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  1. I had this once playing as Manchester City. I had won the EPL with three games left to go. I was into the final of the FA cup and the Semi-FInal of the Champions League. My last fixture was pushed back to the Wednesday for the Semi-Final of the Champions League. The game didn't matter as I was playing 11th place Watford away who could only get to tenth with a win.
  2. I haven't bought all the games but here is my play list off steam. 2010 played for 336 hours. 2011 played for 16 hours. 2012 played for 346 hours. 2013 played for 29 hours. 2016 played for 664 hours. 2019 played for 495 hours. As you can see, most of my hours have been on the even numbered games.
  3. 12 shots on target, 10 shots on target for the other team. I will guess 12-10 as a total fluke guess.
  4. This one is based on a full couple of seasons. I have never seen it before. Crystal Palace got demoted to the championship in 22/23. In the season of 23/24 Crystal Palace go onto win the Carabao Cup and qualify for the EC the next season despite being still stuck in the championship. Season 24/25 rolls around with Crystal Palace qualifying for the EC group stage still after being in the championship. Crystal Palace almost get demoted that season to League One but somehow WIN the EC. This qualifies them for the Champions Cup the next season and are still in the Championship. Season 25/26 and Crystal Palace are in the group stages of the Champions Cup. Crystal Palace make the final four before finally being eliminated by Paris SG. In the Championship, Crystal Palace qualify for the playoffs for a promotion spot but lose in the first round keeping them in the Championship.
  5. FM16 in a long save with Woking is on my computer. I haven't played it for a while however as lately I am not in the mood to do much with it. I play FM19 now but again not really in the mood to play it right now. I go in and out of fads with some games I have on Steam.
  6. What it shows is your team suffers quite a bit like my team. We always score early goals like you did with most of your goals in the first half. My team is more likely to let through late goals again like your team did with so many goals late in the second half.
  7. The topic heading says the most over rated team. Everyone seems to be mentioning the most overpowered team. Which is it?
  8. Results are up of the 4 in a row. Man United are through to the FA cup final defeating Man City. Man United play West Ham in the final. Premier League match was a 0-0 draw. Man City through to the Champions League Semis after overall win against United.
  9. I am Liverpool so it is up to the AI. On the league table, Man City are third and Man Utd are 8 points behind in seventh. Man City have been in better form as well. When I get the results, I will post them here as well.
  10. Manchester City vs Manchester United 4 times in a row. FA Cup Semi-Final, Champions League Quarter Finals and Premier Division. I have been playing FM a lot of years but have never seen 4 matches in a row before with the same two teams. How about anyone else?
  11. 11 successful crosses with WORLD CLASS PLAYERS from 95 attempts. This in an FA cup draw against a VNL team who are in last place in the league and likely to get relegated into the north or south division. 11/95 is just ridiculous. It is getting to the stage where I am thinking of going back to FM16. We won the game 1-0 after a penalty as well.
  12. Did you make the Vanarama National league playable?
  13. FM 12 or 13, I forget exactly which one it was, I needed a win and have Chelsea lose or draw. Chelsea lost to some team and we were leading until 94:45 when a player gave away a penalty. We drew the game and thus lost the league on goal difference.
  14. I play with commentary only on. I have the Use Flashing Commentary when a goal is scored ticked. I do not use replays. Some goals though do not flash. They simply go up the top of the screen which I am not always looking at. I have missed a few times my team or the other team scoring a winning goal or game tying goal because of the goal not flashing in the commentary bar down the bottom. Is it a bug or by design?
  15. I was about to make a similar thread and was going to ask a question. I can comment here without needing to make another thread. I do not know if the results are scripted or not but some of them do seem awfully coincidental. Round 35. Man City are 2 points in front of Liverpool and 4 points in front of Man U. (I am Man City.) Liverpool played first. 1-1 against 11th place Watford. Man U 2-2 against Chelsea in 7th. Man City played the next day against 19th place Cardiff. 1-1. Round 36. Same gaps. Man U play first and beat Arsenal 4-0. Man City play same time as Liverpool. Man City 4-1 over Watford. Liverpool 4-1 over Huddersfield in 17th. Round 37. Liverpool and Man U play same time. Liverpool 1-1 vs Cardiff. Man U 3-3 against Everton. Next day. I field my best team against the bottom team Wolves. 0-0. Round 38 still same margin. All teams play same time. Liverpool 3-0 over Tottenham. Man U 3-0 over West Ham. Man City 4-1 over Aston Villa. It seems that near the end of the season, it seems that first and second place and third if third are in the race for the title get similar results. This has happened to me almost every season that I have played. I am into like season 6 or 7 of this save. The year before when United won, the last 4 games they played after us and they basically mirrored the result I got. Whether we won 4-0 or 4-3 or even when we lost 1-2, they mirrored it.
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