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  1. Unlucky. Do you think you can win it next year? What's your finances like now? And why are you losing £14m a month, was it?
  2. Sounds like a very dominant season. Any plans to leave yet? Do you have your eye on any jobs?
  3. Leicester City Season Review 2031-32 We finished strongly last season but missed out on Europa League qualification on the last day. Our impressive form carried over to this season. I made a few signings to replace the aging outgoing stars they all hit the ground running and we shot to the top of the league. Transfers League We started off so well, we were blowing everyone away, we went on a 34 game unbeaten run at one point. I really thought that we would win the league in our first full season. We were top of the league for most of the season, but w
  4. Remember this 15 year old beast I signed in 2022, I wanted to keep signing him throughout my career and develop him. This is him now. Once I left Supersport I signed him for Guangzhou Evergrande, by the time the transfer completed and I could register him I had left so I didnt get chance to use him. After that he moved to PSG and now recently to Real Madrid. Maybe our paths will cross again sometime soon in the future.
  5. Season 2030/31 Review After the shambles that was my brief stint at Newell's Old Boys I finally landed a job in the English Premier League with Leicester City. I took over in January halfway though the season. Pre-season the media predicted a 6th place finish for Leicester but their aging squad just did not play to expectations and were 16th when I took over. I was surprised to be given the job after I have previous failed applications to much lesser teams in other leagues. It might have had something to do with the board asking to a mid table finish but I promised them Europa
  6. Newell's Old Boys Season 2029-30 Review So our poor form from last season continued into this season. Even with my squad being strengthened the players would not perform. No matter what formation of what style we played. It must have been a mental issue with the squad. The players always seemed to be moaning about something. I had lost the support of the dressing room before the league had even started! It quickly became apparent I would not be able to turn this team around. The only reason I stayed was to see if I could pull off a miracle and win the Copa Libertadores. We man
  7. Haha I am just about to play the next round of the Copa Libatadores and this popped up Ive promised them I can turn things around. We havent even started the season yet!!!! They have accepted my promise. I dont think i will last much longer here. The Independiente job became available but I didnt get it. I need to start winning something soon or my rep will be in danger of going down
  8. Newells Old Boys Season 2028-29 A short update for this one. I took over as manager of Newells Old Boys with about 10 games to go til the end of the season. The squad looked promising with a lot of young players with potential, I thought with a few additions I may finish around the top 6 and build from there. Unfortunately I could never get the players to get going. I took over when the club were around 12th. I couldnt really improve things and we finished 15th I feel there is so much potential in this squad. I have signed a few needed players now the sea
  9. ACON 2029 Update This would be my second attempt at the ACON, my first failed miserably with Nigeria which ended in me getting the sack. I really hope I can win it this time ang get this one out the way. Group Stage 1st Round (if applicable) Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) Final / 3rd-4th Playoff (if applicable) Player of the Tournament Whats next? Season Team Position Key Player Notes and Achievements 21/22 Supersport United 1st Rodney Ramagalela Won Telekom Knockout Cup 22/23 S
  10. Monterrey & Ivory Coast update A quick update after a poorer season than I had hoped last season. Making the playoffs but best we could do was the semi final. I cleared out the dead wood and had a £35 million kitty. I bought the best players I could who were interested in the positions I needed. I was hopeful I could really make a title challenge this season. We started off well hovering around 2nd place but our form didnt last and I just could not get my players to perform. I could not decide on a tactic nothing seemed to work. I finished 6th in the first half of the season qua
  11. C.F. Monterrey Season 2026-27 So after leaving China almost 2 years ago and a failed bid in the ACON with Nigeria, getting sacked. I finally landed a job with Monterrey in Mexico, The board wanted us to continue to be an established Liga MX team. We had some decent players but hardly any defenders. Transfer deadline day was fast approaching and I had to make a few panic transfers. This would cost us if we wanted to achieve anything in the league this season. With the league split into two competitions we had double the chance to make some progress in the challenge. We did ok in the o
  12. AFCON 2027 After a decent enough showing in the World Cup, it was now time for the AFCON. We were one of the favourites, I had my fingers crossed we could get a bit of luck along the way. Group Stage Second Round (if applicable) Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) Final (if applicable) The future
  13. It's not affecting my save at the moment. But I dont want to get to the point where it does. if I remove all the asian leagues and one by one each country become unavailable to manage unless I re add all the leagues and wait years for players to generate it could add many years onto the save. I have looked at the national teams. It looks like they're all there but I have loaded all asian players. I have china, australia, south africa, South Korea, Holland, scotland & mexico leagues loaded so they will not disappear yet until I remove them. I dont want to remove them because of this.
  14. World Cup 2026 report We qualified for the World Cup quite easily. I just hope we do not fail miserably and I get the sack at the end of the tournament. Group Stage First Round Second Round Future After reading the threads about the youth intake problems in long term saves. I might hold off playing this save for a while until it is fixed. The longer I play the worse the problem will get by the looks of it. What's everyone else think?
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