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  1. RBKalle

    [FM14] Undrið FF, the Faroese Wonder

    It used to be the good old 4-2-3-1 Wide (with AMR and AML) before a shortage of quality wingers and an overabundance of MC/AMCs forced me to play a very tiki-taka oriented 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow. Now I'll probably go back to the old formation, but with 3 AMCs, as world-class wide players are still a rarity. However it barely matters what tactic I play, as the gulf in quality between my team, AB (the other domestic side with consistent CL-money) and the rest of the league is so big I'd easily win the league with my backups and with a tactic created by clicking randomly. The NT is the actual challenge in terms of tactics, and I'm not doing so great at the moment... Especially defensively, as CB is our weakest position
  2. RBKalle

    [FM14] Undrið FF, the Faroese Wonder

    SEASON 2046 THE STREAK IS OVER!!! No, not the league... we won it again. But actually TWO streaks were broken in the short span of six weeks during the short Faroese summer... First we DREW a league game away to AB, and it was the first time we dropped points since 2025! It was "one of those games" where Top Strikers can't hit a hangar door, so one point was the least objectionable outcome in a game we'd have won 4-0 but we almost lost 0-1. Then a repeat of the same happened in the Cup final... We started with zero intensity and AB took the lead. Then LB Igor Duda got himself booked TWICE in 30 seconds for two identical stupid fouls (maybe two dives, according to the commentary) on AB striker Larrea. The stupidest red card ever, and soon we were 2-0 down. At half-time I was furious, but that didn't wake those idiots either. I had to go Overload (with a new striker) to finally get the game back on track and I was hoping we'd bring it to penalties. Instead our defenders forgot to mark Larrea (him again...) on a corner and he got an easy tap-in on the near post. We lost the Cup, for the first time since 2018. Striker Frederik Mehlsen, despite being a beast, "only" scored 26 league goals... Whoever played alongside him did rather poorly, probably because they're all more suited for AMC role, and the only other actual striker is legend GSJ, now 36 and slowly turning himself into an assist-man (8 league goals but 19 assists in 15 apps). Next year, it's gonna be 4-2-3-1 AMC REVOLUTION So, the first non-perfect season in two decades, and I'd say it was my fault too... The performances in the first half of the seasons hadn't been as dominating as I'd have liked, so I decided it was time for some radical actions. Swedish top-striker Emmanuel Saliba, 29 already, never reached the heights I hoped, so when a great offer came in, I accepted it. 65M plus bonuses were the point I decided it was worth selling, although the board still haven't forgiven me for that. 143 goals and 81 assists in 143 games would be stellar figures in any other situation, but in this particular football universe, they were "just ok" for a player with his attributes. Our all-time topscorers were much worse in terms of quality, but they had a much better scoring %. Also, on the wake of the Cup debacle, long-time servants DC/DM Stjepan Kokot and Augusto Benitez left the club. Benitez was particularly disappointing as he had the nerve to take offense to my official warning and fine after his poor performance in said humbling defeat. If after 12 seasons as a reliable 3rd choice as CB (and emergency DM) you can't accept a well-deserved fine after a horrible game (Rating 6.0), it's time for you to move on. In the NT's best interest, I also had to let CM Allan Jacobsen leave for La Liga. Valencia offered 9M and I was more than happy to give one of my top domestic players a chance. LB Marcelo Lillo also left, following almost a whole year on the sideline due to injury. I sold players for a total of 111M, but for a change I bit the bullet and forked out MAJOR MONEY to start rebuilding an aging and increasingly complacent team. 42M for Barça's top CB Oscar were a lot, but now I'm set for the next 8 years. 32M for the awesomely named Gandhi Carrasco were a bit on the profligate side, but balanced (and fast) fullbacks are hard to come by. Then I added a couple of hot prospects and the usual Free Transfers I'll probably sell in one year for a small profit. We'll see how the generational turnover will pan out.
  3. How can I possibly know that? To me it looks balanced enough in order not to give too much of an advantage to active leagues (if half of the clubs in inactive leagues have Grey Players, European cups will be less competitive), without having a bloated gameworld that'll run at snail's pace on my computer. Then again... ... this is a very very interesting point and a feature that'd have been added many years ago. Still, my question is: does the amount of available players ACTUALLY impact the transfer module so much? Top Clubs in inactive leagues STILL make bids and sign players. Rich clubs from rich inactive leagues still offer big fat contracts to mediocre players... So it's not as if playing with EPL as the only active league means Barça or PSG won't come knocking for the next big thing... Or that, if you load 100k players, every EPL club will suddenly sign all the top players for peanuts.
  4. I didn't imply it was happening all the time or that is an issue. Actually in previous iterations I almost purposedly half-assed the scouting part of the game in order NOT to hoard promising youngsters available for (relatively) cheap in areas of which I had good-to-great knowledge in gameworld. Not every observation is meant as a "the game sucks" or "the game is flawed" desparaging remark, nor as some sort of bug report. It's just stuff that happens in the game. Some makes sense, some not so much. I just pointed out that AI has other ways to sign players that aren't directly affected by the (perceived) scarcity of good players. On the other hand, clubs with huge gaps in their squad have often ignored perfectly good players (both prospects and established ones) for reasons I still can't understand... In my usual game setup (4-5 active nations, 30-50k players) I've NEVER ONCE witnessed AI coming up with "insane" bids. Not for high CA players, not for record-breaking goalscorers. And the "worse" the player is, the less likely he is to ever attract an offer, any offer. It gets so bad you offer FIRST TEAMERS for free and there are no takers. P.S. Isn't the game "populating" the db when there's shortage of players anyway?
  5. I disagree. Your analysis sort of glosses over the fact that even inactive leagues have their fair share of transfers. Also, I suspect you're giving way too much credit to the way AI operates and evaluates the players. Having 20 wingers with CA >160 or having 5 doesn't mean AI will be able to think "oh, there are only a handful of those, I'll try to sign one of them before it's too late". They'll likely go for a 150CA with high(er) reputation, or with one of those pesky 21yo with 130CA, 180PPA and flawed attributes... (which means they'll never fulfill their potential but the AI will still fail to recognize the player-breaking weaknesses). Also, AI can sometimes have a spidey sense for finding a couple of diamonds in the rough from Romanian or Nigerian lower leagues and they'll go for the cheap wonderkid your scouts kept on overlooking. Let's be honest: at least until FM17, AI offers were consistently on the stingier side, unless it was the odd Neymar-case. And the moment you offer out a player, you're guaranteed you'll get laughably low offers. Or no offers at all for players in real life would have top clubs queueing outside the selling club's HQ to sign him. While I see it makes sense not to splash the cash on a player who is, allegedly, pushed out of the club, I doubt IRL you'd get offers in the 15-20M even for a rotation option at Man Utd. Or, better, whichever club'd come up with such offer would be politely told to *** off... But the main issue is with FIRST TEAM players, not unhappy, not transfer listed, not in their final year of contract, attracting "unsolicited" offers that don't reflect nor the Value of the player nor its "Value" (the in-game figure in the profile, which is another misleading and confusing feature that'd have been fixed a long time ago). In (past) FMs as Liverpool you'd recieve a 30M offer for Coutinho, and there's no way Van Dijk would have EVER been valued the (admittedly ridiculous) amount LFC did in real life. FM18 is slightly better in that respect, but it's still the highest percentile of transfers being reflected. The "middle of the road" ones, those that in real life command a transfer fee in the 25-50M range, are still woefully undervalued. No matter the database setup.
  6. I have a real beef with any situation that pushes things to unnecessary extremes. And, in this case, to an almost counterproductive point. If Russia is so bad as you imply (which I don't believe, although from what I've heard from a mate with a Russian wife, they can become confrontational tools when drunk), is it really a smart move having a "gay and black people house" where said thugs can easily find their favourite tagets all gathered in one place?! Please explain me how does self-imposed or state-sanctioned segregation exactly help them and their quest for integration, respect and equality? If I have to go to one specific place to feel "safe" it means I'm basically hiding myself and the "outside world" will keep on looking at me as something "different". P.S. you know nothing about me, so I'd appreciate if you stopped labelling me, thank you. Just because I'm not jumping on every social justice bandwagon, it doesn't mean I'm against it.
  7. Unless they go watch a football match in their full LGBT+ Pride outfit, I doubt they'll get picked on or beaten up by the resident Russian hooligans... A safe space is a huge blinking arrow reading "LOOK AT US!" which sort of defies the goal of acceptance and integration. Again, football stadiums aren't the most welcoming place for a lot of people, but I maintain self-imposed segregation is hardly a solution. Should we only have specific pubs for fans of each team or separate areas for males and females too? I may not like to have a rival fan next table, or crude language could offend my girlfriend... Safe spaces are the equivalent of sticking a finger in your ears and going la-la-la-can't-hear-you... Or hanging out only with people who agrees with you 100% of the time. It's comfortable, but does it help solving conflicts?
  8. FFS, isn't the whole World Cup a celebration of diversity and minorities?! France would be nowhere as good without their noires, ditto for all the dual-nationality players of Belgium, Switzerland, even Sweden and Denmark... And Germany has been relying on non-ethnic Germans. I just don't get why and which fans needed a "safe space"... If anything it was the Russian FA and FIFA trying to get some good PR they've been in desperate need of. And they found an organization that duly stepped forward to push the initiative. Wanna talk homophobia and racism in football? Fine, it is an issue, but such PR stunts are likely getting the opposite results and only create further divisions.
  9. What a surprise eh... As if THEIR initiative wasn't politically motivated... What was the need for the Diversity House anyway if not to stir **** up with the Russian government?
  10. RBKalle

    Maradonna in racist behaviour allegations

    Well, I'd question the need to even refer to a pretty much non-existing group to begin with, be it with an offensive or an accepted word... If you live in Brazil, would you worry about the right way to address a Buthanese person? You can't assume every single person has experienced cultural diversity and has learnt how to navigate through the minefield of acceptable/iffy/unacceptable names for each ethnic group. If all I know about black culture is hip-hop (and I'm not a native English speaker), how can I know the N-word is a "privilege" and outsiders can't even think about using it? You know, I actually had to tell a couple of very white preteens it wasn't cool going around and greeting eachother with "yo, n.....!". They just thought it was a cool American saying... Moreover, in many romance languages, the equivalent of the N-word is actually among the standard terms to define a dark-skinned person, or, in many cases, ANYTHING dark/black... It gets racially offensive if you use "effin'" or any other disparaging adjective before it though. So context is the key... Duh, of course not, but if it wasn't said with malice and you couldn't possibly know it was offensive to me (due to cultural differences), I won't call you a racist or a piece of crap for that. I'd explain it to you and we'd go on with our lives. Just like that time I wanted to shake hands with a Muslim girl I was introduced to... Or all the times I didn't lose my **** when people made an "are you blind" joke...
  11. RBKalle

    Maradonna in racist behaviour allegations

    Those two sentences are almost mutually exclusive. Cultural context isn't something we can ignore. Some stuff is offensive in one place and completely harmless in another due to cultural, social and historical differences. Just because American and British cultures are guilt-ridden due to their less than immaculate past (and not-so-past), it doesn't mean the whole world must be judged with their rules. "Your" racism is not the same as "their" racism, because countries and continents have different history and cultures. "Asian eyes" have been a common gesture in many places without it being seen as anything but harmless fun, in a "how'd I look like if I were Chinese?" way. It becomes racist only if you add a lot of subtext to it. But in countries with minimal Asian presence, how can it be offensive?
  12. Well, Argentina's trio is hardly awe-inspiring... Caballero is a backup at club level and for very good reasons. The other two guys, well, who are they again?
  13. RBKalle

    Maradonna in racist behaviour allegations

    Unfortunately it doesn't matter anymore... Anything that the current "outrage culture" deems as offensive IS offensive regardless of the circumstances. Cultural absolutism at its finest...
  14. RBKalle

    Agentina Vs Iceland. 1400BST ITV

    IMO Argentina's biggest problem isn't the build-up though... Iceland made it extra-difficult for them but against slightly less defensive sides they'd do just fine with all the quality they have up-front (provided Messi stops trying to win games by himself and starts cooperating). However, defensively they looked shaky as hell even against a side that attacked like four times in the whole match. Caballero is awful (unsurprisingly for a backup keeper at club level) and the rest of the line didn't seem to be particularly confident or reliable. If Iceland were able to create three good chances, Croatia will probably do much more damage. Especially on the counterattack. Unless Sanpaoli comes up with a new tactical plan and the players get a hold of themselves, Argentina may as well be heading home after 3 games...
  15. RBKalle

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    As long as CR7 scores hat-tricks and basically carries a mediocre, inconsistent and timid side, does it really matter he's not defending?!