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  1. Hey guys. I play with Estrela da Amadora. Now in the third year. It has made much fun. But now i realise that the second team (which is totally ok for me) and the youth dont play in any league and only playing friendly matches. Is there a chance my Amadora Youth will go up some day ? It is a specific question to the Portugese League System. I think there arent any relegations in the last youth leagues...so there dont will be any promotions ?
  2. The Youth Team of Estrela da Amadora doesnt play in the Youth League System...
  3. Would reall want to know how it is on Stadia. I have a Intel i7 6700k. Will it work faster with Stadia or with my computer ?
  4. Hey yeah i think it is worth if you have some players of this countries set in your database. I take always custom database with players from top clubs in whole europe. Thats not so much 20 000 or so and the players from the countries you have set on playable. But it also depends on what country do you play. If you play in a top 5 Country then you will rather not play against those teams in european cups. But if you are playing in some small country then its ok.
  5. Hey i would really like to start a game with the EuroLeague2 and the Club World Cup inside. Are there any known bugs still in this file or is it fine playable ?
  6. Is there a chance there will be a edited file from someone on this forum with the Euro League 2 ?
  7. Hey you're a real good Manager. Fantastic. I hope you make your way into Europe too with Wapno ! But how can you play that fast ? I would do the same if i know how
  8. Hey my question is how it is possible or is it mainly possible to get a suggar daddy in a running game without the editor ? So that you get a takeover. I am playing in Poland Gornik Zabrze by the way..
  9. Does this work for FM 18 too ? Or do we need a new File ?
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