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  1. My DoF (and Chief Scout in other DoF-less setups) keeps on flooding my inbox with reports of ludicrously bad players who wouldn't make the bench, nevermind the starting XI, not now, not in 4 years. My Chievo is currently sitting 5th in Serie A in our first season after promotion, but my DoF still reports me of "leading Lega Pro players" (ie. third tier). Even the alleged prospects are quite awful and are already old enough not to have a lot of room for improvement. I can set criteria in individial scouting assignments, but where do I tell my DoF to stop recommending me players with 7
  2. Because let's be honest, the difference between 14 Decisions, 13 Composure and 12 Decisions, 14 Composure isn't something you're ever gonna notice or appreciate. And that's not even going to take into account the discrepancies in I/O between TC and ME, meaning your top-level DLP will misplace passes or play backpasses as if he were a banana-footed Sunday League "kick anything that comes your way" DM, while a League One DM will have a Xavi-esque game in a FA Cup match, better if against your 150M midfielders. Just becuase "numbers" or because your tactics isn't what you think it is and has
  3. I've tried to copy the "ads" folder with the .xml file in Username\..\Football Manager 2021\graphics and the other "ads" folder (with all the pics) is in the \pictures subfolder. Still doesn't work. High
  4. Doesn't seem to work on my FM21... Dynamic adboards are black around the pitch and there are no banners on the stands. I suspect Step 2 is the problem... What's the user data folder? The one in Username/Sports Interactive/FM2021? Or the one in Username/AppData etc?
  5. How can I add the National flag in the Player Overview? The old code doesn't seem to work anymore (there's no true/false option, and adding it doesn't change a thing)
  6. Yeah that'd be raised as a bug! 10 clicks instead of 1 looks like the most counterintuitive thing ever. But to be honest, FM21 UI on matchday is a masterclass in cluttered counterintuitive design.
  7. I don't care one bit about overachieving! That can be done by simply setting up the Overpowered System of the Year. Or by downloading any of the 624512 versions of said system available here or on Steam. Or just by waiting AI teams to self-destruct and by scooping up top-level free-agents and winning by brute force from Season 3 onwards. I want to lose if necessary, but by playing whatever ill-conceived system I had in mind, whether it's playing 4-5-1 hoofball with Barça or getting a bunch of San Marino amateurs playing Eggen/Zeman's 4-3-3 and being exhausted by the hour mark. I
  8. And we have "wants a new challenge" Concern with "feels he has achieved everything he could at the club" as motivation. The game seems to fail to fully recognize the huge shift in the balance of power. So despite Max Rep and the #1 spot in every possible ranking, your all-conquering Stockport County will still be overshadowed by all kind of fallen giants. Or even by Europa League-level clubs for some reason. I'd be fine with players wanting to leave to get more playing time, to become the Big Fish in a smaller pond or for any other reason that "wants to move to a bigger clu
  9. Before we (and SI) even entertain the idea of more freedom in tactics creation, maybe we'd advocate for a more consistent and CLEAR I/O. All the fancy roles, the new ideas and the (long overdue) WB/WOB scenario are still kinda useless, or even counterproductive, if we still have narrow formations yielding a ridiculous amount of crosses and wide play, direct styles and instructions still generating way too much dwelling on the ball and backtracking, possession-based strategies still creating awful hoofball and so on. I'd rather have 2 roles per position and 5 general playing styles BU
  10. True, but not every kid in Bayern or BVB U18 is going to have what it takes to make it in the Bundesliga, or even in the Zweite... So CBs with positioning 3 will likely enjoy a nice career a couple of levels below that, always reminiscing fondly that magical year they got to train with a Top Club academy. So many FM'ers have this odd misconception that because they have top-notch recruitment, facilities and stats, their club will churn out Müllers or at least Badstubers year after year, while IRL the vast majority of academy prospects end up having unremarkable careers in the lower tiers
  11. It is an edited db, but I've checked the edits and the club I'm using has been left untouched. Basically it's just an add-on expanding the playable leagues a couple of levels below the lowest playabe in the default db, but no edits to anything but league structures. Not even a real-time editor is changing things... I've tried to set the club as Professional, with a hefty wage budget and a healthy balance... Still nothing! Only those awful N/C with App fees and a few extra bonuses.
  12. Anyone?! I checked the database, and the "type of contracts" are all blank, just like any other semi-pro club at that level. But they can still offer P/T contracts to their players... It's getting annoying, as it's likely I'll have to bin a perfectly fine save.
  13. Got my amateur side promoted all the way to Italian Serie D (4th tier). At the end of the previous season, the board proposed me to go semi-pro and I accepted as the players do need more training time to stay fit/competitive. And I was tired of losing some decent prospects for free due to them only having Amateur contracts. So, the new seasons begins and I find out I can't offer Part-time contracts! Only stupid Non-contracts with Appearence fees and other minor bonuses. Plenty of players get lured away by lowly offers as low as £500 p/w in the same tier or even one level below.
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