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  1. True, but not every kid in Bayern or BVB U18 is going to have what it takes to make it in the Bundesliga, or even in the Zweite... So CBs with positioning 3 will likely enjoy a nice career a couple of levels below that, always reminiscing fondly that magical year they got to train with a Top Club academy. So many FM'ers have this odd misconception that because they have top-notch recruitment, facilities and stats, their club will churn out Müllers or at least Badstubers year after year, while IRL the vast majority of academy prospects end up having unremarkable careers in the lower tiers of the professional pyramid, if not even among the amateurs.
  2. Unfortunately I've overwritten it and the oldest save I have is after we've turned Semi-Pro (and we can't offer anything but Non-Contracts, which in itself is another thing I think should be looked into)
  3. It is an edited db, but I've checked the edits and the club I'm using has been left untouched. Basically it's just an add-on expanding the playable leagues a couple of levels below the lowest playabe in the default db, but no edits to anything but league structures. Not even a real-time editor is changing things... I've tried to set the club as Professional, with a hefty wage budget and a healthy balance... Still nothing! Only those awful N/C with App fees and a few extra bonuses.
  4. Anyone?! I checked the database, and the "type of contracts" are all blank, just like any other semi-pro club at that level. But they can still offer P/T contracts to their players... It's getting annoying, as it's likely I'll have to bin a perfectly fine save.
  5. Got my amateur side promoted all the way to Italian Serie D (4th tier). At the end of the previous season, the board proposed me to go semi-pro and I accepted as the players do need more training time to stay fit/competitive. And I was tired of losing some decent prospects for free due to them only having Amateur contracts. So, the new seasons begins and I find out I can't offer Part-time contracts! Only stupid Non-contracts with Appearence fees and other minor bonuses. Plenty of players get lured away by lowly offers as low as £500 p/w in the same tier or even one level below. I've never seen this happen before... Actually the "bad" part of going semi-pro was that even the shittiest trialists, or long-shot prospects had to get offered an actual contract, even if it was only a few tenners p/w. Instead now I'm even unable to offer my Star player a contract, meaning my only way to keep any of them is loyalty and whatever "reputation" we may have as a club+manager combo. Which isn't much. Could it be because we are still quite poor? Like 60k wage budget and 90k in the bank?!
  6. All Amateur contracts, so no wages or bonuses... Actually the overall lack of pace is a huge liability and we've been conceding 1 or 2 goals way too often. But we can easily score 4 or 5, so it's all good. I don't think I'll try this trick again next year, as we're going semi-pro and then I won't be able to sign 50 players per season Reputation was around 6-700, then skyrocketed at 1200 with all those prestigious signings. There IS definitely something fishy going on, but it's not about the club...
  7. As I posted in a thread in GD, in my LL Italian save (started in 7th tier with edited db) I've been able to sign a plethora of Retiring stars for free. Starting in 2020-21, I managed to sign, on an Amateur contract, the window 6 months before the actual retirement date, a plethora of former international stars including, among others: Mandanda, Zabaleta, Zhrikov, Badstuber, Cabaye and Chadli. Additionally, Prince Boateng and even ROONEY would have been willing to move to my crappy (Rep <1000) club. Basically I can reshape the entire squad in January (less so during the summer transfer, as fewer players set their retirement date in December) with players waaaaaaaaay above our league. Maybe not in terms of actual CA (because for some reason, we can already attract players at the top of their game around the 100CA mark), but surely in terms of reputation and starpower. While it's a fun little quirk making a boring cavalcade through amateur leagues more bearable (another issue there... it's too easy!), it's also worrying because it means the game isn't handling a lot of things the way it should. An amateur side with Rep in the three-digits shouldn't attract aging stars NOR former top division profiles or decent academy alumni from top clubs. AT BEST we'd get the odd "reject" who was a promising Juve youth player at 17 but hasn't improved since. Instead I'm currently fielding 3 or 4 former Juve youth players who'd be solid Serie C starters or even ok Serie B rotation options. P.S. I reckon the dreadful physical skills of most of them is a hindrance (they're all in the 5-9 range, a 10 is a rarity) but regardless of their actual usefulness, it's just a matter of believability... No way any of those player would join an amateur side, much less one in a country they have no affiliation with whatsoever.
  8. That's the squad I've put together in Italian 5th tier, Amatuer contracts (free). Yes, they're all retiring at the end of the season, but I still can't envision former international players moving to a smallish Italian city to see off their final months of career FOR FREE... (And no, I didn't sign Rooney... too slow even for that awful level)
  9. Any news about that? "Remove from position" still doesn't help, especially when the squad is on the thin side and there simply aren't enough players for some positions...
  10. Tall defender as TM in a desperation move is fine. Not particularly tall, right-footed CB moved to the AML makes little sense. Much less if he then procedes to score a volley goal befitting a great left-footed forward... Emergency additional strikers play right in the middle of the attack, trying to flick balls through or to create some chaos with their size/presence. They're most definitely not playing as Wide Forwards pulling off top-shelf plays
  11. For starters, becuase I've PAID MONEY for it and I'm trying to get as much value/fun out of it as I can. Unfortunately, when a supposedly fun game makes you wanna punch the monitor and throw it out of the window, it's not a good sign. Then because despite the godawful and inconsistent ME, the rest of the game is actually fun and feels more organic than ever. And it makes the ME ****show even more frustrating and annoying...
  12. To an extent I wouldn't care too either, but then again you slaughter PSG 4-0 in a CL match and then you go on to concede 2 in 15mins to Brighton in the league and suddenly your players can't seem to be able to string two passes together or to hit a hangar door... And no matter what you ask them to do, they just keep on doing their thing, which a) doesn't work for some reason b) is NOT what you asked them c) is most definitely NOT what the basic tactical setup/instructions would suggest Basically, as long as you click "Play Match", casually watches Key Highlights while multitasking, make some subs and give the right teamtalks, and you WIN, it's fine. The moment things start to unravel, completely at random, you're indeed at the ME's mercy. We are not playing against the AI team, we're playing along with/against the ME's specific quirks and issues. Which is way less fun.
  13. I am winning, but I'm not fine. I'd rather lose a lot more because the AI is just better or because my tactical plan isn't good enough than winning because the AI is either spectacularly incompetent (and I can build up a top team by brute force) or because I'm playing the specific iteration's "Overpowered Tactics". Or, like last year, becuase I've stumbled across an exploit in a very basic formation. FM20 is IMO among the WORST ME ever. Some tactics simply don't work the way they should, if at all. AT DEFAULT SETTINGS! (so it's a problem the AI faces too, and you can't just chalk it up to "it's your tactics" cop-out excuse, because if a TC-wizard formation is flawed and inconsistent, it's all downhill from there, no matter how competent/incompetent the human manager is in his tweaks). Gegenpress 4-3-3 is supposed to be narrow, yet both RF and LF end up very wide, with the respective FBs overlapping or crossing themselves... Central play? What's that? FM has always had a couple of "preferred" formations and more effective setups, while others were tougher to get to work or even to replicate properly. In FM20 it's just pointless trying. So no, I don't care if I'm winning and having undefeated seasons if my top-level strikers still miss sitters from 3 yards out, if my world-class AMC is basically useless because he's playing in black hole as far as the ME is concerned, if my world-class defenders get caught napping by 50m hoofballs that wouldn't have worked in 1980s Third Division... I want to LOSE if my narrow 4-1-2-1-2 gets torn apart by the opposition's 4-2-3-1 wide. Or the other way around. But because of tactics being well- or ill-suited to my players and to the opponnets. Not becuase "sorry, FM20 doesn't handle that".
  14. Isn't it great how one-off outlandish situations and scenarios in real life, so rare that indeed fans remember happening many years later, are "just another league game" in FM, year in year out, patch after patch? It's the Long Shots debate all over again... Sure, Acerbi scored a screamer from his own living room, but that doesn't explain or excuse the fact in FMxx such statistical oddity is much more common. Ditto for top-level strikers hitting the post instead of scoring on an open goal (after the GK had miskicked the ball while pulling off a Higuita outside the penalty area). Sure there are 10 clips of amateur strikers fluffing absolute sitters from 3 yards out, and there are iconic misses at top-level. But, again, they are so memorable fans remember them and if asked "open goal miss" it's always the same few incidents being brought up... In FM20 you can't really keep track because they happen on a regular basis. And there's no tactical setup that can justify all the oddities and the absurdity taking place in this year's sorry excuse for a ME. BTW, the OP may have been "unlucky" and Bonifazi may not ever score a goal like that in the OP's gameworld, or in any other gameworld. But I still find hard to accept that a barely average Serie A CB, deployed on the LW in a desperation move that makes no sense anyway (was he the lest horrible option Torino had?) can score a goal on par with this
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