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  1. FM is the WWE of football management games. It was once great, it's still serviceable today (with rare moments of brilliance amidst a time-tested formula that still kinda works with the loyal fanbase) but its strongest point is the BRAND NAME and the progressive death of all competition. Granted, said competition was NEVER stronger or even in a position to gain sizeable traction, but at least it was there. Of course anyone starting NOW would be at an immense disadvantage, making the endeavour futile to begin with. But look at how much FIFA had to fight to reclaim their throne when Konami kicked their butt for years with a superior (albeit largely unlicensed) game. Not that, say, FIFA2000-2010 were bad or anything, they were just FIFA games... Glorified roster updates with a mandatory graphics update with every generation shift, but still arcade-ish and predictable. P.S. Not saying FM is the same, but let's just say that the "it's your tactics" reply wouldn't be as popular had FM some competition.
  2. What I don't really get is why scouting a specific player within the scouting range should cost extra money (to the point of causing your package to get cancelled if you scout too many players). I mean, while my scout is touring the country for players, why shoud it cost extra to tell him "while you're in that area, take a look at John Doe playing for Hopless FC"?! It may take a few extra days to wait for the scout to be in that place during his trip, but why the extra cost? I'm not telling the Scotland scout to go see a guy in Finland or to drop everything and drive to Cornwall for a Div 7 game...
  3. Conversations are tricky... About the OP's case, though, it makes sense that the player wasn't happy... Asking for transfer doesn't mean wanting to leave ASAP no matter the way. Mutual termination should be the last resort to get rid of an unhappy or unwanted and unsellable player. BTW, I'm currently managing in North Korea, and I think I'd have the "if you don't drop this, you and your family will get transfered to a 'training camp'" option when players complain or ask for a raise...
  4. Depends on how strong he is, now and potentially, compared to your high-earners. Also it depends on who you're managing... If you're a Top Club, there's no harm or risk in offering a high wage if the player is going to feature enough, some time down the line, to keep his value and his resale potential. Nope... With highly rated youngsters it's a "you snooze, you lose" situation.
  5. What did you say in the pre-match Press Conference? If you put pressure on the players and saved the game afterwards, you'll always be at a mental disadvantage, no matter how many times you replay the match.
  6. Very true, And here's where another pet-peeve of mine comes into the picture... Predictable and "standard" player development! I'm half-sure in FM19 the talent curve is slightly more varied, as opposed to the olden days when a player around 23-24 was pretty much done for as a "wonderkid" if he hadn't hit his stride already. However, plenty of flawed newgens with high potential are immediately recognizable by a moderately seasoned human manager and he'll know better than wasting money and time on them. While AI will likely get fooled by the (P)PA and will still insist on signing him. Of course in reality as well it doesn't take a genius to spot an overhyped kid who's not going amount to much, but there are many more "Bojan Krkics" than "Nikon El Maestros" on the shortlists of scouts, experts, pundits and fans... It takes years of "waiting" and of "second chances" to finally write someone off as a bust or as a disappointment, while in FM you can do so with a relatively high accuracy almost at first glance... A more varied players' creation model and development would help. Credit where is due, I've seen A LOT of 20yo players who look like potential world-beaters but who have already peaked and will either stagnate or decline... So there IS hope...
  7. To put it bluntly: the new scouting module is broken. Don't get me wrong, on paper it was a step in the right direction, by trying to limit the all-knowing power of ANY scout. In the past you could find out everything about anyone by simply shipping your average scout to the four corners of the planet. In a matter of a few in-game days. Unfortunately, the new system is way too restrictive and, as pointed out by @Smurf in the "Wonderkids list is cheating" thread, it's now a cumbersome and limiting aspect of the game that conflicts with logic and with realism. We shouldn't need a "scouting package" to have access to reliable data on the teams and players in our own division and, mostly, country. We shouldn't need to spend extra money from our budget to scout a well-known international player. As if the new features weren't frustrating enough, scouts seem to lack the most basic awareness about the club they're working for! Again, I shouldn't have to tell my scouts "don't look for players with wages >N p/w". Heck do you think scouts at, say, Brighton, get reminded that they can't afford to sign Alexis Sanchez or that Christian Pulisic may not be interested in joining? Just like the Players Search tab has the "Interest in transfer/loan" menu, Scouts should automatically ignore players who are too expensive, too demending and simply too good for the club. As said, my scouts at Rosenborg kept on suggesting me to sign some EPL players with transfer fee and wage at least 4x higher than our entire yearly budgets... To top it, the club was unlikely to sell and the player's interest was Dubious... It's like a car-dealer suggesting you to purchase a Bentley Continental while you showed up asking for an economy hatchback...
  8. Fair enough, but couldn't they at least follow the same template of the actual newgens? In the lowest depth of the lower leagues and in the darkest corners of the fotball world, they'd be moderately useful for struggling human manager. Again, it makes sense. But why isn't my Cameroon side getting Filler Players around the same level of the Inelegible ones? I'm in the same situation of the other nations without enough available players (if not worse off, as the Cameroonian league has only a handful of active players). Then again they get someone comparable to Salah or Aubameyang, while I'll have to make do with a bunch of "perfect yellow octagons" with no attribute over 12 and absolutely no role-specific attitude...
  9. But then why do they recommend me a 20M EPL player on a 50k p/w wage while I'm managing a Norwegian team whose entire transfers budget is 4M and whose top earner gets 10k p/w? Scouting is simply inconsequential...
  10. I've noticed a vaguely worrying trend with Grey Players, those automatically generated to fill gaps in squads. Most of them are rather useless Jacks-of-all-trades, with little or no role-specific attributes distribution. If that sort of works for fullbacks and midfielders, it's terrible for forwards (I've seen CFs with higher values in Tackling and Positioning than in Finishing and Off The Ball) and for wide players (they're all sloooow) You may think it barely matters, as nobody really needs the Greys for anything more than a bench spot in an untimely-scheduled cup game during an international break, but it becomes a problem when you manage in lower leagues or smaller nations. At that level, especially if it's an Amateur/Semi-Pro club, grey U18 players used to be a half-decent, free option to get a couple of extra players in. Also, currently managing Cameroon, I'll have to select an all-Grey squad for the stupid African Nations Championship, which requires domestic-based players only. Of course the quality of the Grey players is much lower than that of the actual players (which is debatable already), but the lack of variety and of role specialization is crippling. However those are minor annoyances for the human manager, as more often than not Greys aren't really necessary... The issue is much serious when it's the AI that gets saddled with entire squads of fake, average players. That's why the Qualification Stages of European Cups are usually one-sided thrashings... You get a fully generated squad of unfit, below-average players facing real-life players (or of well-rounded playable newgens). No wonder it's also relatively easy to overachieve even in the early stages of a rags-to-riches career in QR1 and 2. I can see why the Greys were nerfed, as a few FM back you could get first-team quality players for free (all you had to do was scheduling a friendly during an international break and the game would have created good players to replace your stars away on int'l duty). On the other hand, they probably went too far and now the Greys look calibrated on the average level of the Youth Intake, if not WORSE.. Which is a marginal issue for most human managers, but it affects the AI teams and the LL Managers. Or are there two different algorithms for human-controlled teams and AI teams? (and if so, that's unfair too)
  11. To be fair, scouting is very very imperfect... Not often I've stumbled across an early newgen, one of those who at age 19 has already 3 seasons worth of first team exposure in the top flights and I go "how did my scouts miss him?!"... Despite having dispatched top level scouts across Europe and South America, they always seem to let plenty of talented kids slip away, while recommending has-beens or never-weres. Or established players who cost like our entire budget... Again, I wouldn't mind scouting as much as we're supposed to do, if the outcome wasn't so unpredictable and unreliable even in situations that in real life wouldn't require a tenth of the time and effort.
  12. @Smurf , you have a point about FM not replicating the level of knowledge staff and even fans have in real life. It's kinda annoying when, as a NT manager, I still get the Fog of War for some of the players in the national pool... I mean, do my staff really need to go see a player in the Top10 European league to get his attributes right? As usual, the game is too extreme. You either get a 100% accurate assessment of a 16yo kid playing in the Finnish third tier, or you'll need to scout the starting XI of your domestic opposition for one month to get the full picture. About young prospects, there are half-decent workarounds (like sorting the players in the Search tab for Value and filtering by age). Of course that still requires a scouting package and/or staff with knowledge of the region, which is still kinda fair. However, the current scouting system feels way too restricted, as indeed you shouldn't need to send 2 scouts overseas to get wind of a couple of (over)hyped Brazilian or Argentinian hot prospects. Still, those infos should be really basic until you actually get some first-hand reports. It'd create the equivalent of those awful "Top 100 players born after 2000" that papers and websites love so much. Basically you get a bunch of names, then you can either sign them no questions asked, risking to waste millions on an overrated mediocre teenager, or scout them further, risking to miss out on a great talent if AI clubs act faster, What is rather unacceptable is that you're managing in a "bubble" and every tiny bit of info needs weeks or months of expensive scouting.
  13. You can always explore the U18 sides of the biggest clubs (and of those with renowned youth setups) and of most national teams. Of course with Fog of War on, a bit of scouting is still needed, and rightfully so... Unless you're following a specific league/nation and have seen the youngsters play (IF they even get to play), you have to trust media hype, fluff pieces sponsored by agents, YouTube videos and so on. Which is quite different than dowloading a shortlist of "all the U19 players with PA >160".
  14. Surprisingly (as I'm mostly on the "who cares about how you play your game" side), yes! It's one thing to know that Player X or Y are likely to have high potential because they're actual well-known hot prospects in real life. But when you get a list, probably compiled after having snooped around the editor and there are names of obscure teenagers playing for third-rate clubs in Belgium, Croatia or Colombia, then it gets much like cheating because odds are you don't know them from real life and your in-game scouts'd have taken ages (and a ton of luck) to actually find them.
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