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  1. I tried to create new regen within the file, but never appeared in the game.
  2. I hope everything will be good with you, Daz. FM is a good way to escape from bad thoughts. Keep your fate, and keep playing and writing.
  3. We are out from the Cup Very good start in the league. We are on the top after 20 games, 4 points ahead. Top scorer
  4. Here we go... Main target is to find youth Left Winger/Striker (priority from our academy), develop it and sell to CSKA Sofia or good european team. I disabled first transer window activity and no transfers for now. Signed a DoF - a Bulgarian legend from the past I will start with 4-2-3-1 Zaharnata fabrika (eng.translation - the sugar factory), because our stadium is next to a sugar factory: Our facility: First fixtures: Won some friendlies , and after that good run in Preliminary rounds for Bulgarian cup. My top players in the squad:
  5. Clicked to start the game and an error encountered. FM 2019 v19.1.4.1164389 (2018.11.18 00.33.21).dmp
  6. Sorry man but none of these are true. Pomorie's ground is with artificial grass and this is not allowed for official games. The real name is Gradski stadium, meaning city's stadium.
  7. Maritsa (Bulgarian: Марица) is a Bulgarian association football club based in Plovdiv, that plays in the Third League, the third flight of Bulgarian football. It was established in 1921, after the merger of the teams Vampir and Trite Konski Sili. The club plays its home games at Maritsa Stadium, located in the city's northern district. The team's biggest success is playing in Bulgaria's top division four times, in 1967–68, 1969–70, 1970–71 and 1996-97. They have also reached the semifinals of the Bulgarian Cup once, in 1996–97. The team is named Maritsa after the river of the same name, which flows past Plovdiv. The club is particularly famous for its renowned youth program that has produced many Bulgarian talents over the years – Hristo Stoichkov, Dinko Dermendzhiev, Aleksandar Aleksandrov. Bulgarian national first-team players Georgi Georgiev, Kostadin Vidolov, Krassimir Chomakov, Valeri Domovchiyski, Yordan Todorov, Asen Nikolov had also came through the ranks at Maritsa.
  8. Bulgaria down to 5th level. Over 700 clubs in the National cup. Enjoy! https://mega.nz/#!gR8FBAqI!4CYhSm4-Bpp5zFt8KpTWY2_ogZvN6332d6x-kdFFWNM
  9. How do you load it in the game without verificate it?
  10. Check your periods, the game can not create enough rounds for some competition. Check days when can be played games.
  11. Check min/max clubs per comp, should be same at all places.
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