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  1. hey ! as i never used advanced editor im looking for some help - ive got great file with additional levels for Poland but i really hate current structure over there - 30 games and then split in to 2 groups. Any chance to get someone with "skills" to remove these group and just make a simple 30 games top level? original link - http://www.cmrev.com/fileplanet/plik/FM-Revolution-Polska-Liga-Update-2017-1_3.html
  2. Hey, i've got few suggestions to Your DB but i could be wrong now. Benjamin Wallquist - definetly one of his parents is Swedish, mayby add Sweden as 2nd nationality ? Tin Vastic - nationality England, i thing it should be Austria (playing in Austria) Kieron Ceesay - typical Gambian surname, 2nd nationality Gambia ? Arvin Appiah - Ghana as 2nd nationality Daniel Adamczyk - 2nd nationality: Poland Nils Orywol - 2nd nationality: Poland Dennis Borkowski - 2nd nationality: Poland Yves Jankowski - 2nd nationality: Poland
  3. http://www.fmsweden.se/topic/26256-nordiska-superligan-av-deadwood-fardigt/ there is a full graphic pack as well, does download link working for anyone ?
  4. i started working with that file so probably tonight or tomorrow i will upload converted file for FM 17
  5. idk why but i cannot import your 442 file
  6. are You making it with a normal or advanced editor ? also what about country of this league ? did You made a new country or just used for example Sweden as a basic place for that league ? Or You just connected all countries in to one Nordic country ?
  7. What about making a Royal League version with clubs from Greenland and Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Faroe Islands also same tournament but onlhy with nations ?
  8. fm2017

    Well, that's true but after they last succeses (Greece, Birkirkara etc) defo loads of people from other places put they eye on Effodeilidn. I will try to make Atlantic Cup by myself and if it's gonna work i will upload that file over here.
  9. fm2017

    No worries mate and good luck with Your Uni ! But can You imagine one thing - they are one of the biggest clubs on the island and they dont have any official online store... broken heart lol
  10. fm2017

    Dammm, i asked cause for last couple of years ive been trying to get a HB home or away kit lol Any news about Atlantic Cup or any of these fanatasy ones ? ;-)
  11. fm2017

    If it's possible then - yes, please ! That's true and also the only foreign players or any quality players which came to the league they've been bought by me which is not helpfull to raising league reputation and also makes game bit boring cause after 2-3 season You can easily became a "God team" in Effodeilidn. edit. sorry for asking but - are You from Faroe Islands ?
  12. fm2017

    Did You consider option adding a Atlantic cup in to the game ? Champion of Icelandic league vs Faroese champion ? also mayby few fantasy tournaments for a season break ? like champions and cup winners from Iceland and Faroe in one 4 teams group etc ?
  13. In Your Kosovian league there is a limit of 4 foreign players for each team but i think Albania should be set as a "non foreign" country.
  14. fm2017

    great work mate !