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  1. It's super finicky, I still never figured out why it does that for people. I think it's always lined up fine in the save games I've put up for download? Maybe it gets weird if you have different setups, though I don't know why - and since it takes so damn long for the thing to start, it's not like I can test that kind of stuff that much. I made a pack that throws them all off by 1 a while ago (won't have the newer leagues but should have the important stars) but it won't do you any good if the game decided to do something else with it. Anyway the next league I'll work on is League Two, I've lost my breackneck real life crazy person pace with this thing but I should get it done eventually. The real 0304 database is totally brutal to lower league players, like it'll just about make every championship reserve better than every league one player etc, so I'll have to get cute with the CAs but I already did with league one so it's not a huge deal.
  2. I've done a few missing faces myself in photoshop but I can't really remember who, I just mushed them in with the picture packs. I think these are mine? Eddie Gaven, Damani Ralph, Arley Betancourth, William Mocquet, Paul Kpaka, and uh already forgot who the rest of them are, but I did them months ago. Just make them as you see them, and only bother with the ones that are easy to find and not impossible to cut (depending on how good you are at it, I'm really not very good). I know a few english/scottish youth players with good PAs who never made it in real life are impossible to find.
  3. I was adding pictures and leagues to it for a while last year in the steam comments. I forget what I built on top last year on fm19 - super lig, eredivisie and mexico? Maybe portugal? When I saw that he wanted to make the 06-07 database for FM20 and I was like halfway through adding the 600-700 people in 03-04 who were deleted by the database switchover, I figured it would be stupid not to release it when I was done. I gave him credit every step of the way, linked people to his work a bunch of times and I never made a dime off of it so i don't think i did anything shady. If I wanted to chase clout I hope I would have found a smarter, less time-consuming way to do it.
  4. I'd love to have a link, for sure. I did the second division about a month ago but I can't say it's one of the best leagues in there, mostly due to the state of the data in CM (zeroed out stats, players with high CA who clearly barely played IRL). And I don't think I have anyone from Segunda B.
  5. Ruh Roh


    They already have maps, they're just hidden away somewhere weird in scouting and they aren't very useful. I would love to see player birth cities/club cities plotted on a map with the long/lat coordinates that are already in the game. The big drawing point is that when most people are playing a lower league game in a foreign country, they don't know where the border cities are, who the capital city teams are.
  6. Serbian league's done. That format is a split thing, they're not relegating 8 teams. Serbian league was actually merged with Montenegro back then, but that isn't a big deal - I moved the bigger Montenegrin sides to the Serbian pyramid, set the Montenegrin national competitions to extinct, so their European qualifying spots go...somewhere. Also did some work on PPMs for the top players (basically the way this thing gets made, it's easy for the histories, favored personnel, favored clubs and PPMs to get erased), so Robben finally cuts inside. Day one save including serbia: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZBOu6gKoyMr8VkNXiwhkrmAlgKuJ3qp2 Big ol picture pack including serbia: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Lhztk9BTgSvO2LUI3dxejfztuMy509Tm
  7. Yeah, it was the easiest way. "Realistic" MLS isn't very fun to play anyway in FM because the AI has such a hard time with the rules. But I thought if I could get it perfect with the expansions and the drafts, I'd go for it. So the league has a second division with the expansion teams (and regens), a 10 team first division with the real players, one relegation spot (starting in 2020), a foreign player limit (either 6 or 7 i forget) and an SPL split about 3/5 into the season with a "championship group" and a "relegation group." Unfortunately you won't be able to sign like Beckham and Henry with these teams, it's just a generic league that's a little bit weaker than mexico. Game save with MLS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fTw9Uiu4AbogKs75ZzCkJrpt15r_0Iyn Player pictures with MLS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R5CruvFQG3-aRUyKks920EJ0qSZyouvt MLS "companion file" for startups with MLS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nBSBjYj-MjuqXM_BJUBD8k6CtsQHbOhx
  8. Went into FM05 editor and added all the MLS players (it's not licensed in CM 03-04). Kinda crazy that I put Slaven Belupo in the game before I put Carlos Bocanegra, Brian McBride, Eddie Pope, Tony Meola - I mean, I'm ****ing American! The league structure is gonna be...weird. I can make a second file and use it without breaking all of the pictures and ID numbers, which is good, means I can do Japan eventually. But I won't be able to get it working with the actual MLS rules. I thought I could add the expansions in at the right times, the expansion drafts would work, the Superdraft would work, I could give all the real life random MLS/American ~84-89 DOBs to random amateur clubs and they'd get drafted. None of that works, absolutely none of it. And the MLS AI is, like, insane. They made 13 trades in 2 months and they traded Freddy Adu for a draft pick So I guess this week I'll probably make a generic MLS pro-rel with the 10 2003 MLS teams in the first division (colorado, columbus, dallas, new york metrostars, chicago, dc united, kansas city, new england, la galaxy, san jose) and the expansion teams in the second division, probably with SPL championship bracket/relegation bracket rules because I like them.
  9. This is a big big ask but you're way better with the advanced rules/MLS editor than I am. I work on this file - do you think it would be possible to make an advanced rules file that starts with the 04 season rules (10 teams) and adds all the expansion teams (Philly, Seattle, Toronto, whoever) at the right times? I'll try to make it myself if it's possible, I'm totally fine with fudging the numbers a bit with scheduling or with something like Chivas USA. But do you think there's core "hardcoded" MLS stuff like superdraft and waivers that would just start, like, vomiting on the screen at me if I tried to make a 10 team MLS?
  10. Unfortunately, I do all the work by hand. I wouldn't be surprised if SI have a way to convert the databases up and down, but they'll never be able to tell us because of licensing stuff. So it takes me a very long time, and I barely play FM or any other games anymore. Going forward a year, or back a year, at least for me, isn't an option. I would have never thought doing it this way was even possible without seeing how well MadScientist did with the big leagues when he made the original version of this for FM19. If you just want to mess around with a few players, maybe it would be a good place for the ingame editor (not the pregame, it takes forever to load the big file + it runs so slow)
  11. There are easy workarounds for that - position would be fine but kit number would be better. So you say "left back" or "number three," and left back Miguel Layun's info pops up. Big problem I could see would be just getting it up in every language the game comes with, but that probably goes for a lot of features.
  12. This is crazy, but whatever. I feel like FM tactical instructions are simple and straightforward enough that it could be possible? I don't think voice should be in that many games, but FM would be at the top of the list where you could make it work. I don't know anything about voice recognition software, how expensive or proprietary it is. Just kind of figured to myself - I almost never fiddle with my tactics in the middle of a match, I don't get that invested in matches unless they're important, but if I could yell at my stupid left back to stop shooting I probably would. Voice commands, even if they mostly just showed the tactical menus on the screen, would get me to do that. As long as I wasn't in public.
  13. Yeah, the only workaround I can find for the slowness is merging smaller files where I do the vast majority of the work into the big file - an example of one of those files is at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1J9LfWyQAREOkGPd3GDEM5KqVbH6w6ELZ (players for the Brazilian league). And since that's a brand new, zero changes file it runs great and I can add the players without it being any more miserable than it has to be. If you can, can you check if just using the "merge editor data" feature a lot (or whatever it's called) contributes to the slowness? I kinda worry I'm creating a feedback loop with it.
  14. Easiest way is to download one of the save game files I've put up in the google drive links (.fm file format) and put it in your games folder with all your other FM20 saves, default windows (I think) is Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\games . The startup time to make a new save with this editor file ticked is, unfortunately, pretty miserable. Lots of people probably still think it's freezing their computers. I just finished brazil lol. I was in a ****ing trance for half of it but it's done. I know there won't be a lot of people playing as like, Goias, or Slaven Belupo on these things, but my mentality is if I do it now, it's done, and since all these players are on unique IDs, people will probably be able to port them forward for as long as FM and the editor are things. If I had people working on this with me, or if it got really popular next year I don't think it would be impossible to get every playable league done eventually. Save game (with brazil): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_On7rhBrcgK95Z9hL1qtShhO8qmzKoJa Pictures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cGdPoiisfJuFvsxOfSNYR44liX4BoQMC
  15. I'm working on this file (https://community.sigames.com/topic/511889-fm20-championship-manager-0304-database-16-leagues-~10000-players/) and the editor seems just about "prohibitively" slow when I'm working on it because it's huge, like 1.5 million changes and 17 MB or whatever. Slow to load, slow to make any kind of changes, slow to start a new game. But I don't notice that problem on new/smaller files.
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