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  1. Did you get it working before the patch? Because looking at it, I messed the syntax up, put too many quotation marks in. Both in the edt file and in the xml. I'm a total klutz with keeping old versions of stuff around and uploading them, I do it all the time. I started a new save after the patch and I still got the first few players to come through the regen classes, it reads the db and all this kind of stuff from the 2111 folders and not the 2130. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17B0A--GF2f9alBZFG06QGSxevPYtXuKi/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HLB3t-6TWuQCXRUljFg4B
  2. Would there be any way to make a strict national minimum, maybe only if you're on a large database, for the bigger inactive African countries that tend to be on the low side? Wouldn't have to be high at all, just like 3-5 per year per country spread across the bigger clubs would be fine. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast etc. There might not be a big advantage to having a ton of players coming out of those countries, but you do notice years and years of zeroes.
  3. I haven't ever had that problem with the egypt/japan/mls files. I checked to make sure I didn't upload the files from fm20 or something dumb like that. You select the big database (2003-04 FM21 Database), 0304 Japan Rules, 0304 Egypt Rules and 0304 mls adv for a total of four files. There's a tiny load, then it takes you to the select screen with the new countries. Are you getting the red triangles on this screen, where it has the wrong numbers of teams in the league? Just show me a screenshot of where it's going wrong. The load time to start a new game (about three hours) tota
  4. Sodertalje FK (Sweden) always produced a ton of Iraqi/Syrian/Turkish players. There might be another club or two in Sweden like that but I know it was Sodertalje for sure. I think they're one division below playable now but you might be able to get them after holidaying a season. edit: a more obvious one. Turkgucu (German 3 Liga) produces Turkish players
  5. Some countries tack a second nationality on to a lot of regens because of strict foreign player limits, I know England did last year, maybe Finland does too?
  6. I've got a method that I like, but it's very weird. Warning. There's something left over in the game that I don't think people have been using at all in the last five years except to deal with the licensing stuff. .edt files, for me they go in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2021\data\database\db\2111\edt . The game already loads in support_staff.edt but I don't care if Leeds's kit man or whatever has the right name, I just work in that file. One of the commands is DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN, which allows you to set a lot of stuff, most importantly starting
  7. I vaguely remember this coming from selecting "medium" hair length in 20, short and long show up fine. But I could be wrong
  8. Oh yeah, I never uploaded it. Along with the two missing players there's also some extra turkish players, since Super Lig's 21 teams now for some reason. But i've gotta warn you that with how slow it is, it's like actively hostile to work in https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ARkWjvjlJhusVK8bDj9Css2f_69tYDuS They haven't patched in the functionality to make updates to our stuff on steam workshop yet. thanks, and if anyone finds anything else like this I would like to hear about it! I'm sure there are a few players whose birth years are off by one year, and that doesn't hav
  9. i put the link up on steam but not here, my bad https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PaOGwaEbZPqrMWiC4_nsvru5D33JIafN
  10. Yeah last year I whined to them about it in one of the editor bugs threads and iirc they said it's just slow because it's huge. I'd like to believe it's because of something weird in there that I can fix, but I doubt it. Anyway, someone in the steam comments pointed out that I'm missing Raul (no big deal, just one of the best players in the world), I found out I'm missing Simao too so I'll try to upload a new version by tonight. My methods for cross-checking who was missing (excel sheets w/lists of names) could have missed a few of the common name/one name guys. At least those were the on
  11. Very strange thing for them to take out - has anyone managed to get it back yet? I'm pretty sure I got the right panel file from the resource archiver (match caption panel small.xml, match caption panel.xml looks like it's just VAR this year), but the "best" I could do was show the comp icon twice instead of just blank space. I copy-pasted someone's code from the faces on the bench thread but I can't get it to call on the player UID instead of the comp.
  12. I'm totally clueless about skinning, so apologies if I'm asking an impossible question or a question that was answered, like, two days after the game came out. Any way to add the player faces back to the goal/yellow card/red card popup? I absolutely hate the way it is
  13. Casillas is the one player in the whole thing who gave me the most trouble lol. I think I had to create a new one last year because his heart problems put him on a hardcoded, unremovable "hiatus," but then this year it gave the new FM20 Casillas zeroes for everything (CA, PA, positions etc) because I created it from a copy. There might still be dupe Casillases (?) in the DB but I don't think the zeroed out one loads into the game. But if you downloaded the save game and you also have a dupe Vicente (Valencia) then congratulations, I uploaded the wrong file again, you have a precious artifact
  14. I have a save game into 2027 with my 2003-04 database (cheap plug), which I guess is pretty close to a complete upheaval of players. Everyone is either deleted or their age is pushed up 17 years. My player count in the editor is 27k, it loads everyone in (unless i set someone's rep too low), then it tacks on another 7k-ish unemployed "day one regens." Player count in 2027 is up to 57k, which is a lot of growth but a lot of the clubs in my DB start out sparsely populated compared to the real database (I try to keep the lowest at 20ish, so the AI doesn't go all kaplooey, but with some small c
  15. FM21 uses new IDs, they're all in like the 2000060000s, so you need to download the new .rar. You can delete everything from the bottom of your graphics folder (the 1915s), that should be mine from last year
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