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  1. MeesterCat

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    Steve Carrell
  2. MeesterCat

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    I dunno, that defence worries me. A bit of pressing of our back three from a decent team could see us having some issues.
  3. MeesterCat

    Female comedians - are they finally funny?

    I'm not sure if Aisling Bea is the funniest, but she is the most gorgeous.
  4. This a general issue I've seen across all of my FMM17 saves. Its fiddly to explain, but I'll do my best! Lets say it's the 65th minute and I make a substitution. I swap my striker with my left IF and then sub him. When I return to the game the striker will still be in the ST position and the sub will be in the IF position. It's not too bad in this example, but it can be terrible if I make a tactical rejig and end up with players in positions for which they have no competency for. im not sure if it's the engine displaying the player names incorrectly or if the players are actually in the wrong position. Making a later substitution seems to correct the problem provided I only make a like-for-like change and don't move positions around. I was wondering if anybody else has noticed or experienced this? It doesn't occur consistently but I will try and replicate it if I can.
  5. MeesterCat

    Difficulty level

    Personally, if that was my team (and not knowing the players you have) I would have the RB as a wing back too, so you have width on both sides of the pitch. I would also convert the central CM to a DLP and the left CM to a CM. Im not really a fan of the BWM role unless there is a DM sat behind him. Obviously player attributes and traits come into play, but as a template that's what I'd go with. Having said that, I've found wing backs a little undercooked in this version, they don't seem to get forward enough. I've had better results with a back three and two defensive wingers in the ML and MR position. As always, YMMV 😏
  6. Cheers Jamie & Marc. I'll get that to you as soon as I can.
  7. Sorry to be a pain but can you explain how I can do that from iPhone?
  8. This is a question to any passing SI chaps: Are there any plans to look at manager reputation in any forthcoming hotfixes? I ask because in my current save with West Brom it's the third season and I've got them into the Europa League two seasons running, finished in the top 6 both seasons so far and won the EFL Cup, the FA Cup and the Community Shield. My manager reputation is still listed as Regional. I would have thought this might have been higher?
  9. Hi Jamie, thanks for your reply. The problem I'm describing is affecting a single device rather than two I'm afraid - I'm not syncing between devices, just trying to access the iCloud save on my iPhone. (To save 'local' storage as its only an 8GB model and space is tight.) At this point I've bitten the bullet and started a new save. Saving to iCloud on this is very hit and miss, but at the same time I'm finding that same flakiness is affecting other apps, so it may well just be a coincidence that iCloud is suffering issues at the same time I upgraded to 8.0.2.
  10. Ah, fair enough. It seemed ok previously with IOS10, but since I posted yesterday I've noticed it's being very flaky with other applications as well; I guess it was just a coincidence. Annoying that my really good Villa save bit the dust though.
  11. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. Due to space issues I had to uninstall my original install of the 8.0 version in order to then install it with the new update. However I am now unable to access my existing iCloud saved even though I can see they are present in my storage settings. Any ideas on how to get them back?
  12. MeesterCat


    It might not be it, but what are your Training Schedules like? Also, do you use pressing in your match tactics? I'll be honest, I've never really encountered the problem you're describing. I keep my training schedules on default and I rarely use pressing and my players generally finish each game at about 80% condition. This includes when my teams have been in European competitions and have a hefty fixture list; the only exception seems to be when managing in England around the Christmas period and there are often games every two days, but once I reach mid January things settle down again. It kind of makes me think that there must be some configuration of training or tactics that you favour that tires your players out.
  13. MeesterCat

    Fallout 4?

    I've kind of hit the point in my current save where things have got just a little bit too easy. I'm only level 44 but I'm rocking about in a Ballistic Weaved (mk V) Courser Uniform, my Charisma is 13 and a combination of fully modded Deliverer, Kellogg's Pistol, Overseer's Guardian and Gauss Rifle sees off pretty much everything. E.g. I just took The Castle and the 'surprise' didn't even have me breaking sweat. I'm debating whether to try a Survival huntsman (non-settlement) or a non-survival Angel of Verdun PA melee build. I'd have another go at stealth melee but I got quite far in my previous attempt before the save corrupted and I don't know if I can be bothered redoing it again, despite how much fun it was (and with the possibility of the marine armour from Far Harbor for a pure aesthetic ninja look).
  14. MeesterCat

    Fallout 4?

    Without being too spoilery a good early path to Diamond City is to head towards the lake SE of Sanctuary, then skirt down the railroad and cut in once DC is due East of you. You won't be completely trouble free, but it shouldn't be too bad. (Just be wary around certain parts of Cambridge and Lexington). One thing I would say is don't feel like you have to rush the main story as there are so many interesting locations and side quests that you can dive into. It's also worth doing a few quests for each faction early on as you can get some nice rewards to give you an early boost.