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  1. Does anyone know how to alter team fluidity? Mine seems to change a lot but I can't work out how I'm doing it and it's impacting upon my team cohesion.
  2. Callum Gribbin - It says on my save he's unavailable from Oct 2018 to June 2019, anyone know why this is the case?
  3. Probably one for the lower leaguers here, but has anyone else found their senior team and youth team(s) having fixtures scheduled at the same ground on the same day? Is it a bug that this is happening or just something to annoy some of the more particular amongst us?
  4. As above, is there any way to view how many penalties a goalkeeper has saved? Either in a season or throughout their career?
  5. Title effectively sums up my predicament. My staff numbers for both my under 23 and under 18 sides have disappeared from the panel in the boardroom, and when offering contracts the numbers are inaccurate also. I've tried changing to a different skin but that's not helped just yet. Anyone got an idea on what else to try next? EDIT: It's only in one save game, just tried another and it's all fine.
  6. Really like i, but when I come to download it, it won't let me unzip the file for use. Any ideas on a fix for this or if I'm just unlucky?
  7. I’ve got a player who is natural in both the AML and WBL positions. My formation doesn’t have any AML positions but we do have an WBL which is where he finds himself. He’s currently set to be part of the offensive unit during training but I could really do with him being in the defensive one, is there any way in which I can change the one he trains in?
  8. Does anyone have any tips for making my team more defensively solid? A bit of info below... Managing Stoke in my second season, still in the prem Worst defense so far this season (28 games), third worst last season Tried a 442 flat formation but didn't provide results I/the board want so have gone to a 5-2-1-2 Most of my goal assist conceded are from through balls, so have tried 'drop deeper' team instruction
  9. I'm currently managing in the Ryman premier league(downloaded an add-on) and am expected to be winning the league or at least be up there competing. I've also been quite successful in the cups, reaching the 3rd round of the FA cup, 2nd round of the FA trophy an 4th round of the ryman league cup, wreaking havoc on my fixture schedule(been playing twice a week all season and will be doing so until the 20s of March, assuming I progress no further). My success has meant that in October, November and December(up to the 20th) I've only played 6 league games, four of those in October, and as such I've slipped down the table to 10th. My players and fans aren't too happy with this, despite being one point behind 9th place with 8 games in hand, just 7 points off the play offs with 6 games in hand and 15 behind 1st with 7 games in hand. Any ideas on how to keep everyone happy with these bizarre situation?
  10. A bit of a pain that scout reports aren't completing properly for me but, I updated when my current save was on the 31st December where I'd lost the past six, but I'm now into mid March and am unbeaten this year. Swings and Roundabouts
  11. Cheers gents, my coach report said he;s got decent versatility so I'm hoping it works out well.
  12. Does anyone have much/any experience of completely retraining a player from one position to another? I've just signed Falkirk LB Luke Leahy for my Peterborough side in League 1. Some of his defensive stats are below... Marking - 7, Tackling - 10, Anticiaption, Concentration and Positioning ALL 8. Whereas some of his attacking attributes are below here... Dribbling - 12, Finishing - 14, First touch - 11, Composure and Off the Ball - 13. Clearly his attributes are more suited towards a forward player rather than a defensive one and as such I'm completely transforming him to an attacker. Am I likely to be successful with this attempt or not? So far he's got 3 in 6(1 one of which he was left back) already so I'm quietly confident if he becomes natural or accomplished I'm onto a winner.
  13. First off either Peterborough or Man Utd, then once the editor forum starts to fill up and a lower league file is available, I'll hop to Havant and Waterlooville who now reside in the Isthmian league. After that who knows.
  14. RE "Hey, do you know whats happened to the girls at the nursery? I've just been told I need to get there as soon as I can but I've been told nothing else by the staff." CE "It's 5AM, hun. Sorry I don't, they've not sent me anything just yet. Can you let me know whats going on once you get there?" At this moment in time I was doing nothing to dispel the opinion that professional footballers aren't the sharpest tools in the box. Chelsea was over in America for work and that I meant I was the primary carer whilst she's away. If ever there was a time for her to be in the UK this I'd say was definitely it. Or for her to give birth to our next child who's not too far away from coming out either. Long story short, she needed to be here with me and the kids but her dulcet tones has meant that she's over making use of them in not only a different country but a different continent. It was a 10 minute drive to get to the nursery from the training ground, which gave me 10 minutes to be worrying about what had happened to either Katie or Amelia with little else to distract me other than Jess Glynne being played on Radio 1. Hold my hand the song in question which I find quite catchy and bop my head along to sometimes, hoping that I don't get caught doing so by anyone that can see me, whether someone else in the offices or the driver in the car alongside me on the road. I soon arrived at the school the nursery is based at and walked into the reception area where I was greeted by one of the staff with a smile. She can't have been long out of education herself, perhaps 21 or 22 at most, but despite potentially having some bad news to share with me she was rather positive which is something that anyone would notice. JA "Hi Ryan, I'm Jade, one of the nursery nurses here today." She offered her hand out to shake mine. RE "Nice to meet you to. What've I been asked to come in for, has something bad happened to Katie or Amelia?" JA "Unfortunately Amelia has been complaining of a sore stomach all morning and has just been sick before we rang you. She's just been sick again a few minutes ago too as well. Katie hasn't been sick but is quite distressed at seeing her sister being ill in this way so they're both off with other members of staff being looked after and cheered up." RE "So what should I do right now?" JA "Well I'm no medical nurse or anything like that so I'd just recommend taking at least Amelia home, if not Katie as well to see if it settles down over the next 24 hours. If it doesn't there'll be medical professionals who can help you with where you should go from there. But yeah take the girls home and let Amelia rest up." RE "Okay thank you. Can I go and see the girls quickly then we'll get going off home." JA "Of course, just this way." I was led through the playground where the rest of the children were outside playing in the sun through to the actual building where Katie was sat in one corner with a nursery nurse and some toys, whilst Amelia was in the opposite corner looking rather under the weather. Katie was the first to notice me and came running up to me, shouting 'Daddy' and swinging her arms up in the air as she arrived, her go to move when she wanted picking up off the floor into my arms, and I was happy to oblige. Amelia however was less responsive, she stayed almost perfectly still despite all that was going with me and Katie just a few metres away. I left Katie with Jade to start putting her shoes back on whilst I went over to Amelia. I picked her up but was almost immediately met by tears flowing from her eyes, holding as close as humanly possible whilst Katie slowly came over with her bag on her back. See grabbed my spare hand after flinging Amelia's bag over my shoulder and we walked back out to my car for the ride home.
  15. Today marked my next meeting with my backroom team to go through numerous topics on our agenda. This was including a wide variety of topics, ranging from our game on Saturday against Oldham, our game on Saturday against Dagenham and changes to the training schedule. A further key talking point is our plan for the playing squad next season, with players out of contract soon who we need to either offer new deals to or tell players that come the 1st of July, they'll have no part to play at the club, as well as looking at players at other clubs we could target to add to our ranks. TM (Scout Tommy Mooney) "Dagenham played fairly well last time out. They like to keep the ball amongst their defenders quite a lot but without really pressing forward and putting the opposition under pressure. A lot of the time their midfield just gets bypassed though, the ball just going over the top to their strikers to either run onto or hold up for others. Normally in a 4-4-2 formation, they go for a little and large striker who are responsible for either holding up or running onto the ball. Jamie Cureton is one you've probably all heard off, he's normally holding the ball up slightly more but that doesn't mean he can't be ignored at other points, he's fairly clinical in the penalty area." RE "What about that Jones lad, Jodi I think his first name is?" TM "He's the other half of their front two. Very fast lad and is quite capable on the ball. He'll normally be running onto any balls that are played over the top but he is also quite adept at dropping off towards the midfield a little also to collect the ball and drive forwards towards the defenders. Also fairly likely to create something out of nothing, if I had to rate his flair out of 20 he'd easily be a 16, if not higher. Technically, probably his dribbling or kicking technique are his strong points. Ash Hemmings on their wings is also one to look out for, also quite a fast lad and is particularly tricky to deal with. Exceptional dribbling and also quite good at crossing in to the middle. Nyron Nosworthy helps keep their defence in line, but he's not the fastest and we can definitely exploit that on him." I'll skip the part where we went over our previous game against Carlisle. Not much was really to be said about it, just watching the 'highlights' of the game, not that when you lose the game you can call it highlights. We moved on swiftly to plans about next season with the playing staff being the main focus of our attention. Big decisions had to be made about what our plans were whichever level we found ourselves in and I wanted to start this all off sooner rather than later. Just as we began however, I received a phone call asking me to rush to the local hospital, something had happened at the nursery.
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