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  1. Just Can't Stop Cheating

    They could add a feature if you reload a game after losing a match. You will always lose 3-0. They had this on the epic Kevin keegan player manager on the snes. Early 90s. Loved that game almost as much as cm
  2. Libero in FM18

    I like the sound of that ppm 😁
  3. If you holiday a year they will appear promoted in serie c
  4. Tried this but no joy. Left my pc off for a few hours last night and tried loading the game again and the bar was no longer showing. Seems to have corrected itself 🤔🙈🤦
  5. That hides the task bar but as soon as the pointer goes to the bottom of the screen the task bar pops up when in game
  6. Yes definitely full screen mode. Tried reloading fm and my pc many times but does nothing
  7. When i load up the game now the windows task bar is always present in full screen mode and i cannot get rid of it. now any in game buttons that are at the bottom of the screen cannot be pressed. help. it wasnt like this last night
  8. As title says. My new signing who signed a week ago is now worries that he will be replaced by a new potential signing
  9. Hoover over i-Icon

    I have this problem also
  10. When having the formation window shown during a match. The lines of the pitch in the window extend too far and reach outside the window
  11. I don't like the grey colour font for some of the text. Especially when offering contracts, bids etc. The fees and wage numbers are grey which at first glance looks like they're greyed out cannot be changed. Would much prefer them to be white like the rest of the text Also would love it if when clicking the transfer players list scrolled the list would scroll down instead of remain still and you skip out loads of players. The page needs to scroll as you move it
  12. Logo for Create-a-Club

    Try sortitoutsi.net forums plenty of folks on there take design requests for graphics
  13. FM2018 Discount

    instant gaming it is £30.47 at the moment