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  1. I play with commentary only on. I have the Use Flashing Commentary when a goal is scored ticked. I do not use replays. Some goals though do not flash. They simply go up the top of the screen which I am not always looking at. I have missed a few times my team or the other team scoring a winning goal or game tying goal because of the goal not flashing in the commentary bar down the bottom. Is it a bug or by design?
  2. I was about to make a similar thread and was going to ask a question. I can comment here without needing to make another thread. I do not know if the results are scripted or not but some of them do seem awfully coincidental. Round 35. Man City are 2 points in front of Liverpool and 4 points in front of Man U. (I am Man City.) Liverpool played first. 1-1 against 11th place Watford. Man U 2-2 against Chelsea in 7th. Man City played the next day against 19th place Cardiff. 1-1. Round 36. Same gaps. Man U play first and beat Arsenal 4-0. Man City play same time as Liverpool. Man City 4-1 over Watford. Liverpool 4-1 over Huddersfield in 17th. Round 37. Liverpool and Man U play same time. Liverpool 1-1 vs Cardiff. Man U 3-3 against Everton. Next day. I field my best team against the bottom team Wolves. 0-0. Round 38 still same margin. All teams play same time. Liverpool 3-0 over Tottenham. Man U 3-0 over West Ham. Man City 4-1 over Aston Villa. It seems that near the end of the season, it seems that first and second place and third if third are in the race for the title get similar results. This has happened to me almost every season that I have played. I am into like season 6 or 7 of this save. The year before when United won, the last 4 games they played after us and they basically mirrored the result I got. Whether we won 4-0 or 4-3 or even when we lost 1-2, they mirrored it.
  3. I am only up to the 21/22 season after having some time off. Liverpool in my save have played 11 games in the EPL for 10 wins and a draw. The draw coming to me Man City 0-0. There wins have been 6-0, 5-1, 5-2 all basically like that. A couple of those wins have been against Man United who sit second and Tottenham who sit 4th. They do seem rather overpowered this year in my save also.
  4. I am playing FM 19. I think it might be programmed in game and here is why. I made a bid for Callum Hudson Odoi from Chelsea to be turned down. Callum Hudson Odoi is now unhappy at Sarri. (Chelsea are 2nd in the league 2 points behind us.) Loftus Cheek is the same from Chelsea. Made a bid for him which was turned down. Loftus Cheek is now unhappy with Sarri. Same at Liverpool with someone else. Name escapes me who right now. Failed bid and now player is unhappy at Liverpool. (Liverpool are like 7th in the league 16 points off us. Aston Villa sit sixth.) Tested it out with a player from Watford, Troy Deeney. Same deal. Troy is now unhappy at Watford asking for a transfer. All of those bids were for squad rotation players. Could be something in the programming for FM19.
  5. Chelsea made a bid for Leroy Sane who I do not want to lose to Chelsea or anyone else. Leroy is now unhappy that the transfer was blocked and is refusing to sign a new higher contract with me. I tried talking to him but that did not work. Will his unhappiness eventually subside and be happy to play still with us for this and next season or will he be unhappy until he leaves?
  6. Sorry. I have gone a season ahead of when this was posted. I was unaware that I needed to produce a save otherwise I would have started a new file. Sorry.
  7. I am playing as Man CIty in a slightly edited league. It is only slightly edited as I have removed FFP, Squad registration and edited the yellow card system. Everything else remains the same. I gave a promise to Sergio Aguero to start playing him more. I played him in one game for Sergio to go out on an injury. Sergio is now asking for transfer because I am not playing him despite the fact he is unavailable due to injury. Sergio is not due back for another week so it is impossible to play him. Is this a bug or has this happened to other people?
  8. I run through a match on Commentary only with no replays. From time to time goals do not flash up on the bottom commentary bar which has caught me out a few times this year. It happened in the last game with FCP in the Champions League when I needed only a draw to advance. I didn't see a goal flash for the AI team FCP in the fifth minute. Sometimes goals don't flash for my team either. Any way to change this so goals do flash in the commentary bar down the bottom?
  9. In the 2016 version of this edited game, a player signing with my top side then playing in the reserve side a few divisions down was not getting the division title added to their history at the end of the season. In this 2018 version, is that changed or is it still the same?
  10. I didn't know if it was a game bug or league bug or what. I couldn't find any options to sign players to my old Stones II side who was one division below my main Stones side and three divisions above my Stones III side which was an U18 side.
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