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  1. RBKalle

    Are Newgens Too Good?

    You know all too well it'll still be "anecdotal evidence" or something like "your findings are on par with the % of talented youngsters in the original db". Besides, what's the ideal setup to run such a test anyway? And in the end, as I've said countless times, not every objection MUST be a bug! The OP and I think there are many newgens who start "too ready" and develop too quickly regardless of the level they play at (a few seasons in Mexico/Colombia shouldn't be enough to turn a hot prospect into a Serie A top striker at age 19-21) How many of them are there? How can I know that... I can only raise the question and provide a handful of screens and even some figures, but that'll still be a random peek into a random save. Only SI know the % of top-end newgens and the way attributes are distributed when creating them...
  2. RBKalle

    Are Newgens Too Good?

    Those players are TOO good, and the most worrying part is, IMO, that as you can see in their history, they were VERY GOOD already at 16-17... Ok, some of them debuted very young in not-so-strong leagues, but they were apparently good enough to be first-squad regulars basically from their first year in the game. And this happens WAY TOO OFTEN in FM, even in professional leagues and in nations with high(ish) standards. The OP may have spent a lot of time, effort and in-game money to hoard a couple of top prospects, which is a "problem" SI can't really solve, because human players have an inherent advantage over AI managers. However the amount of ready-made youngsters who not just are competent starters at 16 but are also developing at an incremental rate, are way too many and way too common. IRL, think of Ødegaard: he was touted as a sure-fire top player at 15, and he has since stalled brutally. In FM, he'd become a top star for Real within 1-2 seasons without requiring much effort because all the game needs to create a new Messi is enough PA and a high enough CA.
  3. Let's hope this "new beginning" will see the long overdue demise of two confusing concepts like Mentality and Shape...
  4. RBKalle

    [FM14] Undrið FF, the Faroese Wonder

    ROAD TO AUSTRIA-SWITZERLAND 2048 Pot 4 again in the ECQ draw, and it didn't go particularly well. Norway are the reigning world champions (sure, why not...) Ukraine are 26th in the ranking and were runner-ups in 2044 Euro U21 Ireland are 28th and, while not great (besides our former winger O'Kane), they're not the weakest team from Pot 3 Albania are rather crappy, but still not bottom-feeders in Pot 5 Kazakhstan are indeed a poor side. It'd have been San Marino or Gibraltar though... HOWEVER!!! With only four games to play, we're enjoying a 6-points lead over third-placed Ukraine, following an impressive undefeated streak! The campaign started alright, with a solid, if unspectacular, away win in Albania. It took a while for the goals to come, but it was what we wanted. Then came a mess of a game against Ireland. We went down twice, following our inability to defend through balls, but we played some unusually lovely one-touch football up front (something we'd have no business doing) to lead 3-2, just before conceding another cheap goal before halftime. We hit them on the counter and looked comfortable, but our keeper fell asleep on a cross from deep and the ball went under his body and into the net for a disheartening 4-4. Luckly the trip to Kazakhstan turned out being a welcome walk in the park. 7 goals and 3 points. Much easier than anticipated. (the two friendlies against apparently soft(ish) opponents were instead a struggle, especially the home game with Canada. I guess friendlies aren't enough to motivate the players). Our defensive weaknesses were once more exposed by Ukraine. Jesper Nielsen gave us the lead with a wonderful freekick and again we looked in control. That was until our CBs forgot how to defend and Ukraine turned the game around with a deadly one-two in only a matter of minutes. Miscommunication between their CB and keeper gifted us the 2-2 and in injury time we found the winning goal with another nice combination that allowed Karstin Midjord to slot it in on the near post. More goals and more defensive blunders at home against Albania. As usual, we can't really hold on to a comfortable lead. 3-1 at half-time should have been enough, but no! We conceded right after the restart, and not even the most ridiculous goal (4 rebounds in front of the goal before we finally put it away) with 20 minutes to go was enough. We conceded again and it was only two minutes before the final whistle we'd breathe a sigh of relief with the 5-3 goal. With our defensive shape in the gutter, I was ready for a thrashing in Norway. Instead we took the lead from the spot! Clearly it couldn't last and the home team immediately set the record straight. How? Of course with two through balls that cut our defensive line in half like the cable did to the passengers in the Ghost Ship movie. In the first goal, the striker didn't even have to head the cross in, he just WALKED it into the net, as the defender was nowhere near him. Another of Jesper Nielsen's magic freekicks brought us back on level terms, and I'd have gladly taken a point home... But the best was yet to come! It was their time to forget how to defend a long ball, and it was the two strikers against the keeper... For a moment I feared Mortensen was going to blast it high (or straight into the GK), but he did the right thing and passed it to Mattias Mørkore who could gently tap in into the empty net. But it wasn't over! 90th minute, we had a corner. Somewhat, somehow, we managed to squander the possession and concede a counter... I started to get flashbacks of Japan-Belgium and was ready to smash the keyboard through the monitor... BUT with a well-timed (and suspiciously rough) tackle, our defenders averted the danger and it was our turn to enjoy a counterattack. Long ball over the Norwegian defenders (on the halfway line) and Mortensen could put it away in style. 4-2 against the World Champions! What about that... And now it's only four games to go. 3 points against Kazakhstan are a given, but we'll need to get at least 3 more, or hope the other teams will steal points from eachother... We'll never have a better chance than that I'm afraid!
  5. Sweden has Assyriska, Syrianska and Dalkurd, but I guess their transfers policy is more of a "preference" to preserve the club's original identity than a strict policy, Bilbao-style. ÍF Føroyar on the other hand is the club for Faroese players in the Danish football pyramid.
  6. Aren't newgens all based on templates anyway? Exceptions are fine, but I find very weird and inconsequential to have a player whose attributes distribution SCREAMS Defensive Midfielder saddled with 1 Aggression. 1, not 5, not 8. ONE! Visually it's striking to say the least.. Just think of Peter Crouch with 1 Heading... Wouldn't you find it an acceptable scenario? On the other hand... While the sample is small, it's a bit of a "disturbing" scenario... It's easy to understand that Aggression can indeed be negative if it's too high (and paired with average Decisions and high Dirtiness), but those stats are suspiciously too good... So maybe Aggression and other attributes don't have that big of an impact after all?
  7. LL strikers with 6 Finishing play against defenders with attributes in the same low-level range, so it makes sense. But I'm not looking at it "in isolation"! I'm comparing it with the rest of his attributes for his NATURAL position, and only one attribute (Aggression) is not just "a bit low", but it's the lowest it can be in the game. Basically he's a high-end Championship DM with a level of Aggression that wouldn't cut it in the San Marino league. It's like saying "yeah, X is a very good surgeon, but the sight of blood and entrails makes him puke". Surely there'd be workarounds to that, but surely it wouldn't be an ideal scenario anyway... Oh come on... I don't care if I can sell him or find a way to minimize the impact of his "handicap", the thing is such a player shouldn't really exist. Variety is good, but there are extreme cases that makes no sense and break the immersion. Kinda like when the whole gameworld didn't have a single keeper with Pace/Acc >10 a few years back, or when there was another Aggression/Bravery shortage for DM/CM all across the board. Which real-life youth coach in the top-flights would accept a kid with such a fatal flaw in his allegedly natural playing position? Would you be fine with a CB who can't position himself at all? Or with a 164cm short Target Man? I'm sure there are many player templates that can still provide enough variety and realism, but without such extremes... I've seen plenty of awkward newgens whose flaws were still consistent with the level they were generated at. A couple of 1s and 2s are perfectly fine for players in lower leagues or smaller nations, but an English EPL prospect shouldn't really be that bad in ONE attribute while being competent in the related ones. Really? 1 is the lowest the game can get. It's usually reserved for truly awful players (>30 CA) or for particular situations (ie. 1 Jumping Reach for very short players). How that value can be found in an otherwise pretty decent prospect at Leeds (likely already in EPL) is a mystery If he were a DM from Andorra, I wouldn't mind that 1... The fact he's 18 and can play at Championship/EPL level makes it worse IMO. BTW, he lacks the technical and creative skills to be any kind of playmaker. Young age, high PPA, good CA I suppose... Again, don't like "wonderkid"? Call him "promising young player", but the crux of the matter doesn't change.
  8. But he also has mediocre technical traits, awful Vision and Flair... He's strong and definitely more suited for a defensive role. Which makes his 1 Aggression even more of a ridiculous "bug" in the template. When the game creates a high-PA DC/DM/CM who's clearly more on the defensive side (so not a Libero-Regista a la Matthäus), the key attributes for the NATURAL role should always be within a given range, or at least have a lower threshold. After all, in D&D you can't get a Human Fighter with Strength 5, can't you? So why can't FM role templates just follow what's done for the "national mental traits"?
  9. I'm not debating that. But I still question the existence of a Wonderkid DM with 1 Aggression... So either some role templates are still a bit flawed, or single attributes don't mean as much as we think, taken singularly. P.S. About the Trequartista example: why would you "waste" a technically AND mentally gifted AMC as TQ, when you'd give him a role that puts to better use his qualities? E.g. Radja Nainggolan played often as AMC but he was far from the typical "number 10", as he was basically an advanced B2B... Or the obscure Giampiero Pinzi who played as "false 10" for Udinese and Chievo, despite basically being a hard-hitting DM (23 career goals, 16 assists, 161 yellow cards and 12 dismissals).
  10. Which brings in another interesting point of debate... If a single attribute doesn't do all that much by itself AND it doesn't really reflect what it says on the tin, maaaaybe it's time to review the whole attribute system... or at least the way it's presented? So, Aggression 1 doesn't mean a player won't even swat a fly and 20 doesn't mean he'll rip the head off anyone who comes close, which is fine, but this whole idea of relativity makes the attributes look more like vague indicators, or even cosmetic additions, that need to be "put in perspective" and, basically, end up creating confusion. In short: why should we then care about Aggression, or Determination, or any other non-univocal attribute (e.g. Pace, Jumping, Nat Fit) being adequate or good, if its effect, in the big picture can be mitigated by a half dozen of "cognate" attributes?
  11. In fairness, many options don't really make sense, or you just (should) know they're going to have catastrophical effects on the player's and team's morale, so you avoid them almost by default. Interactions in FM are too black-and-white and, at times, unnecessarily confrontational. Probably because achieving realistic nuances is very difficult AND a bit of drama spices up an otherwise relatively easy dynamics to master. The OP has a point when he says players get too upset, too strongly and too often compared to real life. Disputes about transfers and contracts DO happen, but dressing-room mutinies are a rarity, while in FM one unhappy guy can quickly destroy your squad's spirit. I however agree the risk of alienating a player or more is a decent workaround to prevent more experienced FM'ers from cruising, dismissing by default any request (like it was possible until a few iterations ago, where you'd happily tell the player and the agent to STFU whenever they were asking for an improved contract or for more playing time). Also, as the AI isn't exactly brilliant on the transfer market, especially with free agents and players with contracts running out, nobody is actually hard to replace, and the lower down the pyramid you go, the more options you have. So in the end there's no point in trying to keep unhappy players at the club when you can sell them for a profit and replace them with equal or better ones for free!
  12. Age and key attributes for the role. Such a slow fullback is useless at ANY level, and his high Aggression/Bravery may even be a liability considering he's always going to be late on the ball. The other guy is younger, relatively well-rounded and can still improve a bit. Don't let a couple of high attributes cloud the bigger picture. If you put the Octagons side by side, I bet the difference will be immediately clear
  13. The problem is not what the OP (or any other human player) can do to medicate the flaw, but that the flaw itself exists... A 18yo BWM able to play in the Premier League and with good all-around attributes for his role has NO BUSINESS having 1 Aggression, no matter how you spin it. We're back to the usual random/poor attributes distribution that should have been fixed a long time ago. Ok, not every DM needs to be a brute who'll mow down anything that crosses his path, but Aggression 1 (or Bravery 3, or Workrate/Teamwork 5) make absolutely no sense whatsoever. And yes, I know one attribute alone doesn't break a player etc, but visually it's very frustrating to see the inconsistency, and probably it IS going to affect his performances one way or another, even though his other key attributes are ok and can mitigate the negative effect of the 1.
  14. The most annoying part is that, more often than not, the options at our disposal to defuse a situation are far from ideal. In the OP's case about Pogba and Lukaku complaining about "lack of first team football", there should be a way to tell them that that (or those) game(s) weren't that important and you'll need your key players fit and rested for upcoming key fixtures. But in an ideal game, the AI should be able to "know" that by itself anyway... Sure sitting out a CL game against Bayern looks bad on paper, but with advancement AND first place in the group being secured, it's common practice also in real life to rest some top players for the remaining games of the group. And even when the game fails to recognize that special situation, the possible lines of dialogue should still reflect factors like "game priority" or "natural rotation". Instead we get inane generic statements like "poor form", "you disappointed me last time" etc, which seem tailor-made to elicit the a negative response and all its consequences. About Lingard wanting to leave United to become a key player at Leicester, well... That's even more ridiculous. The only time when a top player may want to take a step backwards to gain a more prominent role is when he's been UNDERUTILIZED, or has motivation/ambition issues. Think of Roberto Baggio leaving Milan and later Inter to join Bologna and Brescia. But he was 30 already and he wanted to play with less pressure and more support. But there's no way a first-team player at a winning ManUtd would think "yeah, I'd definitely want to become Leicester's only Top Player instead of winning the Champions League with United"
  15. FM does tend to follow a rather predictable pattern in terms of gameplay and experience, but it's the nature of the game itself... No matter which kind of career or challenge you choose, you'll always have to deal with the same basics, which, however, is not necessarily a bad thing... After all, you'd complain if all you do in an FPS is shooting enemies... I've been there for years (CM 00-01 to FM07) and you'd probably consider the idea of taking a long break from the game, skipping a couple of iterations. When you'll get the itch to come back, there will be enough new features and, hopefully, improvements to keep you interested for much longer than 4 seasons. Back to the OP's question, when I get bored, I simply stop playing FM because it's not about a specific career getting boring, but the game itself. Once I've won everything with Club X, why should I bother to start all over again with Club Y?