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  1. The boys came by for a testimonial match and decided to show some support. None of these guys are still part of the squad. Saw it the other way around, supporting someone that is not on the team. Is this issue known? L.E. Played the testimonial to honor Lopes without him in the squad (he is loaned out). Doubt that's normal.
  2. He has very little room to progress, and doesnt really blew my mind as a BPD. He is not exactly suited for that.
  3. He probably wont get the work permit in the first transfer window. Second season, he got one.
  4. Dennis Man - FCSB. Was decent in FM 17, looks ok now too. Djordje Jovanovic - Didnt see him mentioned here, superb prospect from Partizan's youth. Had him in several saves, he keeps delivering. Got him for under 1 mil. Duarte Valente - Cheap, decent prospect from Estoril. Payed ~500k for him. Rok Vodisek - Looks promising in my save. Only 300k euros, Olimpja, Slovenia. Sandi Ogrinec, decent prospect from Maribor. Also, really cheap. Vladimir Screciu, probably best young DC from Romania. Starts at Craiova, should set you back less than 1 mil.
  5. Yes, Neil, did most of that. However, there is one thing i did not do and come to think of it, the timing fits. Crashes started after my Windows 10 updated with the large Creators Fall Update. You guys might be on to something I missed the "especially after a windows update". Gonna do that and get back to you.
  6. Crashes started randomly a couple of weeks ago. Nothing has/had changed within my system. The game does not generate a crash dump file. At first game was running full screen. Errors popped while i was alt-tabbed, game running in background (as it was a million times before). Switched to windowed mode, same thing. Tested on several saved games. Checked files integrity on Steam, all good. Doubt it has something to do with the drivers since with the same ones it ran ok for a long time. Thanks in advance. DxDiag.txt
  7. Guess the solution is not using them in matches for a longer period of time. It seems to be working.
  8. What are we supposed to do with them? I will assume not everyone knows what this is about: the DNT tag (just like INJ or WTD) is a player state, after recovering from a severe injury. This means that he trains normally, but when used in a match, he will have trouble training after. Usually, after a game, he gets an easy injury for about 1-3 days. Something like a recurring injury. Now, what i dont know: if u dont use that player, the condition doesnt go away. If you do use him, rarely, he will eventually get the big recurring injury, 8-9 months in my case (already have two players like this). Do we need to take them out of training as well? Any advice is welcomed.
  9. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Sebastien Corchia Your Team: WBA Buyer/Seller: Man UTD Player's Value: 14.5 million euros Offer: 30 mil upfront Transfer/Wage Budget: 0/10 mil euros/yr Patch: Latest Season: Start of 4th season What do u think? I actually wouldnt want to sell to a title contender, but i do have Soares as a backup and he seems to develop nicely.
  10. I've been given 41 mil euros in January, for a mid-table finish. Just WOW. Sitting in 3rd currently.
  11. Lowest these went were 2.5 mil upfront. But 800k, yeah, damn bargain.
  12. Name: Mateo Kovacic Position: AMC/MC Age: 17 Club: Dinamo Zagreb Value: 1.2 mil euros Sale Value: 4 mil Work permit?: Yes
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