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  1. Inside Forward seems to be a very one tone role that just cuts in near the half space and lets go a shot from distance. Raumdeuter seems to exploit the space better at least as far as I've seen and maybe what you're aiming for? Someone who hangs wide with the opposing wing back and then cuts in to the space between the centre back and wing back for a through ball or ball over the top?
  2. Fatigue and previous injuries are most relevant I believe. What does the Sports Scientist affect btw?
  3. Was struggling absolutely horrendously with a well developed Vinicius Jr. at IF (L). He had average ratings of 6.3 across 7-8 games. Since I've plopped him to the AP(S) role he's been significantly better. From what I've seen the IF role is a real shot vacuum and Vinicius specifically has poor long shots.
  4. James Bree just didn't kick on in my save and never looked like he'd be useful in the PL. Signed Almamy Toure in the second summer for just 9m from under Bayern and PSG's noses, so that position is settled. Also wolves let Iorfa leave on a free who's a great back up/home grown player.
  5. CF(S) IF(A) T(A) Mez(S) AP(A) HB (D) WB(S) BPD(D) CD(D) WB(S) SK(D) Positive mentality/Structured shape Shorter passing, lower tempo, be more expressive, fairly wide, zero time wasting Transition: press immediately, counter, goalkeeper distributes quickly, to centre back Out of position: high line of engagement, high defensive line, offside trap My current roles and instructions.
  6. When is it advisable to put in instructions for overlaps or underlaps? I'm trying a similar system but I find myself facing the same issues. I don't create enough at home and struggle to compete for possession away. About the attack/support combination in the final third, (forgive me, my understanding of football isn't that concrete) how does one create space in systems that are naturally possession oriented? The space in the final third is compressed and the inside forward with the attack duty is marked tightly with no space to run into. I find most of my goals coming from counters or crosses that fall to midfielders. I'm not sure how to go about creating chances that a possession based system normally creates. My wide forwards especially don't deliver nearly as many goals or assists. Is it contradictory to have an advanced playmaker in the wide forward position as well as an AP in the CM position? If so what other roles would be synergistic for the wide forward? An inside forward on attack behind a supporting deep lying forward?
  7. Managed to reach the Carabao final but lost to Liverpool. Sitting in 12th rn with 5 to go. Need some good players at RB, DM and perhaps a mezzala type.
  8. Struggling to find good full backs too. Ones who are good enough won't discuss terms and only badly overpriced options are interested to join.
  9. Some of the better players are loan signings. Bolasie, Tuanzebe, Abraham, the RW winger fellow from Lille. I proactively signed some good bargains in Jan and started playing and developing them instead of the loanees to avoid the absolute void once the loans end. Winning the Championship was absolutely comfortable though.
  10. In my experience players develop faster with a higher intensity and unhappiness than with low or no specific attribute being trained and happiness.
  11. I've had two long term saves now and at least a third of the team is always moaning. Even if you ignore them they develop just fine. Managed to develop the weaker attributes on my star wonderkids even when they complain about the extra workload. Only time I would bother adjusting training intensity is dealing with injury prone players or worne out players. Have found this edition to be quite unforgiving with injuries especially if you just stick the intensity to heavy and above. Other than that you might as well ignore them.
  12. I see that the dribbling stat isn't highlighted for the b2b midfielder.
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