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  1. Doing the youth only challenge in Switzerland, first season we finish 9th of 10 teams, barely escaping relegation but also somehow making it to the domestic cup final having knocked out Sion in the semis. We then go on to have one of the craziest finals i've ever played in. Our keeper saved two penalties in normal time, they went down to 10 men in the second half. They go 1-0 up with 5 minutes to go. We take it to extra time with a 93rd minute penalty and hold on for 120 minutes to take it to penalties where our keeper saves 2 more and we win the tie Going to be in Europe in the second divi
  2. http://i.imgur.com/j9FA3fj.png Interesting choice of facial hair.
  3. Managing Hampton and Richmond in League 1 and my GK has just been selected in the England Squad for the World Cup The other two keepers play for Carlisle and Plymouth in the Championship, the managers gone mad!
  4. How much are people altering their tactic to play away from home? I've seeing great success at home, usually losing maybe 1-2 per season but away from home its about 50/50. I've had some away games where i've looked like the home team with 70% possession, more shots etc at other times i'm getting hit 4-0 or something along those lines.
  5. Seen it, it's alright if you're bored and need something to pass the time but i wouldn't rush out to see it.
  6. Managed to get promoted via the playoffs and made a profit of £275k throughout the season which is impressive for the conference south. I did manage to get to the FA Cup 2nd round which helped where we lost 4-1 away to Reading. Not sure our squad is good enough to stay up next season, got a wage budget of 4.2k aswell which is pretty dreadful
  7. I'm 400k in the red, managed to make about £19k profit last season and so far we're making a profit thanks to some good attendances. Need a solid cup run to save us really. At the moment i'd say a good 70% of my team are on non contracts which leaves me in a permenant risk of losing them. Highest earner is on £300 a week.
  8. In my 5th year at Hampton and Richmond in the Vanarama south. Started off with a 5k wage budget which has now been reduced down to 1.4k over the course of 2 seasons, absolute madness, so difficult to scrape together a team.
  9. How long do people think The Hateful Eight 70mm 187min version will be shown in the Leicester square cinema? Hoping to go February 13th but not sure if they'll still be screening it.
  10. Finished 4th and 7th in my last two seasons at Getafe now i'm suddenly 18th after 15 games and i can't get any sort of form going at all. Don't know whats going on!
  11. Just made a bid for a player which was £2million upfront non negotiable and £5million in extras and they counter it by getting rid of the extra fees and sticking to the £2million then reject the bid. Don't get it?
  12. Managed to finish 4th and get Champions League football in my second season at Getafe, a huge achievement considering my best player is Ben Watson . Was in the running for the title until about 25 games in when we hit some poor form, almost threw European qualification out of the window but pulled it back in the final 3 games.
  13. Name: Billy Ketkeo Age: 26 Nationality: Laotian Club: None Positon: RM/RM Value: Free Signed For: Portsmouth Wages: £1.5k Work Permit : No Got this guy in my 3rd season in League One but he should be available on a free at the start of the game. Playing him as a winger support at right midfield and he has 6 goals 15 assists in 15 games, hasn't had a bad game yet and is currently rated as leading championship but that may be due to his form.
  14. Got great home form only lost once so far this season (36 league games in) but cannot seem to hold a result away and we've only on twice. I'm Chelsea as well and we're stuck down in 7th, finished 3d in the Champions League group and got knocked out of the Euro Cup to United. Only silver lining is that we've got Everton in the FA Cup final. Are you guys swapping tactics away from home or have you got something that works well home or away? So far i've tried a counter attacking 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 but at the moment my best away formation is a 4-4-1-1.
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