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  1. Even if I untick a few of the boxes regarding "realistic appointments" i staff search, nothing changes, and also not choose how many attributes that need to match.
  2. Didn't feel at home at my last club, so tried to reload to get Leatherhead again. About 500 reloads later (I'm not kidding!) I finally... ...gave up. So, say hello to the new manager of Basford! (edited out name)
  3. Well, after almost 2 hours of reloading this simply would'nt happen. However, when Buxton showed up it was something that immediately seemed right for some reason. So, I'm giving this another go. Here is the Profile Buxton. (removed name). After renewing most contracts I find myself potentially losing one of the best players at the club before I have even started the save. Diego de Girolamo won't renew his contract, and is now on a month to month deal after his contract expired. Will be devestating to lose a player of this calibre. Where is the "bribe" and "sweet talk"-buttons??
  4. Welcome to the sacking club, I am the last member to join before you... My plan is to keep reloading until the first team in England with a team reputation of 1850 (using the dafuge-OP) or less gets promoted.
  5. Sacked! After cementing my place in the 24.spot in Vanarama National League with Leatherhead, the new chairman seemed to think it was time for a change. What did they expect after we got promoted against all odds? Well.. perhaps they expected us to sign a few players to help the team out, but not this manager, no! I might have failed to mention that I would never make a single signing when I first had my interview for the job... My biggest apology goes to the one and only Bobby who proved me wrong and showed everyone that at 35 years, with legs mostly gone, you can
  6. Wow. How important was those extra goals.. What a difference between staying up and going down!
  7. Damned takeover talks going on for over 4 months now! Not being able to speak to the board about anything. Would really like to make Leatherhead a professional club now that we are in Vanarama National League, and since I cannot speak to them I also have no chance of improving the facilities, improving the youth intake... On the plus side: The damn board have not met a single request of mine so far, so I guess it's a good thing after all. But we all know it too well.. after what looks to be a half year (or more?) it will probably still get stranded for no other reason than bugging the h
  8. How long time could I expect a board takeover to be in FM19? I have been under takeover-talks for several months now, which started in may/june. It is now september 26., and I have not heard any news regarding the takeover. I can not speak to the board, and on the "board"-screen on the "Owner status" it just says that "Paul Mason is continuing with talks regarding the takeover at the club". Is this normal? Playing with Leatherhead, currently in Vanarama National League in 2020.
  9. Wow! Just... wow! We got promoted from Vanarama League South by winning the playoff-finale, already in the first season! With Leatherhead! It certainly did not come easy. In the finale we met Dulwich Hamlet, a favourite FM-club of mine which I have taken to the Premier League on multiple occations in previous versions of the game. We lost both our games agains DH in the league, by 1-3 at home and 4-2 away, and I really can't believe what just happened. Let's take a few steps back. After using (and liking) a 523 WB-formation in FM18 I really wanted to use this again this year. Th
  10. No, not from the start of the season. Didn't mean to give you false hope. But keep reloading, it took me about 40 minutes to get Leatherhead :-)
  11. Currently managing Leatherhead in the FM19 youth academy challenge :-)
  12. So, I started this challenge with a different team, and ended the first save I had. Didn't feel "at home" at my previous club, even though it went way over expectations.. So, new beginnings! I wanted to choose a team a bit more obscure, so I decided to reload the game until the very first team with team reputation below a certain point (using the rankings shown in the dafuge 19-challenge). If revealing this reputation is seen as a spoiler, I will hide it. Anyway, after many, many reloads I am now the proud manager of Leatherhead Here is my manager profile (edited, remov
  13. So close! After a season well above expectations we ended at a respectable 7.place (prediction 21.), and made it to the playoff semi finale. Dulwich Hamlet proved to be too strong, and my run for promotion stopped here. The youth intake was good, and something to work with for the next season which should be even better now that I actually have players. Just tried to throw a few images in an album on imgur, to show the league table, transfers (lack therof) and a few of the most promising regens I got. Please let me know if something is missing from this post to be acceptable proo
  14. I know, but going from using "grey" players and a goalkeeper as outfield players to suddenly adding 16 new players to the team... It's pretty golden to me whatever quality!
  15. That feeling when you have finally made it to the youth intake date, with only having 13 players to choose from up until this point (including a 16 year old goalkeeper being used as a substitute to outfieldplayers in any position...)... ...and it's a "golden generation"! 16 new players to choose from!
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