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  1. You don't really have any creativity in midfield using those 3 roles. You have 2 destroyers with the DM and BWM and a runner with the MEZZ. I would try changing the BWM to an APs/a or RPMto get that creativity. When playing a midfield 3 i always try to have a destroyer, playmaker and a runner from deep to get in the box on the end of things. I had decent success with this in my arsenal save. I used Torreira as Dm, Guendouzi or Ozil as AP but I later sold ozil, sold Xhaka. I used willock as the mezz and got some good performances from him
  2. My Goteberg game is processing slowly but going well. Predicted to finish mid table in 1st season and we are second with about 6 games to go 1 point behind the league leaders who we play next.
  3. Nice thank you for the information. This is exactly the type of info I was looking for. I will add some of these teams to my list and make sure I keep an eye out to takeover one once my time at Goteberg is up 😎👍🏻
  4. Thank you for all of the suggestions. Some teams I will keep an eye out for on my journeyman save. I have chosen to start with IFK Goteberg. Haven't won the title in years. Finished low in the league last season. Some good youth to pick from. Should be fun to bring back the glory days and see if we can add to the 2 Europa cup wins of many moons ago.
  5. Nice. Croatia is the sort of league I would be looking at. Do any of the lower teams have an interesting history/Good youth set up? I would like to steer clear of the top teams really
  6. Thanks. I had a brief go with az in the beta. They do have an exciting young squad. I was thinking more eastern Europe some obscure league really then work my rep up to a league like Holland in the future
  7. Morning guys, I am looking for some help with ideas to start a new save. I usually just play the English league doing the dafuge challenge, I like the idea of building a small team up the leagues but this year I want to try something new. I have been trying to come up with an interesting scandinavian/eastern European journeyman save for 3 or 4 days but I just cannot decide on what team I want to start with as my knowledge of these leagues are limited. I am looking for maybe a fallen giant or clubs with an interesting history or story, something to get me hooked into wanting to take them on. I don't want to take over one of the favourites for a league that would be too easy and boring. All suggestions welcome as this would give me teams to look out for along my journey. I am really struggling to make my choice. Thanks in advance
  8. How about try swapping laca and pepe? Maybe pepe as a f9 or treq and laca as IF? Or do that and go strikerless with pepe in amc Might not work, not at my game to have a look. Think I might give it a try though
  9. Yeah mezz on the right. If I'm playing a weaker team I'll leave the right side as it is, but if I'm playing a top team I might start like that and change bellarin to fbs or even fbd, might even drop pepe to lm. I use guendouzi more in the ap role and willock in the mezz role, which seems to work mostly. Luiz has started making a few mistakes recently so have dropped him for holding, will see how that goes. Im definitely on the look out for at least 1 new solid cb for next season.
  10. For your cm pair I find that ap s and either mezz a or cm a work well. In a midfield 3 i always like to have a destroyer (dm.d) a playmaker (ap.s) and a runner (mezz.a). I'm playing as arsenal now but haven't really used ceballos or ozil much tbh. I have bought Madison who is really good, and usually rotate willock and guendouzi who both put is some good performances. I would also give Nelson a lot of game time at AML too he performs just as good as Auba. I also have bellerin set as Wb a, so he bombs past pepe and puts a lot of crosses in, most of our good play comes from the right. I can't say I've noticed being caught out with balls over the top. I have my instructions set to the default vertical tiki taka style and play 2 cbd's you could try one on cover maybe?
  11. Have you tried exiting steam then 're entering?
  12. Has the reserve team and youth team buttons been removed from the left hand menu? I haven't had an in depth look but struggling how to find those 2 squads 🤷‍♂️
  13. I bought Madison for arsenal too. Cost me £40m though. Scored two 25 yard screamers and 1 assist on his debut 😎
  14. Teams may be more wary of you now after 2 top 6 finishes. Try changing the way you play or a different formation. Or it might just need time for new players to bed in.
  15. Sounds interesting. I like the idea of playing in the arctic circle. Thanks man
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