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  1. Registration window + transfer window date issues are back, I definitely played a couple seasons without this being a problem. Did the new patch mess it up?
  2. Not that I want instant gratification but I've brought a club up from the Turkish third division to the Super Lig, I've been able to get the board to "increase my scout wages" at least three times, but the wages I can offer still aren't competitive to hire non-Turkish scouts. I'm not having the same problem with coaches and I'm sure I've asked for help with scouts more than I've asked for help with coaches. We have 17 million pounds in the bank!
  3. Ruh Roh

    [U.S.A.] Data Issues

    Couple big problems with American/Canadian newgens in this one, though I probably like the system more than last year. - They're way too good! Check out a save with MLS loaded in FMRTE. This is normal. If they're willing to sign abroad for everyone like they normally do, it breaks the game open. - The distribution is off, the better players should be weighted more to the MLS academy teams than they are. Should be closer to 50-50 than like 95-5. From running a lot of these saves it looks almost impossible for a Davies or Efrain Alvarez to come through MLS club academies, and way way too easy for a foreign club to find a Sargent or Pulisic. There's the one Seattle kid at 130 and that's about it, in a sea of super high-PA players. These are the real alumni from US Development academies. The ones who Europe doesn't find will go to the Superdraft - in reality, the Superdraft is nowhere near that good. A lot of the PA Classics-type academies have a 0 for youth recruitment, maybe this defaults to something better than it should and they produce these players through force of numbers (there are a ton of these academies). - The new nationalities add a lot of flavor, but I'd say a Dutch or Uruguayan kid who can be world class moving here at 13 to a crummy academy in Minnesota and picking up American nationality along the way is very rare, not a rule of thumb. It seems like the foreign players are programmed to all move here at the same age. There are players from top soccer countries (usually washouts from academies) who play in our university system and get picked in the Superdraft, but they're MLS-level, not 180 PA. Jack Elliott, Fabian Herbers from the Union. Someone like Diego Fagundez (Uruguayan) moved here when he was 5, that's pretty common. Then there's Pulisic and the likes of Altidore, Lee Nguyen, Justin Meram etc. who were born in the US to immigrant parents, some from big soccer countries and some from very small ones.
  4. FC Cincinnati are moving up to MLS next year, and like other editions this FM includes the mechanism for their expansion: they're not in the league this year, there's an expansion draft, they're in the league next year. FM2019 opens up the advanced rules a little more - there's a draft tab, there's some stuff dealing with expansion, and there are the "flexible format rules" for individual competitions. I thought this screen was great - when a team gets added to a league its reputation changes. I was able to copy Cincinnati's expansion stuff, make the league 26 teams with a 2020 template, and add 2 extra teams from the lower leagues: Las Vegas and NY Cosmos. I'm actually terrible with the advanced rules and I hate even looking at it, so people who are active here can probably do better. The two teams are playable, they follow the same MLS rules and they participate in the Superdraft. The actual expansion draft got messed up, but I kind of think that's either my fault or something to do with putting two teams through at once. I hope someone can use this to make a dynamic MLS - expansions and rule/salary cap changes at realistic times, maybe even adding a second division in 10-15 years. MLS never really "works" in Football Manager because it's completely static, it's just frozen in the same year. The interesting thing about the league is how it's growing and changing. There are a couple big issues that basically, drumroll please, ruin the whole thing that I'd like SI to look at, because unless the answers are hidden somewhere really weird I don't think I can do anything. - New clubs default with zero slots for international players, but I think the real number (and what Cincinnati start with) is something like 7 or 8. Without international slots, you're not doing anything in MLS. - I can't find a way to replicate the relationship between MLS clubs and their academy clubs, which they can sign players from at any time. You can copy-paste the feeder club page with all the same check marks (same board, same kits etc), put it in the same division, but you'll just be creating a club that feeds players into the Superdraft.
  5. Ruh Roh

    FM19 Editor

    I'm messing around with it right now. I think it's for leagues like MLS and Argentina that change format every year, and I think they finally opened up some of the MLS expansion/draft stuff in advanced rules.
  6. Looks like there's a lot of new stuff with MLS, drafts etc. in the advanced editor rules, maybe someone who's smart with that stuff will be able to make something cool.
  7. Shows up in the list but gives me a "Could not load file" when it's in dbc format.
  8. I'm having problems when the FM18 files are saved compressed as dbc, but when they're saved uncompressed as xml (iirc that's under settings in FM18 editor) it imports fine.
  9. Any way to load old .fmf files in the 2019 editor? They're not showing up for me.
  10. I noticed I couldn't move over my old FM18 editor data folder and use the files, the normal prompt doesn't show up. Maybe they're using a different file format now or they just got rid of that for the beta. I know there were other beta periods where I could use old files from different games. Obviously if it's anything complex it'll get ruined by the year-to-year DB changes, clubs going bust etc. The advanced rules are like insanely miserable to use, so I'd love a big editor revamp. Don't want to get anyone's hopes up though.
  11. Steaua's regens are all South African in my save. I don't have the league loaded. They all come from ACS Young Steaua Alexandria, maybe that has its based nation set wrong.
  12. Ruh Roh

    [Turkey] Data Issues

    Alanyaspor's super bright green-on-orange color scheme is brutal to read, just change the green text to white
  13. It seems like there's only one eye color this year this year and it's bluish/greyish. Maybe it's meant to be an "average" eye color, but for black, Asian, Hispanic etc. newgens it makes them look a bit off. It also doesn't work well with my manager man face - I have extremely dark eyes, and without dark eyes I don't look like myself. I was very happy with my manager man from 17 and 18, it looked like a great representation of my face - cartoony, but it's a video game. I think this year's generally just looks worse, but the biggest problem and the one that should be fixed is the glowing Super Saiyan eyes.
  14. The player attributes screen has a ton of dead space. The faces are also tiny, you can't see height + weight anywhere on the profile or attributes screen. Guess I'll have to download a skin when I can, these look like core design things that won't change edit: well at least I found the height and weight lmao
  15. Fair enough if it's not finished, etc., maybe they add more variation and it looks real good in the end. I just want to know why they moved away from the FM08-FM16 generated faces and why we can't even get a toggle option. A pretty important part of the game's graphics that you see everywhere in long-term saves looked better ten years ago.