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  1. I confirm all 16 points posted by @Raulic with missing/wrong rules, implemented in FM19 for Romanian comps. Do you have any news, @Ed Hewison?
  2. Hi toxykgenius, 1. I dont see where is the data issue in this case: as you and wikipedia link said, temporary ground for FC Hermannstadt (League 1 - Romania) is set to Trans-Sil (in database). 2. I dont understand why you mentioned CSM Targu Mures. Is there any link in the game between FC Hermannstadt and CSM Targu Mures? 3. In the game, FC Hermannstadt is moving to Municipal-Sibiu stadium starting with 01/07/2019. Please read below article, it seems that Municipal will not be ready for use sooner than July 2019. https://www.oradesibiu.ro/amp/2018/10/17/firma-care-renoveaza-stadionul-municipal-vrea-o-pasuire-uriasa-a-lucrarilor/
  3. Hi Cosmin, Actually both Dragoş Nedelcu and Lucian Filip had injuries during this season (which are correctly set in database).
  4. Hi duccio, short answer is no. Detailed one below. From link attached by you (official site): Astăzi, 11 iulie 2018, CSM Politehnica Iași a primit dreptul de utilizare a siglei și a mărcii verbale FC Politehnica Iași și, astfel, sezonul 2018-2019 va începe cu adevărata identitate a Politehnicii Iași! Team is called CSM Politehnica Iaşi on: - their official web-site: https://www.politehnicaiasi.ro/ - LPF site: https://www.lpf.ro/cluburi/acsm-politehnica-iasi/8 - FA site: https://www.frfotbal.ro/echipa.php?id=2910 I see no reason to change club name
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