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  1. I would just like to chime in to this thread, as I too am finding this version very hard. I didn’t play FMM20 so maybe something has changed since FMM19. The two main problems I have are: 1. I barely create chances. Regardless of formation, players or tactics, my players seem to just pass the ball around in little triangles on the edge of the box, then give away possession. 2. I cannot get any solidity in the centre of midfield. It’s like my CMs are not there. They’re either constantly pulled out of position leaving huge gaps in the centre (causing my CBs to rush out to fil
  2. I dunno, that defence worries me. A bit of pressing of our back three from a decent team could see us having some issues.
  3. I would like to suggest two relatively minor things: 1. The ability to change all players to a particular training schedule with one click - its a bit of a pain for preseason with out it. 2. The ability to send Scouts to look at individual countries. This isn't really a problem when managing a UK team, but if you're managing in Italy for example, you can only send your scouts to Central Europe.
  4. I'd like to make a general rant about WSIM, SCCM, and Microsoft breaking/'improving' the copyprofile attribute in Windows 8.1 unattend.xml files.
  5. I'm in the process of researching an FM laptop and it's very frustrating that most places just seem to stock the U variant Processors at the moment. Last year year my wife picked up an i5 3210M for about £360 and now you can add another £150 on top to get a similar spec.
  6. Cheers AK. That makes sense; I've never started an unemployed 'bottom of the rung' save before, so it's not something I've ever come across. I'll Restart the save, making sure that my reputation is Automatic and that I haven't loaded the bottom tier of the Portuguese leagues just to ensure that they don't skew the job market. It was actually your FM13 Vidar to France save that inspired me to start it, so thanks for that too!
  7. I have a question and I thought I'd post it in here as I figured you're the experts on Careers and it would get lost in the noise in GD. When you set your experience as Automatic but start as unemployed, what reputation do you start with? The tooltip states that you get the minimum reputation required to get a job in the lowest league that you select. Presumably this means the league that you use as the starting point as the save, even if you don't have a job? The reason I ask is that I decided to start a central European journeyman save last night. I created an Austrian manager with Sunda
  8. http://www.buzzfeed.com/robinedds/heres-one-thing-you-probably-didnt-notice-in-season-4-of-gam
  9. Perhaps if they scrimp together the wages saved by offing Rory McCann, Charles Dance and whoever plays Shae...
  10. It was a great episode (GoT does Harryhausen FTW!), but I have one gripe - The whole Tyrion escape sequence seemed very shortened and abrupt. I think we'd all imagined that Jaime might free Tyrion, but a little exploration of his motivation might have helped things. As it was, it was very "Cut to Dungeon, You're Free, Goodbye!" Otherwise, loved it. No more Hound one-liners though.
  11. One! Jesus, the next 9 months are going to drag... I think the White Walkers are currently stuck walking up some down escalators as they appear to have gone nowhere in two seasons.
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