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  1. this hotfix worked so wonderfully that now instead of action on the pitch, i get a single colour background...how do i roll this back to the previous version?
  2. I wonder if last year's dark skin for this year's game is available anywhere, I've tried nearly everything for the new version, but it's all too painful on my eyes and I really liked the FM 2018 Dark skin. I went back to playing FM 2018 because of this.
  3. I have a similar problem, since the last update. The game takes ages to start up, once it loads it takes many seconds to get to each screen. I have a high end config, nothing has changed, no antivirus other than Windows Defender to interfere. Complete antivirus scan completed. Yesterday I had the game files verified, the game worked perfectly for the session, this morning I turn on the computer, run FM 2018, same thing happens, slow as hell and I've run out of ideas. Edit: re-installing the game seems to have solved the problem for now, looking forward to my next reboot...
  4. Quick question: I asked two of my players to become coaches when their careers are over. They offered to make themselves available right away which I was happy to accept, but there is no shortcut to their attributes. I looked, clicked everything, nothing. Please help me out!
  5. Save game uploaded, posted in bugs forum. The player in question is Kwadwo Asamoah, I'm into the third season, and I play as Arsenal. Apparently Ghana had a World Cup qualifier the day before the CL final, but this would still never happen in real life.
  6. on the day of the Champions Cup final, my player Asamoah is traveling to a friendly...need I say more?
  7. Unfortunately the first couple of crashes came early for me, when I set individual training and use filters, it always crashes when I filter to U21/18, then back to seniors...
  8. Well, it's not like they don't do that in real life. I have a similar problem with my stupid players, every time an agent asks for a new contract (after other clubs show interest in them), I have them fired by the player. I've done that a zillion times, yet they're still asking. Dumb idiots
  9. My impressions so far: - about 80% of the goals conceded come from shots or headers about 2-3 meters from goal, many of them poached efforts from deflected shots, or the keeper losing the ball - 90% of my results are 1-0, 1-1, 2-1; in the past two seasons I've had about 8 matches where I scored more than 2 goals, and none with an "exotic" result (i wouldn't count the one time 4-1 as very exotic) - lesser players seem to be overly expensive, it's nearly impossible to buy promising youth players for lower prices - you almost have to pay as much as you would for an already accomplished player; plus it annoys me that the AI always puts all kinds of clauses in its counter-offer, when I want to pay in one sum - the game is way too slow - otherwise I like the game, especially the media tweaks and less emphasis on manager relations; but i'd like the private chat function to be available on right clicking on the player
  10. i've played every version of the game for the past 20 years and 2013 is the first one to really entertain me in years...obviously it has its own flaws, but i think you should give it a try...
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