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  1. If you go into the editor, all the different attributes and PPM-type "tendencies" stuff you can fill in for managers, there's so much stuff there. I'm sure there are people in SI who know it all works and at least the top 50ish big name managers are doing what they're supposed to do. At the same time I remember there was a years-long issue about some researchers getting "jumping" and "jumping reach" mixed up. And that was with reports on the forums going like...this player is 6'5", why is his jumping a 10? But all the manager stuff is basically hidden, so you're not getting too much feedb
  2. Every time they go further down the path of licensing - making it an official product of such and such league or team, releasing the Arsenal Edition or whatever it was - I personally worry that they're going to take a big axe to the pregame editor, etc. I already worry that we never see players fighting or "kicking off" because of issues with licensing. So you can play through a whole season of Liga MX or lower league England, and you'll never see the players get into each others' faces. I think there's a commentary line about crowding the ref but there's not really an animation for it? A
  3. I actually started up with Egypt this weekend, I think I'm like 6/14 teams in (zamalek, ismaily, ittihad, enppi, masry, haras) and it's going better than I thought it would. Between the three old versions of the game I have (CM03/04, FM08, FM11) there's SI data for almost all the big players - how good that data is, who knows, but that's the same with all this stuff. I'm a younger American guy and my knowledge of players outside of MLS/England is really very low. And there's only so much that clumsy Google Translate search for articles about the players can help - sometimes it's actually prett
  4. I think especially in FM20, it was a situation where the weaknesses of the match engine kind of tied in with the weaknesses of the animations. Where did goals come from? Set pieces, blooters, pinpoint long balls, crosses. Where didn't goals come from? Intricate final third passing play, beating defenders with skill, anything with physical holdup play. So you watch enough of it, and it all looks the same, and it feels like things are missing, and eventually you get trained to think of dangerous situations as only situations that are dangerous in the video game. And I'm sure that psychologically
  5. I think Zealand the streamer has a big pile of real person photos, but he doesn't have a method to assign them by race. My only issue (besides the black koreans and white senegalese guys) is that a lot of the photos are from American sports, I'm American, and it bugs me out to see like Taylor Hall or something playing soccer. https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/zealands-real-faces-on-regens.205/ There are also people trying to use the "this person doesn't exist" neural network thing to create purely random regen faces, very cool. https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/54361/fm-newgan-
  6. Unfortunately with the way the editor works I can't merge two full databases, it'll probably create thousands of duplicate player entries. I wish there was a way to just isolate out a bunch of players from a file - I have someone else in here a long while back who worked on the FM19 database with a lot of his own changes to the Spanish lower leagues, the same way I added the eredivisie, the turkish super lig and whatever else I did at first - but if I wanted his stuff in my new file I'd probably have to add it all manually. Basically the same thing I just did with China and Norway but with muc
  7. I think there are probably directions they can't go in with player/boardroom interaction because of the licensing. The same way you won't get that rare event with a real world player missing training because he was out late, the same way the game will call a real world player with poor personality ratings "Balanced" instead of "Casual." Probably the same reason there aren't "handbags" or a wider range of violent conduct incidents, or any way to represent the Mendes/Wolves stuff. So you get...interaction, but because it's designed to never make anyone look bad it's just video game stuff, l
  8. I don't care about Steam achievements but come on, they better give you something for throwing like 50 water bottles. Anyway I can see that the marketing is directed at players who don't really play the game the same way I do. I want to hear about the squadbuilding AI, I want to see if top players can do special things in the match engine, I definitely want to hear anything about the editor, I want to know if you're still just tying a hand behind your back by picking a non-gegenpress tactic. Things that have been kind of "off" for a while - is fatigue going to have a bigger impact this ti
  9. The only thing I've successfully used XML editing for is moving the birth years forward, because there's both no other way to do it and I found out it's super easy in XML. Everything else is just me talking ****/hypothesizing in this thread so I can look at it later and remember I had an idea. Most of my changes are just adding players and making the thing bigger (and slower lmao), so I'll do that on a brand new file, finish it up eventually, load the big file and merge the small one using the "merge editor data" tab. I think the editor might run differently on different machines be
  10. Weird, sort of off-topic question but I just found the option to view all moderator posts here at the top of this forum. https://community.sigames.com/discover/237/ Is there any way to set a filter so I'm viewing all moderator posts everywhere except for the off topic forum? I love the weird game knowledge tidbits/answers to questions I forgot I had, but I do not care too much what SI forums mods think about this week's action in the NFL, for example
  11. Norwegian first division is up - Tippeligaen or whatever they called it back then. I'm not waiting 2 hours to start a new save just to change the name lmao Save game with norway: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iIwMCljiQ8WYuAWpJbBYp0B_rknezXEA/ Faces with norway: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qAhSgUpahoM3cjI08AkTWRKkFKCRaRth/
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wZ6p468FOjvC0jpEUgjec2ROAXTSPywq/ I also have a copy of all the faces without the shiny effect, I thought I deleted some of them. This is all just ripped from the pesdb site so there's also some crap like real player pictures and pictures in a different art style that I find...horrifying? But if you're using the spreadsheet it only looks for the same filenames as it does in the other pack. They're desaturated but I think the defaults actually look better for some of the paler faces
  13. Steam workshop keeps eating the description I wrote/reverting it to...March? and I'm somehow too disorganized to save a document file somewhere. But the leagues I have done are: Top four divisions: England Top three divisions: France Top two divisions: Brazil Germany Italy Japan Netherlands Scotland Spain Top division only: Argentina Belgium Croatia Denmark Greece Korea Mexico Portugal Russia Serbia Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine USA I think the best way to cross-check it with what I've done is to load my last save. Most of
  14. I also think VAR is stuck to the advanced rules in a lot of leagues? IMO it would be better if you were able to deactivate just by unchecking it on the country page
  15. I made a spreadsheet in excel that calls upon data from FM Genie Scout's exported CSV files. I can't imagine the method is that different from the tool here, to use nationality as a proxy for ethnicity and fill in config.xml files with links to the pictures. All the work is done in the config files, so it doesn't shoot out gigabytes of identical .png files if you use it a lot. I think the excel sheet is easy enough to use but 1) most people don't have excel + it doesn't work in openoffice, libreoffice etc, 2) i don't really know how to automate it, and 3) i made it, so
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