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  1. Officially given up on FM19 and gone back to FM18 bacause of the lack of improvement on this topic. Really, really disappointing. Really simple function that works perfectly in FM18. For some reason - impossible to fix in FM19.
  2. Agreed. Perfect in FM18, still a disaster for FM19 even after almost a month after release - and this is actually a function they were aware of in the beta - and later "fixed" to the full release... It's one of those things that just seems like it should be really, really easy to fix. Continue the game even if the cursor/arrow is moved around on the screen, but STOP if we click on something (anywhere on the screen)!
  3. Didn't feel at home at my last club, so tried to reload to get Leatherhead again. About 500 reloads later (I'm not kidding!) I finally... ...gave up. So, say hello to the new manager of Basford! (edited out name)
  4. Still waiting for a response from someone that can do something about it!
  5. Well, after almost 2 hours of reloading this simply would'nt happen. However, when Buxton showed up it was something that immediately seemed right for some reason. So, I'm giving this another go. Here is the Profile Buxton. (removed name). After renewing most contracts I find myself potentially losing one of the best players at the club before I have even started the save. Diego de Girolamo won't renew his contract, and is now on a month to month deal after his contract expired. Will be devestating to lose a player of this calibre. Where is the "bribe" and "sweet talk"-buttons??
  6. Welcome to the sacking club, I am the last member to join before you... My plan is to keep reloading until the first team in England with a team reputation of 1850 (using the dafuge-OP) or less gets promoted.
  7. Sacked! After cementing my place in the 24.spot in Vanarama National League with Leatherhead, the new chairman seemed to think it was time for a change. What did they expect after we got promoted against all odds? Well.. perhaps they expected us to sign a few players to help the team out, but not this manager, no! I might have failed to mention that I would never make a single signing when I first had my interview for the job... My biggest apology goes to the one and only Bobby who proved me wrong and showed everyone that at 35 years, with legs mostly gone, you can still score 18 goals and have 13 assists. Will see what the future brings, but my days at Leatherhead are sadly over. Will probably start a new save with a different team.
  8. Wow. How important was those extra goals.. What a difference between staying up and going down!
  9. Damned takeover talks going on for over 4 months now! Not being able to speak to the board about anything. Would really like to make Leatherhead a professional club now that we are in Vanarama National League, and since I cannot speak to them I also have no chance of improving the facilities, improving the youth intake... On the plus side: The damn board have not met a single request of mine so far, so I guess it's a good thing after all. But we all know it too well.. after what looks to be a half year (or more?) it will probably still get stranded for no other reason than bugging the hell out of me!
  10. How long time could I expect a board takeover to be in FM19? I have been under takeover-talks for several months now, which started in may/june. It is now september 26., and I have not heard any news regarding the takeover. I can not speak to the board, and on the "board"-screen on the "Owner status" it just says that "Paul Mason is continuing with talks regarding the takeover at the club". Is this normal? Playing with Leatherhead, currently in Vanarama National League in 2020.
  11. In the beta the continue game timeout was a disaster as the game continued no matter what you were up to. I could be in the middle of a negotiation and then suddenly move on to continue without any common sense. Well, now you have changed this - but still not nearly as smooth as this function worked in FM18. Now the "continue game timeout" does NOT continue in most occations, and often stop without me even doing anything, or even touching the computer. The "Continue"-button often stands still at "Continue (2)", and not moving on - or it does a countdown from 2-1 and then...nothing happens. This is really annoying, and still need to be fixed. The function should be as simple as: - Continue no matter what, unless it is a choice to be made. For example; how to treat an injury (physio, specialist, send home etc.), contract negotiations, registrations, etc. - STOP the processing ONLY if we CLICK on something on the screen. Please make it so we don't have to spesifically click on a new screen/profile/table or something specific, but even make it work so it stops if I click on an empty place on the screen. It is a useless function if it stops just by moving the mouse cursor/arrow, because the function is not clever enough to realize if I'm active in the game or really is visiting an internet-page. - I play the game in windowed mode, and like to go on the Internet while the game continues (as I'm actually doing right now). However, the "continue game timeout" seems to not be clever enough to know when I have left the FM-window for a while, so the game stops more often than it continue. Please don't make the game stop if we just move the mouse on the screen! (it is the same in full screen-mode). Really tired of opening the FM-tab after a little while, and see that the game only moved forward a day until it stopped even though nothing needs my immediate attention - when the game really should and could have moved forward 14 days. The most times it works is if I leave the window while the game is processing. This is an important function, please fix it asap.
  12. Wow! Just... wow! We got promoted from Vanarama League South by winning the playoff-finale, already in the first season! With Leatherhead! It certainly did not come easy. In the finale we met Dulwich Hamlet, a favourite FM-club of mine which I have taken to the Premier League on multiple occations in previous versions of the game. We lost both our games agains DH in the league, by 1-3 at home and 4-2 away, and I really can't believe what just happened. Let's take a few steps back. After using (and liking) a 523 WB-formation in FM18 I really wanted to use this again this year. The only problem was that I only had one single central defender in the whole team. So I actually ended up using a central defender, a midfielder and a striker (!) as my central defenders. I also only had one single goalkeeper, and was very lucky that I didn't get any injuries on him. Was actually very lucky with injuries through the whole season, and could almost use the same players in every match. Couldn't wait until the youth intake. The excitement. The expectations. The hope for a intake that would really improve the team. Well.. it did not go as planned. Not what I had in mind, and really did not help me much for either this season nor the next to come I suspect. The profile of the most promising one, Conor Doyle. I suspect that I will become dependent on the players that got me up this year, which is a bit unsettling. The most important striker, Robert "Bobby" Cullen will become 35 years old during preseason. I think I sqeezed out whatever he had left in him in the playoff-finale as he scored two goals, ending his total tally in 36 goals and 18 assists in the league. Could not have done this without him - but almost afraid to be dependent on him next season as well. No transfers Here is the League Table. Really need a more promising youth intake next season...
  13. No, not from the start of the season. Didn't mean to give you false hope. But keep reloading, it took me about 40 minutes to get Leatherhead :-)
  14. Currently managing Leatherhead in the FM19 youth academy challenge :-)
  15. So, I started this challenge with a different team, and ended the first save I had. Didn't feel "at home" at my previous club, even though it went way over expectations.. So, new beginnings! I wanted to choose a team a bit more obscure, so I decided to reload the game until the very first team with team reputation below a certain point (using the rankings shown in the dafuge 19-challenge). If revealing this reputation is seen as a spoiler, I will hide it. Anyway, after many, many reloads I am now the proud manager of Leatherhead Here is my manager profile (edited, removed my name). I chose to put all 7 of the manager points to working with youngsters.
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