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  1. Logo for Create-a-Club

    Try sortitoutsi.net forums plenty of folks on there take design requests for graphics
  2. FM2018 Discount

    instant gaming it is £30.47 at the moment
  3. Playing wingers on the flanks especially w(a) with no full backs behind how do you find playing teams with wide players in the amr/aml positions?
  4. I'm liking the b2b & bwm combo. Tried it in a few games and we seem a bit more solid. A good start. 👍🏻
  5. I have always struggled to decide which roles to use in centre midfield and always seem to revert to the dlp role for some reason, I will give the more aggressive roles a try as you suggest. My original thought for the 343 was to try to get the IFs to play as additional strikers who just start out wider. Thinking Thierry Henry when drifting out to the left. I dont even know if that is possible to do. They eventually stopped producing so thats why I reverted to the second tactic to try to get more out of a 3 man forward line.
  6. ignore the few pics at the bottom, I have tried deleting them but they still appear
  7. Hi Everyone, for a long time I have played CM & FM and most of the time I have stuck to playing the usual typical formations of the time. i.e 442, 433 and more recently 4231 that everyone seems to be playing at the moment. If I'm not using one of these formations then I would usually try someone else's formation from this thread. I have become bored of this and have desperately being trying to come up with my own formation to try to add a bit more interest to my game. The purpose of this thread is to get some discussion going to see if these are fundamentally sound or work just because of of the talented players that I had in my squad at the time. I have a fair knowledge of tactics and the match engine but there will be plenty of you out there who have a lot more in depth knowledge in this area, who could offer suggestions, criticisms and improvements and why. Background I have, I will admit taken some influence from Chelsea's 3-4-3 from last season both formations depending on opposition and has now evolved to something slightly different. First I will show my results which were pretty good, in my second season with Dortmund I managed to topple Bayerns 10 year dominance and win the Bundesliga, this followed on from my first season where I joined them halfway through the season and we won the Europa League beating Chelsea 2-1. You will notice I am no longer at Dortmund as I was offered the Bayern job after my success, and I have only just decided to write this post. Manager profile below as proof League Winners & League Table Below you can see my results throughout the season, we were pretty successful against Bayern playing them 6 times over the season and only losing to them in the Euro Super Cup, with some impressive wins against them too. Fixtures The Tactics Both tactics you will see here I use control and fluid, but depending on opposition I will change this. For the most part I will use control, against weaker teams I have used attacking/overload to blitz the opposition early on then revert to control once I have a substantial lead in a game and against stronger opposition I would change to counter or standard and see how things pan out. 3-4-3 So this is the tactic I started to use early on in the season with some good results. I like having the 3 Cbs at the back with a couple of BPDs either side of a CD/c, having the 3 centre backs gives us the chance to have that extra man in midfield or attack. I like to have attacking wing backs who have good work rate, stamina, dribbling and crossing. The CMs this is where I was most unsure which roles to choose I went with AP and DLP but this may need to change as our play is focused too much in the middle. I would rather our play be wider to stretch the opposition. The only PIs I have are for the IF's to sit narrower, so the WBs can overlap and offer a crossing option. I am finding though this doesn't happen as often as I would like. I struggle to get the WBs to overlap as I would like without compromising the defensive responsibilities. I also struggle to get the IFs to play as I would like. They are usually too wide and do not offer enough threat centrally. My vision is to have them receive the ball and cut inside to either shoot or provide through balls into the CF but I struggle to get the IFs to work in this way so this is why I have evolved to the tactic below. 2-3-2-3 One of the problems I found with the 343 was that especially in the Bundesliga a lot of my opponents play 4231, and having 3 CBs with no midfielder in the DM strata, the oppositions AMC was gifted way too much space for my liking and was able to pick out the run of their CF way too easily. So I decided to move one CB to DM to man mark the AMC which seems to work better most of the time. I tried using the HB role here but found that the AMC was still given too much space when the HB dropped into the CB strata. The CMs. This is where i have a bit of trouble, I have tried a variety of roles in these positions but struggle to notice a difference in play, I will need more time to look into this. I thought having an AP to push slightly forward to help support attacks, and a CMs to just sit in the middle and ping balls around, not offering too much movement away from that central area. WBs. Given the loss of our IFs, the WBs offer the only width in this formation. I would like both WBs to bomb on and attack from the flanks providing crosses and through balls, I did try both on attack duty but now with only 2 CBs this left us a bit exposed at the back. I may drop one of my WBs to FB and see how this affects play, it might give us a bit more defensive stability. Attack. CF(A) - I like the idea of the CF being the main target for attacks but not affecting our play like a target man might. I am going to look at changing this role to an AF or P role to see how this changes our attacking play (again I need more time to look into this, as another role may complement our attacking play better) F9(DLF) & SS - I like the movement these roles offer, to try to confuse the oppositions defense, one dropping deep and the other running forward from deep areas seems to work well most of the time. I have tried the Treq role in the AMC but found that he just floats about and doesnt offer enough threat as I would like and whoever played there would get low ratings and not be involved enough in the play. I am undecided which role is best for the left attacker, either F9 or DLFs. I like the idea of them dropping deep while the SS runs forward and they do contribute to a fair amount of goals, The CF is usually the top scorer but the F9/DLF is not far behind. Team Instructions I try not to add too many TIs and just let the match play out. I like to pass out of defense, I dont like my CBs to just hit it long anywhere, with both my CBs comfortable on the ball and with good passing stats, I find this helps our possession and it builds up the play the way i like. I like my players to press more and put pressure on the opposition to try to win the ball higher up the pitch. I always use work ball into box, as without it i find my players shoot from distance way too often for my liking wasting chances when there would have been a better passing option. I am a bit short for time at the moment so cannot go into detail as much as I would like, but think I will post and see if I can add to my post soon. Initially in my Dortmund League winning season these tactics performed well, but we did start to struggle to win games convincingly towards the end of the season, and now I am trying the same tactic with Bayern and I am struggling to get it to work at the moment. I will need to tweak it to fit my players into it I think. Feel free to try this tactic and see if you can get it to play better than I have. Thanks for reading
  8. Any Star Trek fans? I have a youth regen named Jean Luc Picard 😂😂😂
  9. LWB - Everton

    I second tierney. Couldn't rate him highly enough. I have him for my Ajax team and he is tearing up the league with assists galore. 20 assists last season from LB.
  10. Your top 5 FM17 players

    1. Kasper Dolberg 2. Davy Klaassen 3. Mousa Dembele goal machine 4. Tierny (Celtic lb) assist king from lb 20 assist last season 5. Rajikovic (sp?) great young gk so many clean sheets
  11. News Items

    Yes a thousand times yes to this. I loved to 'subscribe' to teams leagues and competitions and choose which items would show up in my inbox. I really don't like the new social feed system I just miss everything I used to like having updates with. Sackings, records, board takeovers to name a few. I really hope they bring back the old system.
  12. On all my saves so far this version I would say almost all of the ai goals come from crosses. No matter what team I am what formation I play the ai can only seem to score from a cross. Very rarely do I concede any other way. It has got to the point now where I can tell when I am about to concede is there any know issues with the me and conceding from crosses? from what I have experienced I would definitely say there is
  13. Use of a Libero?

    Check The link Guido has a great Libero strikerless tactic https://strikerless.com/2016/12/31/project-libero-the-tactic/#comments
  14. FM17: Arsenal

    Not usually. Whenever I have budget left over I get an even bigger war chest th next season. I suppose it depends on the clubs finances though.
  15. I'd love to hear how you get on with this. I'm always interested in reading about other people's tactics especially when there different from the usual same old.