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  1. [FM14] Undrið FF, the Faroese Wonder

    2044-45 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE IT'S HAPPENING!!!! An all-Faroese Champions League final is probably the icing on the savegame's cake, as far as club football goes... It took the AI clubs much longer than it too me, but they're finally there! Granted, they relied on massive, massive luck to make it that far, and they'll likely never make it again, but let's savour the moment! The only negative part is that AB don't have a single domestic player in their senior squad, so the NT won't benefit much from their rise to European prominence. As for ourselves, we played ok on our way to the final, at least in one of the two legs. It's almost a guarantee now, we'll SUCK BALLS in either of the two games of a tie, no exceptions allowed. Complacency is really killing us, and for the first time in years, I feel I'm not in control anymore and a defeat is only a silly mistake away. Maybe it's time to abandon the 4-3-1-2 in favour of something sligtly more conservative, and with the lone striker to solve the "if A scores, B won't hit a hangar door" syndrome. Anyway, let's see how it goes in Barcelona... I won't lie, a part of me is kinda rooting for AB in the ultimate upset, in a lovely "book end" scenario.
  2. [FM14] Undrið FF, the Faroese Wonder

    SEASON 2044 Not much to say, except AB almost lost their stop as perennial runner-ups, with Víkingur having vastly improved. The increased quality in the league meant we conceded doube-digits again, while our offensive game had a couple of hiccups, with a few wins came with a "small" margin. However our stiker Fredrik Mehlsen broke several record, topping both the Topscorer and the Assists standings, netting 61 total goals, tied as the 2nd best season ever in the history of the club. Finally that impressive string of performances attracted the interest of a few top clubs, who were rather generous. Not PSG-generous, but still respectable sums, which I promptly refused. Unfortunately the stagnation of my once-almighty MCs isn't over, but it's spreading like a disease... Daniel Kamola picked himself up, while Gilberto Miranda still sucked, and now young prospect Maurizio Cancelli has fallen victim to that as well, with a dismal season (28 apps, 3 goals, 8 assists). Moreso, my two expensive Spanish youngsters, Fernandez and Oliver (both 19) have struggled a lot. Slow development, complacent and sloppy performances... I may cut my losses with the one who won't become HG, while still sticking with the other one. Still, it was another quiet year on the market. (code-word for "I'm stingy") Inconsistent and overrated winger O'Kane got shipped off to Napoli for 15M and almost no regrets. A few other lower-profile players disappeared or went on loan, looking for more exposure and a future transfer. I accidentally signed too many LBs, with two kids coming from Ukraine/Russia whom I had completely forgotten about, so one is on loan and one is going to leave ASAP.
  3. So if I sign a GK for the youth team, and later on I promote him to the Reserve, I'll get a new youth GK? What about outfield positions? How does the game decide if I'd get a MC, a MR or a DM/MC/AML in the first vacant spot after the defenders? And how does it decide how many defenders/midfielders/forwards I need?
  4. Whenever my Reserve/U18 side is shortstaffed, the game adds Grey Players to fill the gaps. Only recently I realized they are indeed always the same, as if there were a "hidden" academy/feeder club that provides some bodies if needed. As it's possible to sign them on a contract, and every now and then a decent-ish player emerges from that sea of ineptitude, I was wondering how often do I get a new batch of Greys?
  5. crossing simulator 2017

    Posting funny Memes about serial ranters who expect to win every match 10-0 despite having set their team up with a D&D dice isn't gonna help I'm afraid... @Svenc, some of your points make sense, but you're not getting where I'm coming from. IIRC, there was confirmation of "superkeepers" in at least one past build of the game (FM 10.2 maybe? Or was it even earlier?). Don't wanna call them "superkeepers", fine, it's "strikers inexplicably shooting AT the keeper despite having 18 Composure and Finishing and >170 CA". The end-product is still the same: way too many one-on-ones don't get converted. Now, the "1 goal in 35 shots" debate is a different story, because indeed some CCC aren't that clean-cut to begin with, and half of the remaining shots were half chances, long shots or tame attempts. Note that I'm not pointing that out out of frustration, it's just a neutral assessment of what I've witnessed over the years. Issues with how CBs suck at defending specific situations have been reported for years and CONFIRMED by the staff and by the tactical gurus. The thing is you don't even have to go out of your way to experience them, whether in your favour or against you it's irrelevant. It's not the infamous Corner Exploit, where you had to set a corner routine up in a specific way to cheat the ME... CBs being split open by through balls happens organically all the time. All you can do is try to minimize the issue, but it WILL happen. And if it happens too many times in a game, you either get unrealistic scorelines or the game must intervene to keep things reasonable. Hence, poor finishing and/or "superkeepers", or a mix of both. P.S. Also, specific formations, styles or type of players have worked too well in one build, only to become ineffectual in the next one... A few years ago, all you needed were pacey players, even if they were banana-footed. Then it was crossing galore. Not to mention almost every side, from Barça to the worst side in the worst playable league, can pull off impressive tiki-taka through the middle. Come on, as much as it's "our tactic" or "our perception", the ME has its quirks and it often feels like we're playing the ME's take on football rather than football.
  6. For the first time since CM97-98, I pre-ordered it. I really hope I won't come to regret it... So far, the preview videos have given me a positive vibe, so unless the ME is a trainwreck and/or the new features are broken, I'm quite happy with the Contract Extension. And even in a worse case scenario, I'll try to get some mileage out of it while going back to my career in FM14
  7. crossing simulator 2017

    I think we're often looking at the issue from the wrong side... Despite SI's best intentions, I think it's clear the ME still creates way too many good chances (due to the infamous defensive weaknesses), or at least the ME "represents" more chances as better than they actually are. Therefore to avoid waterpolo-like scorelines, something must happen to keep the goals tally to a more acceptable level. In the past we had "superkeepers", over the last few years we've seen virtually EVERY striker occasionally turn into Ade Akinbiyi for no apparent reason. So the obvious solution would be "fixing" the defensive issues to reduce the sheer amount of chances, good or allegedly good, That'd lead to a more reasonable number of "CCC" (whatever that means), and most FM'ers would be less frustrated because their strikers would not miss three sitters within the opening half hour of a game. If that wasn't possible, I'd actually like a better breakdown of chances, possibly with the very XG thingy.
  8. crossing simulator 2017

    That's not a huge feat to be honest, as most pundits aren't that analytical and go more on instinct. Or are moderately incompetent. But how are the "scoring %" calculated? I mean, chances surely can't have the same conversion ratio if it's Cristiano Ronaldo on the ball instead of Federico Macheda. And the same header is surely more dangerous if it's Crouch rather than Ryan Fraser. Also, I guess the scoring % doesn't take into account dumb luck, like keepers slipping in easy shots (especially from distance). I'm not saying it's a poor idea, but I have my reservations on how it works. The game would definitely benefit from something more clear than the current CCC. Actually the XG thing could apply much more fittingly to FM (which is, after all, a numerical simulation). Currently the analysis is lacking on two sides: first, stats are a bit murky and there's no way to see what counts as CCC, what not, and why. Secondly, you can't possibly understand why your world-class striker is fluffing goals right in front of the goal, time and again. Is it morale? Complacency? Bad luck? The ME misrepresenting a situation? Who knows...
  9. crossing simulator 2017

    It's all very interesting, but the XG thing kinda disproves itself with Crystal Palace's "exception", doesn't it? Our perception of what "should have been a goal, surely!" varies from person to person and while I'm sure there's a lot of research behind the XG concept, it falls back on the "let's find a pattern" fallacy... World-class strikers can miss a sitter, while unremarkable players can score an overhead kick from 18 yards out... Sure, the latter is a once-in-a-career event, but that's part of the "FM is cheating" mindset. We all remember the time we lost a game to a screamer by a player with 4 in Long Shots, while our Fin 18/Cmp 18 striker couldn't hit a barn door from 5 inches away. FM could and should do a better job in presenting us with clearer stats and less quirky ME representation of chances, but I maintain XG and other statistical stuff aren't going to help because they're almost as objective as the guy ranting about that pesky, cheating AI.
  10. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    In the beta, I'll probably pick a Top Serie A club to test the waters. Then when/if the game will be reliable enough, I'll start my traditional Rosenborg save. Later on, depending on how quickly I can achieve success, I'll move on to a more difficult challenge. I was thinking San Marino. Or my old project, Greenland, provided there'll be a semi-realistic custom league.
  11. Football Manager TV: Sports Science

    Hopefully, and finally, that'll put an end to the "random injury epidemic"... BTW, I know it's a long shot, but I'd really like to see previous injuries taking the toll on a player, making him more susceptible to similar incidents due to tear and wear (in the editor, there is indeed the "recurring" option for injuries, so there must be some sort of foundation to build on). AFAICT, now injury proneness is random, where a guy with a high value is as likely to tear an abdominal muscle while taking a dump as to sprain his ankle 5 times in a season in training. With this new addition, could it be possible to have a guy who has had knee problems before be more prone to THAT specific injury? I mean, if I sign Pato I'd "expect" him to miss many months with muscle injuries, or that poor Giuseppe Rossi isn't likely to last more than 20 games without going down to the Nth knee ligament career-ending injury.
  12. [FM14] Undrið FF, the Faroese Wonder

    ROAD TO AUSTRALIA 2046 We ended up in a very tricky group, with the 3 top-seeded nations being clearly superior. Luckly the opening game was against Malta and we used it as a bit of a morale kickstarter. Still, it wasn't as easy as I wished and hoped. It took us a whole hour to break Malta down, and we even conceded a goal, leaving us a slim 2-1 lead for a while. The fourth goal in injury time saved the guys from a less-than-pleasant team talk. The away game in Croatia was a thrashing in every department except the scoreline. Good for GD, bad for everything else. We were outclassed and outplayed. Worse than expected. Those games are simply unwinnable, so there's not much point in dwelling on them too much. We carried on the negative trend in a scrappy homewin against Kazakhstan. Our inability to cruise while leading is another worrying sign that I've yet to address properly. We are decent enough in midfield, with above average technique, but I suppose it's the lack of mental strength that undoes the rest of the gameplan. Then we went on to lose the derby against Denmark in a carbon-copy of the game against Croatia. The only positive is the low score, but we didn't stand a chance. I didn't have much hope for the trip to Bologna, Italy either, but the Azzurri have been the disappointment of the group so far, with two consecutive 2-3 defeats to Denmark and Croatia. We didn't see much of the ball this time either, but didn't concede much either. Italy enjoyed sterile possession and were foced to pass the ball around a lot, with little profit. We created a bit more than usual and even took the lead later in the second half. Newly turned-Faroese Jesper Nielsen (I've groomed him for the change of citizenship since he joined at 16) scored directly from a corner kick, with the much appreciated help of the Italian keeper. Sadly we weren't able to hold on to the lead and eventually conceded a lucky goal of our own, with a half-miskicked cross to the near post. Still, an away draw to Italy is a valuable result, mostly because, possession aside, we finally were competitive and the scoreline was a fair reflection of the 90 minutes. Overall, we are where I was expecting we'd be. 4th place, with an outside chance to grab the 3rd. However, the main goal is to climb the ranking in order to secure our spot in Pot 4, possibly reaching Pot 3 in the near future. Sadly, we're 86th overall and 38th in Europe, meaning it'll be Pot FIVE next draw if things don't improve...
  13. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Fair enough, but I maintain that, for the human player, less is more. Especially as long as tactical feedback and in-game representation of the match are as unreliable and erratic like they've been til FM17. Maybe the new additions in FM18 (link play, weakness areas) will help, but generally speaking it's still a guessing game trying to find out why your 4* Advanced Playmaker is playing like crap despite ticking all the boxes for that role. Or whether your star AMC should be set as Trequartista, AP or AM, as the difference isn't really so noticeable... And, to be honest, the lines between roles are blurred in real life as well. I see how AI may need all those specific roles with PIs and everything, but the human manager is often overwhelmed (and confused about terminology, as many roles aren't 100% defined, and my idea of a DLP may be different than yours or SI's...) 10 different roles for the CM position are like 10 variations of chocolate ice-cream... Appealing and fancy, but ultimately redundant. And in most cases, you'll want to go with a bigger serving of regular chocolate (in FM terms, "screw the role, I'll just buy a better player") Not to mention, more often than not, you'll see your L2 side playing short pass as if they were Guardiola's Barça anyway...
  14. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Am I the only one who wishes for FEWER options, roles and OIs? So far (ie. until FM17) the in-game feedback, both in the ME itself and from the staff, hasn't been as good or as informative as it the sheer amount of options would have required. We players still need either to go through long and tedious trial-and-error process, or through "tactical masterclasses" on this board (or elsewhere), unless we sort of stumble across a tactic that works well enough to allow us to minimize the impact of the many quirks of the ME and of the game itself. So, while the new features seem to be interesting and whatnot, I do maintain the tactical side needed a hefty downsizing, instead of getting more stuff added to further confusion. P.S. Why not adding some default "complete" tactics, with instructions etc? That would reduce the need for newbies and those with not enough time or desire to fine-tuning their own creation to download "supertactics" (and then moan about them, or their improbable 2-3-3-2, not working as expected).
  15. That looks REALLY promising and, if executed correctly, game-changing both for short-term and long-term careers. I shouldn't be even able to scout a guy who's (not) playing for the U18 team of a semi-obscure club in Ukraine just because my club's scouting range is "worldwide", let alone finding out his exact attributes in a matter of a week (or right away as it was in older editions). Player ratings, pros and cons should only be based on MATCH STATS and highlights, ie. the in-game version of "hearsay" and "media hype" in some cases. THEN, attributes should still be kinda vague even upon closer scouting, and even when a player joins for good (or on trial) it'd take a while to get a final assessment. Think of how many players joined with high expectations only to turn out much worse than previously thought. Or how many joined with little or no fanfare and became valuable assets. I see it's unfeasible in a videogame, as all values are fixed, so a Passing 18 can't be a Passing 14 or a Passing 20, but maybe we'd get an A, B, C, D, E, F sort of general value, possible appliead to macro-areas (ie. the octagon). That'd be awesome for FM19... Meanwhile, I'll gladly take this revamp with fairly high hopes it'll make scouting worth my time again, compared to the current "let me search by attribute/value, then let's scout him just in case"