM18.2.2KnapARGUS343P102.fmf" and this "FM18.3.3KnapPILGRIMAGE343LPOOLP104"?
  3. do you mean this: Knap WOFVOL2343P102 (3-4-3), name of the file "knap 343 wof vol2.fmf"? this tests are also for 18.3.4? in this topic i can't see reference to 18.3.4 or to argus 343 p102. in this topic i read also that you said "The best underdog away tactic from the test is FM 18.3.3 WOF 343 P101 The best underdog home tactic is FM 18,3,3 BLUE MATTER VOL 8 343 LPOOL P103" which should i use for big team and for underdogs?
  4. i can't see any recommended list, neither a 4-4-2 thread for FM 18. knap, many months ago you say to me that 3 striker works better in FM 18 than in FM 19, so i was thinking to go back, even because i don't like to much FM 19. i want some tactic to score again and again like in the olds FM, and not only from corners. i read online that these can be some of the best tactic for FM18, some are from knap. which one is better for win with 120 more goals? some works even for underdogs? there's one that works like 4-2-1-3 in FM 10 or 4-2-4 in FM 11? at least among your tactics which is the best? Hammerhead shark FM Tactic (4-2-3-1) TFF Demolisher FM Tactic (3-2-2-3) FM 18 MM VOLANTE Knap (4-4-2) Another Knaps` Target Man FM Tactic (3-2-2-1-2) FMBrotherhoods` Unbeatable FM18 Tactic (3-5-2) Argus 343 Knap FM18 Tactic (3-4-3) Knap WOFVOL2343P102 (3-4-3) Suk Sam 4 Wingbacks (4-3-3) Dragon Force FM18.3.3 Tactic (4-4-2)
  5. which 4-4-2 thread? sorry i can't follow you
  6. is there a tactic that allows you to really score a lot of goals in FM18? even more than 120 goals in the league? @knap some of your tactic? maybe one for good team and one for underdogs or for both. thanks
  7. neither of them works. Players are marked
  8. i don't play online, so it's not a problem and in october is not a problem for others that can read
  9. for !FM19BEOWULF4231KnapPressP103.fmf Suso (left foot) must be right or left wing?
  10. How can I see all my post and comment?
  11. incredible start! although i bought two young wing as titular member (Neres and Ontiveros) (Fekir is still recovering from the 7-8 months injury of last season) 2 goals from corners against PSG but a fantastic performance against St. Etienne
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