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  1. People who want this feature are talking about something more like the pregame editor than anything you'd have control over midgame. I think people who want photorealistic big stadiums would be disappointed - FM graphics are limited by the calibre of machines people are using, not everyone has a "gamer rig" or even last-gen console graphics - but I'd love more variety in grounds, especially lower league and especially country to country. This might be too much to ask the graphics team to do, and there'd be licensing issues too with adboards/sponsors, but if there was a good tool I think they could farm that out to the playerbase. I like the burger van but I guess I'm sick of the burger van.
  2. Better regen faces, as I see it they have to sign back up with Facegen. I don't understand why the faces are 3D now, optimistically SI could still be a decade away from trying to map faces (including real players, when there are licensing issues with the real player photos, there are different facial expressions, different lighting) onto bodies Make everything completely tweakable in the advanced rules editor, no "hardcoding" past preventing you from doing things that will crash the game, no black boxes like I think MLS is now. They've actually been making good progress on this, or maybe there were just some years in there where I didn't use the editor as much. Anything presentation-wise to make the game world feel more "lived-in." Moments, rivalries, tensions, "bad blood." Everything a commentator would bring up, not just the basics or the pure numbers. If my average left back scored a match winner in a cup final for someone five years ago, I should know that. If he made them stretcher a player off the pitch last time we played Stoke, I should be reminded of that for the return fixture. I think some of this is hidden away in media interviews, but a lot of people turn that off. More player misbehavior. You don't need to make them racist, or show them getting in legal trouble. I understand why negative personality types are changed to "Balanced" for real players, and you only see "Unambitious" for newgens. But I would love to see the legal explanation for why FM can't depict players behaving badly on the pitch (beyond the dreaded Bad Tackle Animation) when it happens all the time in real life.
  3. I'm actually surprised they'd release a trailer with so many beeped out swear words, though I'd guess the player base is pretty old (relatively speaking, compared to idk Fornite and FIFA, or what the series's player base was 20 years ago). If there's anything about going in an edgier direction, and I know it's supposed to be a big licensing problem, I hope they let the players misbehave more. Fights on the pitch! Crowding the ref. Dives, elbows, stuff going unseen, shithousery. Not showing up for training, going on strike, nastier "cliques" than we have today in dynamics.
  4. Maybe change the start of the registration window to Jan 1 and the end to Dec 31?
  5. I have them in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/editor data, which I think is the default if you have Windows
  6. Related question: if the player is getting relegated to a non-playable league, but it's possible for them to load it in (say it's League Two, but they only loaded England down to League One), will the game give them a prompt?
  7. Sure it's too early to answer (and kind of a niche question) but will it be possible to add editor files with this? I'm sure there won't be a steam workshop, but just the files on a thumb drive or something like that? The big draw to running FM on Stadia looks like it'll be increased processing speed, and I have some editor files that are too big and slow to run on my computer. Like, if you can get one of those 12-tier England files to run at normal FM speed, I think people would be interested in that.
  8. Any changes with this for 19.3? Haven't done too much with the editor in a while.
  9. Probably the strangest FM bug I've seen. No user DB, tried making a different manager profile, tried using the "Take control" tab on the team page, tried it through Add new manager. All my options to choose a team are greyed out, it only allows me to take over a single Argentinian team (at first: Independiente, after holidaying a few more days, Argentinos Juniors) EDIT: I accidentally clicked on the "Assign random teams to all human managers" button somehow. Maybe put it out of the way a little more, but yeah, my bad
  10. CA: 117, PA: 119. He looks great but you probably shouldn't buy him. Everyone's game started after 19.2 has a lot of these guys - way more than they should - and unless they cheat or run silly tests for user DBs, they have no idea
  11. I tried making a normal U18s team for Miami and putting it in the academy division, the link seems to work but it doesn't generate any players. Copying the MLS academies generates players, but the link to Miami is broken so it's just another PA Classics, etc. kind of team. If there's a cheesy way to give them an intake, adding more future expansion teams shouldn't be hard
  12. There's a "number of draft eligible players" or something like that that's defaulted at 100 or 150. I tried to boost it up to 1000 in this file but unfortunately it didn't effect newgen creation. I think it's been a longstanding thing where some nations produce more newgens than others, and if you have an American file with 400 clubs that just means the "American number" gets divvied up between 400 clubs.
  13. Have one from the day before, the save's up as "june 19." You can take anyone over and they'll get the extra players. AI clubs get two-three regens per year, no matter where they are on my USA pyramid. The 16 feels more like a default, I know tiny clubs in England get a healthy number of regens. I guess I'd like there to be a minimum number of regens AI clubs in playable leagues get each year, no matter what your league setup is. Maybe the game wants to keep the overall player count steady so it doesn't slow the game down, but if there's 300 clubs in my system, an extra 5-10 every year adds 1500-3000 to an overall player count that's already 65000. Doesn't sound crazy to me.
  14. If you were able to sort out these issues with Miami and Nashville (international slots + academy team) I'd be delighted
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