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  1. Because this file is so big, it takes so long to load, and it slows the editor down so much, I've had a hard time making changes in it that weren't just adding players in a new file + merging it into the big guy. If I see an obvious mistake (player on the wrong club, player with an accidental 1 or 20 for an attribute because I made a typo) I can just fix it in the big file when I get around to it, but filling in all of a player's attributes is almost impossible. It takes too long. This is probably why I got into adding so many leagues, even smaller ones, because it was the only way I thought I
  2. I have a save where I save/reload matches against an all-200 CA team (weird but a good way to check out some stuff in the match engine, it was way too easy to beat them before the patch this year) and they did it to me once, I think it was right after a kickoff
  3. Finished Argentina's second division last week. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yZvyzQBjzQmTV62gQc5ulqQDXFj0pTug/
  4. I never got a response on this bug report but it's sorta connected, even if it's just about junk data in a user database. Makes it look like the AI doesn't handle extreme situations well enough
  5. Sorry for never replying, I'm a flake. But I got South Africa and Finland done! All of the saves I post should have all of the filled-out leagues. I know that most people can't run 49 leagues, but at some point this became a game in itself to see how much of the database I can fill up. It's a pretty total upheaval of the original CM03-04 data, so there shouldn't be any top-level international players with 100 PA just because that's what the original data set them as. But the other way around, like the Freddy Adus and Cherno Sambas of the world, they will have the higher values that were p
  6. I'm noticing AI struggling to register players for the Super Lig and I'm not sure why. They'll leave some of their top players unregistered - are they struggling with the rules? These are both Turkish and foreign players, in situations where they have more than enough blank spaces left in the squad selection. I'm running a retro database but I'm not sure why it would make the AI behave like this since I set at least most of the homegrown stuff correctly for the Turkish players.
  7. I see a fairly common bug in Israel a few years in: a player's contract will expire, and they'll be held on a month-to-month deal, but the league doesn't let you register players on month-to-months. For some reason, the player doesn't leave either. At AI clubs these players will be "frozen" for years at a time.
  8. Yeah no problem, my holiday save is in 2025, you can peek around no problem. I threw the Czech league in too lol. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13tfj2raI-YKEuT4-48S1PGc9hfkV1yuQ/ With the detailed_future_regen thing, it can only set so many details, so if it actually gets someone's attribute profile right it's just blind luck. I wish there were templates for wingbacks and defensive midfielders, the FBs are usually too defensive and the CMs are usually too attacking. I also didn't go crazy with it, like there's only 75 people or so in there. But it's a good, underrated tool if you'r
  9. The game will only load Poland if I put so many teams in it, otherwise it gets the red exclamation point thing at startup. I would need to make a new advanced rules file for every country like this, change up all the formats, probably turn off all the failsafes/verification stuff, and hope I don't do something stupid that crashes the game. It takes 3 hours+ to create a new savegame file, so that's three hours + the time to holiday a few seasons if I want to playtest something. It's just a ton of work I don't want to do lol. At least with all the player data entry I can mostly zone out and turn
  10. I do find it interesting how they were basically able to represent football within the game's established models for maybe 15 years, and then they've had to deal with Qatar WC, Brexit, COVID and superleague one after another. The same way you can go into a domestic league's advanced rules in the pregame editor to change the prize money or change a foreign player limit, I would love to see them add for the continentals/internationals.
  11. Finished up Colombia, I'm probably gonna upload it tomorrow since there's two faustino asprillas hanging around in parallel universes (well, colombia/argentina) unaware of each other's existence. Israel next. edit: Newest save with colombia up at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hFjwXkOirlRMbTpFOoF2s8K-6G8fDRwd
  12. I was gonna start my own thread but then I used the big brain advanced technique of looking up the word "slow." I work on the 03-04 database with 2 million+ changes and obviously it's a complete nightmare to start up a game. It's hilarious but I have the thing up on steam workshop and half the comments are like "game dont work" because yeah, these guys are waiting 3 hours to make a save game, of course they think it froze. I'd like to know if there's a technical/memory leak reason for this that SI can work on. One thing that might be able to help: because of the way the player IDs transit
  13. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/540956-fm21-championship-manager-2003-2004-database-ported-up-to-fm21/?tab=comments#comment-12902972 This thing is kind of an artifact from years and years ago, and I understand why it's not a priority. It's so old that it doesn't accept -85, -75 etc values for potential ability because those were introduced after the last time this was ever touched. I must be one of like five people who still uses it. But I think it would be neat if there were a few more options. There aren't position lines for wingbacks and defensive midfielders, so
  14. Hey lads, I've been working on the database, I think since the last update I've added Austrian Bundesliga, Italian Serie C, English Conference National, Australian National Soccer League and Polish Ekstraklasa. New day one save with all leagues, 43 or 44 off the top of my head: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hGMxtwIH0bzL6hIkNbs53T9uhXvjXmBq/ New giant pile of player pictures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t2dFWPicv12OWmiZ9pRCury7wyiHydph/ I'm an utter bozo in the advanced rules so the Australian league doesn't designate a champion somehow (?), gotta fix that eventually, eve
  15. Did you get it working before the patch? Because looking at it, I messed the syntax up, put too many quotation marks in. Both in the edt file and in the xml. I'm a total klutz with keeping old versions of stuff around and uploading them, I do it all the time. I started a new save after the patch and I still got the first few players to come through the regen classes, it reads the db and all this kind of stuff from the 2111 folders and not the 2130. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17B0A--GF2f9alBZFG06QGSxevPYtXuKi/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HLB3t-6TWuQCXRUljFg4B
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