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  1. ROAD TO BRAZIL 2050 Again, from Pot 4 (for the last time, courtesy of our stellar Euro2048), we got a tricky draw. Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Albania and Andorra... Not the strongest from Pot 1, but likely the strongest from Pot 2. Austria could also be tricky in the wrong day, but fine... Let's give out best and see what happens! * vs Belgium away: I decided our best chance there was to channel Simeone's spirit and make our opponents play like crap. Mission accomplished in the first half, 0-0 with only marginal chances. Then we surprisingly took the lead with our usual direct counter. Belgium pulled back level immediately after the kickoff, not allowing us a single touch while they opened up our defense like a can of tuna. Still, nothing dangerous came after it, and a solid away draw would have been a good result. HOWEVER... On the 84th minute we caught Belgium napping on a throw-in. Jesper Nielsen was on his way to the goal, and Undrið DM Laurent Pereira tackled him from behind. Red card and penalty! Christian Mortensen confidently converted it. What a start, what a win! I'd say we "FM'ed Belgium", but in fact it was a close match and they only had a marginal advantage in possession, and fouls committed. * vs Andorra home: Apparently 3 easy points, but those games can become complicated too if it takes too long for the first goal to come. Luckly Mortensen got it early, and we kept on dominating. Too bad we god THREE disallowed goals in the first half. Three good ones came just after half-time and we ended up winning 5-0. Solid game. * vs Portugal home: Priority #1: stay in the game! And it almost went down the drain in the opening minute, when Portugal got a good chance from the kickoff. We then settled into the flow of the match and even took the lead following a schmoz on a corner. Clearly it couldn't last and they got their deserved equalizer. Still, they didn't really dominate and only produced two good chances to win it in the second half. One was brilliantly saved by Djurhuus, the other one was wasted by an alleged worldclass striker... Oh well, their loss is our gain, and we got away with 1 point in a game we'd have lost. Only disappointing part was the 25% shot on target ratio... A bad day on the job for all the 4 strikers involved. With 7 points after having faced the two top sides of the group, things are looking very very promising... * vs Austria away: This time around we were at the good end of some terrible finishing... Austria wasted FOUR one-on-one breakaways during the game and ended up losing 0-2. We scored our typical goals (striker cuts wide, passes it backwards at 45° inside the box, the AMC/MC slots it home) and created many, but relatively inoffensive, chances. It wasn't necessarily a scrappy or undeserved win, it was however worrying we conceded so much space for Austria to run into. On the other hand, we were rather clinical in front of the goal, which is unusual. * vs Belgium home: Belgium were out to get their revenge and put us under pressure for the entire first half. One disallowed goal, a couple of top saves by Djurhuus and we could regroup in the dressing room. A gentle reminder that we weren't there to watch a free game from the best seats in the house, and... Belgium scored on the 46th minute... Only for it to be disallowed again! Finally we managed to string a couple of passes together and took the most unlikely of the leads! Allan Jacobsen fired it under the crossbar from the 15yards line to cap our first decent attacking move that didn't involve a corner. Belgium didn't collpase under the weight of a clearly unfair scoreline and went on to create and waste some more chances. Eventually WE had to score the equalizer for them, when CB Johan Danielsen decided to stumble on the ball instead of clearing it from the 6-yards box. An own goal to cap off a befuddling game. We didn't create much if not on set pieces situations, while Belgium could hand should have won by a 3 goal margin at least... Again, I'm not complaining, but hell, when our luck will run out, we'll be back to counting conceded goals with an abacus. Still, halfway through the WCQ campaign we're in second place, with 11 points, 2 behind Portugal, but with Belgium already out of contention with 7. Unless we **** it up badly, at least a playoff spot is guaranteed. Maybe we can even get the spot as Best Runner-up.
  2. SEASON 2047, 2048 and 2049 With all the focus on the National Team, there's a lot of catching up to do about Undrið... Well, not really, as it's been "par for the course" anyway, with the usual boring Quintuples year in and year out. I won't even bother with the screenshots of with the match details. However, a couple of interesting tidbits for you: * We BARELY went past AB in the 2048 CL semis, on away goals... 2-2 away, 0-0 at home. Even the final against Bayern was a sloppy 2-1, despite having dominated the game. * I've switched to 4-3-3 narrow due to overabundance of good strikers. Who, however, seem unable to play consistently and tend to get complacent, lazy or downright ineffective despite taking many shots. * AB themselves are going through a bit of a slump: they got knocked out of the CL Group Stage in 2049. In the league Víkingur are closing up the gap and finished only 3 points behind. * Another big "summer cleaning" was in order, with many aging stars pushing 30 and wanting a new challenge... Also, I got greedy and signed way too many players, both youngsters and at their peak, whom I didn't have use or need for, so now the squad is bloated and I have to get rid of many guys. Among others: GK Quevedo, CB Sosa, LB Carrasco (after a huge argument) CM Coulibaly, Costa, Miranda, N'Diaye and CF Fernandez (for 84M!) left the club. A shame to sell some stalwarts, and some youngsters'd have definitely come in handy now, but what can I do... * I think I'll now give the younger guys a chance instead of spending 40-60M on "made" players for rotation purposes. The Starting XI is filled with worldclass players anyway, so it's a bit of a waste having 5 or 6 top CMs or Strikers. * Speaking of which, Guðmundur Steinn Jónsson is RETIRING at age 39, despite still going strong. This season he scored 25 league goals, plus 7 in the Cup and the 5-0 goal in the CL final... I tried to persuade him to play one more season, but he decided he still wanted to go out while still (sort of) on top. Here are his career stats! Had I played him in every league game, instead of saving him for CL especially in the early days (before we were a Top Club), he'd probably had broken the 1000 career goals threshold, but he was much more useful in our rise to European glory... Also, he had a lot of competition in his later years and at a time he looked like his decline'd have been sharper and quicker (a la FM19 ) but then he enjoyed a renaissance and I started to play him more regularly in my newly employed 4-3-3. Of course he'll get a testimonial match (against his original club Stjarnan, for which he player 4 games, scored 5 and was PoM 4 times...). Easily my favourite player ever, the club's leader for apps, goals, PoM etc... The best 64k I've ever spent...
  3. AUSTRIA-SWITZERLAND 2048 QF Croatia- Faroe Islands 3-3 (4-2 on penalties) So close, so damn close... It was both heartbreaking and fitting to go out on penalties after having played the BEST game of our tournament. Don't let the possession stat fool you, our patented counter-attack was working great and we did have MORE chances than Croatia. But it wasn't meant to be. The first minute was a nightmare, with our defense buckling under pressure and the keeper literally falling asleep on a lame cross , allowing it to slip under his body and into the net. Jesper Nielsen pulled another of his magical free-kicks off to equalize the game shortly after, and it was all fine in the world again. The rest of the half was a lot of back-and-forth, with both sides wasting good chances with weak shots straight at the keepers. After the break we pushed forward a bit more, and eventually took the lead with another of our breakaways. A few minutes later Jesper Nielsen rattled the crossbar with a powerful freekick from 25 yards. That was the turning point... The third goal would have likely killed the game. With only 10 minutes to go, our defense got torn apart by another deep cross, and the equalizer was a fact. Suddenly, our legs turned into jelly and Croatia got three more huge chances to bring it home. At that point, extra time didn't look like a bad scenario, considering it'd have ended 4-2. Suddenly, the tide turned again... A Croatian defender misjudged a long ball, allowing Christian Mortensen to run toward the goal and to calmly place it into the low corner. An unexpected and welcome change of scenario, which, alas, wasn't to last. More sloppy defending brought too many players inside our box and former Undrið striker Zoran Zaja scored with an easy tap-in from close range. We got another decent chance unfortunately on the not-so-educated foot of MC Emil Danielsen (who retired at the end of the season, aged 27), but it was Croatia with a true sitter to settle the game in the second half of extra time. The crossbar was on our side and off to the penalties we were... Sadly, Jesper Nielsen's wet far of a shot was easily saved by the keeper, who then produced a great save on Bartal Hansen's final attempt to keep us into the tournament for an extra kick... Of course it was still a gallant effort from the lads, well beyond my highest hopes and wildest expectations, but it was a shame going out like that... AA solid thrashing would have hurt a bit less, because there wouldn't have been "what if..." moments, unlike we got in this very close game. In the end Croatia went on to win the whole thing, so we can at least claim we pushed the eventual European Champions to the limit. A great campaign that will grant us a huge leap on the Ranking and a better draw for the upcoming WCQ Qualifiers...
  4. Players in recent FMs are greedy and fickle bastards... They're willing to leave your team as soon as a "better" offer comes up, so I don't have much sympathy for them anyway. Only a handful of loyal players will stick around long enough to earn your "love". In older FMs it was a bit harder and I did tend to keep way too many players around. Oddly enough it was a way to "save" their career, as many players'd just rot unemployed as AI clubs weren't aggressive enough.
  5. It won't. Licensing issues...
  6. AUSTRIA-SWITZERLAND 2048 R16 Serbia - Faroe Islands 0-2 We drew Serbia, the best among the third-placed teams. They lost to France, drew with England and defeated Bulgaria. Not a weak side, but still softer than any of the runner-ups (except maybe Hungary) There wasn't much time to ponder the importance of the match, as both sides created chances right off the bat. Allan Jacobsen gave us the lead in the 3rd minute with a delightful long shot with the outside of his right boot. Serbia were shaken but we failed to capitalize on our momentum. Two good chances went begging as out players aimed right at the keeper, once literally shooting AT him instead of placing the ball in either corner. We slowly lost ground and we allowed Serbia into our final third a bit too much. They wasted a great chance in the closing stages of the half when their striker hit a volley inside the six-yards box but the ball sailed wide. The same wide play opened our defence again one minute later but the other striker headed it over the bar from only a few feet away. That wake us up and we reverted to our usual breakaways, which gave us a decent shot, a corner and a wide header. It was again Petur Djurhuus who was tested just before half-time by a curled shot he managed to tip away. After the break Jesper Nielsen solved our problems with one of his patented free-kicks. 2-0 and suddenly it looked real and possible. Serbia had most of the ball but failed to threaten our defense in a significant way. A couple of rushed shots but nothing overly dangerous. We, on the other hand, wasted at least two more great chances. Mortensen headed over a great long-range free-kick and a great 3-on-2 counter was hampered by awful passing and debatable choices. Still, we brought it home without it ever being in jeopardy! We're off to the Quarter-Finals! This time it's Croatia, led by two former Undrið players: CB Stjepan Kokot and striker Zoran Zaja...
  7. AUSTRIA-SWITZERLAND 2048 GROUP STAGE Portugal - Faroe Islands 2-3 The start was as traumatic as I had feared... Portugal put two past our (out of position) keeper within the first 4 minutes and it looked like it was already over. Slowly but steadly we worked out way into the game and pulled one back before half-time with a surprisingly well-crafted attacking move. The second half was a bit of a snoozefest, with Portugal happy to play keepaway, but unable to produce chances (no shots on goal after the 50th minute!). We didn't see much of the ball, but we surely made it count in the few instances we had it. Another very good attacking move ended with Mortensen heading a short cross over the keeper and into the far corner for an unexpected equalizer. A few minutes later, Mortensen was fouled inside the box and he confidently converted the penalty. An epic win with an insane comeback, in one of the most FM-ish games ever... II'm sure in an alternate universe, the Portugal manager rage-quit the game wondering how they only managed 6 shots on goal... But in this universe, we happily took 3 points... The only bad news was Germany losing to Slovakia, meaning the group'd have turned out more even than anticipated. Faroe Islands - Slovakia 2-1 That should have been the easier game, on paper, among the two teams fighting to avoid finishing last, but the first match painted a completely different picture and suddenly a win could mean automatic qualification to the R16... We started much better than against Portugal and even took the lead, courtesy of a rather cheap penalty (maybe it was outside the box AND/OR the defender tackled the ball first...). Anyway, CM Bartal Hansen scored it comfortably. Slovakia didn't need long to bounce back, taking advantage of our defenders' slow reaction time. The keeper did great to stop a couple of shots, but in the end the Slovaks were too many and got their equalizer. After the break, but we finally made our size advantage count on a free kick deep from their half. Substitute striker Teitur Petersen muscled his way into the six-yards box and was free to blast the ball past the keeper. Slovakia didn't do much after that and Petur Djurhuus only had to make one actual save to keep us ahead. 2 wins, and Portugal's success over Germany, meant we were through! Unbelievable is an understatement, I'd say it's insane and absurd, but it makes somewhat sense... Our counter-based tiki-taka has created more troubles than it should have to sides with good forwards but with average defenders... Still incredible we made it out of the group alive and well... Faroe Islands - Germany 2-1 Germany were already out, so the main goal here was avoiding injuries and possibly still finishing top of the group to get a better draw in the knockout round. Therefore I didn't rotate much, sparing only Star MC Allan Jacobsen and Bartal Hansen. The Germans immediately decided to show why they were heading home... On the 1st minute they made a meal out of a backpass in a 3-on-1 situation, gave away a corner kick, which a defender headed into his own net. We then caught their high defensive line napping (for a change it wasn't us!) and Matias Mørkøre doubled our lead with a well-placed shot in the lower corner. The first half ended with one free-kick apiece. Germany's sailed well over the goal, while Allan Mørkøres hit the crossbar denying us of a deserved third goal. Germany looked much better after half-time break (I guess their manager gave them the hairdryer treatment) but didn't amount to much besides a couple of corners and a scramble in the box. Our substitute striker Heðin Langgaard was stopped by the post once again, leaving us with the proverbial "dangerous lead". Lead that was reduced to 2-1 with a few minutes to go, when Germany finally succeeded in breaking us down and got a free tap-in following another good save by Petur Djurhuus. They even got a huge chance to equalize in injury time but they blasted it over the bar. Another rather scrappy win, but heck, I'd have gladly taken three scrappy DRAWS, so I won't complain about we having qualified as Group Winners... Meaning we then got a third-placed team in the next round... If "not embarrassing ourselves" was the minimum goal and "maybe winning one game" was a tall order, advancing with a 3-0-0 record was a "yeah, right... not even if I cheat" scenario. But here we are anyway!
  8. It depends on what kind of career I'm playing. If it's my usual "win everything with my favourite club", I will reject all offers and keep on playing til I win everything and get bored with it. If it's an open-ended career, I'll see if the new club offers me a different/better challenge. Usually it always goes upwards, so I move only if the next club is a step forward in terms of league reputation and club's prestige. Or, in other cases, I'll gladly take over a fallen/sleeping giant to bring them back to the top. So Dortmund would be a solid move from Villa, even though Bundesliga is worse than EPL.
  9. Man, I thought I had recounted Euro2048...!!! Apparently not?! Oh well, stay tuned...
  10. It's happening in my save too... Apparently I was too conservative when creating the save, with only Norway (Eliteserien and OBOS), Italiy (Serie A) and England (EPL+C'ship) as active nations, for a measly total of 16k players... So I get the likes of Roma, Inter and even PSG offering for half of my squad, from the promising youngster (à la Ødegaard) to the barely decent rotation option (people like Reitan, Lundemo etc). Clearly, despite being ridiculously dominating in the league and having reached the CL Knockout Round every year, players still make waves whenever a bid is placed... Even though they're clearly out of their depth in the new league, will not play much, if at all, and would be better off staying put. BTW @Christopher Lewis and @Freddie Sands, any news about the stadium relocation bug? Was it fixed in 19.3?
  11. The Octagon is by far my favourite feature, to the point of making me ignore by default any new skin without it on the Attribute screen (my default landing one) At a glance, you can get an idea of how good/bad a player is, and if he'll fit or not into your system. Or if he's even worth of a second look at all. Some shapes are also an instant no-no, even when the scouts and a few attributes say otherwise. (E.g. The "fish" winger, the "sailor hat" centerback, the "boat" striker, the "arrow" forward (pointing either left or right) It may look a bit cheap (or PES/FIFA-like) but once you learn how to read it, it's an invaluably precious tool
  12. Speaking of UI, there's no way I'd be able to revert to the alphabetically sorted attributes. My brain is wired to look at the attribute screen, possibly with the octagon, and to assess the players at first glance. The old A-Z setup feels too confusing, despite it being all we had til FM05
  13. I still have unfinished business in FM14, so I may be back sooner or later... For the first time in ages, FM19 brought me to download a couple of tactics, because despite the theoretically great and more user-friendly TC, I just couldn't get my team to play well or to convert chances (a 30% Shots/On Goal ratio is unprecedented as a top club). The game still feels a tad too random still. For some odd reason, I could breeze through CL Group Stage against bigger sides, while domestically I regularly was trailing and struggling to win against the likes of Kongsvinger and Jerv... Players becoming angry at every offer I turned down is annoying too. Realistic, but not so much when your backup CB throws a fit because he wants to join Roma and doesn't believe you when you tell him "you will rot on the bench there"... 2 seasons and 5 Serie A apps later, he wants back... So yeah, FM19 is great, but older FMs are much more straightforward. Sure, I'll miss some new features, but all in all it's a compromise I'm willing to make
  14. How much can Consistency actually improve? And what's the timeframe for it? Is the performance penalty for a "bad day" fixed or random? I remember reading it was -10% to Technical and Mental attributes or something similar... Is it accurate?
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