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  1. It might not be it, but what are your Training Schedules like? Also, do you use pressing in your match tactics? I'll be honest, I've never really encountered the problem you're describing. I keep my training schedules on default and I rarely use pressing and my players generally finish each game at about 80% condition. This includes when my teams have been in European competitions and have a hefty fixture list; the only exception seems to be when managing in England around the Christmas period and there are often games every two days, but once I reach mid January things settle down again. It kind of makes me think that there must be some configuration of training or tactics that you favour that tires your players out.
  2. I would like to suggest two relatively minor things: 1. The ability to change all players to a particular training schedule with one click - its a bit of a pain for preseason with out it. 2. The ability to send Scouts to look at individual countries. This isn't really a problem when managing a UK team, but if you're managing in Italy for example, you can only send your scouts to Central Europe.
  3. It's not some weird issue arising from Co-ownership is it? I know he was a Co-own in the vanilla db.
  4. Liking the update Mr M. One thing I've noticed, and I suspect it's an error, is that Atletico Madrid are Middlesbrough's feeder club.
  5. Downloaded ready to fire up when I get home from work. Cheers for the effort Minsterman!
  6. That basically sums up my FM/Life balance too. It can be frustrating at times especially if you're on a good run or itching to rebuild a squad in a transfer window, but if you adjust your mindset it's a perfectly fine way to play.
  7. That's nuts! Most valuable player in the world?
  8. I think as long as his attributes fit the role you should be ok. I had a Natural AML who was only yellow for the ML position, but I played him there anyway and he was fine (often awesome).
  9. I seem to recall either Cleon or THoG (or both) stating that the only thing really affected by a player being played out of position is his Decision attribute. Of course, you could play them in their natural position and then use PIs to try and modify how they play to something closer to how you want.
  10. Ach, that's a shame. It might be worth having a go anyway, I've known scouts to be wrong on that sort of thing before...
  11. I'm in the process of researching an FM laptop and it's very frustrating that most places just seem to stock the U variant Processors at the moment. Last year year my wife picked up an i5 3210M for about £360 and now you can add another £150 on top to get a similar spec.
  12. Cheers AK. That makes sense; I've never started an unemployed 'bottom of the rung' save before, so it's not something I've ever come across. I'll Restart the save, making sure that my reputation is Automatic and that I haven't loaded the bottom tier of the Portuguese leagues just to ensure that they don't skew the job market. It was actually your FM13 Vidar to France save that inspired me to start it, so thanks for that too!
  13. I'm a big fan of reading Youth Challenges, mainly because I don't have the patience to do them myself. Looks like you've got a good save going here, I will be following!
  14. I have a question and I thought I'd post it in here as I figured you're the experts on Careers and it would get lost in the noise in GD. When you set your experience as Automatic but start as unemployed, what reputation do you start with? The tooltip states that you get the minimum reputation required to get a job in the lowest league that you select. Presumably this means the league that you use as the starting point as the save, even if you don't have a job? The reason I ask is that I decided to start a central European journeyman save last night. I created an Austrian manager with Sunday League experience and not a single Austrian club would offer me a job, ditto Switzerland or Germany, even clubs in the lowest tier. The only clubs which would offer a job were extremely tiny Portuguese clubs that were half populated with grey players. If I start a new save with an Austrian manager, Automatic experience and unemployed, with Austria as the starting league, am I likely to get Austrian job offers this time?