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  1. Is there a particular set of PPM's you train for each role? I see a lot of plays one-twos
  2. I'm currently in my 4th season with Lyon and I'm pretty pleased with how we are doing. However, PSG are unstoppable at times and the issue I appear to be having is breaking down defensive teams and ending up drawing which in turn leads to us losing ground to PSG. Most teams I'm facing tend to play the defensive 4-1-4-1, even when I am the away team. This is my go to starting tactic. So I guess my question to the community is what would you do when in my situation? The majority of times my TI changes tend to be: Play Wider Increase Passing Directness Hit Early Crosses. Any hints/tips is massively appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Brilliant. I was getting bored of possession based tactic so this has come at a perfect time for me. Well done again.
  4. For me this is still an issue which is very frustrating. I’ve gone to the extent of training my central midfielders to try killer balls however, still not see very many through balls. Is there any update on this issue?
  5. @Josh Brimacombe-Wiard will there be another ME patch or is this something that won’t be resolved until FM21?
  6. bdixon


    Anyone help with this?
  7. I can't help but think something is fundamental wrong with the ME and possession numbers. I have tried all season to use the rules that I picked up from Cleon's amazing possession thread from a few years back and our average possession for this season was only 47%. Now I must admit in some games we are seeing positive numbers of around 55% and above however, it is the games vs teams who are shutting up shop which are the problem.
  8. You style is identical to the one I'm trying to achieve. What I have noticed is playing against teams who use a lower mentality then it is almost impossible to win the possession game. They appear to happily play the ball around defence whilst my high pressing front four chasing the ball like a bunch of headless chickens, there are occasions where one of the forward do win the ball and get through on goal, but very rarely does it result in a goal.
  9. Yes I appreciate my original tactic might of been some what aggressive with the choice of some player roles. I have made some amendments based on the example given above and results/playing style has improved. My next issue now is getting the best out of particular players, mainly Havertz. I'm currently using him in the Mez/A role hoping to get more goals of him. Ideally I would like him to be my Hamsik.
  10. @Experienced Defender well so far this season our average possession stats are sitting at 46%. Ideally what I would like is possession with intent. I’m not really confident going into games even with lesser opponents.
  11. So @Experienced Defender what would you suggest to make it more balanced?
  12. Thanks very much for the analysis. I've made some changes based on your recommendations and I would appreciate any feedback. First game with the changes resulted in a nice 3-0 vs Frieburg so that was pleasing.
  13. Really??? After 4 months of release there are still issues with the ME... How disappointing.
  14. Into my 2nd season with Bayer Leverkusen and I am getting very frustrated by the style of play I'm seeing with my current tactic. After a pretty decent first season where we finished 2nd in the league and managed to get to the semi-final of the cup. I have went and strengthened my team with some pretty decent young players. Current Team Now the tactic I'm currently using a possession based 4-1-4-1. Now the issues I'm having are we are having attempts at goal but nothing of worthwhile. We are winning most games however only 1-0 and most of the attacking play is just hard to watch. Can you see any glaring issues that might be hindering my attacking play? or offer any advice on what changes might help make my attacking play more fun to watch. Also I would like Kai Havertz to be star player either shining with goals or assists. Last season he did ok pitching in with 9 goals and 5 assist. Thanks in advance.
  15. Do you still have Bailey and Havertz? If so how they doing and what role you using for them?
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