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  1. You could always retrain them? That's what i'm doing at the moment, usually have one fullback and one winger converted to play the role and i rotate them depending on how tough the opposition is. I think Willian would work well as an AM in this formation! Here are his stats and his history. He had an injury hit season 25/26 but other than that he's been incredible. He has some tough competition from another striker who came through our ranks at the same sort of time but i think i might get rid of him so Jamieson can be undisputed first choice. I might do a team write up this evening if i have time!
  2. I use full version, don't really do too many changes season to season other than a few transfers This is the tactic i'm currently using. First 8 seasons or so i played around with a 4-2-3-1 variant but this tactic has been far more sucessful for me in terms of wins, goals and defensively. I tried to base it loosely on Conte's Chelsea but with an extremely high pressing system. The two AM's both have individual instructions, the attacking one has dribble more, roam, move into channels and the support one has shoot more and get further forward. I've not tried this with any other team so not sure how much of it is down to the players and how much is down to the tactics.
  3. Been a while since i posted in here. I'm in the 2027/28 season with Chelsea. I've won the league 10 times out of 11, Champions League twice although i've made the final 5 times! FA Cup 5 times, League Cup 5 times. I'm not really focusing on the domestic cups these days, my aims at the moment are winning the Champions League and setting records in the league. Last season i managed to break a lot of the league records: Points 102, most wins 33, scored 128 that year too but it wasn't our record. My striker Jamieson also scored 40 goals which was a record, i got him through the youth academy in the first season and he's the closest thing to Messi/Ronaldo in the game since they retired in terms of goals. If anyone wants any screenshots etc of my team, tactics, Chelsea players let me know. I still have Christensen (now 32) and have just sold on Courtois so he's the last of the originals left!
  4. He's on 250k a week on a year and a half contract, promised him a job after retirement too. I did get the shirt sales news piece so he probably paid the transfer fee back! I've found wages in general have got a bit crazy though, lot of players demanding 200k plus, still have over 100million in the bank though.
  5. I've lost the Champions League final 3 years in a row! Managed a clean sweep of everything else for the last 2 seasons though, won the prem 4 years on the bounce too. I bought in a 36 year old Ronaldo for 2.5mil as he still had something but hes been pretty useless!
  6. i got him for £3.2million in 2019. Absolute steal.
  7. Came through the my academy at Chelsea, had CIty bidding silly money for him but i'll not sell him to anyone. Won the Champions League golden boot when he was just 19, his most recent season he had lots of small injuries so hopefully push on this year. Bought this one for £35 million when he was 18, still not sure what his best roll is. I play Deep Lying Playmaker and Ball Winner Midfielder but he hasn't shone in either role yet.
  8. This is the guy, i didn't sell him in the end. Nothing better than having a world class youth from your academy, i'm hoping he might one day break Lampards records.
  9. Just had CIty bid £108 million for my striker who came from the academy. They just finished 8th, i've just won my third title in a row and he wants to leave! What a muppet.
  10. I don't know their potential but 5 seasons in only Chalobah, Solanke and Abraham have gone on to play top flight football - none of them for me i might add, apart from Abraham being my 3rd striker for a year. Loftus-Cheek was the most disapointing, literally didn't seem to develop at all, his contract expired and he was still only Championship quality at 25.
  11. I started as Chelsea, won the league first season and in the process went something like 24 matches unbeaten. Played 3 at the back with 2 complete wing backs 3 Cm's 2 wide men and a striker. Signed just the three players who were Jordan Williams for £475k, Koulibaly for £31.5mil and Kuki for £1.1mil. The only players i sold that season were Ivanovic and Mikel (loan) but i completely phased out JT as he didn't fit my style at all apart from in away games when i used a deeper back 4 formation. I didn't make any headway in the cups. In my second season it was a complete disaster - it was basically like Mourinho. I don't know what happened but suddenly nothing was working, the players weren't performing and we finished 10th. I had bought in Michael Keane for £8.25 mil as a replacement for Cahill who went to China for £10mil. Wayne Henessey came in on a free to replace Begovic who i sold for £12mi, Leon Goretzka came in for £23million i highly reccomend taking a look at him, a great all round midfielder. I signed Florentino Luis from Benfica for £700k as his contract was running down, again, another great prospect in the central position. Florenzi came in for £22.5mil and Rafinha for £21mil, i also bought a few good potential regens. Notible players who left that season were Moses for £12mil, Van Ginkel for £11mil, Pedro for £35mil as well as some of the poorer youths (Bamford, Atsu etc). Third season we won the league again, fairly easily this time with 91 points and just 3 defeats, tactically i had done away with the back three plans and switched to a 4-2-3-1 at home and 4-4-1-1 away from home - not exciting i know but it got results. For that season i had bought in Barkley on a free as Everton were down in the Championship and he wanted out, Belotti for £26 mil who went on to be the league's top scorer and Julian Brandt who won young player of the year. Both Belotti and Brandt were incredible in the title run, couldn't have asked for better signings. Notable sales that year included Willian for £15mil, Chalobah for 5mil, Rahman for £21.5mil, Traore for £3.5mil, Keane for £16mil and Oscar for £28mil. So now i am in November in my 4th season, i'm doing well but not quite as well as last season. This is probably down to playing in europe and having some injuries to key players. Major signings from the summer just gone were Luke Shaw for £24mi, Lemos from Las Palmas for £18mil, Alena for £3.2 mil which is a steal and Pavon for £5mil who has been loaned out due to work permit issues. I also picked up a few more promising young players none of whom have actually broken into my squad yet. Leaving the team was Batshuayi who went to Stoke for £16mil as they qualified for Champions League, David Luiz for £8mil, Costa for 8.5mil, Kenedy for £6mil, Cuadrado for £9mi, Solanke for £7mil and Matic for £8mil. Alot of familiar faces gone but they were all starting to reach the 30+ age and with the size of some of their contracts i didn't want to keep them around/renew when i have capable replacements. If anyone wants any screenshots of young players etc let me know. I think the only real life youth players to make it into my squad at the moment are Ake and Bulka as my backup GK, although i do have a quality striker i got in my first intake.
  12. Koniz 2018/19 League Table We managed to avoid relegation in our first season, though it was a close run thing. My target for the season was 35 points as that seemed to be what was needed in the past seasons and we ran it close. At one point we were in 10th place but we hit some good form towards the end, we beat Sion 4-0 in the final match to secure safety. Cup Run Made it one step further this time but again, St.Gallen got the win. Squad Key Players Christian Miani: Managed 14 goals in the top tier and hes the only player who is up to standard in this division. He got upset in January when Bournmouth came in for him, his value is continuing to rise and it will be tough to keep hold of him. Thomas Pedrassi: Another great season for the young italian, top scorer with 15 goals. Never seems to miss from the penalty spot. Gentian Demolli: A rock in centre of midfield where we are light in numbers and strength. Youth Intake Kylian Maurin: A midfield player who has the potential to be good for the second division, not so much for the top division. Still, better than anything else we've had so far. Raphael Koch: Centre back with low potential but provides backup and a rotation option. Transfers Finances Facilities Managed to upgrade training facilities twice this season and youth facilities once. Junior Coaching is also up but annoyingly Youth Recruitment hasn't been an option so far. We've purchased our stadium.
  13. Koniz 2017/18 League Table We won the title! We had a very positive season compared to last year coming out the blocks fast, we were in the top spot going into the winter break. Our form dropped a little after due to some disagreements with players over transfers but we managed to keep up with the other teams. It was the most competitive league title in years with the previous winning points tally's being 61 and 63 points. It went down to the last day where we beat Wil 2-0 and Lausanne could only manage a draw. Cup Run Only made it to the 2nd round where last year's finalists St.Gallen beat us. Euro Cup Table Results The Euro Cup filled our coffers with £1.4million just for entering which was much needed. We gave a good account of ourselves managing two points and being competitive in most of the matches. We came so close to beating Villareal at home but we went down to 10 men when 2-0 up in the first half. The two draws brought in an extra £180k. Squad Key Players Christian Miani: He had interest from Germany all year which affected his morale at time but i managed to tie him down to a 3 year contract. He also topped the score boards with 21 goals 12 assists in 35 games. Thomas Pedrassi: This young Italian missed 9 months of last season through injury but came back with a blast. Scoring 7 goals in the first 7 games from the right wing. He finished with 21 goals and 12 assists in 35 games. Gentian Demolli: Still our best midfielder. Got a few red cards but proved an important player throughout the season. Youth Intake Arthur Lang: A quick left winger, will provide decent backup but he'll never be good enough for the top division. Sven Fisher: Only 1.5 star potential but he will provide backup to our left back, where we currently only have one player. Christian Budschedi: A young keeper who's potential almost matches that of our current goalkeeper which is promising. We are well stocked in this position through so a loan maybe best for him. Transfers Facilities So far we've only managed to improve junior coaching once last season. I've been disappointed to not have the opportunity to do so this season with our increased reputation and finances. This might start to bite us soon if we don't get any good youth's through. Training facilities were upgraded for a very small cost last summer and we are improving both training and youth facilities this summer. We are also buying out stadium next season so progress is on its way!
  14. Koniz 2016/17 Just finished my first season in Switzerland with Koniz. Manager Profile (end of season 1) I struggled in the league finishing 9th of 10 teams. Luckily only 1 team goes down so i just had to avoid being the worst. We won our final 3 games of the season which helped secure safety with a game to go. League Table In the domestic cup we had a crazy fun to the final which then finished with one of the craziest matches i've ever been in. Our keeper saved 2 penalties in normal time but they took the lead with 5 minutest to go. I thought all was lost until we managed to score a 93rd minute penalty to go to extra time! We held on to take it to penalties where our keeper then saved two more penalties to win the cup and put us in Europe for our second season! This will be amazing for our finances but team depth is dreadful and we've had no good youths in our first year so this may be a struggle. Cup Run Transfers No transfers. Only signed on two youth players who only have 1 star potential so i doubt they will be around long but they will provide some useful backup next season. Squad Key Players Christian Miana: A key striker for us with 14 goals in all competitions. At 23 he could have a long future at the club but there have been rumblings from him about wanting to move to a bigger club. Will European football help that? We will have to wait and see. He is rated as a 'decent' Super League player. Gentian Demolli: Our best midfielder, possibly best player aged just 20. He has the potential to be a top division player and as much as i want to keep him around i think i will struggle. He has a non promotion release clause of just £26k in his contract so i may lose him this summer. Fingers crossed i dont. Facilities Finances Finances are in the red but the cup win gave us £201k which has cut that debt in half, as well as the additional revenue from tickets. I'm hoping European football can help give us a boost too!
  15. Have they said how we can sell on unwanted tickets yet? Edit: ignore that i've just found it.
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