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  1. Good Morning, Is there anything i can download that tells me each individual players PA and current Ability please? Thanks
  2. i started a donny save and they are good fun mate, not a bad team but need some decent signings
  3. Good Afternoon, Does anyone have a place i can download decent looking newgen/reg face packs please? the ones on the game aint as good as i would like appreciate your help
  4. some absolute beasts there mate, can i ask where you got your face packs from please?
  5. where is the download link for predator v2 please?
  6. I understand that, anyone had anything great from him?
  7. I signed Isco at the end of the first season with Liverpool for 25mil, anyone had any decent saves with him in? I thought 25mil was a steal
  8. Ohhh I'm sure it was my own player but I could be wrong, thanks for the reply
  9. Hi all am I being thick or is there a reason why all players attributes show as "between 10-14" instead of just 11 etc thanks
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