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  1. I would just like to chime in to this thread, as I too am finding this version very hard. I didn’t play FMM20 so maybe something has changed since FMM19. The two main problems I have are: 1. I barely create chances. Regardless of formation, players or tactics, my players seem to just pass the ball around in little triangles on the edge of the box, then give away possession. 2. I cannot get any solidity in the centre of midfield. It’s like my CMs are not there. They’re either constantly pulled out of position leaving huge gaps in the centre (causing my CBs to rush out to fil
  2. I would like to suggest two relatively minor things: 1. The ability to change all players to a particular training schedule with one click - its a bit of a pain for preseason with out it. 2. The ability to send Scouts to look at individual countries. This isn't really a problem when managing a UK team, but if you're managing in Italy for example, you can only send your scouts to Central Europe.
  3. I'm in the process of researching an FM laptop and it's very frustrating that most places just seem to stock the U variant Processors at the moment. Last year year my wife picked up an i5 3210M for about £360 and now you can add another £150 on top to get a similar spec.
  4. Looks an awesome find Hunter. As I've posted in the Inter thread, I've just picked up this guy for €2.9mil (plus a few add-ons): Edit: Of course, a week after the transfer was completed he injured himself for 3 months.
  5. Coleman looks immense! I'm guessing he's been getting first team action to see development like that?
  6. The movement has at times looked really good. The movement of the CF and Treq especially seem to really open up things up for the AF, but the through ball has been a little lacking. I'm hoping that as the players get sharper and the familiarity increases things will improve, but so far there is promise. Mind you, it's mostly been MLS teams so far...
  7. Just to say that I haven't forgotten about my promise to post some updates at my attempts to use a Treq/CF-S/AF-A combo. I'm a slow player and I'm just working through some pre-season games to try and get tactical familiarity up before looking closer at it. I'm also slowed by retraining Andre Ayew into a CF.
  8. Cheers for the speedy reply! I don't know why I didn't think of a Treq for the Fantasista role. I'd possibly got too hung up on the attributes of the players I currently have rather than projecting the idealised role for the combination. I'll certainly try to post some updates here to demonstrate how it works (or not).
  9. Hi Llama, I think this is a suitable thread for my question - It concerns less a pairing, but rather a combination. Ages ago, on this forum in the probably FM12 era, someone posted this article: http://www.footballitaliano.co.uk/p6_66_5643_the-golden-triangle-calcios-trending-formation.html I read it at the time and found it interesting, but now as manager of Inter it's been nagging at me. I'm in the first summer transfer window since becoming manager and so am able to start properly moulding the team into my vision - I'm starting to think that I'm going to try to recreate this 'Golden T
  10. I have a stupid question, and I should probably know this having played the CM/FM games for a billion or so years, but... What benefit does naming a Captain have on your team? Does he give an attribute bonus on the pitch? Does picking an unsuitable candidate have any major ramifications? I wondered the other night when half of my team announced their retirement and I realised I've just lost lots of candidates for the Captaincy. I've always blindly given it to the person who has the best mix of personality, Determination and Influence/Leadership. But why?
  11. This has me laughing more than it has any right to.
  12. Woman at work today managed to spill an entire pot of SelectaDNA all over herself. Aside from obvious gags, she did manage to look like she'd been participating in niche videos featuring stern-faced Japanese gentlemen.
  13. My first tri-yearly dumb question for 2014... I have a couple of players who I am retraining to a new position, however they are younger players and not ready for the First Team yet. Without taking control of all U21 team games, is there a way I can 'force' the U21 Manager to play them for the U21 team in the positions I want them trained in in order to speed up the process?
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