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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1976298112 Foundation of the file was made by MadScientistFM, this is a port + tweak of his file from FM19 with a few leagues and a picture pack added
  2. If you look on steamdb (https://steamdb.info/app/1100600/history/) they recently made changes to "si-bvt" (build verification test), which looks like a test they run right before releasing the new version. I noticed it the day before they dropped 20.2. But I don't want to mislead you, I'm just reading tea leaves; they could want to run tests for any reason, or maybe it came back with something they need to work on.
  3. I think the biggest problem, though it's tied to how weak chances are, is that the players don't have any personality in the 3D. Like, it's exciting when your wingback has 17 pace, decent attacking attributes, but he's kind of an idiot defensively. Maybe it's less exciting when your injury cover pensioner CB has 7 pace, but as long as you're forced to use him you also want to protect him and play to his strengths. This doesn't exist in FM20 because player behavior is kind of a mush, and whether your wingback creates a great chance or the long ball goes over the old man's head, it's not very likely that anything is going to happen.
  4. I'm seeing that all under-21 players are eligible for the first team, no matter what their nationality is, and they don't need to go through the work permit system if there's a Brexit. But looking at AI transfers, they really aren't signing enough young foreigners for the u-23s in my opinion. Being able to sign U21s from any country without dealing with the work permit is a huge advantage for a human player, anyone would know how to game the system in real life if these were the actual rules, so the AI should too.
  5. It's complicated to install something like this but it's not hard, it's just a lot of steps. - go to preferences and turn on "show user IDs to assist in skinning" or whatever it's called - change the file name of the picture you want to the newgen's unique ID - Nicky Jones in that picture is 1915526532. They should all be around that long. Do this as many times as you want. - move that picture to your faces folder, for me it's the default windows directory (Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\faces\faces). Should be the same folder your other player images are in. If you don't have graphics folders yet you can just make them now as long as they're in the right place. - download [url=https://www.fmscout.com/a-fmXML-for-windows.html]FMXML[/url], point it to your faces folder, and make sure to tick the checkbox "All filenames are IDs" - go to preferences, turn off skin cache, turn on reload skin on confirm Once you have the routine down the hardest part by far is typing in the stupid long unique ID numbers.
  6. You have to handpick them, change the numbers around yourself and use fmxml. The game makes new player IDs in sequence so I guess if you're playing in Korea you can load in a bunch of Asian faces and do it that way, maybe with cmd and excel, but that's as close as you can get. Aside from that there's no difference between a white player's ID and a black player's ID or whatever, so the game doesn't know. I wouldn't recommend anything more than punching in ID numbers for your signings, your key youth players and maybe the stars of your league if it's a long term file, obviously following the basic physical characteristics of their default regen face.
  7. Hey lads, I made a big folder of faces from PES with a photoshop lighting filter mass-applied to them. Someone on sortitoutsi had the idea of using PES faces but I thought they looked a little flat - not his fault, just the way the standard PES images look. It's easy to scrape images from the pesdb site because they use ID numbers, I got around 800 of them but getting more wouldn't be a problem They look good with the logos on the default skin but a lot of you use skins that make the faces huge and these are only 128x128 so, uh, see what happens I guess https://drive.google.com/file/d/1akEi3FVS52mHQoLhATp7VFrBpyduhhiP/view
  8. Total numbers are better and variety is way, way better. You can click around teams in a new save with "add players to playable teams" to see how much better it is, they did a good job. But I think it's a "data issue," so it's not save-compatible - would like to hear an SI opinion I remember seeing a post that I think was from SI/mods saying the problem with America was a coding issue with MLS. Looking at the MLS thread it might be way down on the list of problems. You don't have the same issue with a user DB.
  9. I haven't gotten stuck into a game yet because of this issue They promised more players with second nationalities but there's actually way, way fewer than FM19, which was still below real life levels. I play in Turkey and the Turkish diaspora (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium etc) is traditionally a huge source of players for the league. Played for a season and a half and realized, hey, those players won't exist after a couple years, and there's no way a change will be save-compatible. And obviously the match engine wasn't a joy either - bad football is perfectly fine, I watch a ton of it, but there's a variety in bad football that isn't there when you see the same players in the same positions making the same mistakes every match for both teams. I wish they could have kept the public beta open, especially if it's still going to be a while. They can't need any more documentation on the issues people have with this version.
  10. I really don't think the beta was better than this, and I don't like this either.
  11. I'm pretty sure this happens either when you just run a top division and a team gets promoted, or when you add a league to the game late.
  12. So regens that are generated with this are capped at like 130 or 140 PA, which isn't ideal, especially in fantasy databases where you're trying to greatly raise the standard of, like, India. But a lot of leagues aren't filled out, you want players to be generated, especially at the lower levels. Is there a way to trick it into only generating senior players, not youth?
  13. I added a bunch of leagues on top of it last year, so I'm used to working with it. The leagues all have missing teams or extra teams in 20, so it doesn't look like it should run, but that should be a ten minute fix. The big problem is all the players who got disappeared from 19 to 20, about 600-800 of them. Every player has a database entry, and every year SI will delete some of the database entries if the retired player isn't in coaching or management. Same goes for players who just retired last year like Xavi, I think their player data is inaccessible. These players will have to be created again one-by-one from scratch. One thing I was able to do was go into the XML file and batch-edit everyone's birth year up by 1.
  14. If this is getting fixed, can we also make it possible to copy and paste national transfer values and weekly salary values? It's a holdover from at least last year.
  15. Wait so this is working as intended? If the extra field in the DB and the SI nationality tables are producing results like this, but the tools work, I'd really like to see them get opened up to the pregame editor/community, because these results aren't good enough. I'm pretty sure obviously foreign names of players without second nationalities are already taken out of the nameset? If they weren't you'd see regens in Sweden named like Abdullah Malmqvist and Henrik Mijatovic. So what would be wrong with classifying the names as (just for Sweden, off the top of my head) Albanian/Kosovar, Turkish/Kurdish, Latin American, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Arab, Eastern European, East African, and applying percentages of individual nationalities later? I can understand how for the UK it would be hard to pick out a Caribbean or an Irish name, but this is easy. This is without getting into the Gibraltar, Iceland, Belarus etc. nationals everywhere and how that will effect international football for the smaller nations. ed: couple followups. 1) Can you enter in a percentage for a nationality that's less than 1%? If you can't, I think this would explain both why we've never seen ultra-rare nationalities and why some nationalities are too common in FM20, and 2) Does the system try to match the original DB nationality percentages within an age range (16-21, 16-25, 16-35), or does it try to replicate the entire DB, including 60 year old coaches and retired players?
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