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  1. Them tactics just don't seem as fun or enjoyable for me, either ridiculous formations or exploits. I'd rather try to create my own or use something that at least has some realism these days.
  2. Needs more love guys like Fuss, great looking tactic and detailed explanation and tips etc.
  3. His tactics tbf to him were actually good, was no need for him to do the things he did. He had good tactics.
  4. His warrior 442 uses WB and has a poacher too which is a nice change.
  5. If the player instructions are the same as the volante version of this tactic, then the WM have cross from byline, so i'd say winger.
  6. Plugged in the holy ghost 4132 volante/mez version and was 6-0 up after 60mins. Looks like it's gonna be an unreal series of tactics.
  7. Not much has changed to the match engine, from the previous patch.
  8. I don't think people should be caring about a tactic being made on the 21.5 patch, there isn't any major match engine changes.
  9. Warrior 442 with the poacher seems pretty lethal, good to see a poacher and CF put to good use in a tactic again.
  10. Seems to be working so fair play lad, but as far as i can remember the roles are very different to the raptorV4 roles in the original TFF tactic.
  11. Overall i'd say his Venom series, preferably the latest 442 Venom. The 442 warrior also looks very strong but i've yet to use it.
  12. The 4321 or as i like to call it the wide Xmas tree is definitely a great tactic again this year and i love how the shadow strikers/AMC's play. great fun to watch and judging by @solounamigo screenshots it seems to work for him also. 442's are also great again, still looking for that amazing 4231, although parisienne walkways wingers is very close.
  13. @knap what is the reasoning for use of DW lately? not a complaint or anything, just interested in your thoughts. Great work as always.
  14. Not really fussed by that to be honest, makes it more challenging and emphasis on youth players.
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