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  1. How can I change the match screen? In the marked panels I would like to get the team formations...
  2. Hey guys is there a way to check nations treated as non foreign in the game?
  3. I don't think there is an updated version. I have had great results with it both in defense and attack (if you take into account the team you are managing). In the Belarus top league i conceded 51 goals and scored 67 in 30 games, keep in mind I finished 5th and the goal was to attempt to avoid relegation. Meanwhile i took a job in the polish second division and here are the latest results after taking over at the end of the season. EDIT: Won the last game 4:1 and got the promotion to the top league.
  4. Just to update my results with this tactic. After the promotion to the first league the tactic keeps doing great. I made a few transfers, but I am far from the quality that's needed to finish 5th in the league. (20.4.1 DB)
  5. Yes. The screenshot I put up was from my latest save that's 20.4.1 I've tried using other 424 tactics that had better results but this one was always doing better...
  6. I have been using !FM20.2.4WULF424IFKnapP98ECFA across multiple saves and teams (big and small). Here are the latest results with a new save. Started unemployed and took the job at the end of the first season, second season expectations were to finish mid table (9th). So if anyone is looking for a great 424 formation I recommend this one...
  7. Heres an example of a real player... EDIT: Of course the colors need more work...
  8. Thanks. Worked great. Is there a way to make the bottom row a little taller?
  9. Hey guys how can I change the small panels in the player profile screen from 4x3 to 4x2 like shown in the attachments?
  10. Does anyone know how to add the "Add" button in Local regions in the editor?
  11. Thanks for the help. The structure of the leagues would be 1>2>interrepublic league (3 tier)>republic leagues (4 tier) In order to create the 4th tier/republic leagues would that league be based on the local region? Would I have to create local regions for each republic?
  12. So if I move the cities into the new country everything should work out?
  13. So If I move the cities to the new country everything should stay the same...
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