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  1. Brilliant post and i agree the Fire 4321 shape is an amazing tactic, really fun to watch. Love the Beowulf/2 striker tactics also.
  2. Yeah i think that's the best way, whenever i attempt a test i just never know what's the best way to go team wise. Think maybe like a City/Liverpool with Villa/Norwich maybe can give you a good indication on a tacitc, testing with a top and underdog side.
  3. 442 Venom/beowulf and Sympathy for the Devil 442 Deep are still bangers.
  4. Yeah that's poor form from @comedychrissy, i know everybody comes to Knaps thread and no other tactic creators get any sort of exposure or love. But that's not the thing to do.
  5. I do get it, why people don't enjoy the past two installments. I do enjoy 20, but 18 is my most played version and overall personal fave for sure
  6. I absolutely loved FM18 and the fact someone like @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! is still playing it, is great. Always gives me a little itch to go back to it for a bit.
  7. I remember TFF constantly tweaking and updating tactics, doesn't seem to be the case this year. Really feels like we haven't had an updated TFF tactic in months.
  8. Any tactic using two strikers or two wingers and strikers gets a thumbs up from me.
  9. I agree 442 Venom or 442 Beowulf are the best tactics this year.
  10. Like the look of that one, classic champ manager and early days FM formation.
  11. Jesus, i must be blind i've seen it before on other saves. Just for the life of me couldn't remember where to view it, cheers.
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