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  1. I have to recreate the players that moved to Japan between patches as they have been deleted. Will take one more day.
  2. I've been busy with other things recently but the file will be released in the next week.
  3. After the 18.3.0 update has been released.
  4. [Asia] (Official) Data Issues

    Sekiguchi's dispatch as the Northern Mariana Islands national team head coach and technical chairperson ended in February 2017. He's currently the academy deputy director at Shonan Bellmare. The current head coach is Michiteru Mita.
  5. [Finland] (Official) Data Issues

    Because of a rule which prohibits two teams under the same club playing on the national level, FC Jazz 2 were refounded as a separate club and took on the old name Porin Pallo-Toverit after their promotion to Kakkonen in 2016. They ended up relegating and disbanded before the next season started due to a lack of players. Mikkelin Pallo-Kissat and Mikkelin Kissat co-existed in the 80s before the former went bankrupt. Last season MiKi received special permission from their regional FA to use MiPK as the club's abbreviation for what would have been MiPK's 70th year of existence, the club itself is still Mikkelin Kissat. The practise has seemingly continued this season and as such is represented correctly in the database.
  6. The temporary fix has been stated a couple of posts above.
  7. [Sweden] (Official) Data Issues

    Daniel Sjölund (121296) has MYPA set as one of his favoured clubs. This should most likely be IFK Mariehamn instead because Sjölund has no connections to MYPA and IFK is his boyhood club.
  8. [Finland] (Official) Data Issues

    Out of those 88.7% perhaps only 20% have a decent understanding of Swedish. The rest ranges from none to basic.
  9. There's already a "fix", but it's not a perfect one. The game doesn't actually freeze up but getting past the first quarter takes quite a while, around 15 minutes for myself. As to why this happens I don't know yet, but cutting the load time back to a reasonable length is a priority.
  10. Those files probably add new players so ID mismatches are inevitable.
  11. The problem was most likely coincidental to the update, it is unlikely that new issues will appear.
  12. You should be fine as it happens in January 2018. Did you start your save before or after the hotfix?