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  1. Yes I appreciate my original tactic might of been some what aggressive with the choice of some player roles. I have made some amendments based on the example given above and results/playing style has improved. My next issue now is getting the best out of particular players, mainly Havertz. I'm currently using him in the Mez/A role hoping to get more goals of him. Ideally I would like him to be my Hamsik.
  2. @Experienced Defender well so far this season our average possession stats are sitting at 46%. Ideally what I would like is possession with intent. I’m not really confident going into games even with lesser opponents.
  3. So @Experienced Defender what would you suggest to make it more balanced?
  4. Thanks very much for the analysis. I've made some changes based on your recommendations and I would appreciate any feedback. First game with the changes resulted in a nice 3-0 vs Frieburg so that was pleasing.
  5. Really??? After 4 months of release there are still issues with the ME... How disappointing.
  6. Into my 2nd season with Bayer Leverkusen and I am getting very frustrated by the style of play I'm seeing with my current tactic. After a pretty decent first season where we finished 2nd in the league and managed to get to the semi-final of the cup. I have went and strengthened my team with some pretty decent young players. Current Team Now the tactic I'm currently using a possession based 4-1-4-1. Now the issues I'm having are we are having attempts at goal but nothing of worthwhile. We are winning most games however only 1-0 and most of the attacking play is just hard to watch. Can you see any glaring issues that might be hindering my attacking play? or offer any advice on what changes might help make my attacking play more fun to watch. Also I would like Kai Havertz to be star player either shining with goals or assists. Last season he did ok pitching in with 9 goals and 5 assist. Thanks in advance.
  7. Do you still have Bailey and Havertz? If so how they doing and what role you using for them?
  8. After starting a new save with Bayer Leverkusen, which was inspired by my enjoyment watching them last season. I'm looking for some advice on how to create the hybrid 8/10 role that both Brandt and Havertz were used in and produced some great football. Attached is a video which explains the tactic Bosz was using. My initial ideas were Mezz(S) and possibly either a BBM(S) or AP(S), but would love to hear others opinions.
  9. bdixon


    While using the standard light skin is there any way to make the sidebar a permanent color apart from the one that is set by selected team? I've tried searching however nothing came back.
  10. Well done in getting a possession tactic working for you. You're a far better player then I am. I've tried to implement some of your idea but across in all your post within my new save with Benfica however because of the reputation of the club most teams we face are playing with a defensive mentality and have absolutely zero interest in doing nothing apart from pass it about. Most of the time I will see a central defender holding onto the ball for what seems to be eternity with none of my players closing down, even though I have pressing increased and a higher LOE. And please do not get me started on crossing. For me the ME's current state I find it one of the most frustrating version I have ever played and I will call it now the next release, and probably the final version for this year will be the one most have longing for and for that is just unacceptable. Hey ho, rant over back to banging my head against a brick wall.
  11. Well I'll sit here patiently waiting for the rest of thread to be posted because it would appear what I thought I knew might not be the case.
  12. Well, this is very interesting to hear I've always thought that a retain possession type TI is a must when creating possession based tactics. So I'm assuming playmakers are a must or is this no longer the case either?
  13. I'm amazed by the sheer number of passes you are achieving in that Watford game. I've never got anything as high as that and I thought I had a little bit of an understanding of tactics following Cleon's thread last time. Now my base setting for my possession tactic is balance/positive depending on opposition, to further increase possession numbers obviously much shorter passing is a must. Now I always used to select play out of defence as my approach was one of defenders must play it short, which is along the same as what you were saying in the 2nd post. All my roles tend to be on support, which is something I picked up from Cleon's thread. The issue I tend to face is a ME one, whether it is a bug or not I'll not comment too much, but when facing teams who are playing ultra defensive and have no interest of getting out their own half this is where I struggle to achieve anything more the 55%.
  14. I'm very interested to see the combination of roles you are using. I find by using mostly support there is sometime not as much penetration I would like and we end up passing it around the box until a blocked shot occurs.
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