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  1. Mayby to make it more competetive U could think about making a "Nordic Council League", some kind of Nordic Champions League ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_Council
  2. Perfect !! Thanks and have a good night ! EDIT. Something is wrong as league is never starting, could U have a quick look on it mayby ?
  3. Moooorning, Boofhead54, Thank You very much ! I cant wait to win it with Lyn Oslo
  4. Hello is it possible to make 2 scandinavian related addons ? 1. Royal League https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_League But including teams also from Iceland, Finland, Faroe Islands and also Estonia (in total 7 countries, 16 clubs - 3 from DK, SE, NO / 2 from FO, IS, FI / 1 from ES) 4 groups (6 games per team in group), 4 teams each group, 150k euros for win, 50k for draw and some reasonable awards for promotion from group stage and on every next level and 2millions for a winning the title. 1m per team for TV rights 2. Atlantic Cup 1 group tournament between winners of league and cup from each country (Faroe Islands and Iceland) + some nice money awards
  5. Hello, i have empty screen with transfer and contract duties, i tried to reload the skin and also checked other skins but its still empty... Now my assistant is selling my good playes for crap money and they are extending contracts in my name...
  6. Now i have simillar problem, in my coach duties i cannot set u transfers and contracts, those blocks are empty... Does anyone now how to fix it ? as my ass manager is selling my layers for crap money ;d
  7. Hey, Mayby someone could help me, i switched off showing up one of the windows and now im bit lost... So, when U want to send a player to affilated club U always had a new window with options of length etc of that loan, unfortunatly i ticked that box which was been saying "do not show this window again"... Does anyone know how to switch it back ? Cause now every single loan to affilated club is only 1 month long... -.- Thanks for all answers !!
  8. Hello, is it possible for someone to convert FM2019 Dark Skin for FM20 ?
  9. Perfect, thanks ! :)) PS. I'm not a person which can handle advanced editor properly. Is it possible to make extra file with small change in league rules ? I mean for FM19 i made a file with foreigners limits in all leagues but they've been starting from day A, i also been trying to make it from 2nd season but unfortunatly its not getting on for me. Could U make it ? In Lotto Ekstraklasa max 4 foreigners (all not only from outside EU) and minimum 1 u21 player also in lower league 1 foreigner and minimum 2 u21 players ?
  10. Hey, is it possible to get a file only with 2nd,3rd and 4th division ? without playable 5th and lower divisions ? Also (if U are planning) without adding real players ? its killing game pace on my laptop :P thanks for reply !
  11. Is it possible to make a version without that blockade for continental cups teams ? : )
  12. Good day ! Is it possible to make a small change in in game editor to allow players choosing which options should be active in the game and which shouldnt ? Like at the moment we can completely switch off in game editor but i'm more about switching off certain options of it: For example: Editing teams data: off editing players attributes: off Adding 2nd nationalities: ON transfering players: off loans: on etc. Is it mayby possible to do ?
  13. Are u planning to realease a version after ESA league structure change ?
  14. i tried to do it by myself but it's not working for me... Mayby You could mak a nice version of Royal League ? with Greenland teams and other Scandinavian countries ?
  15. I'm trying to find these updates but i struggle with Germany file, any chance for a clue ? ';-)
  16. Great stuff i will try to take HB to CL again BTW. Did You consider to remake Atlantic cup ?
  17. Any chance to make a Royal League including all Scandinavian countries and Greenland ?
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