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  1. incredible start! although i bought two young wing as titular member (Neres and Ontiveros) (Fekir is still recovering from the 7-8 months injury of last season) 2 goals from corners against PSG but a fantastic performance against St. Etienne
  2. do you mean this? FM19BEOWULF4231KnapP7.fmf didn't test this only with beta? or maybe do you mean this !FM19BEOWULF4231KnapPressP103.fmf or this narrow !FM19BEOWULF4231narrowKnapPressP99.fmf? i think that 3-4-3 doesn't have a beautiful game... that's why works. i win the last 16 game of Ligue 1 playing pretty bad with low rates...but i win. maye for this it works with underdogs. corners, wingbacks and counter are the best source of goals what do you mean? i use the tactic of this topic, this to be clear !FM19ARGUSknap343PressP103.fmf only a couple of times i use beowulf 4-2-4 for injuries or to have a change in the game (like in champions league final but didn't work)
  3. this tactic works great. whit Lyon i win everything but champions league final. Under 19 win the championship with the same tactic Best attack and best defense. 30 goals from corners, 11 goals from indirect free kicks PSG win first 19 game but in the second half lose some games, i didn't expected 30 goals from wingback in all competition. in champions league things were not so easy as in championship best attack with 34 goal, but 20 goal suffered in 13 games; scaring 4-4 against Barcellona, only 3 goals from corner. lost final 3-1 against Liverpool after i was winning 1-0 (fabinho scores his two first goal of the season in the final, a lot of time an opponent scores first goal against me..."since Scudetto"), i change to 4-2-4 after 3-1 but nothing happened. unfortunaly i play champions leauge final two days after national cup final. Fekir got injuried for 8 months in january, i have some another significant injuries and Mousse Dembele, my best scorer at the end, doesn't play last games and champions league finale cause he want a new contrat and he ask to much (team was with me after he cried) (i don't like him, i bought cutrone and dolberg in january) i don't know if use 3-4-3 or 4-2-4 next season. which tactics do you think is your best tactic?
  4. can you public the file? i can't understand all the change for the language thanks
  5. unexpected first place in hard champions group!!! specially after being destroyed by Tottenahm after have payback against Tottenham, Tottenham lose against Valencia and we was 8 Juventus, 8 Me, 7 Tottenham, 4 Valencia. good in ligue 1 but psg is unbeatable, unfortunaly i play against PSG in 10 i set Fekir (left foot) for right corner and Depay (right foot) for left corner, i am scoring but not so much Goals cames from corners, free kicks, wingbacks (run inside and cross), cross and counter Best results for now: 6-0 against Strasburgo, 5-1 against OM and Digione, 7-3 against Tottenham i think i'll try Beowulf 4-2-4 next season, unless you have another tactis that let score more (do you reach 130-140 goal in a championship?)
  6. I'm trying Argus Knap 3-4-3 (5-2-3). I should search better before open this topic. Sorry. However if you have any advice... I was trying to do a classic 3-4-3 but like always is not working well, it needs wingbacks
  7. thanks mate Edit: take both but I wanna play with 3-4-3. I have fekir (left foot) and depay (right foot), who should kicks corners?
  8. Are you answer to me? I didn't understand? I need to use this !FM19ARGUSknap343PressP103.fmf for 19.1.1? I forgot for corner: left foot for left corner or right foot for left corner? Do you think this 3-4-3 Is the most prolific tactics in term of scoring of all your tactics for fm19? Thanks
  9. Is this good for 19.1.1? Which version I should download? Set pieces are setted?
  10. I'm looking for a tactic to score more than 100 goal in the league. Tactic with 3 central striker possibly. For 19.1.1 I am using lion
  11. Is there a working 3 central striker tactics for 19.1.1? How many goal do you score?
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