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  1. Hello guys! Finally there is complete structure of Polish Leagues (9 tiers, without Małopolskie and Podkarpackie). If you have any problem with file tell me, maybe I can help you. Enjoy! Marry Christmas!
  2. Sorry for delay, maybe in future... Who knows, in Małopolska is so many groups for now. But coming soon(not all A and B Klasa, without Małopolskie, Lubuskie, Podkarpackie):
  3. POLISH LOWER LEAGUES - from Ekstraklasa to C-klasa (9th tier in Poland) WARNING: LOADING TIME OF FILE IS AROUND 40 MINUTES. YOU MUST BE PATIENT AND DON'T CLICK ON LOADING SCREEN TOO MUCH, BECAUSE YOU CAN CRASH GAME. WE WAITING FOR GAME FIX WHICH REPAIR LOADING TIME. WARNING 1: THERE IS SO MANY NEW GROUPS, GAME CAN WORK MUCH SLOWER WITH THIS FILE. DESCRIPTION: File is for Football Manager 2019 game and adds to game playable 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th tier of Polish structure (7th, 8th and 9th tier without groups: Podkarpackie, Małopolskie), New clubs, cities, stadiums created manually, Real rules and range of duration in leagues, Added regional cups for each Voivodeship for clubs from 4th tier and lower, Added new promotions and relegations rules (for Ekstraklasa, I liga and II liga) from season 2019/2020 - rules are confirmed by PZPN, Added new squad rules (no limit for foreign players, at least one U21 player in first 11) for Ekstraklasa from season 2019/2020. DOWNLOAD
  4. You can import files, but you must export this uncompressed from 2018 Editor.
  5. I and my friend Kajetan also working on Polish Structure. We have almost ready 7 levels of Polish structure. Unfortunately when we change rules to advanced Editor can't verify this.. :/
  6. Ok, polish community waiting for this Thanks for help. Cheers
  7. Ok, can you tell me when next update will be released? Thanks.
  8. Any news? Maybe problem is that I create a new teams and I add it to the league structure?
  9. Okay, I am looking forward for any solution. Cheers
  10. Unfortunately yes, crash dump is from this version of game ;/
  11. Hello all, I have a problem with game and my custom .dbc file. I made a Polish league structure up to Third league but when i test it I had a crash dump at 1.7.2014. There is dbc file: https://hostr.co/Vg7kKT65xR0j Crash dump file: https://hostr.co/3iWfRAceDS43 Screen https://hostr.co/FbhuO3i6h8sr Cheers
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