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  1. Norway hidden’s gem country this years edition! Don’t rule out africa also. Spot some really decent talents in Ivory coast and Ghana. Balkans is little bit less this years, espescially Serbia
  2. Really thought it would be here by now... Monday it will be also not released. Im going for Tuesday..
  3. Feels like FM21 will be released in 2022. Only point that annoys me, the late release date of FM every year.
  4. Did they already finish for the winterupdate? @<<Macaco-RJ88>>
  5. Found some hidden new gems: Emelec (Ecuador) - Johan Mina, Secondary striker/winger Youth academy in Nigeria - Samson Tijani (altough random stats) Both are 17 years old and have a CA of 95 and a potential of -8 Accra Lions (Ghana) Rabi Ibrahim (strong defenisive midfielder/central defender) This guy is 18. Bargain wonderkids.
  6. Great addition! Playing FM for years but just find out your agents database now... FM always lack realism with football agents. Do you also give the agents some more realism? for example Eastern Europe agents wants more comission and are harder to negotiate with?
  7. I like to see in FM21 that having a good relationship with a football agent gets more important. How better the relationship (giving them more comission, buy many players who he is representing ) how more likely one of his players is chosing for you club. Good example: De ligt choose Juventus over Barcelona because of Raiola. Other example: one Balkan football agent has very good connections with FIorentina, (agent called Fali Ramadani), that's why many good balkan talents were/are at Fiorentina. In my opinion, give more dynamic to football agents make FM21 more realistic.
  8. Thank you for sharing all those Japanese files! There is only problem, I don't understand Japanese so i can't download the Japanse players DB (website is in Japanese). Would you post a direct download link for us.
  9. I like this Japanese players update, good work! But is there also a smaller version of this data update? It took so long to load and for me only the J-League 1 and J-League 2 players are interesting.
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