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  1. Thank you for the reply. Here is a screenshot of my midfield two. I'm not too sure if a change in formation would be better overall, but that is something I will look at next season.
  2. So I thought I had created a well balanced tactic which would help me achieve some decent results, however I'm really struggling to beat teams in the bottom 3 at home. I thought I strengthen quite well over the summer but everything I attempt doesn't seem to work. What is becoming very frustrating is the opposition scoring with their first attempt, I have no idea how to stop this. We are currently sat 11th, which for Newcastle isn't to bad but I have lost 8 games with 5 of those at home. Please help me before I get sacked. I have no idea how to get my team winning.
  3. Ok, I see what you mean. Is this a little more balanced?
  4. - I've been thinking about a holding role, but couldn't decided. Would a DLP(D) be a good role to go with? Would this impact the the AP(S) role? - Not sure what you mean by this? - Again, not really sure what I can change. - I suppose changing one of the wide players to IF(A) could be a could option. - Would changing them to WB(S) help? Or would I need at least one of them on attack duty?
  5. So after a pretty fantastic 1st season which resulted in finishing 6th in the league and winning the Carabao Cup, it would now seems after buying new players which that I'm not having as much luck and losing silly games. Most times I'm conceding to the first shot on target, this has happened almost 5 times this season after 13 games. I kind of getting the feeling last season was a fluke, especially with the amount of goals Wilson scored. Could you advise where I'm going wrong? Is it balanced, or I'm I so far away from a decent tactic I should start over. I'm out of ideas. This is my
  6. Um, yes and guess what having a torrid time. Currently played 6 W1 D1 L4. If we lose our next game I'm considering revert back to my go to 4-1-2-3.
  7. My aim is to try and achieve some success with my local team, which is Newcastle United. My goal is to play some enjoyable to watch football, things I would like to happen: Wilson to be top goalscorer St Maximim to be the main assister A strong engine room midfield. This is what I have came up with on my first attempt and would like some critic please.
  8. Turned off first transfer window so will have to make do with what I have. Looking at the team it isn't too bad, could easier aim for mid table I think. Currently trying this but not having much success so far. Any help would be great.
  9. Started my first save with Newcastle, can anyone recommend a decent formation to play?
  10. Is there a particular set of PPM's you train for each role? I see a lot of plays one-twos
  11. I'm currently in my 4th season with Lyon and I'm pretty pleased with how we are doing. However, PSG are unstoppable at times and the issue I appear to be having is breaking down defensive teams and ending up drawing which in turn leads to us losing ground to PSG. Most teams I'm facing tend to play the defensive 4-1-4-1, even when I am the away team. This is my go to starting tactic. So I guess my question to the community is what would you do when in my situation? The majority of times my TI changes tend to be: Play Wider Increase Passing Directness Hit Early Crosses.
  12. Brilliant. I was getting bored of possession based tactic so this has come at a perfect time for me. Well done again.
  13. bdixon


    Anyone help with this?
  14. I can't help but think something is fundamental wrong with the ME and possession numbers. I have tried all season to use the rules that I picked up from Cleon's amazing possession thread from a few years back and our average possession for this season was only 47%. Now I must admit in some games we are seeing positive numbers of around 55% and above however, it is the games vs teams who are shutting up shop which are the problem.
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