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  1. Teams may be more wary of you now after 2 top 6 finishes. Try changing the way you play or a different formation. Or it might just need time for new players to bed in.
  2. Sounds interesting. I like the idea of playing in the arctic circle. Thanks man
  3. External CD drive is the way to go. They're not expensive I bought one yesterday from Amazon for £19.
  4. Excellent suggestions Muttley, exactly the sort of teams I was looking for. All 4 of them sound very interesting. I'm going to have to load up all four and take a closer look. Thank you.
  5. Hi I am looking for a team to manage in a lower obscure European league. Ideally I'd like a team with some interesting facts or a good back story. Not leagues like England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland, n.ireland, Wales, Scotland. Also not leagues where the teams are all named with 3 letters it annoys my ocd 😂 Does anyone have any info? Thanks
  6. That's great thanks that really helps. One last question sorry. How does the amd fx-9830p compare to the Intel core i7-7500u ? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323862931449
  7. Thanks Smurf, Having checked the processors on the 2 you suggest they are a lot lower than the one what found. Will they run fm better even though they're lower on the list that is suggested on the first post. Sorry I'm not good with computers and was solely basing my decision on finding the processor highest on the list I could afford. Are there other factors to consider?
  8. Hi my laptop has just died and I'm a bit of a computer noob tbh. I need a new laptop that will run fm with plenty of leagues and run them quite fast. The opening post says the better the CPU the better the laptop will do that. I have looked on the link provided in the first post but the CPU list is just a bunch of numbers to me how do I know which one to look for? My old laptop ran about 6 or 7 leagues with about 35k players and the performance rating was about 3.5/4 stars but ideally I would like something a lot better if it's possible. I have about £400 to spend maybe a bit more if it's worth it. Ps. I'm not bothered about the graphics as I play on 2d (love them dots) 😂 Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Edit. I have found this laptop would anyone know how well this would run fm? How many leagues? What kind of database and what speed it might process fm? https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/6BP13EAABU-HP-250-G7_2475956.html
  9. What is it with this game and contract renewals? At the start of 2nd season Sokratis wants 250k pw to renew Guenduzi wants 150k and he hardly played last season De ligt who has been with us less than a year on 100k pw now wants 275k! Leno wants 250k pw It's ridiculous. Going to ship out Leno and sokratis and sign better or equivalent players with cheaper wages.
  10. I sold ozil to juventus for 30 mil. I have to pay 180k pw of his wages though. Thought that would be better than paying over 300 with him not playing much. I am struggling to sell mkhitaryan though I've even dropped his asking pricr 20 mil less than he is valued and no takers
  11. If I had 2 IFs scoring 30 goals each and more from my midfield I wouldn't be bothered that my striker wasn't scoring. He is obviously there to create for your IFs. I would choose a supportive role for my striker f9 or DLFs to get the most out of my IFs.
  12. I'm not describing Henry as a pressing forward. Just stating that the movement shown reminded me of Thierry Henry
  13. I just can't get my head round the new training system 😪 There just seem to be way too many things to choose from and I end up spending more time than I would like trying to set it up. I don't trust my ass man to run training as I like to develop my young players myself. I have had to go back to playing fm18 as it has put me off
  14. Very Thierry Henry-esc. 😎 he used to play from the left all the time
  15. Just caught up with this thread. Been reading it the last few days, wow another great thread from @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Your Ajax thread inspired me to do an Ajax save and now this save has inspired me to do a save in Portugal with Nacional da Madeira in the second league. They have excellent youth facilities and with the added fun of getting them promoted and breaking the top 3 big clubs dominance I am really looking forward to it. This will be on fm18 as I can't seem to get to grips with the new training and mentoring systems in fm19 🤯 On a side note, as a gooner myself after watching the team the last 7/8 weeks of the season and Ozil's performances are you ever tempted to change your username? 😂😂😂
  16. See if you can get some players with high determination to mentor them?
  17. You can see a players upcoming milestones on their profile. In its own box on right of the screen. If you mean for each upcoming match I haven't noticed
  18. Looking to start a new game with Larne. Is there much of a difference to the team before or after the patch?
  19. I wouldn't worry about trying to develop your players at that level improvements would be small and take a long time. I always concentrate on improving my squad with cheap players and free transfers every season. I play the dafuge challenge every year and I don't even try to develop my players properly until I have got my team promoted to the top league and my facilities and staff are excellent.
  20. Id retrain as a Libero as I love playing 3 at the back
  21. Tried that but it makes no difference
  22. When starting my Italian save I applied a real name fix 😰 Now all the player awards in Italy are in Italian and as I do not know Italian I do not know what these awards are for mostly lol. I have uninstalled my game and documents file to remove the name fix file. In a new game the awards are still in Italian. I am unsure this is due to the name fix or if they are in Italian in fm vanilla? Does anyone know how to just change the language names of awards? Is it even possible?
  23. They could add a feature if you reload a game after losing a match. You will always lose 3-0. They had this on the epic Kevin keegan player manager on the snes. Early 90s. Loved that game almost as much as cm
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