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  1. Besides, in any long-term save, tactics gets less and less important after a couple of years anyway. When you start to scoop up a few top players on free transfer, completely unchallenged, plus a handful of good prospects (luring the AI to sign the flawed ones for silly money), all you have to do is pick 11 players and a vaguely sensible formation. Your squad's superiority will usually be enough to win you most games without the need to spend hours fine-tuning your closing-down or your passing game. It may not be pretty, it may not be what you had in mind (if you were trying to replicate a specific playing style) but sure enough it'll win you silverware. Frankly until FM18 you'd end up winning games and trophies by brute force in just a few seasons if you had the patience to trudge through the first (half of the) season...
  2. I haven't downloaded a tactic in years (except the Gamebreaking ones for fun). Usually I play at a level where all those "supertactics" require specialized, top-level players my club can't attract yet, so there's little point in trying to play tiki-taka with banana-footed players or a gegenpressing game with slow/unfit players. I love when downloadable tactics claim to "work with every club!" and then you read the names of the players in the team... Top players or sure-fire hot prospects... Well, no ****! What about trying with a bunch of mediocre footballers?
  3. Just because it's not popular in England, it doesn't mean it's not popular elsewhere. Also I find quite odd that a UEFA-licensed trainer has never heard of a FIFA-sanctioned sport with a World Cup being held since 1992 https://www.fifa.com/futsalworldcup/index.html Please donate your win to charity... It'd be much better spent than by trying to prove a point to some strangers on a messageboard. Also, you'd end up wasting your money. BTW, some sports are simply not popular enough to warrant a videogame conversion. Alpine skiing and wintersports in general. Professional sports with millions of fans and viewers, with famous and rich top stars, yet again we're lucky to get a mediocre Olympic Games release or localized small-time productions. I mean FM is a niche game itself, how can you imagine a FEMALE-ONLY version of it standing a chance? Yet it'd require a rework of the game, unless you're willing to accept a hybrid database that treats women players as male in terms of attributes, meaning most females will end up being like Division Two/Conference male players. Or, if they go for the opposite end of the spectrum, with the best female players possessing Messiesque attributes to reflect their position as "Best in their game". Either way, it'd suck...
  4. I can't believe this is still going on, and strong.... The comparison with "400 people in attendance" leagues is so flawed it barely deserves a reply but anyway... As long as there are VOLUNTARY researchers willing to provide decently reliable data for the Malaysian Premier Division (or for Ukraine's third tier), all SI have to do is a bit of quality check and they have potentially "free" new sales in emerging markets. On the other hand a brand new portion of the gameworld would require, surprise surprise, a lot of extra work from the ground up. Which is NOT commercialy viable, whether the Knights in Shining Armour choose to believe it or not. Wanna a male example? Futsal is rather popular in many countries (I daresay MORE popular than female football), but should SI develop a Futsal Manager gameworld within FM to cater to that audience? Would it be worth the effort? Nobody in their right mind would say so, then why is women's football suddenly such a priority?
  5. None of those is final-year-of-career kind of slow though... Stambouli is close to that, but a CB in lower leagues can get away with that... I remember signing an aging Fabio Liverani (DM/CM who was never a pacey player) for a LL side, and he was too slow to cut it at a Division One level due to his lack of mobility. Can't see a <8 striker faring much better unless he's a Koller-like tank either.
  6. Can't comment on FM18 (haven't played it enough), but until a few iterations ago, there was NO POINT in signing one of the aging Stars in their late 30s once their Acc/Pace was below 8, not even as a LLM. Despite all the 18-20s in Mental Attributes and vastly superior Technical skills, their lack of mobility was a burden impossible to overcome and former top-EPL-level players got their ass handed to them by random lower-division schmucks with decent physical attributes. For years, in FM world, Usain Bolt or even Oba Oba Martins would have been absolute worldclass regardless of their subpar footballing skills.
  7. Is Pace/Acceleration still so important?! I thought those days were over...
  8. Don't forget Consistency... A player with low consistency will rarely perform at his best, meaning a more reliable, albeit "worse" on paper, player can easily outperform him because the better guy's attributes won't be put to full use in the many games he'll phone in, while the inferior player will perform much closer to his actual, displayed, skills.
  9. RBKalle

    Leagues to dominate.

    Sheriff Tiraspol Dinamo Zagreb
  10. RBKalle

    Is this a Fm19 regen face?

    It's a hidden feature, you racist! Some newgens came out as gay, others came out as race-fluid...
  11. RBKalle

    Leagues to dominate.

    Rosenborg in Norway FC Copenhagen in Denmark Almost any top-division club in a smaller nation has the potential to become a league-killer though... All you need are a couple of great signings (usually loans of free transfers from abroad) and soon enough you'll be able to mop the floor with domestic opposition and you'll then be able to focus on climbing the ladder in European competitions
  12. Your definition of "fact" and "speculation" may be different from mine then, because the only point I can accept being debatable/speculative is the time distribution. Unless GT in FM2019 will be weighed MORE than it was in FM2018, the 3 daily schedules will have 1/3 of the impact on development the only daily choice had in 2018. As long as SI don't say "reworked players development model" I'm safely assuming GT will account fot the same % it did last year. I know I can delegate, that's not the point! The point is: was it really needed to give even more "realism" to a game with glaring flaws in much more basic and impactful areas? Fine, I'll wait and see, but I do feel the new training schedules are a rather unnecessary complication. If anything about training needed more customization, it was INDIVIDUAL training, which ATM is way too rigid. FWIW, group tutoring and units training are solid additions.
  13. I love how you all have decided I'm "speculating", when I'm merely stating facts: Fact #1: General Training was already in previous games Fact #2: General Training is now apparently split into 3 sessions with many more routines compared to the 8 choices (7+rest IIRC) available until FM18 thus Fact #3: Every day will have up to 3 choices (out of N options) for GT compared to the current 1 (out of 8) Conclusion #1: General Training in FM19 will require much more micromanagement Fact #4: Training time is distributed among GT, IT and Team Briefing QUESTION #1: With the expanded GT options, how diluted will those end up being? That's the only time I ventured into assumption territory, implying that the whole "sessions" thing will indeed account for very little in the grand scheme of things. But anything else is factual, whether you think I'm being too negative or biased about the new training module. To most of you it's a great addition for realism. To me it's another step toward fun-crippling micromanagement with little reward to so much work (kinda like Team Briefing and other stuff that after a while become muscle-memory material, or get completely ignored)
  14. It's not a speculation... Was General Training already available in FM18 (and earlier versions): yes. And it's a FACT So my questions are: 1) Was it enough? (with the new sub-categories being handled 'behind the scenes' according to tactics and/or staff preference) 2) Is further fragmentation really worth it? IMO the answer is yes to #1 and thus no to #2. You may disagree, but what's your reasoning behind it? Besides "it's a manager's job" (debatable) and "training is a big part of football" (true, but see point #1). Some of you seem to like more depth, but IMO it's shallow depth. Think about it: how much of a difference will it make? One routine is 1/3 of 1/3 of the general training, which is already 1/2 of the whole training time. Training time and EFFECT is split among: Team and Individual training, Team is further divided in General, Match Prep and Team Briefing, General has 3 daily routines. What's the % of that? On paper it's all nice and cool and realistic, but I can't shake the feeling it's a tad hollow and bloated at the same time. Kinda like D&D weapon specializations... Is there so much difference between Short, Long swords or bows? And here, compared to FM, it's as if they've added a distinction between arrows made with different materials...
  15. But how much is too much? I'm still waiting for a counter-argument to my "pick Attacking/Defensive training, the coaches take care of it according to YOUR active tactic" assertion, besides the "but realism!!!!!" mantra, which is kinda ironic in a game where you can easily lead an amateur side to EPL and Champions League glory within 10 years, instead of realistically floundering around the bottom rungs of the football pyramid. Do we REALLY need 3 separate categories for Attacking Training? How much does it actually affect the training? I can't help but feel we're spilitting hairs (and training schedules) assuming it's gonna have a much bigger impact than it actually has. If so, it'll be almost a moot point... I'll delegate, my AssMan will likely mess it up a bit but the AI's long-standing shortcomings will allow most players to win games and silverware a few years into the savegame no matter what.