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  1. Sebastian Mannström (8504248) needs to have his Swedish second nationality removed. He only has a Finnish passport and has no connections to Sweden.
  2. Mostagh Yaghoubi (33031207) name has a typo, it should be Moshtagh instead. Atom Tanaka (788523) should have his first name as Atomu, Atom is just his nickname.
  3. There will be a version for 17.3.0 with everything up to date.
  4. Thank you, the research deadline has already passed and we are preparing for the new season to start properly. I should also remind you that Weigl's PA would put him in the top 12 of current German players which seems like he's got quite the potential in-game.
  5. I'm fairly sure that the person who researched Weigl has seen him play much more than you or me combined. The issue here is you're ignoring how the attributes function fundamentally in the match engine. Out of all the players in Weigl's age group that are in the same CA bracket (+/- 15), his mental attributes are the best by a clear margin. He is factually the best young holding midfielder in the game and that isn't changed by the fact that someone else has their passing attribute one or two higher. That's the big picture here.
  6. It's not my responsibility to provide facts to your opinions and you're obviously not being receptive to this conversation since you keep bringing up a single attribute without considering the big picture. Not to mention that comparing players across the database based on a single attribute is pointless as each player is researched individually. This is the third time I have to mention that passing is not a standalone attribute. Januzaj is not and will not be a better passer in the game just because his passing is a massive two points higher than Weigl's because the latter has a huge advantage in mental attributes. And do you really think a 20 CA player from Wales is a better passer in the game than Weigl? His attributes are downscaled by the game so he won't end up with a 16 in passing in any case.
  7. Opinions should be backed up by facts if you want them to be taken seriously.
  8. Like I've said twice now, passing is not the only attribute that determines how good a player is distributing the ball. Getting hung up on a single attribute is missing the point, a more pertinent question would be if Weigl performs differently in the game from real life. And the virtual version seems to play very much like the real one, along with being one of the best players in the game for the holding midfielder role. It's a much better way to approach research by being bold in representing each player's strengths and weaknesses and making them unique instead of giving out 16s for passing to every midfielder that's good on the ball because a 14 would "look out of place" when in fact it's an excellent value. Ronaldo was around 40 CA points better than Rooney last year.
  9. Why should his passing come up if he does not play difficult passes? An attribute of 14 in passing is an excellent value for how he plays and allows him to even be accurate over longer distances. Retaining possession is more to do with mental attributes like Kox explained in the post I linked, and Weigl is among the highest rated players in the database for composure, decisions and teamwork.
  10. Yes, and his ability in the game allows for him to become a starter for the German national team. Weigl is a limited player who plays a specialized role in Tuchel's system. He isn't a creative player nor does he make particularly impressive passes, but stands out because of his intelligence on the pitch and this is represented in the game with his exceptional mental attributes. This post by the German co-HR outlines Weigl's profile well.
  11. What type of player do you think Weigl is?
  12. HooGee/2 has been registered as HooGee for the upcoming season in Kolmonen. HooGee/1 changes its name to HooGee/Hodarit.
  13. Star ratings and coach reports aren't accurate for making comparisons between players. You need to look at how the players perform in the game.
  14. Weigl is a talented yet very limited player whose skill set is already among the best in his role. It's unlikely that he has much room to grow and the PA represents this early peak quite accurately in my opinion.
  15. Jos Hooiveld (856834) has a relationship with Albin Bjelkendal-Haaranen marked down as his brother. This seems to be a mistake.