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  1. Absolutely any help or suggestions would be welcome, I've tried all sorts and i even tried out an older save on the previous patch and it didn't seem to be happening.
  2. Great game and update, if it wasn't for stuttering/lagging/freezing during matches since the update. Anybody else getting this?
  3. Also seems to be creating a crash dump folder on some occasions it's happening, very annoying bug.
  4. Since the update I'm getting constant lag during matches and also on replays. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing but it hasn't helped. Cheers for any potential help or fix.
  5. Tremendous thread and write up, 433 is the one tactic/formation i just can't seem to get right. So this will help in my next attempt.
  6. Them tactics just don't seem as fun or enjoyable for me, either ridiculous formations or exploits. I'd rather try to create my own or use something that at least has some realism these days.
  7. Needs more love guys like Fuss, great looking tactic and detailed explanation and tips etc.
  8. If the player instructions are the same as the volante version of this tactic, then the WM have cross from byline, so i'd say winger.
  9. Plugged in the holy ghost 4132 volante/mez version and was 6-0 up after 60mins. Looks like it's gonna be an unreal series of tactics.
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