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  1. Here it is ftp://ftp-public@ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/rbkalle_sudden_retirements.fm Puggioni announces his retirement on June 5th (with a doctor doing so a few days earlier and a couple more a few days later). He played 10 matches and claimed he was "struggling to break into the team". That was because I only had league games, so there was no reason to rotate, but at 37 and as a HG player and club supporter, he'd have probably decided to see off his contract before retiring.
  2. It's a combination of a relatively plain and straightforward formation with generic-ish roles and duties. With the added bonus of both Shape and Mentality being as "neutral" as the game allows them to be. Fullbacks will help the wide players (wingers?), moreso the one on Attack duty. The central midfielders provide enough defensive coverage, although I'm not sure the BBM (S) and the CM (A) won't leave too much room, especially when the BBM is marauding forward. Poor DM could end up being outnumbered and conceding yellow and red cards. The lone striker on Support won't stray offside and will likely create room for the wide players. Although I'd be tempted to play a traditional #9 as Target Man to whip crosses at him, 1980s style. Anyway, my counter-question is: what kind of football would such a formation play in FM? And in real life? And which would be the most reasonable/profitable choice? Keep in mind my most qualified feedback comes from my long save on FM14, so it may not be 100% relevant anymore. I've tried (or been forced to, while trailing) to play more direct game, as my pacey strikers and my talented MC/AMC have the right attributes to pull it off. And while it works at times, when building from behind, there's almost no way to make them play long/through balls once they're in the final third. Against established defenses, the buildup is almost always slower than intended, with many fancy passes. I see why it can happen at times, as there's little space behind the defensive line, but most of the time it's either a web of short passes or mindless long shots, while opening the play out wide for the cross would have made sense, in line with the Instructions.
  3. Yes, I do. It's the football equivalent of McDonald's It's not fancy, it's not complicated, but it's serviceable. Which is NOT the point I'm trying to make... I've kept my tactics simple for years because I've never had the time or the desire to fiddle with sliders or with the intricate web of Roles, Duties, Team and Player Instructions (plus Opposite Instructions). I can't say that approach hasn't served me well either. It's just that I've willingly accepted to go with the flow. Whatever the ME's "option of the year" is, I'll live and die by it. It was pacey strikers in FM14 (and earlier), it was far-post crossing in FM16, with 4-2-3-1 often being the go-to formation. For a change, it was narrow formation in FM17 instead, but can't tell that myself, I've never made it too far in that iteration. As per FM18, I'm not sure yet. Still, despite not having tried my darnedest, I've seen that more often than not, my team doesn't react to Roles/Instructions the way I'd expect. In past iterations, possession and tiki taka were prevalent even with "Go Route One" and "Direct Passing" being selected. Again, not a big deal, as my team was strong enough to win no matter what, but still annoying when you want the ball in the box ASAP and your CM still plays back-and-forth with the winger... For the umpteenth time: why not Preset Gameplans? That'd save many players a lot of time. And all the more tactical-savvy guys on this board a lot of trudging through rants and complaints.
  4. That's the standard reply we've been getting for years. Which isn't a criticism in itself. I can totally see SI staff's point of view. Nobody thinks rewriting the ME's code or one of the complex game modules is a piece of cake, and that's the main reason for FM not having had competition in a decade (and for said competition never being really worthwhile in like 20 years). HOWEVER if the current game structure has reached the end of its possible development and SI can't do much more than tweaking old modules (which are like 10 years old already?), it's maybe time to bite the bullet and look for a less conservative approach? "Hire more staff" is an asinine rebuttal, but the core of the original request is more reasonable than the way it has been worded. The basic issue here is that if SEGA/SI decide to write a brand new game, the yearly "update" will suffer, and so will their revenues, meaning they'll have less money to pay the new game with. So it's a messy situation, but sooner or later something's gonna give. Or in FM2024 we'll still be struggling with closing down, crossing, nonsensical AI transfers, the Unholy Trinity of CA+PPA+Reputation etc
  5. Then reading all those essays is pointless because the ME simply CAN'T replicate this or that playing style, so it's all about finding a tactical setup that works without huge problems and stick with it? That's what I meant when I wrote "we are playing the ME" Anyway, if those long guides aren't useful, are all the players instructions little more than cosmetic filler? And if that's not the case, then you can't deny some of those don't really work like the average football fan would expect. Again, if Counter doesn't really Counter, if the Defend/Support/Attack duties need a different setup to work, as opposed to real life logic, and there are many more "inconsistencies", is it the users' fault?
  6. Sampdoria, Serie A. Italy as the only active nation. Rotation/Backup GK Christian Puggioni (3804723) retired at age 37 despite having played for the first half of the season (while Viviano was recovering from his preset injury). He still had one year left on his contract too.
  7. Implementing a basic tactic takes 2 minutes, but whether this tactics provides the kind of football you had in mind when setting it up, that's a whole different story... Two of the key tactical instructions (team shape and mentality) are worded in such a weird and inconvenient way you NEED to read a guide to see if you've guessed them right. And it all goes downhill from there. You get the idea that a certain formation works like in real life, but in the ME it's something else, and then you screw up with Shape and Mentality, plus half of the roles you pick aren't ideal for said formations. By the time you pick Team Instructions, you're so far removed from your original idea that you'll be second-guessing your football knowledge at halftime of your first friendly game in charge. Interference between instructions is a thing, but it all stems from the fact "my" DLP, "my" Counter and "my" Retain Possession don't really exist in Football Manager, and the other way around. How can I adapt if I don't understand: a) why my setup isn't giving me the playing style I wanted (or a decent approximation, depending on how well I created it) b) what is wrong with my setup c) what I can do to improve both the quality of our football AND its effectiveness ??? That's like saying "you don't need to learn Spanish verbs, just listen to what other people say and try to replicate it"
  8. There you go ftp://ftp-public@ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/rbkalle_ai_wrong_title_prediction.fm The save is a couple of days prior to the incident. It happens after the regular pre-match press conference on May 19th
  9. Unreal charts

    If anything, he should replay the FIRST SEASON 15-20 times. Possibly with no budget for the first transfer window. That's IMO the only way to assess if some teams are over/underachieving on a regular basis due to questionable data. Simming 20 years into the future won't prove a thing, as anything can happen in the gameworld. P.S. If the OP started his save on the Beta, chances are that's the main problem. In my beta save, Benevento finished comfortably 14th, Sassuolo 6th and Roma 7th. I guess the database was revised for the official release
  10. 4-3-1-2 wingless, with TI "play narrower", "Lower Tempo" and "Shorter passing" shouldn't end up giving as many crosses as a plain 4-4-2 anyway. Sure, the OP added a couple of contradicting instructions (whip crosses, look for overlaps) and the scarcity of reddish areas on both flanks was an indicator of how the formation would have operated. STILL, crossing should have been a last resort and not a common occurrence. I mean, plenty of possession-based sides do play in wide areas, and their fullbacks do attack, but, as I've already pointed out in another reply, wide play is a mean to open space in the middle. Nothing more. I'd not say there was "plenty of information" there... It's just that many FM'ers apply common sense (their common sense) to a game which has established its own set of rules and conventions.
  11. No it wouldn't... You can instruct your sunday league team to play like Pep's Barça or like Michel's Ajax, but the results won't be as good because, you guessed it, both you and your players aren't skilled enough to pull it off. The point of Tactical Presets is to give newbies (or those with no time or desire to sit through 10 pre-season friendlies) a "FM-approved" tactical setup that sort of fits their idea of football. Go look the "boring crossing simulator" topic and see how the OP thought his narrow, through-the-middle 4-3-1-2 formation was supposed to work and how it ended up being... Now, if that is NOT counterintuitive, I don't know what it. Sure, the "it's your tactic" is still a valid counter, but imagine if in, say, a RTS game you suddenly found out that defensive troops don't work well in a specific setup, or that flanking isn't really flanking because... well because the programmers have a different idea of what constitutes flanking. FM doesn't need a "win button", and nobody ever asked for this. If I want to lose 5-0 while I'm trying to play attacking 4-3-3 (the 90s version of it) with Benevento against Inter, Juventus of Napoli, so be it. I'd rather lose and get relegated with a stupid tactic that follows my "vision" with decent accuracy than finishing 3rd with a tactic that doesn't resemble what I wanted, but still somewhat works because it fits the "receipt for success" in the year's ME. What's not true? That FM labels and lingo are vague and/or specific to FM's world? BTW, if I have to sit through a whole game to "understand" how tactics work, FM is beyond elitist. It's insane. (And no, don't say "play FMT then", becuase that's not the same thing, not even remotely. I didn't mean it that way. I meant that you have to "learn" the specific quirks of the ME, and THEN, being aware of what won't work (almost by design), you'll have to build your tactic around the various issues. Unless, of course, you don't mind your allegedly "short pass, slow buildup" style turns into cross-galore anyway just because. Exploiting the ME's glitchs is a different thing and not something that overlaps with the portion of FM'ers who wish for more clarity and straightforwardness. The point, as I said above, isn't "I want to win 10-0 every match". The point is "I want to implement a basic playing style without needing a Ph.D. in FM tactics and semantics". Then if my playing style is ill-suited for my players or is downright suicidal (for RL reference see: Zeman, Zdenek) it's my problem. But that was far from evident in the TC... The OP expected his setup to be like most possession-oriented sides: wide players DO get the ball, but a wide pass is more or less a mean to stretch the defensive line to create space IN THE MIDDLE, where the main attack will happen. So FBs or wider CMs/AMc won't whip in crosses as soon as they get the ball because "well, the middle of the pitch is crowded, let's not get back there". And the same goes for the opposite scenario... I'm looking for a direct style, and instead my midfielders keep on tiki-takaing the effing ball around. So much for "pump ball into box", "don't retain possession" and "direct passing". I often feel it's like playing Texas Hold 'em against a guy who thinks he's playing 5 Card Draw... The cards are the same, the goal is the same, but the rules and the ways to get to the end of a game aren't. Again: I'm "forced" to spend hours watching friendlies and tweaking instructions not because I want to press Continue and win, But because I wan't my team to play the way I want them to. If it doesn't make a difference, why is that even in the game? Do away with all the circles and the shades of green then If I can field Giovinco as a Target Man and whip crosses at him and still get results (only because he's "better" than the defenders), it means everything else is pretty much pointless.
  12. Excellent post, with several quotable bits, but I'll stick with the conclusion. a) It can improve massively with further simplification. SI still struggle to accept that LESS IS MORE in terms of intertwining features. See, sliders are luckly a distant memory, but when you strip all its lingo and its apparent user-friendly looks off the TC, we STILL need that awful Ph.D. in sliders like in the old days... It's just that instead of "3 clicks on the right with the Creativity slider" and "5 from the left in Defensive Line", we now have to sit through hours worth of highlights to see how "Control + Fluid" works compared to "Counter + Rigid". Not to mention the added burden of finding out if and why our CM works better as Carrillero instead of as B2B, despite his circle being full green with the latter and his attributes making him a perfect for for a DLP. All with the same limited, infuriatingly generic and often nonsensical, feedback from the backroom staff. The data analysis is great and whatnot, but it doesn't tell me WHY my CM keeps on shooting from 40 yards out or why my AMC isn't creating a single chance for the strikers. The least said about crossing and wide play, the better, as that'll easily derail this post... My idea is so easy I'm surprised it hasn't been implemented, at least on FMT: Basic TC, with fewer, simplified options. Not barebone like the CM days (where you had Long, Short and Mixed as the main tactical options), but some Presets like "Possession game", "Tiki-taka", "Counterattack", "Catenaccio", "Direct attack" etc, with built-in instructions under the hood, and possibly pre-assigned roles and duties, to give a decent approximation of that tactical setup. THEN, there'd be the Advanced TC, which is basically what we have now. The current Wizard is only a fake "plug and play" tool, because it doesn't really go beyond the few lines of (vague) explaination. And the rendition on the pitch is often miles away from what you'd expect. b) like @MBarbaric said, FM lingo has taken the game over, making no favour to the players or to the game itself. In addition to being "forced" to learn how to play the ME (and the whole game, with all its quirks), as opposed to, you know, trying to be the best "football managers" we can, we also have to retrain ourselves to recognize what FM means with Raumdeuter (FFS!!!), Counter, Narrow formation etc. It'll be hard, it'll probably take longer than normal to do so, but the current baseline for the game reminds me of Marge Simpson's Chanel pink outfit. No matter how many times they modify, trim and remodel it, the fabric is now too worn out and it'll only take a slip-up to destroy it.
  13. Unreal charts

    Completely missing the point (while trying to be funny)... Leicester's win was a once-in-a-hundred years "coincidence". Here we're seeing half a dozen of unrealistic situations that push the level of believability to the extreme. Of course there's no way to know, at the moment, if the OP has been using a custom database or has (unwillingly) set up a gameworld where all those weird things are happening. At the same time. Still, it's highly, highly unlikely that all those teams have been under/overperforming to such a degree in the short span of half a season
  14. So, the season is over, it's early June and I'm assessing my squads and my backroom stuff THEN suddenly I get informed that my entire medical team and the backup keeper (37) are going to retire. At the end of THIS season, literally in one-two weeks! Now, not that I need to know that six months in advance, especially about relatively disposable staff members, but the keeper is a different story. Sure, I can easily sign another aging guy on free transfer, but I?m surprised the decision wasn't announced at least a couple of months earlier. I remember in older FMs (FM14 surely), players were thinking about retirement ONE YEAR in advance... How come now it's one week???
  15. Too many red cards to DM/CMs

    Maybe it was a "leftover" from the beta (which is where I started this save), but DMs and CMs, especially playing as BWM, or other central midfielders on Defend duty, get a ludicrous amount of red cards, both straight reds or two yellows. Tomas Rincon got 7 REDS and 12 yellows in 28 apps Valon Behrami 6 reds and a whopping 19 yellows in 27 Mariano Izco 6 reds and 14 yellows in 29. My BWM(D) Edgar Barreto got "only" 3, plus like 3-4 more in games I abandoned (it's a tryout save, after all), and I had to drop him midway through the season as he was destined for an early bath in literally every other game. In the (inactive) EPL, figures are slightly more realistic, yet with odd "leaders" for the red card ranking. Vardy and Azpilllicueta were sent off 3 times each. In Spain (again inactive), Sergio Busquet's 3 dismissals seem reasonable, while Jordi Alba getting as many is surprising, also because other fullbacks/wide players saw more red than CBs or DMs in La Liga... Go figure. While I'm moderately sure half of those 6-7 cards came before release or before the first big patch, I can guarantee that Barreto's discipline has barely improved, whether it was 18.beta, 18.0.x or 18.1