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  1. Uploaded files Medals for players on trial.fm
  2. Eypcan Delibata was on trial with my team and still receive a medal for promoting to 2nd League.
  3. Mihai Şerban Alin Demci is his full name. https://www.uefa.com/uefayouthleague/clubs/players/250113581--mihai-serban-alin-demci/?referrer=%2Fuefayouthleague%2Fseason%3D2018%2Fclubs%2Fplayer%3D250113581%2Findex
  4. Thanks! Is already done in database. Will be there in FM20.
  5. Thanks! We will take a look for winter patch.
  6. Romario Moise just scored back to back free kicks and 2 outside the box goals, which are his specialty. In FM20 he has 10 long shots and 9 free kick taking which is eh.. - will be updated for winter patch Bustea, Miculescu and Buhacianu have been used on the wings in a flat 4-4-2, they should have at least Ciprian Rus ability there(where he hasn’t played at all, only as W/IF in a 4-3-3) - all positions, for every player in first 2 leagues from Romania will be revised before winter patch Isac is a competent DM, started as a BWM in 4-4-2 or as anchor/dm in 4-3-3. - will be revised Buhacianu crossing at 9 and long shots at 5 is laughable tbh. - will be updated Stahl is right footed, not left - will be updated I appreciate your knowledge about UTA Arad. Are you interested to join our Romania Research Team?
  7. Maximum Attendance Its expected average home attendance in its best foreseeable situation. The number entered here should never be lower than those entered for “Minimum Attendance” or “Attendance”. This is written in guidelines. Is an average, during an entire season, not about a single game or derbies.
  8. David Miculescu is left footed, not right. - Thanks for this! Will be updated. Catalin Vulturar is missing from the game altogheter although he made 3 appearences for the first team this season(Soimii Lipova, Chisineu Cris, Dinamo) and is the captain of Romania U16. He is also the youngest to make his debut in second league at 14, last winter against Farul Constanta - He is missing from the game (not database), because he is 15 years old. SI's policy is to add people 16 years old and more. Alin Seroni does not have the highest salary in the squad, not even close. - Thanks! Will be updated. Marius Tomozei should have left back abilities as he played there a lot throught his career, including 5 games this season. - Thanks! Will be updated.
  9. In database are set like this. Is average 30k for the first season? Probably, is a general bug, not a specific one, for FCSB.
  10. In official database is set like this: Long Name - Fotbal Club FCSB Short Name - FCSB Most probably you are using a custom file, which is renaming club name. Please contact them in order to correct.
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