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  1. It might be. I suppose its down to how the game code works, we dont really get to see whats under the hood, we can only guess.
  2. No @Geordieboy52, nothing like that. Im even friends with his agent In the meantime we managed to win the Spanish Cup and grabbed our first Champions League Trophy. Still no league win. But our stature in the game has gone through the roof. Mr. Marsh is still not interested in talking to us. Im done with him. There must be some good reason why none of the big clubs make a move for him. FUBAR, if you ask me. L.E. Scratch that. He just moved to Liverpool. RIP.
  3. Fair point. If it were FM05 id buy him just so i can fine him every two weeks.
  4. No luck with DOF. Im worried that if i press too much he is gonna start to dislike me
  5. Well, if you put it that way, he is more likely to sign a contract in Russia. Best bang for the buck And mind you, its Atlanta, not Atalanta. I can understand not wanting to leave Bergamo (the game doesnt know about the corona *****), especially when Atalanta has been rocking. Atlanta on the other hand, not winning anything. Why the f wouldnt one wanna leave the country where football is called soccer?! He has been on a 21 mil euros release clause for a cpl of seasons, last extension was signed in january 2026, game time is september 2026. Whenever i pay his clause i get
  6. I thought about 1, but cant do it, his only fav person is a former manager who wont come work for me. Did 3 many times, he was never impressed. Also did 4, but never 5. Gonna give it a try, since i do remember players being impressed sometimes by the effort of scouting them yourself.
  7. I wouldnt bother asking if i had edited something The editor was there for his hidden attributes. Guess i just need to hope he stays put for another season.
  8. We surely dont and i have a feeling Chelsea and Spurs both suck even harder than us. EPL and all the others trophies have been a two team affair. Pool and City dominate everything. His ambition to win trophies makes sense, but i feel it would make more sense for him to move from the smaller club which isnt even top 3 in MLS.
  9. My rep is ”Very Good”, almost 4 stars :)). Club rep is around 8200. Both Tottenham and Chelsea have over 8.5k rep, BUT both their managers have the same rep as me. You, good sir might be onto something there. Spurs managers is American, btw, That didnt matter, lol. Still, seeing his rep and his club, i dont feel its normal behavior.
  10. Never had something quite like this happen to me in my many, many years of playing CM/FM. Here is David Marsh. He is possible the missing link in my team and ive been doing everything i can to get him. Except he is not even remotely interested in me or my team. Who we are? FC Andorra. Before you say something about that, i know we arent RM or Liverpool (sorry, Barca). Its 2026, we have been playing in Primera for five years now. Four times managed to qualify for continental competitions. Last season we ended up 2nd, just two points behind Barca. Our media prediction is 5th, but
  11. The boys came by for a testimonial match and decided to show some support. None of these guys are still part of the squad. Saw it the other way around, supporting someone that is not on the team. Is this issue known? L.E. Played the testimonial to honor Lopes without him in the squad (he is loaned out). Doubt that's normal.
  12. He has very little room to progress, and doesnt really blew my mind as a BPD. He is not exactly suited for that.
  13. He probably wont get the work permit in the first transfer window. Second season, he got one.
  14. Dennis Man - FCSB. Was decent in FM 17, looks ok now too. Djordje Jovanovic - Didnt see him mentioned here, superb prospect from Partizan's youth. Had him in several saves, he keeps delivering. Got him for under 1 mil. Duarte Valente - Cheap, decent prospect from Estoril. Payed ~500k for him. Rok Vodisek - Looks promising in my save. Only 300k euros, Olimpja, Slovenia. Sandi Ogrinec, decent prospect from Maribor. Also, really cheap. Vladimir Screciu, probably best young DC from Romania. Starts at Craiova, should set you back less than 1 mil.
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