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  1. This has seemed to have worked, cheers pal.
  2. I was using flex before the patch and when it got patched flex Disappeared. Only decent skin on this year's version imo.
  3. Lack of effort LoLerpool fan. FM 09 was by far the worst
  4. I'm glad other people are mentioning this TV bug. it's so small yet so annoying.
  5. Loving the patch but seriously, TV games in the prem league are a bit odd, it went from virtually none everyweek to now the boxing day fixture were every game is on TV
  6. Just like to know if lack of TV prem games is a data issue or a problem on my end.
  7. It's a great patch, only small problem i have is that they has been no TV games in any of the premier league games throughout august, all other leagues i've got loaded have had TV games.
  8. First two match days in the Prem and not one game on TV :confused:, anyone else's the same?
  9. Laugh at non steam users Tuesday
  10. smithy20

    So, it's the second week of March...

    I'm starting to enjoy FM11 more than i did with FM10 and 09, so waiting for the patch is not a problem. The patch will come just be patient, some of you really come off as whiny little women.
  11. Another one of these great.
  12. smithy20

    Giving My FM 11 Away

    FM08 was great, 09 was the worst