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  1. Ok! Thank you very much for your help! Will the bug go away if I remove Italy as an active nation for one season, or will it pick it up once I re-activate it?
  2. I've uploaded the editor files here. The only "new" stuff I used are real-life fixtures, but NOT for Italian leagues.... So the likely culprit is the Serie D add-on, I guess.
  3. I have uploaded a save from June 23rd 2018. RBKalle_stats_not_resetting_june.fm It's not the first season, but I have progressed from that date and the issue for Italian leagues still occurs. What if I try to remove Italy as playable nation for one year and see if it works fine after reactivating it? How will that affect the gameworld and the nation's playability?
  4. When does the reset actually occurs? The day of the "Season summary" just before the leaderboards show up?
  5. This attitude is even sillier than the one you're complaining about... "Some" may be crap at the game, but that still doesn't explain why some "quirks" have been part of several FM iterations, in one capacity or another. * Wide play has been all over the place, with too much or too little closing down, crossing being a constant source of annoyance (too early, too late, too accurate, not enough accurate) * Closing down/CB being awful at defending is another of FM Greatest Hits * Chances/shooting accuracy has been an issue Are we ALL crap to some extent, or are those aspects of the ME actual problems that haven't been properly fixed yet? What do WRONG RULES have to do with our ability to play FM? Stats not working like they should superseed my skill to set up a tactic, because, apparently my GK has played 50+ games in 2016-17, and those count anyway, whether I won or lost all of them. Does it matter how good I am if Copa Libertadores doesn't work? If my HG players don't count as such for whatever reason? If an unproven youngster costs more than the league's topscorer? If a player "valued" at 1M is actually worth 10M when I'm trying to buy him, but if I'm selling him, I'll be lucky to get 2M? Oh and I could go on and on and on, but I think I've made myself clear...
  6. I'm getting a mix of regular bald newgens and a couple of identical faces. ALL my newgens in the U19 team have exactly the same face, while other teams have more variety, but still both original faces and repeated pictures from the add-on. Most players are of the same ethnicity, but it's weird I got the SAME face for 3 or 4 players in my team
  7. I don't think you can alter the generated image, but you can add an actual picture by pairing it to the player's ID in the config.xml file if you have a facepack installed
  8. As others have pointed out, the huge amount of high-PA newgens is balanced by often terrible mental traits, or by weak starting CA/attributes. Both factors will hamper a player's development to the point of having plenty of "doomed wonderkids", broken prospects you won't ever be able to turn into world-beaters, or even into decent top-flight players. However, due to the predictability and linearity of the development process, human managers can easily spot the good ones and sign them, while the crappy ones will "fool" the AI into signing them for years, at least til they'll reach the age of 21-23. Then the AI too will see that a PA 189 player with horrid attributes will NEVER reach his potential as he's a waste of money. Anyway, until then, AI will squander millions on those no-hopers, giving the human player a double advantage. You can sign all sorts of wonderkids and sell the poor ones for a healthy profit. It's fine to have many prospects, so the gameworld can balance the Messis, the Riquelmes, the Jefferses and the Ravel Morrisons... Too bad there's so little room for unpredicatability.
  9. As you can see, the 2016-17 stats are missing for my GK, and they're lumped together with the 2017-18, while Cech (and all the other players in England, Norway and the inactive leagues) have the right amount of games for both seasons.
  10. As I already reported in the GD subforum (and nobody cared), I'm having a weird situation with the players stats. I set a game up with England, Italy, Norway and the Faroes, and I selected "Norway, 2017 early pre-season" as starting date, in order to get all the January transfers, and also a bit of a shake-up in the two main leagues. I ended up managing Spezia in Italian Serie B, with only a few matches to go in the 2016-17 season, but when the 2017-18 started in August, I noticed the players stats didn't get reset to 0, but the games/goals in the new season were being added to those of the portion of the previous one. The reset came on Jan 1st 2018, which makes absolutely no sense, as the 2016-17 stats now cover one and a half season, with players being credited with 50+ games. Oddly enough that doesn't happen in the inactive leagues, nor in England, where the stats are displayed accurately in both History and Stats. That's new to me, as in the past I often started my careers in January, having both Jan-Nov and Aug-June leagues with no issues whatsoever. Clearly, it's an immersion-breaker, and possibly a game-breaker too, as records and all sorts of stat-related parts of the game will ALWAYS be screwed.
  11. That's my top complaint... When debating about this topic we should have learnt already to separate "annoying quirks" by both ME and game modules and actual bugs. Debatable tuning choices can be worked around, even though it's not ideal and it goes against the main goal of the game (we'd be able to focus on creating our vision of football, instead we constantly have to fight an uphill battle against whatever issue is affecting the Match Engine). On the other hand, there's not much you can do with actual mistakes regarding poorly implemented rules or downright broken bits (what's about the Libertadores and the Swedish League? I've recently found the "wrong date reset" one, and nobody has even bothered to reply). As said, I can live with the fact some basic formations work better than others, that some styles of football can't be replicated and/or bring decent results. I can live with crossing and wide defending switching from ineffective to deadly depending on which year/patch I'm playing. I can cope with the PR side of the game being a nightmare due to poorly optimized options and reactions... But wht can I do if the HG system doesn't work properly, if competitions don't work like they should (if they work at all), if so many things in-universe don't make sense? 3 megapatches can fix the rare crash, can address various quirks (often overmedicating an issue and creating a new, opposite, one). But it's quite debatable that once patch #3 is released in march, it's "thank you and goodbye" til October when it's time to beta-test the new version with a shiny new batch of quirks and bugs. Is it "unacceptable". Well, if anecdotal examples can't be used to attack the game, they shouldn't be used to defend it... So far I have only found ONE immersion-breaking bug, and it's likely enough to make me can my save, regardless of how well I'm doing (and I'm overachieving in my first full season). Again: winning or losing means little, as long as it feels organic and you can see why it happens. Some aspect of that can and should be fixed (should have been sorted out already but heh...). Some other issues go well beyond that.
  12. Guess what, stats reset hit on Jan 1st... at least for Italian leagues. EPL and Championship are fine, and so are inactive leagues... The bug affects only the nation I ended up playing, while having started the game in a solar-year nation.
  13. Instant result feature

    In past versions, gameplans weren't actually working, and all they did was to "freeze" your Starting XI, meaning there will be no substitutions to your lineup. Unless I'm mistaken, the skin's add-on simply "copies" the FMC/FMT instructions, including the Game Plan options, but those are not part of FM proper, so they're there, but as "empty shells". To which degree the AssMan takes over, I'm not sure. Some skins also have SImulate Game, so I guess that's the more "invasive" choice, while IR simply gives the result as if you played the game with no further instructions
  14. things you always do

    I always end up signing too many youth prospects and free agents I don't really need or who aren't (and will never be) good enough for the first team. Or, by the time they may be ready, our team will have become much stronger.