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  1. Wow, impressive! I thought my score of 10.000 would be nearly impossible to beat - but you surpassed me even with a good margin! Did you make your own tactic or a downloaded one?
  2. So I decided to wait two seasons before making another post. Season 6 ended in an underwhelming way as I actually had high hope for improving the previous league placements (5th and 4th place), but ended up with yet another 4th place. No points for the challenge. In the transfer window before season 7 I actually only signed 3 players. This is unusual for me in this kind of save where I only sign free transfers. A combination of developing young players over many seasons and a lack of players that would be an improvement in the end became vital in the season ahead. The seventh season... we did it. We won the Premier League! Let's get on to the challenge points we have achieved. Premier League champions (season 3-7): 1000 points Fa-Cup: 250 points Championship champions: 75 points League One champions: 25 points EFL trophy: 20 points My League One player was Gustavo Hamer. Have to be honest here; did not think it would be possible to have him as a key player if I wanted to actually finish the challenge. Despite the gradually more obvious lack of quality I still decided to include him as much as possible. As far as the challenge points for him he featured in 23 Premier League matches and started 5 of them. League One player bonus: 500 points League One player starts: 5= 500 points Championship team continuity bonus: Players who won promotion from the Championship that were registered and played in the Premier League: Xavi Symons, Pietro Pellegri, Matthew Mitchell (academy newgen), Christian Ramos (newgen), Gustavo Hamer, Luke Slane (academy newgen), Ronaldo Camara, Sergio Gomez, Matheus Mendes, Armindo Sieb. 10 players=1000 points And at last, an extra 250 points for every one of these players that started at least 10 Premier League games in the title winning season: Xavi Symons, Pietro Pellegri, Matthew Mitchell (academy newgen), Christian Ramos (newgen) 4 players= 1000 points Total score: 4370 points This time; well.. It depends on the rules of the challenge. My question to you, @Mark_w, is the same I have asked you a few times now without getting an answer: Does the challenge end when you win the Premier League, or does it last as long as the time it took Leicester to win it - 8 seasons - and therefore I can continue this challenge for an another season to try to win some cup trophies to beat Leicesters score? Or do I have to just end the challenge here, winning Premier League earlier than Leicester but with less points?
  3. Season 5 done. Lost out of a Champions League spot in the last game of the season, so ended up in 5th place. Won the FA-cup! Against Man City, the team that robbed me from the 4th place in the league. As I go into the 6th season of the challenge I fear that it will be difficult to improve the squad much further from this point. I have good players, but miss a bit of quality in key positions. Need some of my youngsters to step up to the challenge. Points so far: Fa-Cup: 250 points Championship champions: 75 points League One champions: 25 points EFL trophy: 20 points
  4. Just a short update. No further points for the challenge - the first season in Premier League (and 4th season in this challenge) ended in 4th place and Champions League next season. A few very important signing before this season. Apart from Youssouf Koné and Kenny Lala all of the signings were cruicial in the good season we ended up with. Koné the most disappointing and actually had to use Bright Arrey-Mbi as a left back to keep a certain quality in the first team. Especially pleased with the signings Arrey-Mbi and newgen Patrick Lebongo. Had to fight of some of the biggest clubs in Europe to complete these transfers. Would probably have lost Arrey-Mbi this summer due to a small minimum release clause to clubs in major competitions - but as we qualified to CL ourself we luckily managed to throw enough money at him to keep him with us. Need a bit of quality in a few, key positions to keep improving. Will be challenging to strengthen the squad further as I only can sign players without contract, and the options seems sparse this summer. The problem is that for every player I need to improve the team it actually means dropping players that would give me points for the challenge... But without improving I will not be able to complete this challenge anyway, so.. let's see who will join us when they leave their clubs. Premier League table:
  5. As previously mentioned I would hold back a bit on the posting for a while to make room for others. Nice to see new people taking up this challenge! Therefore this will be a quick summary of what has happened so far in my second attempt, with Coventry. Just a reminder of what kind of save this is - I'm playing with free transfers only. No loans, no freebies if I have to pay compensation fee, no trades. League One provided stiff competition as we actually were 3 teams who finished with over 100 points. Ended up as Champions. We also won the Papa John's trophy. Was pretty happy with the transfers I got in both during the League One-campaign, but also in the summer transfer window ahead of the Championship season. Long story short: We lost out in the playoff final after Middlesbrough scored a devestating winning goal in the 94.minute. Another summer transfer window in the Championship provided us with additional talents and quality which gave us enough push for promotion in the second attempt. It felt as no team really wanted the promotion to the Premier League as we actually won the Championship even with 11 losses. Points so far: Championship champions: 75 points League One Champions: 25 points EFL trophy: 20 points If I eventually succeed in winning the Premier League I suspect it will be hard to beat Leicesters score of 5000 points. The "League One" player, Gustavo Hamer, is at best a mediocre player. As I experienced with Barnsley this player is quite important as he can provide us with thousands of points as well as bonus points. (Not sure how to add pictures and place them where I want before I post, so will shortly add pictures and edit the post to provide proof of progress/points gathered) Transfers during the first season in League One: Transfers during the second season, in the Championship: Transfers during the third season, in the Championship:
  6. Not a chance! Making tactics have never been a fun or interesting part of football manager for me, and never will be. So what I'm looking for is not a game breaking tactic by any means - but a stable one which doesn't suddenly become useless. The thing I like best is building teams and limit my options by making my own restrictions - working towards a concrete target. This challenge gives me just that :-) EDIT: @nyg Did your start with Coventry also start with financial trouble? I'm taking over a Coventry which struggles with Financial fair play and is in high risk of breaking them - and actually can't even make staff signings at this point because of the finances. May have to keep all players, even sell some even though my return would be 0 %, and scrap my initial plans. (Will post less frequently now to make room for others. Good luck, everyone!)
  7. Will attempt this challenge for a second time. This time with Coventry. It will be nearly impossible to surpass the achievement with Barnsley, so will do it differently and with more difficult restrictions than last time. With Barnsley most of my Premier League winning squad was a result of either player exchanges and/or transferlisted players who were possible to sign for free. A few of them were also a result of initial loan signings who turned out to sign for us. For that reason I will only sign players who are/will be out of contract. Players who requires a compensations fee is not allowed. No player on loans. I know this will be much harder, which is the point.
  8. This may not interest any other than @karanhsingh, but just scroll over it if so. Mowatt was a key player for me in the first two seasons, but was reduced to a squad player in the first season in the Premier League. Ended up with 12 Premier League matches, sadly not in the title winning season. He would have deserved it based on being the captain all through the challenge. Walton played a handful of League One games, and every cup game in the first season. However, when Jack Butland came in he obviously became our firstkeeper. Sold him to Minnesota in the january transfer window halfway in the Championship-season. Was actually replaced by Gianluigi Buffon. Odour was sold after not playing a single game in League One. Kitching was sold half a season later in the january transfer window. He was a backup player for me in League One, and really not needed after the summer transfers was done. By that time he was a backup to Pierre Kalulu (loan from AC Milan) and Michal Helik. When we also managed to land Dan Burn, he simply was not going to play anymore. Sidenote: Michal Helik actually scored 16 times in League One from his central defender position. Pretty special! Mads Andersen was a useful player in League One. Played about 1/3 of the games. In the summer transfer window I traded him for another danish player, Mads Pedersen, the left back. A year later Mads Pedersen actually was part of another player exchange which ended in us signing Luke Shaw before taking on the Premier League. Therefore, Mads Andersen actually proved to be a very important player, although mostly for the role he had in improving the squad with Luke Shaw. Palmer was a decent squad player I had high hopes for, but became a victim in the need for money to increase the wages. Sold him right before the season in Championship started, which enabled me to sign Butland permanently, Hamza Choudhury and Tom Davies on free transfer and Filip Benkovic on loan. In that sense, Romal Palmer may be one of the most important players for the success that followed. The four players he partly financed became four key players in my Barnsley team. Callum Brittain was a key player in League One, 2./3.choice in Championship and the first season in Premier League, but sold him after the first season in Premier League as the alternatives were just too good for him to have any chance of game time.
  9. Thank you. Can give you more details after work of how these players helped me during the challenge. But can say that Mowatt is the only one of these players that still was around for the title win. The tactic is strikerless, yes. So instead of sending a bunch of PM I can just say that it is called Waterfall v1. Don't remember which site I downloaded it from, but should be fairly easy to find.
  10. Have I got some news for you! We actually have done it! We won the Premier League in season 4! I actually have no idea how many points I have got in terms of the challenge scoring as I write this, but will soon find this out. Incredibly happy with the achievement no matter what. I managed to sign good players while I was in the Championship, so managed to bring many of them along as key players all the way to Premier League glory. Should do pretty well. It obviously have been an amazing season, and in addition to the Premier League trophy we also got the League Cup trophy as well. I thought I was happy with the Champions League draw as I got Porto in the first knock-out-round, but they proved too strong. Man City beat us in the 120. minute of the FA-cup quarter final. But let's get on to the points: Premier League title: 1000 points League Cup: 200 points Championship winners: 75 points League One winners: 25 points League One Player Bonus: 2000 points Callum Styles! 37 League games for us in the title winning season, all of them from the start. Not often subbed out, either. Therefore; Callum Styles actually gives me an additional 37*100 points bonus = 3700 points Championship team continuity bonus: Players who won promotion from the Championship that were registered to play in the Premier League: Filip Benkovic, Kostas Tsimikas, Anibal Moreno, Callum Styles, Rodrigo Vilca, Morgan Gibbs-White, Joe Dickinson (regen), Tom Davies, Jack Butland, Hamza Choudhury, Angel Gomes and Ben Davies. 12 players=1000 points (I presume the scoring mean 10-14 players gives 1000 points) And at last, an extra 250 points for every one of these players that started at least 10 Premier League games in the title winning season: Benkovic, Tsimikas, Moreno, Styles, Vilca, Gibbs-White, Dickinson and Davies. 8 players = 2000 points Total score: 10.000 points! We did it! Thank you for an inspiring, fun challenge, @Mark_w. Really enjoyed it. As the title was not secured until the last game I actually wasn't prepared for it to end so suddenly, was already planning ahead for next season. But thank you for the fun save this proved to be. Will add a few screenshots, but not sure how many is wanted/needed to provide evidence of the accomplishments. Will happily provide more if needed. Transfers:
  11. It was not to be, but still a fantastic first season in Premier League by finishing 4th and securing a Champions League spot. Tried to win the FA cup, but Everton proved to strong in the quarter final. Even though this was a remarkable season it didn't score any points for this challenge. Transfers:
  12. Could the first season in the Premier League really be a title winning season? Chelsea have dropped a few points lately, while my Barnsley-team has 9 wins and 1 draw from the 10 latest Premier League games. If we keep this up, just maybe.. Still waiting for a reply on this one, @Mark_w
  13. During the 8 seasons this challenge lasts, I guess we get the points every time one of the trophies is won? Like, 250 points for every FA-cup trophy?
  14. Yeah, have only been playing an academy save for over 20 years up until this point in FM21, so to finally be able to sign players was fun. I'm using a tactic I have downloaded from another site. Don't know if it is available on this forum as well.
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