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  1. Have been checking this thread daily for about a month now and I absolutely love it. Your writing style is great, and your progression and dedication admirable! For some reason youth only is more appealing to me than the regular way of playing FM, so succesful careers are a great read. I recognise the wait for crucial positions man, I've had a FM13 save in which I wanted to do this with Erimi in Cyprus but it came to a halt around 2042 because I never ever pulled even a half-decent goalkeeper. Eventually I couldn't hold for much longer so I reloaded the intake a few times but when I got my goalie I felt like I destroyed my save by reloading, and I lost interest. So great job man, keep up the good work!
  2. I like how many different options are being used. For me it's C. I always have 27 players: 2 for every position and an extra GK, DC, MC, AMRL and SC. Those extras are mostly experienced or cheap fringe players who will only have a place when injury strikes. For the regular squad: A quality first 11 and about 6 backups of pretty much equal skill to be able to rotate without losing too much overall quality. The other 5 will be young, talented players that play easy (cup) games and will be subbed in regularly in other games. For the real troublesome injury waves, there's a 2nd squad filled with out-of-contract regens that can leave at any time, but are actually too ****** to ever be wanted by clubs.
  3. I mostly play England or Holland. England because of the amount of available leagues and clubs, and Holland because there are no foreigner rules. It does clutter squads with half-decent players players from all over the globe though. Had good times in Scotland and Italy too.
  4. Ok, so I googled and found nothing on this, so here's the thing: I've been playing FM for years now. At the moment I'm stuck in FM13, but I don't think the version really has a lot of influence. For the past few months I've been playing offline and during the same period I was in a huge slump. I could never hold a job for more than a season, and the most dramatic results happened, no matter what tactic or players I used. In the most recent game I was in the Dutch First Division, my team was great for that league and I should've won it since the third season. However, I always ended up 8th or 9th, only in a good season I would reach the playoffs. No single tactic worked, even ones that have proven successful in previous saves. Before last season I went back online, sold some of my best players and won the league easily. Cup run ended in the semis after defeating 3 Eredivisie teams including champions PSV. So my team has been good enough all this time. So my question is: is there some kind of work done that makes the game harder in these cases? I can imagine something like this being implemented to discourage people using pirated versions? Like I said, I've got the legal version but played offline, so it might think it's pirated. And it's not like a complaint, I actually like it, but is there anyone that has experienced something similar? Or is it just bad luck that I've been on a slump for 3 months, exactly the amount of time I've been playing offline?
  5. TheEarl *Kneels* Jag hälsar dig, Jarl. Congratulations on the highest honor available within FM vikeologist I don't really have an opinion on what happens with threads and all. As some might have noticed I had a setback in my motivation again, but I'm still a frequent reader and probably tempted to continue in the future. Thing is, I do have masking off. I actually turned it off to see what it's like, because I never did that before. I still wouldn't take a player without scouting him first. But if it's restricted from now on, that's ok with me. I might start a new save. But to make a side note on what's been discussed: I've played Handheld, Classic and Full pretty extensively and the feel of the styles is so very different. I absolutely don't want to downplay any achievement here, but I would also say that Classic is a bit easier, and Handheld isn't even realistic anymore. Recently, I've had a Dutch First Div team win leagues and CL within 4 seasons, with most of the old squad plus some free regens that gained full England and Germany caps before their 20th birthday. Fresh 17-year olds score 62 goals because they have a 20 heading skill. That **** didn't happen since CM4. Now personally I think finishing it is an accomplishment on its own, but when the beforementioned competition aspect plays a role for some people I'd say that there would have to be separate halls of fame.
  6. Certainly not alone. I don't do it multiple times a season, but most of the times at the start. Just to get a good view of who I'm going to use and who can leave / go on loan. And exactly the same way you are doing it, 1st and 2nd choice for every position. And a 3rd goalie that's **** most of the times. Always 23 players, always with the squad number matching their positions.
  7. Ah, I missed that. Maybe because it was Ajax you were managing It's actually very much possible to win European cups with Dutch squads (CL within 3 or 4 seasons), unlike reality. Unless regulations change, Feyenoord (2002) will stay the last winner. Too bad, but we have adapted to the olympic thought now vikeologist The difference was that St Etienne was in bottom position with a mediocre squad and no money, where Valencia was at least safe, with decent players and finances. And I can confirm what you're saying; I had a hard time continuing during periods of drought. It's not a problem when I don't win anything, but there has to be growth or a well-functioning team. I don't have the energy to stick with a team that I don't like, just for the possibility to cross off a cup in the future. Right now, I joined Lazio and I like my team, so I like the challenge again. Besides, I lost the 'wanting to finish this someday' mindset and now the 'road to' itself beats the goal. I'm probably not going to buy FM16 so I should be committed for some more months And welcome Bartrcm!
  8. Kaiserwatman I don't recall anyone doing the Dutch league on here, so you might be the first. Best of luck, you're already at the most beautiful club known to mankind
  9. Ok, new update. No screenshots, as I can't be bothered and I have nothing that needs validation anyway. BRAZIL Copa America 2027 So this was my first serious shot at an international prize. I did compete with Tunisia in the African Nations, but taking Brazil into the Copa America is a whole different deal. We just needed to avoid Argentina for as long as possible. Brazil - Peru 3-2 2 goals from Gabriel Barbosa (Schalke) and one from Malcom (Barcelona) were enough to reord a win. 3-2 might seem close, but both goals from Peru were scored in the last 5 minutes. Brazil - Ecuador 2-1 An early lead by Davidson (Atlético) was cancelled by a 22th minute goal from Granja (Brondby). Barbosa was the man that put us past Ecuador with a goal, 15 minutes before the end. Brazil - Paraguay 5-2 Superstar Paolo Modesto (Juventus) finally showed what he's capable of with a good hattrick. He put us in front after 16 minutes, but 2 goals by Valinotti (Evian) gave Paraguay a surprising lead. Modesto (2x) and Joãozinho (Real Madrid) gave us a 4-2 score t half time, and good old Oscar (still at Chelsea) scored a fifth. QF: Brazil - USA U23 0-0 (pen 3-1) The QF draw saw us play my former team USA U23. Should be an easy win, but although we had 31 chances, we couldn't find a breakthrough. Penalties were needed and as a result we had to play the SF with a completely jaded team. Against, ofcourse: SF: Brazil - Argentina 0-1 We won the last Superclasico really lucky, as Argentina was way better back then. But this time around, we were equal to them. That's why the 0-1 is annoying; our squad was not fit but could still give Argentina a really hard time. What if we didn't need the extra time against USA? But ifs don't count, and we were out. 3rd place: Brazil - Mexico U23 2-0 Malcom and Barbosa gave us an expected win. The board was relentless in their judgement and sacked me. So I'm off to Europe. I took my time in selecting a team to start my European time. Some offers came in, including PSV (which I, as a Feyenoord man, declined ofcourse), but nothing to my liking. Come november I had 2 interesting choices. Saint-Etienne were bottom in the Ligue 1, so I chose to join big club VALENCIA A short story. They played CL but failed in the league. Improving their 15th plae should not be that hard. The squad was pretty decent, I had my eyes on some new players, and it would be no problem getting them to finish at least mid-table, and build on a squad for the future. Nope. We got 3rd place in the CL group and defeated Sparta Prague in the EL. Villarreal knocked us out of the cup early, Hoffenheim was way too strong in the EL, and although results initially improved in the Liga BBVA (Real Madrid 3-0 win, Barcelona 3-3), they fell back hard in february. I was under pressure in march and the knockout by Hoffenheim made my position really unstable. Well, it might have been the 5 game loss streak in BBVA. Anyhow, I resigned. It seems like a repetitive thing: Success at Kitchee; failure at Suwon. Success at Renhe and (no cups, but good results) Tunisia; failure at Portuguesa and Nacional. Success at Kansas; failure at Brazil and Valencia. I can't seem to make the jump towards the real prizes. Maybe it's my tactics, maybe it's my managing style (for as long as I play FM / CM I like to build small clubs and stay with them for years) that doesn't fit, or maybe it's just bad luck. Frankly, it annoys me and I'm grinding to keep myself committed to this challenge. Oh well, at least the next club to appoint me is going places. Challenge landmarks Club: Leagues (2/10): Hong Kong (Kitchee), USA (Kansas) Cups (2/10): Hong Kong (Kitchee), China (Renhe) Continental (0/5) World (0/1) International: Continental (0/5) World (0/2)
  10. I quite like the draft system, everything seems to be set up to promote equal chances for every team. But there are so many rules, especially regarding the registering of players, that I keep forgetting about one or two every season. I had to offload players who I'd like to use as regular subs, because I didn't reach the salary cap. To get a decent shot at prizes you'd need to choose for a strong first 11 and some less than decent subs. But I liked my time at Kansas. Always wanted to manage in MLS, but it just never crossed my path. Happy it did, although I wouldn't start a lasting career there. The good years there were really good for my rep. I made a huge step up coming into Europe; Valencia is my next stop. Update in a few days, as I'm a bit busy.
  11. So we won the first leg 3-1 with our dramatic team, got in a decent goalkeeper and 2 defenders for the second, and we lost 3-0. I'm done. I resigned and will now be looking for a job in Europe, or at a giant in Mexico or Brazil.
  12. I need to rant for a bit here. The board decided to do takeover talks in January. This meant that I couldn't sign any players without contracts in the Superdraft on the 8th. No problem, I thought, I can sign them when the takeover is done. It is now the 27th. Still no transfers possible. The first NACL QF leg is in less than 2 weeks. Meanwhile, my ****** technical director decided to sell Qiang, Ressureiçao and Zayat, all for next to nothing, to other MLS clubs. My squad is being destroyed and I can't do **** about it. I need a goalie, 3 defenders and a striker to even stand a chance in the NACL, and by now the players are bitching that I have to strenghten the squad. **** that.
  13. SPORTING KANSAS CITY 2026 report Competitions: http://imgur.com/vFjvNhT We got knocked out of the NACL by Santos Laguna right away, and I was a little bummed out by that. They went on to win it all and we came pretty close in terms of possession and chances. However, I was able to keep the majority of the squad together, so I went for a cup run. Man, I suck at cups. This season was no different, so again no new achievements. We did however reach the final of the MLS again, so that's pretty cool. Other than that, nothing new. I played out the season on auto-pilot and I'm going for one last shot at the NACL before moving on and going for the bigger, challenge-mandatory leagues in Europe. Squad: http://imgur.com/Whlb9V9 At the start, I sold the aging Phil Denny, and I also had to sell stronge centre back Kasper Kingo. With about three quarters of the season gone, I lost Belgian star defender Guy Arnaud to Celtic. No problem, as the NACL groups are easy and I had a decent backup in US youngster Mike Tyler. I was going to lose him after the season anyway. The problem that I'm facing now is that a lot of players attract interest from European clubs and they all want to move if there's an offer for them. Cropper just wants out because he needs a new challenge, Hernandez already signed at SC Heerenveen, and I can only hope clubs don't come in for Ryan, Lundh, Klasanovic, Zayat and Graham. I've already created an extensive list of replacements (and even signed one absolute beast), because I want to have a strong squad for the NACL QF. I wouldn't even mind if I can only register 11 good players due to restrictions, as long as they are top shelf. The youth squad is really talented so they can be my backups. Star Players: Michael McCormick http://imgur.com/hwSOiEX Because of tough injuries for Klasanovic, Lundh and Ryan throughout the season he played in 3 different positions, but he rarely disappoints. Really happy he doesn't attract a lot of interest. Sun Qiang http://imgur.com/SSxhczs I was not really impressed with Klasanovic and Ressureiçao up front, so I had to get another striker. Call it a gamble (not even that) or a panic move (that's more what this was), the Chinese did way better than I expected. Now what? Finish the NACL, be happy or sad about it, then move to Europe. Was that all? Nope. Please tell me more, Ray! Ok. Well, after the WC ended, a few countries opened up. Since it's been a while and international manament is needed for the challenge, I applied for all. I expected Nigeria, hoped for Croatia, but then there was the fallen (yes. fallen. they're 15th now) nation of BRAZIL Nothing much has happened yet. We won the Superclasico in a really ugly way (Argentina was waaaaay better) so everyone's happy. Copa America coming up in June. Challenge landmarks (blatantly copied from jaysdailydose): Club: Leagues (2/10): Hong Kong (Kitchee), USA (Kansas) Cups (2/10): Hong Kong (Kitchee), China (Renhe) Continental (0/5) World (0/1) International: Continental (0/5) World (0/2)
  14. I actually don't know why. Guess I couldn't be bothered as I'm not even close to finishing much. Next update, which will be in about 2 days, I'll include it.
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