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  1. Hey, after chosing polish as a gameplay language i've got mix of polish and english on my screen now.
  2. Hey, take a look at his expected salary. 63k pounds per month ? come on... BTW. half polish, half english ? chosen language was been polish.
  3. idk why but when i trying to load Your file (only) with additional leagues from claassen i getting crash dump during seting up the game... i had same (unsolved) issue with all Germany extensions (advanced editor) and im clueless how to solve it...
  4. hey mate, ive got same problem as guys above - im working on Windows 7 and default skin.
  5. Any chance to get Finland, Estonia and Faroe Islands included in some kind of revised edition of Your files ?
  6. hey, i downloaded Claaseen Luxembourg league file (made with advanced editor) and edited that file with normal editor. I add some money prizes and also activated 3rd division and in game on screen where we can choice leagues which we want to load i can choose three Luxembourg leagues but even if i will load all of them in game i still got only these two leagues without any money prizes made by Claaseen... Can someone tell me why its happen like that ? Sorry for my bad english...
  7. Can You make much as You can leagues for Faroe Islands ? (including 3rd teams etc) ?
  8. Sometimes even if You will load Your files they changes didnt appear in game...
  9. Hey Don_Biglia, can You add to Poland a 2nd division and non playable 3rd level (or if You can even playable 3rd and non playable 4) ? I was trying to do it by myself but unfortunatly i cannot handle that advanced editor... I dont know why when i activate 2nd division and add non playable 3rd division in game ive got non playable 2nd division and activated 3rd division :confused: Or mayby someone else can do that ?
  10. Did You try to fill empty spaces by B and C teams from Effodeilidn oraz 1. deilid ?
  11. Sure, if You gonna made that someday it gonna be best ever file on this forum ! ;-)
  12. Hey, is there any chance to add same leagues for u21 and u19 teams ? it will be great fun if we can manage youth teams as well !
  13. Hey, can somebody upload those file on other server ? On MediaFire i've got message which saying all three files has been blocked...
  14. hey summerboy77, can You upload or send me at PM Your tactic ?
  15. Hey! Does anybody know where i can find a swedish expansion for 14.3 ? I was looking at fmsweden but they preffer to make leagues for Cuba etc than expand they're own country...