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  1. The issue isn't even with wingers being one-dimensional, but with them being pants at it! No reason for top-level players playing target practice with the defenders when crossing, despite having had plenty of time and the ability to pull it off more than comfortably.
  2. It's annoying but often due to extremely attacking formations and tactical setups. But yes, players tend to stubbornly choose to shoot even when they have better options available. Regardless of tactics, instructions and attributes. Blocked crosses are a but of a long-standing issue, that get either under- or overdone depending on the ME build/FM version. Some times crossing is almost 100% effective, other times it's so crappy you'd swear the wingers are programmed to wait for a defender to close them down and block the cross (while they had like 5 secs to place a cross unchallenged).
  3. I'm rather thrifty in both real-life and FM, but prone to occasional bursts of overspending, followed by second-thoughts and buyer's remorse. The most annoying thing, in both scenarios, is that despite starting with a clear, frugal and sensible spending strategy, I often end up (barely) even...
  4. Despite 23 years of CM/FM experience, the list of Big Clubs I actually managed is much shorter than the list of ones I didn't... In England (a nation I rarely play), it's been mostly Man Utd in the CM era, then in some journeyman save in FM1x, I ended up at Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea, but not for long stints. In Spain only Barça, again as final and short-lived destination of another journeyman save In Italy, Inter back in an old CM97/98 save and then Juventus, both as long-term saves (surprising, as I'm not particularly fond of Inter) I don't remember having ever managed in either Germany or France. Big Club saves are boring though! If you start from the Top, you'll have a short, uneventful and deadly dull experience. You can sell most of your deadwood for big money and reinvest half of it on the usual Wonderkids. Then click Continue to win til you lose interest. If you join later on, it's even easier, as newgens are worse all across the board and AI can't tell the good ones and the average ones apart... So it's even more "win win win" scenario.
  5. He's my current first-choice, but I have a couple of other strikers with similar attributes. Some are slightly better physically, but weaker mentally or technically, while others have better technique or mental skills, but are slightly slower/weaker. Basically they're all from the same mould: ok jack-of-all-trades who don't really excel in anything.
  6. It's not necessary, but given the players I have at my disposal now, it's the style that makes more sense. I just want those crosses (be them 20 or 2 per game) to have the Striker as the main target instead of the winger. Basically my main reason isn't to get the tactics better (but it's a nice plus, of course), but to find out why the wing-to-wing crossing and scoring is happening ever so often. BRW, the starting striker is good in the air (6"2 tall, 15 Heading) and both first-choice AMR/L are native wingers (e.g. AMR is right-footed, AML is left-footed) and on paper are better at chance-creating than at chance-converting. It being Brazil, most players are kinda lacking in the mental dept, so they may lack workrate/decision-making/concentration to follow the gameplan or some individual duties. I may have added a few of them, but it's not exactly intuitive that a wide formation doesn't need stuff like "focus on the flanks" or "Overlap" Didn't change much there IIRC. It's as basic as it gets, so I guess it's the same issue that makes AI teams play like crap.
  7. No problem! It was actually very informative... Indeed my AMC has felt quite useless, no matter who was playing there (I've rotated 3-4 guys exactly because they rarely were effective, so I blame it on the players rather than on the tactics). The central midfielders tend to score via long shots, while the AMC's more common way to find the back of the net is following some scrambles around the edge of the box. Basically inconsequent and random chances rather than actual buildup or interplay. I may try SS or TRQ for a change of pace. BTW, I have no qualms about the tactics being cross-heavy (that's why I went for Wing Play and a wide formation), but I just wish the Striker were more involved in the scoring process, namely with the crossing-->header routine (which ATM is resulting in the wing-to-wing volley scenario I'm complaining about). Then there's also be the 3-5-2 secondary formation that has given me a few headaches due to lack of chances conversion, but let's save it for later...
  8. Here's my 4-2-3-1 Wide tactic. Very basic... (FYI, all players are newgens, so it'll be impossible for you to say how well of a fit for the role/duty they are) I know having the lone striker as DLF could be part of the reason for him not scoring much, but it's a tactics default setting... Here are the stats for the DLF and for the high-scoring AMR Indeed the DLF is making as many passes as the AMR (and a lot of headers!), so he's having a big role in building up the attacks and he's not just sitting idly inside the box. HOWEVER, the shooting and scoring % are worrying. The AMR shoots RARELY, but has a 50% conversion ratio for shots on target, and 25% total. (Fin 10, Cmp 11) The DLF shoots quite a lot (and scored more in the crappier Regional Championships) but with his conversion rate is a more modest 25%, and the overall one drops to a low low 14%.
  9. I know it's weird being mad about scoring goals, but this has been annoying me quite a bit in FM19. Whenever I play a tactic with a wide players (both M R/L and AM R/L), they tend to EASILY score double-digits with the sameish setup: one winger crosses the ball to the far post, the striker(s) stand idly around in the six-yards box, or wherever they happned to have roamed, and the opposite wide player is the only one reacting the right way, getting in position to head/volley the cross into the net. And they don't even need to be world-class wingers or inside forwards to score so much... My current AMR at Bahia has attacking attributes in the 10-13 range, with a stunning 9 of Off the Ball, so I wonder how he can end up in the right place while my strikers with 12-14 have the awareness and reaction times of a geriatric sloth... I know you'll say "it's your tactic", but it has happend to me with all kinds of formations and strategies. From "broken" downloaded supertactics where everything is extreme, to rather basic TC plans that work a more patient buildup. Many times, if I play too cautiously, or it's "one of those days", my strikers barely register a shot, be it on target or straight into the parking lot. While wingers and even the defensive CM have 3 or 4 attempts. How can I solve this twofold issue? AFAIK, strikers' movement, especially in lone-striker formations (like my current 4-2-3-1 Wide), is a bit of a known issue and can't really be "solved", only mitigated. Which would be great... But is there a solution to have crosses actually aimed at the striker instead of ending up to the other winger, who BTW is playing way too central anyway.
  10. Well, the guy went a bit overboard with his (very commendable and brave) project... Also, SI likely have more/better tools available and less restrictions than random users with the editor. Again, not saying it's gonna be as easy and quick as, I dunno, adding a playable tier to an existing pyramid, but it'd be feasible enough. However, if it's not gonna be in 20.0, I doubt it'll make it to 20.3... They'll likely save it for FM21 when ECL will be announced officially.
  11. They've pretty much confirmed it won't be there, as the format hasn't been made official yet, so it'd still be subjected to change. Also, I suppose it'll take a bit of work to readjust ALL the eligibility conditions for all the 55 leagues as well. Not sure how far into development FM20 is, but with the launch being two months away, I suppose it'd still be possible to retool the entire European Competitions setup with (relative) ease. On the other hand, we've had some odd events with "normal", long-established competitions in the past (weird schedules, competition stopped working, fixtures not being generated right, players on int'l duty before a final etc), so it's probably easier said than done... Someone in the Steam Workshop will likely create it as soon as the editor is available...
  12. Depending on how good your AssMan is, you often have a better chance to win! It delegates everything to the AssMan, but in past versions (don't know if it's still like that in 19) if you select a GamePlan (even if you don't have any), the game won't change a thing and your team will finish the match the way they started it. So no AssMan input, neither for the good (subs of tired or poorly-performing players) nor for the bad (if you rested some stars, he'll sub them in at half-time) TBH I don't understand why we can't get it implemented in a fully-working way by default instead of having to download an extra add-on which is often bugged (or feels so anyway).
  13. FM19: 1355 FM18: 1137 FM17: 158 (it was a late purchase IIRC) FM16: 580 FM15: 14 FM14: 2798 FM13: 921 FM12: 883 FM11: 1492 FM10: ~400 FM09: ~350 FM08: ~350 FM05-07: <100 (at best, as couldn't get past the 2nd/3rd season) (for pre-Steam editions, the hours are based on the longest save I still have available, so they don't take into account long-lost or deleted careers, aborted saves etc) It's a whopping >10000 hours! FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE DAYS to be somewhat more accurate... Basically an entire year of my life has been spent playing FM... I don't know how to feel about that Anyway, it was an interesting evolution... The switch from CM to FM happened at when my interest in management games was at an all-time low (due to having "overdosed" on Premier Manager 3, CM 2/97-98/3...) Suffice to say I didn't even get to enjoy the (allegedly) "best CM ever" in 01-02, which I bought on sale in late 03 and didn't really play anyway. The new FM interface and approach (Pig in the Middle, urgh!) made things worse and I basically kept on getting the games out of habit from the bargain bin just to confirm I wasn't really into them. A random save in FM08 (already well into FM09 life cycle) rekindled my passion, which still took a few iterations to come back in full swing. It was a glorious journeyman career in FM11 (Jubilo, Aalesund, Palmeiras, Sunderland, Chelsea and Barça) that certified my official relapse. Steady, albeit not-so-memorable, runs in 12 and 13 (didn't even remember some of the clubs I managed) and then Undrið happened in FM14 as a "joke save" turned into something awesome and monstrous. To the point I literally ignored 15 and didn't really care much about 16, much less so about 17, basically giving them a token try before heading back to 14 and to the Faroe. Another journeyman save, started on some other islands (Samoa this time) helped me finally transitioning to FM18 and then on 19 I decided to go for the actual Hexagon challenge after having started on the BVI. Oddly enough I haven't had a good old Rosenborg Power Fantasy in ages (probably FM12 or 13...). And haven't managed a top club in a top leage for just as much. The struggle to lead crappy clubs to some semblance of irrelevant glory in obscure leagues and sub-par continental competitions is much more fun than throwing millions at every problem
  14. Gotta love the "everything's fine, and if it's not, either pretend it is or if you can't bring yourself to do so, walk away and STFU" answer... Don't worry, I'm still playing and enjoying FM19 for what it is, with and despite all its quirks, flaws and long-standing issues. Actually I've stopped chasing tactical pipe-dreams and red herrings and I'm now playing the game the way it's "supposed" to be: buckling under the TC/ME "Strategy of the Year" (which I did discover by chance months ago, without having looked around the net). Indeed my time and energy are better spent on other things than on banging my head on the desk wondering why my Direct 4-4-2 Diamond Narrow still craps out crosses and wide play. Or why strikers don't seem to be able to move correctly inside the 6-yards box no matter what... Is it Gegenpress 4-4-2 I'm expected to play [because Klopp is the new Pep. And 4-4-2 somehow works great with that style]? So be it... And if I'm feeling really really lazy but fancy a different tactic, I'll bloody download one and goodnight, let's see how unbalanced/overpowered it is... Is it cheating? Who cares... P.S. I don't think I'm ranting... I'm merely stating rather obvious things in the most factual way I can (while I'm also passionate about FM). Hopefully we'll come to a point where the ME will be able to give all tactics/styles a fair and equal chance, instead of having a couple of go-to easy solutions. Most Top-Club saves suffer already from people signing the same players and the same wonderkids (seriously, look at the lineups people post to brag about their success, and even to ask about their failures), we'd have at least see different formations and tactics.
  15. But in reality the strength/weakness of a formation depends mostly on: a) how it compliments the players' skills (no use to play a cross-based game if your strikers are 5"6, or to play tiki-taka with banana-footed defensive midfielders) b) how it works against the opposition's tactics and players Some formations and styles are more "popular" than others, but no modern formation is inherently weaker or stronger than another by itself. It may become so in context but not by design and by default. I agree that some styles are more straightforward to adopt. Which is why top-level managers are sought after and you don't see Joe Bloggs from Bumfluff Rovers taking over at Man United despite his no-nonsense 1980s 4-5-1 working wonders in tier 9. And which is also why some attractive attacking tactics are good for entertainment but not for winning silverware. But that's not what happens in FM... There we have a couple of setups that objectively work better/easier in the game compared to others. Or that, at the very least, seem to require much less hassle. But I wasn't even talking about winning! I'd be happy to get my ass kicked in a 2-4 thriller if it means my team is playing Zeman's 4-3-3 the way it's supposed to be, instead of ending up a weird and disjointed hybrid with way too much tiki-taka or wing-play because apparently the ME favours it even when the TC's instructions don't seem to hint at such outcome. Performing well or winning are secondary IMO in this debate. What I want is consistency in the input/output process. And, why not, a chance to develop an unfancy system that does what I want it to do. Even if it means I'm losing games every week because it's simply not a viable tactic. I was like Level 60 when I found out Sneak and Bows were all the rage in Skyrim and I wasn't suddenly a very skilled marksman Had I decided to play as a pure Mage, it'd have been much more frustrating and I'd have probably given up much earlier. It's an unbalance and the fact "it's common in most games" doesn't excuse it happening in a game where "realism" and accuracy are key selling points. Because there's not a valid reason for it not to work! Pep could wake up tomorrow and decide to play Sacchi or Mourinho's brand football and it'd be feasible. Maybe not a successful choice for many reasons, but there isn't a "match engine" that prevents him from trying. Not being able to do so in FM is annoying because it's limiting. It's like "want to play Direct Counter? Yeah, too bad, this year it's all about Gegenpress... Enjoy months of awful football vaguely resembling your idea. And remember, Gegenpress works... give it a try!" If my squad is tailor-made for, say, Counter 3-5-2, why should I switch to Tiki-Taka 4-2-3-1 AMCs because the latter works better or is easier to get to an acceptable level of fidelity? Yeah, ignorance is bliss. But what if you picked a "dud" formation? You'd felt like an idiot, would have lost to your brother and would have stopped playing in the end. Real life is "random", FM is a game with code and numbers. So if something doesn't work, there IS a reason for that. And knowing it can be helpful.
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