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  1. I second tierney. Couldn't rate him highly enough. I have him for my Ajax team and he is tearing up the league with assists galore. 20 assists last season from LB.
  2. 1. Kasper Dolberg 2. Davy Klaassen 3. Mousa Dembele goal machine 4. Tierny (Celtic lb) assist king from lb 20 assist last season 5. Rajikovic (sp?) great young gk so many clean sheets
  3. Yes a thousand times yes to this. I loved to 'subscribe' to teams leagues and competitions and choose which items would show up in my inbox. I really don't like the new social feed system I just miss everything I used to like having updates with. Sackings, records, board takeovers to name a few. I really hope they bring back the old system.
  4. On all my saves so far this version I would say almost all of the ai goals come from crosses. No matter what team I am what formation I play the ai can only seem to score from a cross. Very rarely do I concede any other way. It has got to the point now where I can tell when I am about to concede is there any know issues with the me and conceding from crosses? from what I have experienced I would definitely say there is
  5. Check The link Guido has a great Libero strikerless tactic
  6. Not usually. Whenever I have budget left over I get an even bigger war chest th next season. I suppose it depends on the clubs finances though.
  7. I'd love to hear how you get on with this. I'm always interested in reading about other people's tactics especially when there different from the usual same old.
  8. Hi @WhyMe, thanks for the advise. I tried some of the suggestions you said, but I just dont think my players are geared up for the system and type of football I am trying to play. I have since had a break through and are on a 5 game winning streak. I sort of stumbled upon this formation and it seems to be working at the moment Hopefully we can sustain our good form for the remainder of the season.
  9. Nope still no good cannot buy a win anywhere. I've tried countless formations tonight with different variations of shouts and mentality/shape. I've reloaded matches to try different thing. Either my players are **** or I haven't a clue what I'm doing in fm17. Even when I'm in a winning position I will concede a late equaliser or a late winner to lose. I've got to the point now I can tell if the oppo will score late on 😂 The laptop almost got flung across the room on more than a couple occasions 😂😂😂
  10. I'd love this in my save I got bored of my Arsenal save as it was too easy. I'd love a hard brexit and have to rebuild the squad with mainly English talent.
  11. Now I am more awake to think about your advice that totally makes sense now. Ive never really thought about how players roles will effect how the players around him will react. And how that will affect the way the team plays Seems so simple now thinking about it. Use a TM expect long balls and an isolated forward if he hasn't got the support around him. Thanks again 👍🏻
  12. Thanks for the reply Rashidi. My TM isn't the best tbh. I have tried different players in different roles there. With my flat 3 midfield I tried a DLP and a F9 but I still couldn't create much. Once I moved a midfielder into the AMC role I am never sure whether it is a good idea to partner an AMC with a striker such as dlp or f9 ahead of them so that's why I tried the TM. My team is Red Star FC in French div 2 my midfielders have decent passing between 12-14
  13. So I am in desperate need of help with my tactics, up until fm17 my tactics usually consisted of choosing fluid and either control or attacking with a 4-2-3-1 or 433 formation, with various TI commands not really knowing what every thing did. But I got results Now in FM17 I have been trying to understand tactics more and try to get a good footballing tactic and get success with it, but so far I have not much luck. I have read the majority of the tactics guides on here and have watched @Rashidi you tube channel. I understand that mentality adjusts the teams risk, and shape adjusts the distance between players and how they work together. I think I have a decent knowledge of what player roles do and in theory I think I can set up what looks to me a decent formation but I just cannot get my teams to play well at all. I will post my tactics on here and hopefully you guys can tell me where I am going wrong I did have a flat midfield 3 having a cm(a) on the right side with pi's similar to an adv playmaker but that didn't work so I tried pushing him up into the AMC strata My TI's I change to be more simplistic to see where my team was going wrong, but even with TI;s my play was no good. I thought a change of formation might help I struggle to create chances and convert them, could be my strikers being poor but they are decent for the league were in. My forwards are caught offside loads during games and cannot tell how to fix this. As I have said I have watched rashidis youtube videos and read the guides on here but I just seem to struggle to see where my tactic is going wrong. I understand the principles of what everything means to an extent but I just cannot seems to translate it into my tactics. sometimes during matched we will get a couple of good periods of play and I just cannot figure out why we cannot play like that more often. Other times we just struggle to create anything and defend ok most of the time but inevitably will concede and we can just never come back from that. I love this game and have played it since CM1 in the early 90s. (Not making me seem old at all :D) but until now I have never really looked in depth into tactics, but the tactics side of the game is now what draws me back to the game, I am just desperate to know how tactics work inside out so I can see what is going wrong and what to do to remedy it. Thanks in advance TL:DR Been playing CM/FM over 20 years, still knows nothing about tactics. Time to teach an old dog some new tricks!
  14. Thanks @Jellico73 I was hoping this wasn't the case lol. This could potentially wreck my save if we constantly have reserve teams in the league. No other club can compete 😩 They have players worth millions and we along with the other part time teams have players worth a couple of thousand. We have Monaco reserves, auxairre reserves, Montpellier reserves (iirc) and marseille reserves. It might be a case of biding my time and wait till they all get promoted then push for promotion myself
  15. Does anyone know how the promotions work in CFA 2? there are a number of Ligue 1 reserve teams in my league who no one can compete with. Are these reserve teams allowed to get promoted?