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  1. First of all, you aren't entitled to anything in this thread. If you want to come and discredit my work then I'd expect you'd at least make an effort to back your claims somehow. But seeing as you've not even bothered with anything else than whataboutism, I've decided to humor you. I took a look at the first file in the download you've endorsed. I'll use some high profile players as examples since they should be easiest in terms of research to get reasonably correct. Case 1: Eduardo (Kawasaki Frontale): Set attributes amount to a recommended current ability value of 85,
  2. I'd recommend you take a look at how detailed the players (or staff, for that matter) are between the two. Otherwise you can hop off this thread to spout baseless nonsense elsewhere.
  3. Have you considered that tempo, physicality of play, directness, pressing and width are all relative to the attacking attribute?
  4. Great stuff, thanks! I tend to forget about players moving abroad to play in smaller leagues. Some of those duplicates are really strange considering they are players who've retired some time ago, I must've missed them early on without realizing they had counterparts in the database already. In any case, I've gone and deleted every duplicate in this list and will probably be able to release a hotfix soon.
  5. This is sort of a beta release considering I've only tested the file with the two highest divisions. I've also left some of the managers sacked in the latter half of the season unchanged if they were replaced by interim options, these will be changed for the 2019 season release.
  6. Contents The file has been updated to the summer transfer window of the 2018 season. There are over 600,000 changes in total. Every first team player and staff member in J1 & J2 League has been included. All personnel have been set with attributes, positions, shirt numbers, personal details and playing histories. Most of the staff members and some players in J3 have been included with the above details set. Real attendance and season ticket figures for teams in J1 through JFL. Real media outlets and major player agents have been added. (by Dax) More than 1000
  7. Yes, this is correct. I changed every medium hairstyle to short for the time being so it won't look as silly while it's fixed.
  8. Weerachart is the romanization used for the original player in the Thai database.
  9. I did mention that I've got the file working in FM19 just two posts up...
  10. You can enable the option to compress data files following these instructions (or by downloading and replacing the comp_editor file):
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